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My ironic passages about the living beings 2

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26 июня ’2022   00:10
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Amoebas, like us, are altruists. They also divide themselves.

Trees demonstrate us a model of stability until they are used for firewood.

For what reason are all beings made up of cells?
Without them, we would have burst out into the freedom with unpredictable consequences.

Everyone instinctively pulls to the state of parasitism, but there are not enough vacancies.

The snakes do bite us no in order to devour, but it is still upsetting both for them and for us.

Why do animals, when communicating, do well without verbal expressions, but we are incapable of this?
We picked up the words somewhere, but the animals did not want to risk.

The magnificent cooperation of ants shows us the possibility of achieving communism, but only with complete brainlessness.

The hen has no time to fly, as she is constantly forced to carry eggs.

Why does the monkey fail to turn into a person?
For the time being, conditions allow her to remain in the blissful ignorance.


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