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2 It is amusing in one line

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15 мая ’2024   00:04
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How to find the good wife?
Wives meet only pretty, but not always and not for long.
Who is the best person to live with?
With a parrot - he also knows how to talk.
How to find freedom?
Try to get out of a prison regularly for good behavior in it.
Drunkenness is the surest means of ensuring a subjectively fearless existence in a hostile surrounding.
Interesting what was when there were no parents? So far, one thing is clear: in those wonderful times it was impossible to become an orphan.
Husbands become, if there is no strength as want under a skirt.
Why does everyone like to write exactly on fences some appeals and vilified expressions?
Because everyone is curious to look behind the fences, but they have enough time only to look at the fences.


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