Exposure billionaire Georges Morgan (incarnate pederast Jehovah)

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ISBN 978-966-179-5
Catherine of Alexandria
(Patron of Orthodoxy)

Exposure billionaire Georges Morgan
(incarnate pederast Jehovah).
Edition is third and the last; added and processed.
Annotation is.
The book contains brief information about two space forces: Light and darkness and the corresponding two world dispensation.
Light community, a commune, something that we had the Soviet Union.
Darkness what we have now; when 10% of the world's population hold in their hands all the means of subsistence, and the remaining 90% are in their complete dependence. Light is and darkness.
God is and the devil.
People need Knowledge, not blind worship. Church dogma and primitive sectarianism don't give true information. Mankind is at a high level of intellectual development: we need the truth, the Truth ancient Wisdom without distortions and lie. Choosing an Entity for worship, choose the world order. The Soviet Union has held on 74 years. After the departure of darkness on Saturn in 2046 will take place on the Planet World Coup there will be one world order Community, the Commune.
The purpose of the book is: 1. Clear Doctrine of Christ from the false and heaps of human inventions and give the continuation of the doctrine of consciousness of modern man; the Doctrine of Christ the beginning of the doctrine of Alive Ethics.
Specify the bugger to Jehovah in its place. So, he is sent to the "Grail". It does not apply to those entities that have devoted themselves a Great Service for the evolution of the Planet and humanity. He did not create and is not United States; let every evolutionary undertaking of servants of the Light. Jesus Christ accomplished the feat to help the Jews get rid of the devil's lies. The devil must be grateful to the Creator and the Founder of the world, the Great Maitreya for what He did not Send him to silence Silence before the death of the continent of Lemuria, and Allowed him to be the Owner of the Earth to the end of his term in office. Jehovah will leave Earth, perhaps, for ten years before an established period.

The book lists some of the incarnation of Jehovah and his "creativity" on the Planet Earth. The reader learns who were the first people, divided into people and demons (rakshass) and who again joined into one nation the Jews, and for what purpose? Who first committed murder of the man who arranged Orgy drunken Orgy followed by a group sex? For what purpose were circumcised and why the nationality of the Jews by the mother is? One came from monkeys and all kinds of sexual perversions and crimes. Perpetrators of coups and ignites world war, who creates sects and organizing gay parades. Who is the author of the scenario of the Second World War, with concentration camps and gas chambers, who was embodied in Hitler? Who plunged our Planet into darkness? The book contains the Hierarchy of Light and darkness. Who is actually Jehovah? For what purpose Jehovah decomposes the population and organizes the extermination of peoples? Who condones the actions of the devil and who is his patron? Two previous editions with the title of the book Goes incruitment on Saturn (exposure pederast Jehovah) was blank.Online Jehovah replaces this book with no new texts:
- Chapter 4. Answer is bugger Jehovah on libel in the book "Blow of Russian gods". Part 1. Analysis of the book. Part 2. Billionaire George Morgan is the embodiment of the pederast Jehovah, representative "Lucifer" on the Earth, the Owner Earth (property: devil and satan).
- Chapter 29. Review the book of George Morgan (the devil incarnate Jehovah), co-author - Laurence Gardner The Grail and the descendants of Jesus." So the book this new title is.
Wish Glory I to Maitreya, so that His Greatness all World filled was". . Catherine of Alexandria.
. : Great Maitreya - Divine Christ,
Supreme, of the Father the Universe, the Founder is and the Creator.
This book should be translated into all languages of the world, due to the fact that the Demon of the Abyss - Abaddon-Jehovah (author of Judaism) had a negative impact on the formation of consciousness of all people of the Planet. The hope for the Revival of Christianity rests with Orthodoxy. Publish paper and e-books and distribute them.

Adresse to Absolute.
Omnipotent and Almighty Boundlessnesss, Supreme Deity Absolute!
All admirers of the Creator of our House - Michael the Archangel, the Lord of Shambhala appeal to You: "To reduce a transition period for Jehovah's devil before his leaving by Saturn 2046 with the army (perverts, swindlers and killers)".
The planet-wide election campaign takes place with gross violations of space laws a satan of the Planet Earth, Jehovah. In the army he applies suggestion and hypnosis to recruitment. Parades ayes and same-sex marriages, fraud and a lie, theft at the state level and reduction to the power of Jewish demonsfrom gangs, pseudo-healers and pseudo-fortunetellers, drugs and AIDS, venereal diseases - have turned Earth in the Augean stables. Use of television and Internet for slander on the embodiments from Shambhala, use of black energy for introduction of diseases, slander on E.P. Blavatsky in the press, on television, in sects and in Orthodoxy where a satan Jehovah declared himself false "Supreme, the Almighty and the Almighty and the creator of our Planet Earth" - sow spiritual confusion among the population of the Planet. Jehovah is in a role the foolish at the tsar.
The fate of 50% of the population, the victims of devil hypnosis ranked violently in army of a Satan of Jehovah have to be revised; among them there are persons interested to remain on Earth and to continue evolution of the person in the Golden Age. Time is necessary for resettlement of people to safe places, out of borders of Europe before immersion of the continent in depths of waters as a result of volcanic eruptions.
The term of the phenomenon of God, Michael the Archangel - the Winner on a white horse before the population of the Planet has to be accelerated. Justice has to be restored. Aum. Amen. So will be.

Entry is.
History is of Jews and rakshasas (demons). In the middle of the third radical race of the fourth circle God Give Decree the lord of the Moon to Jehovah to create the first people in a physical body. Jehovah has refused in the beginning (it was the first falling), but then has created the first people (deliberately) only a male without brains to carry out them through all types of crimes and sexual perversions, and called moral decay demonic culture. The first people on Earth were lunar demons; from them there were monkeys as a result of copulation with dinosaurs. For rescue of the first people from humiliations and decomposition Michael the Archangel (Avel), the Great Lord of Shambhala Was embodied. He Has implanted brains to creators the demon Jehovah and lunar pitri; those, whom the Demon of the Universe Brama violently embodied on the Moon left to the Sun at once. Their departure of the angered Jehovah. He put on weight of Cain, the brother Abel at night, enticed Avel in the field and killed with the axe. Jehovah is the first murderer, the fratricide! Weapon its axe. For incest with animals and bloodshed God damned it and dumped from heaven on matter bottom until the end of a cycle.
For protection of primacies against violence by the person, on command of God they became AIDS carriers; for them this natural state. The first wife of Jehovah was Lilith's monkey: her father was the person, mother a monkey. Jehovah and those, who followed his way is of steel AIDS carriers too. From monkeys primacies were born. The second wife of Jehovah was a huge cow. At that time people were giants and they had genitals flush with a cow. Jehovah went to a pasture where his wife was grazed and, looking around, fulfilled men's duties. The space removes everything on the movie.
Formation of same-sex marriages followed, - homosexuality generation. Growth of the population was not; lemurs were doomed to extinction. Under the decree of the Demon of the Universe Brama the demon Jehovah created womn. With the advent of the woman the world changed.

Lemurs were divided into people and demons. People worshipped to God (Michael the Archangel), demons to the demon Jehovah. Those, who worshipped God, were future Jews; those, who lived under laws of a devil is demons (rakshas). Rakchass is perverts and underworld, the victims of hypnosis of a devil; those, who have to be isolated from society in psychiatric clinics and houses of the conclusion.
For what rakshass are necessary to Jehovah?
1. Have sexual perverts usually narrow and closed circle of friends; while living in the physical body are outcasts. Die early laid death; kill them, or drugs suck from them the life force. The Angel death - of Jehovah draws them to his army. For astral there is no obstacle in travel, they pass through walls, floors, mountains, no speed and time. They are invisible normal eyesight, but they see us. Jehovah will teach them the "black magic" for evil purposes.

Zombie astral, humiliated and despised during life, revel in their power over man, they are cruel and vengeful, depraved and cynical, foul-mouthed and profanity. Astral homosexual Jehovah uses to crimes against representatives of the world. If you are all in disrepair, so, settled in the astral plan; they break home appliances, cut footwear, break ware.

2. The underworld of rakshas: rogues, swindlers, murderers, thieves, gamblers, reality and perverts. This category demons Jehovah determines positions of leadership.

After death, they are automatically placed in the army of the devil. Rakshasas can be implemented in other States, but the devil they'd find and subdue. Only the worship of the higher Spirit will save the person from possession. Lord of the Shambhala is the Creator of our Planet flora and fauna, Creator is Northern White Race, , Egyptians and tribe of Jews. Great Maitreya is the Keeper Planet and humanity.
Noy (an embodiment of the Lord of the Shambhala) Rescued those, who observed laws of God. Lemuria consisted of three parts of the land. In the Bible it is said that Noy constructed an ark, took all kinds of people, and three his sons took themselves wives....
Three sons with wives - is allegory; means that from three parts of the land Noy Savior of those, who was his follower, and to death of the continent took away them in a safe place. The others burned down alive, or left on an ocean floor. Future Jews avoided twice Apocalypse consequences (Lemuria and Atlantis), thanks to WORSHIP the Great Lord of the Shambhala. Jehovah again drags them to destruction in Europe. And in those times warned people about punishment of those, who went in the ways of Jehovah devil - is demons-rakshas.

The ark is of Noy ame from Lemuria to coast of India. Aboriginals have accepted immigrants and have allocated them lands for accommodation. Two people lived peacefully, between them there were related relations because of mixture of marriages. Lemurs accepted culture of India and worshipped to God of the Sun, the Lord of the Shambhala is.
In Atlantis, Jehovah created the dark brotherhood of sorcerers and black magicians. Atlantis faced a wave soon. Some of them were saved, in t. Ch. Unsinkable Jehovah. Peace in India after the destruction of Atlantis and Jehovah's relocation is with the demons in Lanki (Ceylon). Peaceful co-existence of two people in India didn't arrange a devil. Its purpose was: to unite Lemurs: people and demons, to install violently, applying genocide to local population that they were hated and there were infinite oppositions with the next people for generation of destructive energy for explosion of the Planet before leaving to Saturn. Jehovah will pursue Jews in the millennia.
Jehovah took under the influence of the lemurs, who lodged in India. Thousand-year war for division of India for aboriginals and immigrants began. To stop war and to keep the state, the Great Lord of the Shambhala was embodied in India (Krishna, Supreme, full manifestation of Vishnu).

Avraham (the embodiment of the Lord of Shambhala) of immigrants Has brought out of Chaldea to the Middle East on purpose - to create the high-spiritual people of God and Has given him the name "Israel" that "elected" means. In the Middle East local population called immigrants - "ivri"; in Aramaic language - "Jew", the newcomer on the other side of the Jordan River. From now on lemurs became Jews. Over time Jehovah has embodied demons (rakshas) in the tribe "Israel", and demons (rakshasa) became Jews - a shame for the "elected" people.

Therefore Jehovah has told Jews: "Propagate and breed" that garbage human was embodied in their environment. A nationality at Jews is on mother that rakshas became Jews. With arrival of Jews to the Middle East the devil Savaof has christened himself "the husband of abuse - Jehovah a name to him". To confirm the appointment carried out wars, executions, damned Jews, have organized "Sodom and Gomorrah", starved them and crucified on crosses; all to subordinate them to it.
In the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, in Give Veniamin were embodied those demons (rakshasa) whom Jehovah decomposed sexual perversions on died continents. This beginning is of recruitment to Saturn. Law of space: impenitent sinners follow a devil. Jehovah knows that without deception and violence with him to Saturn nobody will leave. Saturn is naked Planet and three gaseous rings. Evolution of the person will be rejected on millions years ago, there will be an involution.
During a drought Jews went to Egypt and lived 430 years there. Egyptians welcomed Jews and the best lands (Gesem) for accommodation allocated to them. Jehovah didn't accept hospitality of Egyptians, for this purpose was and there are reasons.
The devil executions created an intolerable situation in Egypt and compelled to bring Jews out of Egypt. Moisey brought them to Sinai for a while to give rest to Egyptians from executions and then to return Jews to their houses.
Lemurs - Jews could live quietly in India and in Egypt, but Jehovah deliberately created a heavy situation that to bring lemurs-Jewish out of the countries where they entered with the world and where welcomed them as immigrants. Jehovah in the Middle East "cleared away to himself a place", executions, robberies and murders of civilians, installed Jews to their houses that there were infinite oppositions generating destructive energy for explosion of the Planet.

India and Egypt was a wisdom cradle and the population worshipped to the Great Lord of the Shambhala. It is one more reason; Jehovah the opponent Lord of the Shambhala in a darkness camp, - it was afraid to lose Jews, because without them it anybody. Jews repeatedly tried to get rid of a devil, but he their executions, damnations, revenge returned under the board, applying hypnosis.
But! After all Jehovah couldn't subordinate himself true Jews those, whom Avraham Has goes from Chaldea also Has brought to the Middle East. The devil has moved Jews to five cities of neighboring states: Chaldea (Iraq), Syria and Assyria. Instead of Jews have installed from those cities others people. Thus, Jehovah has increased the number of Jews. Before leaving to Saturn, Jehovah has directed to NATO to Iraq and has organized lawlessness, has created ISIL and has directed to Syria. The devil revenges for disobedience.
Transit of lemurs Jews: Lemuria, India, Chaldea, Middle East, Egypt, Sinai, Middle East. The devil will try to bring together all of them that they have continued his route to Saturn, but at him nothing will turn out.
Jews have avoided two Apocalypses (in Lemuria and Atlantis) thanks to Worship of the Great Lord of Shambhala. Resettlement of Jews to Saturn in 2046 for 1 828 000 years with the subsequent return to Earth depends on the decision of Jews. The ballot Worship!
Any people didn't transfer so many humiliations and troubles, as Jews; repeatedly started everything from scratch in others country. And only in India and Egypt they were accepted with compassion. What waits for Jews on Saturn is like madness.
In the Old Testament (Torah) creation of the World of Jehovah begins in Chaldea (Iraq) and the false description of a flood which Jehovah transferred from Lemuriya to Mesopotamia because Jehovah doesn't want to remember Lemuria where he copulated
with dinosaurs and produced monkeys. Doesn't want to remember the wives: is Lilith's monkey and cow is. But also during the Old Testament (Torah) Jehovah fornicated enough, arranged orgies, committed murders, and actively participated in all types of sexual perversions. The most negative image of a rakshas is Jehovah (the pervert, swindler and the blood-thirsty murderer).
Nobody trusted in the Apocalypse in Lemuriya, in Atlantis, as well as now. The All-planetary tragedy repeats after each radical race. After the third Lemuriya was lost, the ambassador of the fourth Atlantis was covered by a wave, after the fifth Europe in 2046 will leave under water. Apocalypse will sum up the Result for all mankind. During the Apocalypse there will be a clarification by fire of demons-rakshasas and those, who voluntary or forcibly served a planetary demon Jehovah. At the last moment of whom you will think, under whose beginning you want to be in the Thin World, with that and you will be.
Rescue only in the Lord Maitreya! He calls: "Come to me everything, looking for Light: orphaned and nude, sick and poor, kind and angry. Will wash all, will encourage all, Will specify by everything away and Will light up all the Ray of light".
Several embodiments have Great Maitreya, of the Lord of Shambhala been devoted to Jews and rakshas:
Avel Has inplanted brains to the demon Jehovah and "lunar pitri". It served for Jehovah as the reason of physical elimination of Avel. Jehovah secretly put on weight of the sleeping Cain (brother Avel) and killed Avel.
Noy is Savior of lemurs of, who lived under laws of God, future Jews and moved them to India.
Krishna (full manifestation of Vishnu, Supreme) - laid the foundation to the world in India and kept the state. Lemurs were brought to Chaldea.
Avraham Brought lemurs out of Chaldea to the Middle east; from now on lemurs became Jews. During a drought Jews went to Egypt.
The Pharaoh Ramses II Accepted Jews in Egypt and Gave them the best lands in Gesem. At this time Jehovah was embodied; it was in a panic because that loses Jews and rakshas. Jehovah executions compelled to bring Jews out of Egypt.
Moisey Brought Jews for a while out of Egypt to Sinai is in hope to return them to Egypt to the houses. But Jehovah achieved the; it applied genocide in the Middle East and installed violently Jews.
The Pharaoh Osiris Reigned in Egypt, at this time Jews the second time have gone to Egypt to look for protection at God. Jehovah was in an astral body, he has repeated a crime; have secretly entered in the sleeping brother Osiris (Seth) and have killed Osiris (have dismembered the axe).
The Pharaoh Osiris Was repeatedly embodied in Egypt; in period his board the last knee of Iuda's has come to Egypt. Jehovah has entered the sleeping brother Osiris (Typhon) and has killed Osiris (have dismembered the axe). Jehovah has set obsessed on Egypt and has returned Jews to the Middle East. After Christ's crucifixion Jews were settled on all planets. Jews'-rakshass have covered the Planet with synagogues of a satan. Infinite oppositions between Arabs and Jews are consequence, the reason - Jehovah.

Solomon Reigned is in Israel 40 years. There were no wars and oppositions; the world and prosperity reigned in Israel. Solomon built the temple, the imperial palace, the Jerusalem wall, cities, warehouses... Accustomed Jews to beauty and freedom to will of expression. Jews were in search of God and He Was near them in an image of the tsar.

Moria (Christ) Took all sins of Jews on me also Revealed to Jews a secret that that, to which they worship, is a devil (Jehovah), the murderer, the liar and the father of lie. But they didn't recognize Him! Ungrateful tribe is.... crucified Jesus Christ.... demons - rakshasa under Jehovah's hypnosis.

Chapter 1. Warning to Jews and sectarians!

Not religion above Truth"!
E .P. Blavatsky.
Word WARNING has the special sense is. To warn, means is to give opportunity to know, that waits in the future. (.:). In space actions two forces: Light and darkness.

Michael the Archangel is God, Light, Good, Spirit; Head of our Solar system, Solar God, Lord of Shambhala. Michael the Archangel's embodiments: Avel, Noy, Zoroastr, Avraham,

Moisey, Solomon, the Pharaoh Ramses II, Zeus, Georges the Victorious, Sergiy Radonezhskiy, Seraphim of Sarovskiy and others. The lord of Shambhala Was shown as Vishnu's Avatar: Rama, Kapila, Gautama Buddha, Kalki (seventh race of Rama). Full manifestation of Father Universe: Krishna, Christ and Maitreya.

Jehovah is the shadow, evil, matter, of the Planet satan, devil, Jahve, Yahweh, the Prince of this world, the Owner of the Earth, chief planetary demon - it is one much names essence also is opponent Michael the Archangel's in a darkness camp. Jehovah embodiment: Cain, Bacchus, Ravana, Dionysus, Set, Typhon, Caligula, Neron, Gregory Rasputin, Adolf Hitler, billionaire George Morgan. Jehovah put on weight of everyone violently; all of them were shown as a bacchanalia and murders. Jehovah is a Generalissimo in pederasty.

Our Heavenly Father is Archangel Michael, Who is for all mankind the true God and Father in the force of His Love and care about us. The lord of Shambhala is Michael the Archangel and the Owner of land Jehovah represents two resisting forces. Each person has for itself to solve, - with whom it or with whom; with Light or with darkness it is impossible to remain in aside otherwise these forces can destroy.
In Space is the Light and the darkness but no evil. Only on our Planet is the evil
Jehovah, begetting by Lucifer, or the shown Lucifer in the human body. All the peoples of the world believe in the Light (Rama, Krishna, Soroastr, Christ, Allah and Maitreya.) and only the Jews believe in the darkness (Jehovah). The Iron Age, Kali Yuga, is the age of cruelty and hypocrisy; time board dark ended in 1942. Jehovah with the army have to leave to Satyrn, but the planet isn't ready for life human on fault Lucifer-Jehovah; it increased sizes the planet, having attached some moon and comets, is having broken the magnetic attraction to the Sun. The planet is destroyed as sand lump. Satyrn is the Karma of Jehovah is den of powers of darkness. Karma is the cosmic law of Requitals for infinite violations of Laws of God.

The transition period was tightened. The Lucifer Jehovah breaks space terms. What does Jehovah devil leave to us in inheritance, and what example for mankind he was? Before leaving to Saturn Jehovah wants to blow up our Planet and with itself to drag off the most part of the population to Saturn. Goes is recruitment on Saturn! For this purpose, to prolong stay term on our planet, he to created sects, in where declared myself Christ's father. For that, to keep on our Planet, he creates sects, where declared myself Christ's father. Lord Christ is Representative of the Hierarchy of Light.

In present time at the expense of sects is overweight of the forges in party of darkness. Universal obsession - is defeat of will of the person, is the devil's hypnosis (energy, which applies in sects, ostensibly for treatment; acts as drug, anesthetizes temporarily, and the illness progresses). All pastors is businessmen, about it told pastor" Ledyaev, which passed preparation in the USA and now "raises spirituality" inhabitants cities of Riga. On change "Age of iron goes "Golden Age", - century of board of Solar Gods; not will be borders between states, the nationality will be one mankind. Not there will be wars, crucifixions, races of arms, divisions on a religious basis. "Be Uniform the Pastor and uniform herd" - Lord Shambhala, Great Maitreya and mankind.

In heart of the Sun stay Mother World and seven highest Hierarchs (in Christianity seven Archangels). Among them the First is Archangel Michael, the Highest Hierarch of our Planet and Solar system, Maitreya, the Great Lord of the Shambhala shown in a body of the person on the physical plan; Avalokiteshvara, Supreme is the Sound (WORD).

The WORD on our plan became a flesh. The WORD created the Universe: gods, planets, stars, minerals, plants, and people. It is God of all gods. It is the Universe. Solar Hierarchies are shown in the dense world in a body of the person. Without physical manifestation they are invisible. Are shown, entering in spheres Planet, in bodies: mental, astral and physical.

Elohim is multiple the number, seven Hierarchs, seven Highest Spirits come to us on the Earth from the Highest worlds that to help evolution mankind. With them came esoteric the eighth - the Lucifer. It held a not bad position in Hierarchy. Jehovah the shown
Lucifer in a body of the person is the father of Jews is Owner of our Planet. Its headquarters is in New-York. Into its duties enters: providing mankind a rain, crop, observance religion. In Judaism he is satan (devil) the Angel-prosecutor, - punishes for violation of precepts Gods. To punish others, most it is necessary to be an example; The Angel - the prosecutor is criminal and dissolute essence.

What was our Planet, as high, as fine there was a civilization, when it was directed and headed by the Great Spirits, comes from the Highest Worlds. Final falling of the Lucifer came true in times Atlantis, but withdrawal from ways Light was outlined even earlier. By the space right Jehovah-devil belonged to Earth and when human the nature in it took overweight over divine was jealous and began against Great Colleagues pernicious fight. For achievement you of the purpose to become the full and unique Lord of Earth, his main efforts were turned on humiliation of the woman. He knew that with humiliation women inevitably has been to go rough, degeneration mankind. The most ancient saying says: "There, where women be read and protected, prosperity reigns and gods rejoice".

The new era under the rays of Uranus and Venus will bring a revival of the women. The epoch of Maitreya is the epoch of the Mother of the World. Lucifer went against the Sun. The first, who went against him, was a dare Warrior - the Mother of the World. She Has created Hierarchy Lights and dark was shown in a true look.

In 1921 in Germany has been created fascist National the socialist party which in 1933 has brought to power Hitler under the most powerful hypnosis of Jehovah.
In 1931 have begun in Space fight Armageddon. During fight, to delay forces By this time the devil already had a preparation. The shoemaker Alois Schiklgruber (Adolf Hitlers father) at mature age married the daughter of a kelner from Bucharest, the Jew, by the name of Hitler. The bride was ugly, quarrelsome and is 15 years more senior. Kelner has promised Alois a dowry, but has set a condition: having married, the shoemaker will take a surname of the father-in-law. But the old man has deceived Alois has died, without having managed to write wills. The little also Aloiss spouse has died later (according to the scenario of a devil). As a result of all combinations the Austrian shoemaker has inherited from the father-in-law only a surname. Upset with failure, Alois married on servants deceased Clara Peltz, mother of future chancellor of the German empire Adolf Hitler. Jehovah a devil has achieved the; to prove the reason, allegedly Adolf Hitlers hatred to Jews, frankly he embodied the ideas haft the blame for the extermination of Jews in Hitler. The purpose to fill space negative energy, to blow up the Planet; for this purpose all means is good. Jehovah entered Hitler in an astral body on meetings, meetings, told it lips and influenced public. Vibrations of astral bodies of the demon and person different, therefore person gradually from impacts of powerful vibrations collapses. Result is Parkinsons illness (this disease for godlessness - isn't treated). She it isnt treated a spiritual disease. After rough performances before crowd Hitler rode on to floor; having risen and having exempted from a devil, I was faded and suppressed. To Hitler compatriots prepared attempt more than once, but Jehovah prevented it, and Hitler or was late, or wasnt in the appointed place at all. Hitler was operated Jehovah. Obsession also created concentration camps where poisoned in gas chambers of people of all nationalities, and especially Jews.

In 1941 in Kiev 200 thousand people were shot and dumped in A womans ravine; the ground was still moving over those, who are asleep alive. At this time the Catholic Church under the influence of Jehovah made plans: to strengthen banks of Vatican and to subordinate to the ruling hand all Christian world. The Catholic Church has accepted a devil in the seventh century therefore supported Hitler and the atheist Mussolini. In the Western Ukraine Jehovah devil has subordinated himself one representative Greek Catholic Church, The metropolitan, the count Andrei Sheptitsky who together with clergy actively supported arrival German fashist occupation. Obsessed Sheptitsky supported OUN. From July 1 to 6 July 1941 chasteners from groups of nationalists where served as chaplains uniatsky priests, have carried out in the city of Lvov mass punishments over representatives Polish intellectuals, Soviet authorities, communists and Jews. It has been shot and hung up, on to different estimates, from 3 to 5 thousand people among whom there were tens of eminent persons of science and cultures, including academicians, professors of the Lvov university. (Yaroslav Galan, On to service at of the satan is). Yaroslav Galan was killed by OUN with the axe on the head (a method of Jehovah). Who OUN operated? Jehovah! The devil incited haves against Councils, and he was what to lose: banks, real estate. At devil other world orders the capital. But Light always wins against darkness! In 1949 Lucifer has been expelled from our Solar system. Now the dark has passed in direct submission the Demon Universal Brama. Children of persons of the third Reich remember the parents, also are horrified from deeds them. The scenario of World War II with concentration camps has been prepared by Lucifer-Jehovah! And third Reich played roles under his hypnosis. The Karma, exact Space Scales will judge Jehovah devil, the law of retaliation leaving to Saturn!
E. HODOS in the book Antichrist writes, that in 1970 in the city of Lubavichi rabbi on created the Jewish the National fascist organization. Wrote Catechizes the charter, where too, as well as Hitler, extols the nation. Dont sing the praises of Shneerson, it too it was obsessed Jehovah-devil. Shneerson catechism is the echo of the book Protocols of the Elders of Zion would be to call Protocols of Zion fascists more precisely. Sense is as follows: to bring Jews-rakshasto power in all states and to the population forcibly to impose all Judaism. Newly elected mayor of our city of the beginnings of reform: has renamed the name of Minim Street on the rabbi Shneerson. I hope that Hitler Street and Gregory Rasputin (is two incarnate devil) wont be. Jehovahs parting word to rakshasa: Everything that you see is yours. The devil has elected the rakshas-raider and black-red has given him a flag in hands (colors of a devil), and the rakshas has surpassed Ostap Bender. In gratitude have constructed the 18th floor synagogue, the biggest is in Europe. He is the chairman of presidium Jewish, European communities; laughs much..., before that as to cry long on Saturn. Personally Jehovah devil protects a synagogue, that to attract admirers to recruitment. Satan brings to power of rakshas it is fiddle while Rome burns.
OBSESSION is suppression of will of the person. People the obsessed are dangerous. It is a virus. Addicts, alcoholics, gluttons, serial murderers, thieves, perverts is all obsessed. Not they commit crimes, them directs Jehovah-devil with the army of demons. Demons is died perverts and criminals. Jehovah is the werewolf! Obsessed is after death get in its army: Chikatilo, Grabovoy, S. S. Konovalov (doctor) and all pastors of sects also to this group. Dont read S. S. Konovalov book (The book which treats) in them it is imprinted devilish energy, which destroys the person, temporary hypnosis. After these books people die in psychiatric hospitals. In the middle of the third radical race Lunar Pitri created the first people from three lowest principles. Animals had a division of floors earlier and they started breeding sexually. So as lunar Pitri "founders" didn't give to the person brains under the decree of Jehovah, the head was flat and disk-shaped. Jehovah deliberately created the imperfect person to put the beginning of its moral decay. Founders" entered in thin bodies the created bodies human and, having forgotten about "greatness" and copying behavior of animals began to copulate with their females. The Lord of the Moon Jehovah too passed this way of falling and produced anthropoids. It really the founder and the creator monkeys, they are his children, shaggy and jump on all fours.

1. A dinosaur (from copulation Jehovahs and lunar pitri with dinosaurs is have occurred monkeys).2. Jehovah and Lilith (first wife of Pederasts Jehovah). 3. Cow My (second common-law wife of Pederast's Jehovah).

As a result of scientific search of scientists it was revealed that at monkeys a negative Rhesus factor and they are AIDS carriers. But, for monkeys this is natural state; God have provided protection of animals against violence by the person. Distributors of AIDS are perverts and addicts. * Jehovah was one of the first distributors of AIDS. It also is the first addict and the distributor of all sexual perversions and venereal diseases. The name of a scientific subject for Darwin was prompted by the zoophile Jehovah to direct him on a false way and itself to rehabilitate. Darwin before death refused the theory about origin of monkeys.
Jehovah was "reason deprived", an animal; without brains. Great Maitreya has implanting to brains zoophile Jehovah and Lunar Pitri‖. First wife of Jehovah by the name of Lilith was the monkey born from the father (people) and mother (an animal a monster). The second wife (civil) was a big cow (animal). In space is the movie is in which Jehovah is depicted during process of copulation with a cow. After Jehovah's falling, he became a laughing-stock for lunar gods and angels, some of them left (those, whom Demon Brama has violently determined to the Moon by the scenario) at once to the Sun. God punished Jehovah. What sort it is punishment? Condemnation on the conclusion is in the lowest or lowest area which is our Earth, the lowest in the chain. On "Eternity", - means duration of one Cycle of Life in darkness of a matter or in the animal person. But having fallen down Earth (on our head) it rolled down on the bottom; decayed it and decomposed mankind. The hell is that place where the devil governs; Jehovah devil governs on Earth - the Prince of this World. Means, it also turned our Earth into a hell.
John the Evangelist's revelation" was written by Jehovah and speaks about himself in the third party.
Ch.12/7. "Also there was in the sky a war: Michael and his Angels were at war against a dragon, both the dragon and his angels were at war opponent them, 8 but didn't resist, and there was no place already for them in the sky. 9. And to throw there was a great dragon, an ancient serpent called by a devil and a satan seducing all Universe (Jehovah is the liar, it ennobled himself is inclined to a hyperbole; Jehovah a satan of our Planet), dumped on the earth, and angels (demons) of his dumped with it. 12.So, you have fun heaven and living on them! A grief living on land and sea because to them has descended devil in strong rage, knowing that he remains to him time not much".
Ch. 13/18. Who has mind, that consider number of Beast, because this number human: number its six hundred sixty six. Ch. 17/11. And the Beast, who was and which isnt present, is the eighth (seven Archangels and eighth Lucifer), and from among seven, and will go to death. (The eighth Lucifer is expelled from our Solar system in Silence Silence on 1000 eyars). Seven thousand years ago back Jehovah was embodied the tsar of Ceylon owed a bowl patience of gods, and they solved it physically to eliminate. The tsar of India A Rama (an embodiment of the Great Lord of the Shambhala) struck with the Striking Beam Ravana-Jehovah and relieved the population the lake of Lanki from it harmful influence. Six thousand years ago was embodied demigod Indra is generation of darkness (Jehovah). Is a story that Indra became once a pig, got a female a pig and pigs, rolled in dirt and was absolutely happy. Some other gods saw it in this low condition, approached to it and told: You possessing the power, why you here? Indra told: Leave me, to me here it is good, dont care of heavens, while have this pig and pigs. Poor gods became to the deadlock, without knowing what to do. After a while they decided to come quietly and to kill one pig, and then another, etc., yet wont interrupt all pigs and a pig. When the pig and pigs were dead, Indra began to cry and sob. Then gods unstitched his pork body; it left it and, having regained consciousness, started laughing, telling what disgusting dream to it dreamed. He, the demigod, suddenly addressed in a pig and considered, that only this swinish life and is possible; besides, he wanted that this life of all Universe became same swinish. (Svami Vivekananda, My Teacher). Hitler operated Jehovah he and created concentration camps where poisoned in the gas cameras of people all nationalities and especially Jews. Poor Jews! What destiny was presented to them by the demon Jehovah; he revenged for worship Michael the Archangel in Lemuria, India and Egypt. Moisey Gave to Jews esoteric knowledge, but Jehovah threw out law of karma and transformations. To me it happened in a synagogue to read all books and magazines, with which librarian allowed to use. Strikes Jehovah! After death Moiseys the power passed to his pupil Jesus to Navin, which took Jehovah under the management; forced Jews to go on the populated other people of the earths, to cut out all and to be installed in their houses, having appropriated their property. It is in Old Testament (Torah) called to clear away to itself place. Still (according to the legend), local inhabitants remember also call Jesus Navin bandit.
Great Moisey is God! Nasty Jehovah devil.
Transmigration of Jews from Sinai on the populated lands, eternal fight and hatred between Arabs and Jews is generation of the destructive energy, which work for darkness. I had enough in a synagogue to re-read some books and magazines. In magazine the Lechaim were printed two articles, women write to them; one watched transmission about concentration camps and thought, that destruction of Jews is punishment for those hundreds thousands destroyed children, old men and women Jehovah. In the other article: it is known, that revolution in Russia was made by Jews, god punished them for it concentration camp. For participation in revolution Jehovah-devil revenged all Jews; at a devil other world order is the capital. Riots of Jews is Jehovahs idea; in total for this purpose, that to rally this distressful people and to warn against assimilation among other people. Jew is not a nationality, but belonging to tribes; the Jew in Aramaic language the word ivri, alien. The words Jews and Jude are synonymous. The Jew can to become any the person who has accepted religion Judaism. Those, who live
in Israel but do not practice Judaism, are Israelis. Who was born in Russia, in Ukraine or in any country of the world is a Russian, Ukrainian etc. Belonging to a religion is not a nationality. If the parents practice Judaism, and their children do not recognize the religion at all, so parents are the Jews and the children are atheists. But the lack of spirituality is not a dignity is. Person has to be spiritually competent, for this purpose and is given it the reason the lowest and the highest. Intelligence is the lowest. Now there is one expression: Im self-sufficient. The word is composed of two bases: self and sufficiency. Self comes from the word selfishness and sufficient from the words sufficiency. It means the selfish person with money. In this case, there are the four lower principles and the highest three are silent, and they are waiting for a human choice. If a person even with high intelligence mired in the matter, the decomposition will begin. Wars, a partition of the states, sects, drugs, different types of sexual perversions, obsession of mankind are work of powers of darkness. Example is Yugoslavia. Pitted the people of different nationalities and religions, unleashed long-term civil war, then came all-planet peacekeepers, blew up all significant constructions, communications and left, having left ruin and the dismembered state. The main thing is a partition. Dark dont love unification. To humor supporters of the affected people, Jehovah defamed the main peacekeeper (all arranged Monica Lewinski) and blew up skyscrapers! In day of the tragedy to the USA, in the city of Petersburg famous doctor S. S. Konovalov carried out a Seans. People, comers, suggested to honor victims a rising and moment of silence. The doctor K. refused to make it, told that foreknew about this tragedy (to him informed Jehovah) and that this famous of the USA for Yugoslavia. Who organizer of war in Yugoslavia? Jehovah devil! Mister President of the USA will be vigilant in New-York was dug round very dangerous and artful enemy billionaire George Morgan (incarnate devil Jehovah). In recent times all the American Presidents mark their reign by military intervention as peacemakers do not aggravate your karma and karma of the country you are already punished, you and so punished are by that, the devil is in your territory. Those, who worships to Jehovah-satan-devil, will leave with it to Saturn. The planet is yet ready, there only a kernel in a dense condition and three gaseous rings. The century dark lasted 432 thousand years. Jehovah time expired in 1942; it is time to leave from our Planet Earth and to take away with itself the army of demons. Even those, who worship to Jehovah, know who is he, but are afraid to depart from him, because it is angrily terry; will revenge and will destroy. Clings to sectarians, got a false idea myself father of the Christ. There cant be Jehovah the father of the Christ!! They belong to two resisting forces! In the Bible continuous juggling, the devil distorted all. God doesnt encroach on a free will of the person, and that would blow off dark from a planet power of thought as become obsolete the term religions are darkened, the demonism is imposed. To be late on our planet, Jehovah dismissed a web of sects, wound all former Soviet Union. Sects: Christian, Witnesses of Jehovah, Mormons, Anthroposophy, Congress one field is berry. Lords sectarians! It is the recruitment to the Saturn! We are in material bodies and are attached to a matter, and it is time to lift spirit, spirituality. Use material benefits, dont become attached to him. Worship the one to God; hence it come the word monotheism. The Christ is bait in sects; they believe in the devil and in the Christ, He does not need them. Anybody so didnt humiliate the Christ, as Christians, including a devil-Jehovah with father of the Christ. Misters sectarians, be defined with whom you. You pray only to one essence and you dont say a name another. The devil deliberately, with a distant sight, has inserted Judaism (Old Testament) before Christianity (New Testament). Declared myself is false Father Christs. The space Reason is Hierarchy of Light or Yaakovs Ladder. And, the wreath of this Hierarchy consists of Spirits or the Reasons which have finished the human evolution on those or other planet in this or that Solar system, so-called Planetary Spirits. All gods passed evolution of the person on various planets in a physical body. The highest Hierarch of our Planet is one of the finest Diamonds in the Wreath of Space Reason is Great Maitreya! There is a uniform chain of Hierarchy of Light, proceeding in Boundlessness. On one end of a ladder of Yaakov (Hierarchies), stretching from Heavens to the Earth, there is a Divine Christ the Spirit, the Highest Being subjective, invisible, and incomprehensible. On other is its visible manifestation, Sacrificial Fire M.: Not rough fire, and Spirit, the divine Spirit which visible embodiment is fire. Space garbage together with the leader Jehovah-devil-satan will leave from a planet. Mysterious are the ways of the Lord, and the Victory, the foreordained Hierarchy of Light, will exceed our imagination. There will be a TV channel which will give to mankind knowledge of theosophy. Brown gas which is generation of the person from irritations and foul language can be discharged by spirituality awakening in the person. Is told that where the insult and derogation of the carrier of Light is allowed, there will ask from all country. On change the dark will come Century of Light Golden Age. It will last 1 828 000 years. People and planet will be in the facilitated bodies there no will be matter, the evil, borders and nationalities. There will be paradise which we have to create. Now we have a hell, unfortunately, from long-term stay of darkness. Sectarians detain them. The Great Lord of Shambhala, Maitreya has given us a new Teaching Living Ethics through his disciples. According His Beam the following books were written:
1. Helena Blavatsky: 1.1. Isis Revealed. 1.2. The Secret Doctrine (two volumes). 1.3.The Voice of silence. 1.4. The Letters.
2. Helena Rerich: 2.1. Agni Yoga (The Teaching is of Living Ethics). 2.2. The Letters, nine volumes.
3. Boris Abramov: 3.1. Facets Agni Yoga, (22 volumes, 19511972). Great Teacher and Great Lord Shambhala Maitreya M.: three points: the first Maitreya (Wisdom is the Buddha), the second the Messiah (Christ), the third Muntazar (Islam). From these books about Hierarchy of Light, about embodiments of Teachers and the Great Lord of M.:
The doctrine which the Christ gave 2000 years ago, is given in a condensed form, and now is given in an expanded form. We will render M.: praise: Yes will revive the Lord (in our hearts), and all enemies his will be chiseled. Laws of the Karma and reincarnation were thrown out from the New Testament. Karma is work, the Space Law of Punishment; Space Scales exact, all our life registers on Movie which then show in Gods court on whish be present all wishing, earlier died. Here it also is secret becomes obvious. The life Book in which all our only good, disinterested deeds register is at the same time written. Often, after past life the page remains empty and the person is again embodied, yet wont start doing good things for people. Talents, appearance, growth, parents we meet with the deserts the last past life. Humpbacked, paralytics, disabled people punishment for the sins made in last embodiments. The bum is the one, who was satiated with the power and dipped a hand into the state budget. During Great Arrival the Lord wont come in a physical body and Will come as Light from the East. With It will come New Energy from the Highest Worlds and all people will be divided on the Treatment of light and shade. At those, who trusts in a shadow (Jehovah), covers (a physical body) will burn down there will be a consciousness, they will be removed to Saturn (the characteristic of Saturn is given above). Those, who trust to the public will remain on Earth and will live in Golden Age. Who trusts in two gods, is sit on two chairs, will be destroyed as Space litter construction material for consolidation of bark of a new planet (if dont think again). After Great Arrival is one is from two remains! If in any book is though one word against powers of Light, or impose thoughts of return of paganism, know that Jehovah a devil exercises the wit in different options of activity. Jehovah will leave from our Planet to Satyrn together with the army. Jews and sectarians with it wont leave, at the last moment will refuse. Why to go together with a scum of society? Repeat daily seven times of the word: Maitreya, Victory and Love. Fill space with Light. Every Sunday approve the words The Dark Will Leave from the planet Earth. We will praise Great Maitreya. Yes will revive the Lord (in our hearts), and His all enemies will be chiseled.

Chapter 2. Heavenly is Jerusalem.
Every time requires it is messenger. And each messenger brings the tidings which are especially needed this time. (E.I.Rerich). A great and high mountain in Himalayas is Everest 8.888 km and the Holy City of Jerusalem is Shambhala. Shambhala is a sacred place where the terrestrial world comes into contact with the highest state of consciousness. It is known in the East that there are two Shambhala: the first one is terrestrial and the other one is invisible. There is the Mother of the world at the top Everest in the mental body, who is the creator of the Hierarchy of the Light. Shambhala was created the power through of Lords M.: Simultaneously witch of the planets. It is a city with in the mountains. There are around 100 entities. There are seventy five God-women in the astral bodies and twenty five God-men. Some of them are in physical bodies. They are the greatest spirits, who have incarnated on the Planet to bring the Knowledge and to accelerate the evolution of humanity. Their astral bodies are tightened; they wear clothes and shoes. They create everything be means of power of the thought. The idea is the most subtle and powerful energy. In Shambhala is the center the All-initial energy, which sends it around the world. This energy compresses astral bodies. There are our compatriots in Shambhala: V. Lenin, A. Pushkin, Alexander II, S. Kovalevsky, and E. Blavatsky (now in man body), E. Rerich in the astral body is the Empress of Shambhala. I Him saw: in a crown, in a dress of violet color with a long sleeve, shoes on a flat sole without heels. N. K. Rerich in new incarnation is a young monk in the physical body is Panchen a lama of the monastery temple Tashilhunpo in sity of Shihadze (Tibet). Shambhala is surrounded by high impassable mountains covered with snow. There is a plane inside where vegetables and wheat, many flowers, mostly roses are grown. There are hot springs. Those entities that live in Shambhala in physical bodies eat vegetable food. There is a hostel on the territory in which live about one hundred disciples. All the Archangels are shown in Shambhala in the astral bodies. The Great Maitreya worked in the Heavenly Shambhala in the Thin body (Dokiud). Its terrestrial Shape differs nothing from terrestrial inhabitants and It didnt realize the Greatness in the Worlds of the Highest. All occult schools and Ashrams are bound by indissoluble thread with Shambhala. Once every seven years, Great Teachers gather at the Board in the Ashram, which is located on an island in the middle of the lake in the Gobi desert (China). All Ashrams are connected among themselves by tunnels of such sizes that the rider on a horse can freely move on them. The main mission of the Hierarchy of Light, which rules on the Earth since immemorial times, is called by people the White Brotherhood. White Brotherhood is led by the Highest, the Lightest Spirit, which in the Scriptures called Divine and the Beautiful the Archangel Michael. He is the First among the Great Hierarchs of the Solar system, and the First among the Higher Hierarchs of our Planet. The Lord of Shambhala is the Fire Mover of life and fire of the Mother of the World. His breath burns with the flame and His heart is ablaze with fire. Maitreya is Invincible. He will never violate the good heart. He will appreciate every heartfelt aspiration. He knows what the appreciation is. He knows how to direct to the shortest path. He gives good ways. He does not count the distance, because he knows the measures not of these parts. He says the one going to the West: Turn to the East. He will turn the person heading toward the North to the South. He will whisper, not to unsaddle horses at night and not to close the entrance of the tent. He says to retreat there where human consider it as falling back. He said the divergent: You approach. He is pushing not counting the earthly measures. He leads to understanding. He knows the invisible measures of time. He turns the arrows of the demons; He pierces the darkness with invisible light. He will not leave, if you not reject the Leading Hand. Life says: come and you will see, wish and you will know. Our heart bound with Heart and Consciousness the Highest Hierarch of our Planet introduces us to the powerful stream of the Outer Magnet. All philosophy, all religions came from Sole Source and the great minds that brought the Light and gave impetus to the birth of thought at the dawn of our humanity, continued to bring it all over the slow process of human consciousness evolution. Seven Great Spirits and the Highest among them, taking Watch of the peace, appeared on all turning points of our Planet. In Shambhala, there is World Government. They know the future development of all states. Lords of karma can tell you how to avoid the bad effects. So, messengers were sent to Napoleon and Hitler, that warned them not to go to the East, and their end was decided beforehand. They did not listen. Himalaya White Brotherhood helped Russia during the ordeal in the war with Germany. During battle the Armageddon between forces of Light and Darkness 1931-1949, all the brunt fell on the shoulders of the Great Maitreya. The battle was fought by energies. Bloody sweat appeared on her forehead and hands of the Great Lord Maitreya from the progressed pressure. The end battle was predetermined Lucifer it is expelled out of the Solar system. Against the Lord no one is strong! Shambala is the Community of Adherents and Archats; the Stronghold is vanguard of evolution, project bureau, Lords planners planetspace scale. In total from them! They saturate space with images of those forms which shall be realized. In the east the Truth is accepted that the Single Greatest
Spirit is a Creator of our consciousness and Christ Redeemer of our mankind. This spirit is Vishnus Avatar also Appears on Earth every time when the mankind reaches a deadlock and the consciousness shift is necessary! Thus, all systems of the World are Shapes of the same Spirit the Avatar of Vishnu which Was shown as Rama, Krishna, Kapila, Gautama Buddha, Moria (Christ), Maitreya, Kalki of Avatars (the seventh race of Rama). Three Avatars: Krishna, Christ, Maitreya is full Manifestation of the Father of the Universe. It was shown and in other shapes, less bright, but always truly selfless. Avatar is Degression of the Highest Spirit. Vishnu is machismo the Universe, the Founder and the Creator. Lakshmi is a feminine. In total is from Them. Maitreya always when the mankind reaches a deadlock, Goes down to the dense world and Undertakes a heavy burden is atonement of acts human. Saturation of the Planet negative energies from irritations, negative thoughts, words and acts can lead to the planet-wide tragedy. The earth is covered with a dense bed of dark energies, and saving Beams of planets of the Lord of Shambhala and Mother of the World cant break through to clear Earth. Shambhala works without issue and a salary, burning the Light human emissions poisonous gas imperils. We shall protect our House because on other planets there are no corresponding conditions for us. Everyone planets pass seven circles of evolution of the person in our Solar system. We are in the fourth circle, all other planets or pass the ways passed by us, or were ahead of us. On each planet the mankind corresponds to that circle in which exists. On Venus people live in the seventh circle in the facilitated bodies, as well as the planet. There are no borders, there are no nationalities, employ on color of aura which displays thoughts? There are no diseases! There is no radio, phone, television, different types of transport; all this is in the person. At all the centers are open. People are gods! Upon termination of the seventh circle people will leave Venus on the highest planet. To us, people of Earth still it is necessary to pass this way.
Accepted the Doctrine of Living Ethics, will leave with the Lord on his Star Uranium which in last cycle was our visible Sun, but because of diskly chilling departed out of limits of our Solar system and it is filled with energies of the central Sun above which there Is an Absolute Almighty! Before leaving to Saturn Jehovah wants to blow up Earth. Everywhere, where war flares, there is a process of forcing of destructive energies. Beams of planets of the Lord of Shambhala and Mother of the World will divide people on of light and shade. Those, who trust to the public will be salvaged and will live on Earth in the Golden Age 1 828 000 years. For this period people on our Planet will reach the level which now on the planet Venus and will leave on the highest planet. All countries professing the Buddhism at the beginning of the twentieth century waited for the New Doctrine. In all temples and on approaches faces of Great Lord M.: were already represented: The doctrine was this in Russian for Russia. Church fathers persist, collectively reject and are intellectually mobile that it wasnt necessary to hear the known words: I never knew you; depart from me, doing lawlessness. (Matfey, ch. 7/23). God doesnt need those, who dont distinguish Light from darkness. The New Doctrine of Great Maitreya, the Lord Shambhala is given. Before Great Receipt we shall change our spirit, be prepared for a meeting with it; to master the Doctrine not to be destroyed as space litter. We will be prepared for a meeting and we will enter Golden Age with expanded consciousness and with a sincere heart. And all will arrive on time: the rivers will run, the woods will rise, and herbs will rise everywhere to all the term. Both left on an error human, and will come on a approve thought. They will send when it is necessary when we manage to identify and accept. Deep value has the Muslim legend. Jesus mother was at Mahomets mothers before the prophets birth. Mountain Moria is the mountain to Mery, here the beginning of all travelers, is erected the first image Blessed here Great Maitreya.
The new Doctrine is based on heart and the clarified reason. There is no best Friend, than the Great Teacher M.: also it is necessary to look for ways of approach to It. E. P. Blavatsky, E.I. and N. K. Rerich saw Great Lord M.: in physical and astral bodies. E. P. Blavatsky: absolutely regular features, a dense head of hear of color of a black wing, it is very beautiful, especially growth and a figure. Mighty constitution is. A young face by sight 30 years (in a physical body). E. I. Rerich: woke up suddenly from very bright Light and saw the figure of the Person which is lit up by bright shine with unusually beautiful face. After fear the thought was replaced with Unusual, incomparable feeling Presence of the Highest Force. N. K. Rerich: In silence there was a vision. Light objects were performed, and the Face of the Great Guest began to shine. Also He closed lips, both crossed hands, and his each hair streamed Light. And bottomless its eyes fixedly shone. Look for ways of approach to the Lord. Great Maitreya creates the Sixth Race; Agni Yoga is the Call!

Chapter 3. Great Maitreya (El Moria) is the Great Lord of Shambhala.
Divine Christ.
Exists two Uniform is. One is on the inaccessible plan of the Absolute and Boundlessness, about which any conclusions are impossible. The second Uniform, on plan Proceed. The first cant to proceed, to be a dividend, because it is eternal, it is absolute and immutable. The second, being reflection of the first Uniform, because it is Logos, or Ishwara (the God) in the illusory Universe, can. It radiates from itself seven Beams, or Dhiani Cogans, or Elohims, or Archangels in Christianity. One real becomes differently-real. Energy works as uniform energy through Logos (or to Ishwara). Now Supreme is a uniform essence (two in one), from which proceeds and starts existing center energy , which is called Logos It is called Christians Verb and it is a Divine Christ, which is eternal in a bosom of the Father, It is called as Avalokiteshvara Buddhists. Almost in each doctrine it was formulated existence of the center of the spiritual energy, which it isnt born and eternal, and exists in a bosom Supreme in time rest between cycles, and arises as the center conscious energy during the conscious activity. Ishvara (Logos) is a Spirit, a complex unity of manifested live spirits, the primary source and all the worlds monads (and their divine reflection) that occurred from the Logos and returned to him at the end of his time. Ishvara is the God. The second Uniform is the Sound (Shabda Sanskrit), the Word which on our Planet became flesh. Maitreya is the shown Father of the Universe, the Creator and the Creator! Lord M.: there is the Highest, Lightest Spirit of our Planet, Solar system and the Universe. The Lord will Leave and will Rule forever, but then once again will Come to us as the Second Coming is Great Arrival.
The first Archangel is a position which is taken up by the Lord Shambhala during passing of evolution of the person. Maitreya is First Beam of the Father of the Universe. The first Beam is equated to That from Whish this Beam precedes. Vishnu a machismo, the Father Universe, God, Founder and Creator, reflection of Absolute, Supreme Deity! Maitreya is full manifestation of Vishnu. He is All. Monad is the same as Absolute, a particle of the divine Monad, the information or thought of the Father, being enveloped by the energy it always remains the part of the Absolute. From the Energy Center, i.e., Ishvara (the Divine Christ), are all the gods, stars, planets, the Divine Christ is the God of all gods, He is Universe! In our Universe is eight million four hundred thousand species of living beings; four hundred thousand people and eight million flying sailing, running and crawling ones. On the East is accepted the Truth that the Single Greatest Spirit is the Creator of our consciousness and our Savior of the mankind. This spirit is the Avatar of Vishnu and appears on the Earth every time when humanity comes to a deadlock, and needs a shift of consciousness! Thus all the systems of the World are the Images of one and the same Spirit Avatar of Vishnu. He was shown in other guises, less bright, but always true selfless. The Greatest Spirit of our Solar system came in diminished shapes to reach and raise the consciousness of the masses much easier. High Spirit, taking the earthly Shape, was no different from earthly creatures and didnt realize His Greatness in the Higher Worlds. Great Lord of Shambhala, Maitreya is the World Teacher, the King of Kings, the Teacher of Teachers and Lord among the Lords. The Messiah of the Jews is identical Maitreya, Kalki Avatar (incarnation of the God), Muntazar (Muslims Messiah) the Highest Shape, that should appear on the change of the race to give a new proclamation and to install the vibration, which will sound as new cycle of spiritual evolution. All the Higher Cosmic views will get their form or will be personified in the God likeness, the human. Great Put Maitreya 3000 embodiments are passed a half of the planned Way.
Great Maitreya Passed the Way from "the pastor of sheep" to Supreme. All embodiments His were steps Ascension.This powerful Spirit was Manifested in:

King Menes he united southern and northern Egypt in one State. Constructed the general for all state irrigational systems is. From association Egypt began the dynastic era of is the greatest of the Pharaohs.
Pharaoh Ramses II Under his rule Egypt has reached a considerable power. He conducted a long struggle with the Hittites, the result of which was fixing for Egypt of Palestine and Southern Syria. He built a lot of temples and hearses. In the north-eastern Nile Delta he built the city Per-Ramses (Tennis), and repulsed the attack on Lower Egypt of Sea Peoples.

Osiris is also the representative Ether, the first depiction the radiation of the Highest Deity. Amon is the Primary Source of Light. Osiris was executed, dismembered in fourteen pieces (two by seven). Later He Resurrected as a Christ. (Jehovah, the devil, the Owner of the Earth dealt shortly with those, who brought the Light to people).

Osiris was twice embodied in Egypt and governed wisely. Great Maitreya created Egyptians, they is His First-born. The Lord of the Shambhala Gave to Egyptians of Knowledge: maintaining agriculture, construction of houses, roads and temples. Gave to Egyptians the religion based on pure philosophy.

Origen is the writer; philosopher (came to indicate the church fathers are on simplification and the changes is in Christianity the book. About Beginnings‖, he wrote the 2000 books, which were kept in the library of Alexandria. When persecutions are begun He went to Palestine and Opened Christian School for children there. He was beaten and imprisoned for seven years. He could get out of the body and fly away in the Stronghold, but he Spent the entire time, using time, that given the knowledge of esoteric. He is highly revered as the Great Martyr and the Torch of true Christianity.
Western Church listens to the steps of the spirit evolution and starting to study the writings of Origen. Our Orthodox Church still considers him as a heretic.

Akbar - the Great Mogul was emperor of Mongolia; he combined religions and expanded the lands by conquest. Akbar the Magnificent, Blessed, Akbar, the favorite person of the gods and the ―Beauty of the throne of the world, here is a list of adjectives to his name. The emperor of Mongolia combined the two countries: Mongolia and Northern India.

GesserHan was the legendary Mongolian Khan (eleventh century), the hero of Central Asia epos. He is the Lord of the 10 countries of the world, the eradicator of 10 evils in 10 countries of the world. He is the protagonist of Tibetan, Mongolian, and Bury folklore, associated is in the minds of the people of the East and Asia with the image of the Lord of Shambhala.

The Rama is Vishnu's Avatar, the tsar of India, Supreme Krishna - is Vishnu's full manifestation the creator of the ―Bhagavad Gita). These are some incarnations of the Great Lord of Shambhala Maitreya. That is why the Appearance of Maitreya is so majestic, so powerful. He is the Teacher of Teachers.

Avatar Rama embodiment is 7000 years ago; Supreme Krishna is 6000 years ago. That is why you should think of this Image greatness of and show understanding to be able to face the Ruler.

Now imagine the Fiery Humility, fiery Selflessness, and Self-sacrifice, of this true Leader of peoples, the Creator and Lord. Who can resist His Fiery Power when it will be manifested throughout its force?

Buddha The White Illumined (illumination is the accumulation of centuries-old deposits of energies, crystallized for many dedicated lives); all the Greatest, the Highest is that Identity. There is no greater expression of the Great Secrets of life than in Sunny Hierarch Bishop Maitreya, the Lord Christ, and the Lord Buddha. The Great of Holder and Creator!

Buddha Maitreya, the Christ is a Single Ego. All religions are from a single source. Christ it is approved in the Teachings the Greatest. Even in early Christianity, you can find an understanding that A Great Spirit descended to the Earth and incarnated there, where was shown a need for a new understanding of the Truth.

It's time for humanity to move closer to the World Cosmic mystery of Jesus Christ, revealed with each cycle, - Maitreya. Building of space, the process of evolution does not need only new enlightened minds, but love and beauty.

Chronology of the Christ life is inaccurate. Great Teachers put the birth of Jesus to the earlier date.

The assertion that the Lord Maitreya and Christ is the same Individuality is the Truth. But the Truth is not proved. In Theosophical literature one can find indications that Jesus was the incarnation of the Great Teacher Kut Humi When there came time of the Passionate Way of the Crucifixion, into it is entered even more High Spirit, - Christ, which accepted the Epiphany from John the Baptist and thereby came nearer to new segments of the population also started preaching among the simply and poor. Jesus also was studied by the Great Wise Man of the East Rossul Moria and stayed there for at least seven years, after which they traveled through India together and then Jesus went with the blessing of the Lord of Moria to his country, but he was unable to finish its Mission there; he passionately overtired and got sick; and on the threshold of the transition to the underworld, appeared in front of him in the Thin Guise the Great Sage and offered him to finish his Mission, going into his body. Of course, the consent was given gladly. Yes, there were great Space reasons. Why did it need replacement and the continuation of this Mission?

All priests were waiting for the Messiah, the Great Spirit, like Moses, Solomon - is embodiment Lord Shambhala.
Moses, Solomon is the incarnation of the Great Lord of Shambhala Maitreya. Teacher of Teachers the Lord Maitreya is the carrier of three Beams. Shape of Maitreya the present Lord of the Shambhala. In Tibet Its images are in temples, on slopes of mountains Teacher of Teachers - the Lord Maitreya is the bearer of three Rays. The Appearance of the Great Maitreya is the current Lord of Shambhala. In Tibet He Depicted is in temples on the slopes of the mountains.

Georges the Victorious is.
Church legend tells about Georges the Victorious is carrier miracles during persecution on Christians in Turkey, including about its victory over a dragon. In Russia Life Georgia Victor formed the bases of the Russian spiritual verse in which He is organizer Earth Russian. In ancient Russia Georges the Victorious was often represented on the princely seals and coins, in imperial Russia on the State Emblem. Georges the Victorious is Michael the Archangel's embodiment the Patron of Russia.
Sergiy Radonezh of is one from incarnations of the Great Maitreya. God and the Motherland is what moved the life and destiny of the Reverend Sergius And this love gave him the opportunity to so totally to the end to fulfill the commandment of the Lord of love to people. Sergius built communities; he rendered the territory of Russia, claimed orthodoxy, and helped Dmitry Donskoy in the fight against the foreigners.
Sergiy of Radonezh was the Defender of the Russian land. The monastery's wealth increased so much that the monastic Treasury could lend sums to state needs. His Abode helped Peter the First with the construction of the fleet. Sergiy was the leader; he breathed the heroic spirit is in the people. He directed it to the future. He will stay such leader now, for the link of the Great Spirits is indivisible with the trade and the feats of their lives. Subsequently, His Abode became the center of spiritual culture, the strength and refuge at the hard minutes of the Russian Land. His Life is permanent and joyous labor, both spiritual and physical. Thus from the desert-contemplator Sergiy of Radonezh grew up in a public figure and was prepared by inscrutable ways to the state role (to help the Homeland). His Abode, which was destined to play a huge role in spreading the spiritual culture and the strengthening of the Russian State, grew with Him.

Around the Abodes, which were built by Him and His disciples, grew villages. Sergiy sent the pupils to field works to peasants to help them to have an opportunity to speak about education of spirit. Illumined by Inexpressible Light (the radiance of light that cannot be conveyed by words) He Stands the Invisible Visible, is on the steps of the Grand Staircase of the Hierarchy of Light, he is ready at the specified hour to direct legions of Light Forces, ready to bless his people and its land leader to a new of the feat.

In pre-revolutionary time the feat of greatest Protector of Russia Sergiy was suppressed because he was a heretic, which used a two-fingered sign, in the eyes of some people. Russia admires before the Greatness of the Venerable Sergiy and gives the praise to Him your Great Patron is Patron of the Russian land. (Ponder who came in the Guise of Sergiy of Radonezh!) The Highest Hierarch of our Planet is the current Lord of Shambhala - Maitreya.

Seraphim of Sarovskiy are.
In 19 years Seraphim of Sarovsky Has come to Sarovo in the eve of a festival of Introduction to the temple of the Mother of God. Once on Him the gifts of the Holy Spirit (Mothers of the World) have descended. Seraphim Left monastery Has also left in the wood. He Has lodged in a wooden cell on the river bank of Sarovki, Has got a kitchen garden and an apiary. His clothes consisted of a white loose overall. In a behind a shoulder bag He always Carried the Gospel. It ate fruits of the kitchen garden. To him the great number of parishioners came; Seraphim Maked miracles on their eyes, Cured many patients whom smeared with oil from the icon lamps burning before a favorite icon of the Mother of God "Affection". Less, than in two years prior to the death of the Reverend to him the Virgin accompanied by many Saints with words last time Was: "There will be with us soon, a Favourite My". Seraphim of Sarovsky are one of the most esteemed Saints in Russia.

You can enumerate endlessly the embodiment of the Great Lord: Zeus, Osiris, Hermes, Zoroaster, Apollonius of Tyana, the Great Venetian and others.

Zeus, the thundered was the Ether, the Supreme God, the Lord of Gods and men; Managed all celestial phenomena, He Kept the public order and families, Installed the laws and customs.

Osiris in ancient is the Egyptian mythology one of more esteemed gods. Osiris was considered as god of grain and winemaking. As a solar Deity, it had twelve smaller gods below itself, - twelve zodiac signs" (Egypt Belief).

Hermes Trismegistus was three Times the Greatest, His treatises were devoted to the occult science: alchemy, astrology, magic and religious-philosophical Teachings, close to Gnosticism.

There were several Zoroasters or Zertust, a Dabistan has thirteen of them; but they all were incarnations of the first one. The last Zoroaster was the founder of the Temple of Fire in Azarekši and the writer of works (about the first religion of Mages), destroyed by Alexander.

Apollonius of Tyana was very rich, but Ate vegetable food, wore clothes Made of natural fabrics, Walked barefoot. He was an Apologist (Bearer of the Truth); He once ordered a disciple to collect a sufficient number of fragrant trees and the lay down in a cave like high Bed. Apollonius burned himself on fire and then the disciple heard under the arch of the cave his voice: So, I'm not dead, but am going to accept the Bowl of Apologist. By burning himself, He proved that life continues in the Subtle Worlds.

Venetian the Great is.
When the Venetia tribe was pressed and persecuted by impending barbarians, among them appeared an unknown high Shepherd, who pointed them to the lagoons, this fact served as a base of the city of Venice. Accepting this Appearance, He materialized himself, because at that time He had no physical body. Great Lord does not like to talk about the former incarnations, as they unwittingly turn the spirit back and may even hinder His rush to the future, when to save this yearning is the first people.

That is why we should not have think about the past, but about the present into the future. Lord of Shambhala is the Lord of the worlds; The Great Lord; The Leader of Higher Spirit World; The Leader of the Spirits World of Fire; The Leader of fire of the Mother of the Word, named the Lord of Compassion. He is the God of Love and Compassion, the God of Goodness and Light. He Covers everything space, being a spokesman of all expectations and wisdom.

Mankind comes to Me in different ways, but no matter how the man came through to Me on this journey I welcome, because all paths belong to Me - said God Krishna in His Lord's song Bhagavad-Gita. The Great Lord of Shambhala, Maitreya is manifested in the Human body Ishvara. He always appears as Manu (the Man) on the verge of two indigenous races. Descending from the higher planes where He is invisible to the human eye and without the form, He manifests in our Planet. He comes in the scopes of our Planet (mental, astral) and then manifests in the physical body. He is not born and will not die. He has an incomplete incarnation, it is a Great Value. (And who wants to know the details of his incarnations, one learns by reading the book Helena Rerich, Letters.

Therefore it isn't necessary to think of the past, but only of the present in connection with the future. Lord of Shambhala there is a Lord of the Worlds; Lord Great; Driver the Spirits the highest Worlds; Driver the Spirits the Worlds Fiery; the Engine of fire of Mother of the World is named by the Lord Compassions. He is God Love, kind and Light. He covers all space, being a spokesman of all expectations and wisdom. "The mankind comes to me in the different ways, but what ways the person wouldn't come nearer to me, welcome him because all ways belong to me", - God Krishna in the Lord's to the Has song told "Bhagavat-Gita". Great Maitreya is shown in a body of the Person, Ishvara. He always Appears as Manu (Person) on the verge of two radical races. Going down from the highest plans where He is invisible to human to an eye also no has form, it is Shown on our plan. It falls within the scope of our Planet (mental, astral) and, if necessary, it is shown in a physical body.

Gautama Buddha (623-544 BC) adopted its successor future Buddha-Maitreya. And Gautama
said his disciple: I am not the first Buddha, who came to this Earth and also will not the last. In definite time other Buddha will rise in the world, Hidden One, of the Higher insight, lighted by wisdom, happy, containing the whole Universe, the peerless leader, Lord of the Dev
Effulgent divine is and mortal ones. He will give you the same eternal truths that I have taught you. He will establish his law, savior at the beginning, savior in his an apotheosis, and savior
at the target is in the spirit and the word. It will herald a righteous life, perfect and clean, which is now taught his disciples and I. They would be calculated in the thousands, while my disciples are only hundreds. And asked his disciple: How will we recognize Him? Teacher replied: Great Maitreya is His Name. What qualities the Lord Maitreya has to possess? Maximum is development of Energy, courage, patience, constancy of aspiration and fearlessness. Energy is a basis of everything because in her one has put all opportunities. The doctrine of Maitreya is continuation of the Doctrine of Christ. The doctrine is given on consciousness of time!!

During partial breaks, or Updates of the planet or Solar system the Greatest Spirits (Jacob's Ladder) which are collectively representing Space Reason and the Creating Beginning hold patrol and plan future Cycle of Life of Solar system, or the Planet, and then are the chief performers of these tracings. The hierarchical Beginning is the Space Law, there is a principle leading therefore there is always also the highest Spiritual being or the Hierarch.

In human representation is such Highest Spirit merges with image of God personal and even god Universe is a Name to Him Maitreya.

The Hierarchy of Light the link with Infinity, its mission on Earth from the ancient times was called the White Brotherhood by the peoples of the world. The concept of Hierarchy is discussed in the book the Teaching Agni Yoga. All philosophical systems of the East recognized a single reality. Except the basic reality of Unknowable Uniform, some systems recognize a personal God, Ishvara. Creative force, which creates a planetary system, that manages it and upon reaching the intended target of evolution tasks destroy it. Each planetary system has its God or as in Christian terminology, its Logos.

The world is ruled by the Creative Forces of the Space, comprising together the Divine Hierarchy, that is personal and only the gods, the beings who reside in the Universe. They all have divine status after passing through human evolution. They all obey the Single One standing at the head of the Celestial Hierarchy. They are all Sons of God, and Saviors. But at what stage is every Hierarch or Teacher, we do not know.

The concept of Hierarchy, as a single Brotherhood of Spiritual Teachers, is central for the Teaching of the Erving Ethics. Significant in the esoteric Teachings, notion of sacred personal spiritual mentor and Teacher is considered in Agni Yoga as a necessary condition of spiritual self-realization. A Teacher is someone who gives a person new knowledge, erecting its new steps to spiritual development. Those, who protects him from attack of evil by the forces at all levels and earthly, and astral, who is in the true sense of the word rules his spiritual evolution, using his own resources and knowledge, many times exceeding the strength and abilities of the disciple through spiritual-intellectual accumulation of the Teacher, the process of evolution of consciousness is accelerating exponentially. Guidance and assistance of the Hierarch during the years of incarnations allows the disciple to achieve the spiritual self-realization. Why do you need hundreds of incarnations if you step over the threshold by ten?

You need to decide for yourself, who from Teachers the Brotherhood it closer for you and then give yourself completely, without any limitations and conditions to this distinguished leadership. Establish itself by the heart on the Lord is the first condition for fire world. To take the Hand of the Lord is not enough without benefit of the heart. It should be remembered that the vibration and Karma are links to the Lord, the Fiery World. That is why put all your efforts and aspirations to better understand and apply the Teaching into practice and provide the rest to the Karma and great knowledge of the Lords.

Spiritual communication with the Teacher is built on deep and sincere feelings of love and gratitude to the Teacher from the disciple for the Sacrifice that He takes. No selfishness only altruism and selflessness. Offer the Great Teacher Fire of Love, protect Him with veneration, and lets find the most efficient, highest understanding of the Teaching and Decrees. True love, spiritual one is one of the most powerful and sophisticated space energy. Love is the universal law of evolution of the Universe. In space, the law is expressed in the universal magnetism and gravity particles of energy and elements. Space Magnet is the so-called power of Christ and the Power of Love Mother World.

Heart is really international body. If light is the symbol aura, then His parent is heart. Will ask: on what the Brotherhood Stronghold is under construction? Tell: "Doctrine of heart, work, beauty, evolution, tension, doctrine the most vital". When the mankind has lost the Doctrine basis, plunges into misunderstanding then on a prediction the most ancient Teachers the era of Maitreya will come.

The World Eye of Shambhala brings the Goodness the world of humanity, the Light on the path of humanity, the Star and directs all the travelers. The Lord of Shambhala is a planetary spirits leader, fiery ruler of life and fire of the World Mother. Shambhala Lord lives and breathes in the Heart of the Sun. He breathes the Truth and accepts it. Maitreya Teaching is the resurrection of the spirit and can accelerate the phenomenon of the Great Advent (the Second Coming) the conscious adoption of the Teaching of Lord Maitreya is the true resurrection!

Great Maitreya wants faster everything, wants all complete successfully, wants your joy, wants to give a gift to humanity and wants to transform the experience of life on Earth in the Radiance of the Mother of the World. Space lives on the greatness of the two Beginnings the Lord Shambhala and the Mother of the World. The heart is a truly international body. If light is aura simple, the parent symbol is a heart. Before you read the new doctrine Agni Yoga, you need to prepare and read the main proceedings of H. Blavatsky. After the preparation food, balance, silence, throwing the enemies, not to stick to the material things (you can use, but don't think about it), and start to learn the Teaching. If you do absolutely everything, you will be opened the cognitive world of the feelings that you will regret that touched this knowledge so late, nothing will remain from the past (forget the past, and present associate only with the future). Everything written in the Teaching, you will be shown in visions; Voice of Silence will prompt you in the puzzling of paragraphs, sentences, you to fill a quiet joy and happiness. All this will be provided after making all mandatory requirements. In front of you every night (and sometimes during the day with closed eyes) will open unusual you will see the dome of the sky with stars, flashes. Sometimes the Teacher Writes on the sky the advice; Shambhala will be Shown inside and out, but not immediately. The entire Space lives in rhythm and the book should be read accordingly every day at the same time.

You will be presented with ten previous incarnations in persons, find out in which country you lived, who you were. If you receive a physical pain, the Lord would withdraw it; He is very kind and attentive, and will help in all cases, you will feel Him always around if you will keep Him in mind. He is a Friend, never disappoint and He will always protect you, tell you of the best solution. You will receive energy All-Initial Divine Psychic, accumulating in the heart of liquid crystals to form stone Alatyr, energy to get off the ground quickly and move up in the Thin World. Psychic energy is precious gift of God, it gives strength and health.

The word "Lord" includes the phenomenon of mastering all three worlds and full, conscious manifestation ability our activity in each of them. The Lord is the One, who owns His own bodies and easily separates them from the physical body: the fiery, mental, astral, and in any of these bodies retain consciousness and moves freely in the respective fields. Fire one goes to the Fiery Word (the Sun), mental to inter planetary sace, astral to the depth, of the oceans and within spheres of the Planet.

H. Blavatsky said that only in a few cycles of spirit it could reach the stage on which the spirit of the Great Lord M.: was: (but after eons of years Spirit of Lord will be even higher He is unreachable).

E.I. Rerich: Remember that I wrote about this Form! Truly, only the highest things are associated with Him, the Hierarch. Truly, the highest notions are personified by the high Appearance. There is no higher expression of the Great Mysteries of Life, rather than in Sun Lord Maitreya, Hierarch, Bishop Christ, He is a great holder and creator other authors, on religion, they too must be read. This Teaching is for anyone, who loves books. Be connected, please. Approach time of Great Arrival! If in your entrance their lives at least one such person, will appear both the second, and the third. Extend the Doctrine without use of violence. In this Doctrine it isn't necessary to do any exercises and breathe systems. One it is necessary to clear consciousness of unnecessary thoughts. The Lord is our Ideal to which it is necessary to aspire. It is necessary to wake in us sleeping divine abilities under the leadership of Great Teachers and the Fiat Rex (The Lord is three Worlds).
Great Lord of M.: Great Teachers are founders of all religions and philosophical systems. All religions left one bosom and have to unite in one new Doctrine "Agni Yoga", wisdom which is higher than all religions. Accept the new Doctrine; it will unite people on consciousness. Shambhala is the only Community on the planet. Approach the Community, in it our rescue! Everyone the risen against Shambhala will be amazed in all his deeds. And the waves will wash away his house, and even a dog will not come on calling it. Lightning he would see at the last night. The teaching shows how every warrior will be named invincible‖."Who understands the Brotherhood as a yoke, let will depart rather, who skillfully inclines before the Brotherhood gate, let will return back rather. Is able to celebrate the Brotherhood will be the wisdom happiness. (A.Y.).

Let only the great aspiration to bring all the forces in help of Great Lords, fighting to save the unfortunate and ignorant mankind. Russia is an axis of the world and so-called the world and so-called Navel Lands too are in her limits. Sacred Shambhala belongs many Tibetans and Mongols to Russia both to Russia, and the Great Symbol consists in it. "The Russian people store in itself natural level of culture because his character developed on Asian open space from accumulation of the East, because always came from Asia, and Light until the end of our cycle will come".

P.S. Only one genuine portrait (hologram) of the Great Maitreya that whish is in the book. There is a letter from Nicholas Rerich to International Centre of the Rerich Director (IDC), L.Shaposhnikova (Moscow), that all colored portraits of Maitreya are false. The Moria, Moria is one of Buddhist dynasties Magadži, also the name of the tribe radžputs (Raj King), The Sun Dynasty, Hierarchy of Light, M.:, M., Mahatma, Invisible Word Running. Moria is the family, in which the Great Lord repeatedly Incarnated; Maitreya is the King of Shambhala, World Government future. The future Avatar, Allal Ming is a term equivalent to Ego (in the first sense), Maitreya, the Great Lord of Shambhala. Words Moria and Maitreya are related only to the Great Lord of Shambhala. Everyone else is irrelevant to this genus. There is a group photo (Djul Kul, Great Lord M., Sen Jermen is and E. P. Blavatsky) and is picture of Nicholas Rerich, Fiat Rex.

As in the Christian churches, Jehovah, the devil to hand up wall with icons to draw energy from the worship to the Heavenly Father, and at the Yandèx there is a photo of the Werewolf in two copies and other ones are false portraits.

Jehovah is the devil, under the name is El Moria, Maitreya, Raised Teacher he put his image is on Yandex and earlier on Google and Bing. Permanent movement! He jumps like a flea. Make up according a Sage is a fake werewolf! This is the liar, who declared himself the Father of Christ, and now this hangman crook wants to impersonate the Great Maitreya.

Tied a turban, wound with the end of fabric a neck and pasted on forehead the
brooch, the pure werewolf and the devil look took aside, hesitates. The main
Pervert of our Planet s Jehovah-devil, the proof of that are monkeys. The image of a devil is given in the book.
Jehovah and his children firstborns are.
Jehovah is in a turban with a brooch on his forehead. Jehovah dreams about the Glory of the Supreme. Would like to say a word of fabulist Krylov: ―How dare you, squirt, by the dirty mug muddy the drink here ...?

Chapter 4
The answer is to the pederasty Jehovah on slander in the book "Blow of the Russian Gods.
Billionaire Georges Morgan (incarnate pederast Jehovah).
Part1. Analysis of the book is. Author of the book "Blow of the Russian Gods" - Jehovah devil; that about whom Jesus Christ Has told Jews: "... your father devil (Jehovah)... people-murderer... liar and father of a lie" (Ioann, 8/44). The coauthor is V. Istarkhov (pseudonym), . To a devil to Jehovah and V. Istarkhov in "A psychiatric clinic" truancies put, after them waits for "the House of the Conclusion" for slander on representatives Rower Light, both on Jews and for kindling of national discord. The devil kindles opposition between the people to create Chaos, to bring on the quiet rakshas to power and to destroy Orthodoxy. Jehovah, as usual, doesn't mention the name in the book not to cause indignation of Jews. The pederast Jehovahs purpose is autocracy on the planet that to drag off the population planet to Saturn.
Insignificant is zoophile! After pronouncing the word "zoophile" Jehovah told: "Don't write, you are a woman, don't dig in dirt" and covered me with darkness. There was a feeling of dirt inside and outside, for a moment, then it became easy also light. Correctly, it isn't necessary to dig in you because you also are that dirt of which it is necessary to get rid, having moved away you from the planet and having rooted out your crops. Your snout in down and sins, as fleas on a nasty dog therefore you slander Gods to distract from yourself attention. Jehovah - the zoophile, the gay, the pedophile and the blood-thirsty murderer, - at it is the brains perverted. About this book on the Internet readers leave a response: "The book is for fools"! What author, on such readers and calculation. Burn books of a devil and dispel ashes! We will consider what "Lord" a devil is?
The text from Jehovah-devil is given in quotes.
P. 34, 5. "At ancient Jews were very widespread pederasty, bestiality is and other forms of sexual perversions. At ancient Jews homosexuality had mass Character, and seized the whole cities". Lemurs is future Jews aren't uninvolved in Perversions. Lemurs - rakshasa is a victim of the pervert Jehovah. Devil is Patent pervert of all types.

"In pagan Rome during decline reined unrestrained sexual freedom. The sexual Debauchery in Rome was spread by Jews, also as they spread debauchery in Russia today". In Rome spread debauchery Caligula and Neron is Jehovah's embodiments and if necessary Jews weren't there. The devil tries to create through social networks pagan Rome in Russia.

The astral from Jehovah speaks to me: "That to decompose others perversions, it had to pass itself this way. And what is for? Perversions is recruitment to Saturn, differently it remains one.

Now this two-meter jockstrap, having the wife, under hypnosis forces the young 9th summer son sleeps with him. He enters the wife into a deep sleep, transfers the child to a bedroom and forces him.

Movie: sitting silently two; Jehovah is focused, the child is listless and sad the hands hang as a lash. Jehovah takes it from behind with hands under the arms, and leans on his knees back to him, at other times putting baby back on your stomach.... Jehovah tried to hide the methods of sexual violence over the son from space. In next time crucifying him as a frog in the bed, added a rear ... but any pose didn't satisfy a devil for the known reason. This nightmare began for his son at 9 years of age.

Here a shot from movies of space "Jehovah". The naked devil on the edge of a bed sits, has placed widely legs, has laid out genitals, and he is faced by the five-year-old baby and under his hypnosis humors him perversions.

The space writes everything on the movie. The child cannot remember everything that happens to him, the devil deletes this information from subconsciousness. The boy is pretty, fair-haired, to mother it is similar. The devil married in order that the wife has given birth to him to the son, the passive victim for sexual joys, and for cover of the hobby. This pseudo-supreme can't himself to advertize in clubs of gays. To tell more precisely, there are no physical data to go there. Karma is exact space scales: Jehovah is punished by underdeveloped, main body for him, for millions of the victims whom he has made perverts, applying hypnosis. Population of the USA 324 million: 30% - perverts, (97,2mimlliona), 20% of schizophrenics (64,8millionov), addicts of 15% (48, 6 million) the victims of hypnosis of a devil. Information from the book specified in the title.
In the mornings the wife comes into his bedroom, kisses and embraces a devil; he reciprocates to her in gratitude for the son. "The great actor" vanishes.

Movie: "Sataniya's Almighty" Jehovah in outerwear of black color lies, suddenly the right hand falls and undoes a fly... also begins to be engaged in masturbation. Following shot: the devil in the same clothes lies; the wife comes, caresses a devil, has kneeled and masses two hands to him a stomach. Jehovah has turned away to a wall and doesn't react. The wife has taken offense and left. The devil has recovered at once, has looked at a door there is nobody. The hand has dived into a fly, has begun to be engaged in masturbation. The devil has tried all options and has stopped on blowjob.
Film: devil kisses the son on the lips, caresses him then lulls. The devil lies blindly and gives the mental order to the sleepy child. The boy rises, without leaning hands on a bed, is bent in coxofemoral joints twice and falls face down directly on the father's genitals, then unnaturally sharply raises a trunk without hands, falls close to the father on the left side. The right hand as a lash, falls on a neck of daddy, touches with lips his cheek. Jehovah lies blindly; allegedly, he doesn't take part in it. The devil trains, to dreamily force the victim to do blowjob. Space you won't deceive, the devil shows the opportunities.

Film: Jehovah and son roles were reversed. The devil has lulled the son, sliding along his body; lips touched his chest and abdomen of the child. Lips captured his penis in her mouth and make a blowjob. But the boy did not respond ... the devil, too, fell asleep ... with penisses in his mouth. And it's "schmuck swamp" - the owner of the Land.

Movie: the devil Jehovah drugged son and then he opened his mouth some object, and its "domain" was placed in his mouth; the baby woke up, and the eyes on the forehead climbed - choked.

Movie: Georges Morgan (Jehovah), the three of us in bed: first, half-asleep son was forced to blowjob. Then my wife continued this kind of perversion.

Film: the pervert billionaire Georges Morgan (Jehovah) lies in outerwear with naked penisses and is engaged in masturbation (process repeats daily). I was tired and have solved to use the wife with hypnosis application. Jehovah has mentally given the order to the wife to come to his bedroom, itself lies with an unbuttoned fly, and the genital body looks out from there. The wife has quickly come and, after short dialogue, has resignedly kneeled at a bed, has bent and does it blowjob, only after this process the impotent man pervert shows properties of a male.
It is that which speaks about itself (himself) that he "above heaven, below an underworld". That's for sure: "Below an underworld". The one who uses occult knowledge for humiliations of human dignity will be deprived of occult knowledge and relieved of the post. Karma - the Law of retaliation, exact space scales!!!
Jehovah chose to himself the victim for the embodiment billions (I have forgotten about the hobby, but the Law of the Karma remembers), the victim has a body disproportion: trunk short and disproportionately long legs, obvious degeneration. The genital body treats a trunk. You won't leave Georges Morgan's body, billions hold, in about 13 years Jehovah will put on the son's weight if the child doesn't die of constant violence. The house of the conclusion or the Psychiatric clinic has to be a shelter for the Owner of land.

Film: the wife of the devil lying on the bed, Jehovah came and gave the order, she opened his mouth wide. Jehovah is pissed in her throat. A rich stream of urine, she could choke. The devil applies hypnosis. And nobody can help the wife and the son. The one, who uses occult knowledge for humiliations of human dignity will be deprived of occult knowledge and relieved of the post. Karma is the Law of retaliation, exact space scales!!! The entire period of the reign of the devil is marked by the humiliation of women.

Movie: Wife of Georges Morgan (Jehovah-devil) with his son goes. Took two handbags son's hand ... but that doesn't mean she got rid of him. Empire Rockefeller the devil made Jehovah to be fraudulent. In the same way he destroyed it, lying on the couch.
In some of the kind Rockefeller (eight families) per year is one trillion dollars. Jehovah will say The Rockefellers words from the Bible that he spoke to the Jews: "...I made you, I raised you, and you left me ... a seed of evildoers, children who deal corruptly...". To stay on Earth and continue the evolution of man here, must say goodbye the real estate to the Apocalypse and to change Judaism to Buddhism the (the Doctrine of Christ is beginning the Doctrine of Live Ethics).

Movie: billionaire Georges Morgan (bugger Jehovah) flew a white dove and pecked "the Almighty Satania" in the right eye; now his eyes constantly flowing tears... After some time on the eye is has grown a wall-eye. Let his doctor S. S. Konovalov from St. Petersburg "cure" the eye of devilish power (hypnosis), which he sends to the devil for healing sessions. And the devil himself will expose their Scam. Obsessed with doctor K. distributed his books in the United States. Everyone, who reads his books and goes to such sessions the devil hooked on Saturn. Burn the devil's book; they exude the energy of destruction.
Film: Morning. Lies the devil-Jehovah on the bed; his left eye closed, right clouded tears; cheek rolls a tear that falls on a black shirt synthetic (does not absorb into the fabric) and then flowing brook. Jehovah pours crocodile tears. Folk wisdom: "Impact wolf tears ladybugs" - the Law of Karma! Happiness is not in billions, but in LOVE. Happy is that, who loves.
After the expulsion of Lucifer " into the background to its originator Brama, in the Silence of Silence (the deprivation of the right to vote), Jehovah came under the control Brama he can't go out of your way. Brama is the one, who appeared from the navel of Vishnu! The enemy in ambush is in the Fiery World (Brama schemes against the Father), sits next to Vishnu, the Father of the Universe. In this case, the relevant words of Taras Bulba, said to the son of the traitor: "I gave birth to you, I you and killer. From Brama in India built the temple in which the priest is preaching the Truth mounted a three-meter stone penis. The bas-relief of the temple (several tiers) inside and outside offers sculptures bestiality (horse, pig) and various forms of sexual perversion. This temple is a disgrace to India. This method of decomposition of humanity has chosen the Brama to seize power in the Universe. Demons (demigod Brama and devil Jehovah) rush to the autocracy on the Planet, using the method of sexual degradation. The preponderance of darkness are fans of lust, the underworld and spiritually ignorant.
Film: Brama wife and son are Jehovah's replaced the cat with a dog. George Morgan (Jehovah) is lying on the bed, pulled the penis from his penis and moves his hand on and near the cat is carefully watching. Then a paw started to touch the penis. The back of the cat near the bed is a dog waiting his turn. Jehovah is preparing a new kind of perversions for men bestiality (one of the options of recruitment on Saturn). Citizens, remove Pets from their apartments and houses animal. Everything that makes Brama with the devil, used by Jehovah is upon the people.
The main for Brama that is in the heart of the devil and people are not born affection for the man (love); only anger and cruelty. At a devil is chronic mental disease on the sexual basis.
Movie: Is sad Jehovah on the bed in his bedroom, hand under head planted in the upper black clothes... "Almighty Satania is alone, and not around the cat with the dog, all left it... Force not is pretty!

Film: Crying Georges Morgan (Jehovah), the tear flows from the left eye... the tears of those mothers, whose children he did to perverts, drug addicts, schizophrenics. The tears of those grandparents whose grandchildren he has ranked in the dregs of men, the tears of wives whose husbands he killed and dismembered, tears of husbands, whose wives he had stolen, the tears of those whom he had determined to Solovki and other Gulags, .. I Bow down before the Cosmic Law of Retribution Karma! And mentor the devil, Bramah will be his for lies and humiliation of people. It is a pity that in Space there is no Gulag, "the Solovki", where they place merit.

The wife of the devil his departure marked the beginning of the collapse of the Evil Empire. Let her be the example for the Jews, sectarians, perverts, criminals and Christians. The devil wants to go to Saturn to the Apocalypse, to avoid volcanic eruptions and not to be burned alive.

Film: Billionaire Georges Morgan (the devil Jehovah) did not drop a tear and snot smeared under his nose; he quickly consoled. Found a replacement to his son, sheltered homeless children: washed, dressed, combed, fed and put to bed for sexual pleasures. Previously created the impression of tender love for the son, it turned out that he's just a PEDERAST.
He is an orphan kisses, embraces and applies the same methods of violence. Jehovah is controlled Brama bugger. Violence against the Rabbis Jehovah commits; the Rabbis also adopt orphans and rape under the influence of the devil hypnosis. Adoption by gays of children is one of the types of replenishment troops the devil.
Film: Is billionaire Georges Morgan (the devil Jehovah) on the bed in the upper black
clothes and masturbation. Jehovah "quietly to himself carrying on at his conversation"; is callosities on hands.

Film: Pervert billionaire Georges Morgan (Jehovah) is currently alternates between servicing their sexual needs boy with passion, the blonde serves as his cover. The blonde lies on the bed in street clothes on the right side, and George Morgan (Jehovah) is also in street clothes lying across her body, with his back to her. Blonde left hand tormented his penis.

Movie: the devil (the billionaire Georges Morgan) had replaced the blonde courageous brunette. At the blonde's hands fell ill. Now he has a new "family": an orphan boy (the passive homosexual and blowjob) and the masseuse-blowjob. Here's a "father" of the underworld, perverts, Jews and sectarians.

Movie: brunette lies in bed, and before her stands a naked Georges Morgan (the devil Jehovah), he gave her to mentally command your mouth wide open. The devil peed in her throat; the reign of homosexual marked the humiliation of women.

Film: Is naked Georges Morgan (the devil Jehovah), and before him stands a boy and makes him a blowjob.

Movie: Georges Morgan (Jehovah) alone; sitting on a chair in the upper black clothes, spreading wide-leg, between the legs sits a cat; Jehovah pulled the penis and moves on hand, but the cat does not respond. The Owner of the Land having fun; in his mind there have been violations - Brama "was brought to the handle". Patron of Jehovah Brama is masochist, mocking Jehovah. ("And this The Jackal claims on the Post Father The universe...?" - this thought belongs to the astral from Jehovah). The Supreme Deity the Absolute, Rid men and gods of our Solar system from the influence of this MONSTER.

Film: lying Georges Morgan (Jehovah), lying next to another beautiful brunette (brunette previous left callosities to treat). In headboard bugger next a boy of five, oversees the process. The devil invites women with boys. He the woman will be euthanized, and the child uses for other purposes; children are easily susceptible to hypnosis. (Unsuccessfully made bugger nose job; both nostrils severe scarring).

Film: gone pretty brunette with a boy, left George Morgan (the devil) is one. Lying on the couch and "quietly to himself, carrying on a conversation", as long as hands are not tired; Jehovah rejected with disgust by allJehovah prostitute.

Film: Already all of New-York knows the inclinations of George Morgan. It service women (doing Masturbation and blowjob), boys (doing blowjob) and dogs (...). Jehovah is prostitute!!!
Each day change women and boys is one of the options of recruitment on Saturn. Even if once crossed the threshold of "perverted lust", the victim enlisted in the army of the devil. Only WORSHIP of God can outrun Karma. Karma is a group of gods. A program is for the creation of everything (planets, stars, Universes, Galaxies) that is in the Infinity also there is information for the execution of Karma (as in computer). Taken from space movie of a man lay in the space program and gives the result: Reward or Retribution. The next is incarnation of the gods of the injected fluids into the consciousness of the merits of the previous life. Hence is the result: the looks, the talent the parents.
On this page are part of the movies I've seen; some of them are not worth talking about. All kinds of perversions which are depicted in the temple of Brama in India, Jehovah is with animals and loved ones; then apply the widescreen. Travel Agency T. A. encourages tourists to visit this temple, thus works on darkness (those, who do service to the devil, will leave with him) In U.S. is the gay clubs, in which people are obsessed with hypnosis, flow into low-lying state flow into low-lying state like spiders in a jar, a few dozen people in the Nude, they lost human form. Jehovah has planted on our Planet the virus of perversion. On Saturn will be global club of gays. I repeat: "to Protect against this scourge can only Great Maitreya. Worship is your choice"! Parents, protect your children, depends on you health and spiritual growth of consciousness (conscience) of your child.

The devil asked repeatedly: "do not write." I got these stills from movies Space Jehovah evokes a sense of disgust and loathing. But in the Teachings it is said: "If it is necessary for a business to go down to the bottom, and then have to fall. It is hoped that information from space sobers all the above, segments of the population. In the Bible, the pedophile Jehovah the devil, points out: "Be pure as I am pure, the Lord your God". What does he mean? Gives a warning to the perverts-the Rakchass that they like him not leased. His rectum and attracted passive partners of other nationalities. In the US, 97, 2 million perverts, mean, half of these wastes are not rakshasas; Jehovah is looking for partners.

In the "Rituals" it is said: You dirty, stinking animal, the originator of sin and incest, the originator of all the obscenities...".

Movie: The pederast Jehovah on a wide bed a jack with the next woman lies. The syringe on ten cubes sticks out of a hip. Both lie mad from drugs. From such doses the addict Jehovah will fall short of the Apocalypse. What is done by Brama with the helper, horror!?!? The owner of land can't hire the victims to Saturn any more; - his "colleague" has failed from over fatigue. Neither the brain, nor consciousness can help if sex is put on a stream. All types of sexual perversions, and as a result were applied to recruitment Jehovah is the impotent man! All humiliations which the devil applied to people have returned to him a boomerang. It is also the Law of the Karma.

Movie: ". and in the morning they have woken up .". The naked devil with the young lady,
her top part of a trunk and the head is on the impotent man Jehovah's breast lies. Jehovah mentally gives the decree. The young lady slips down, is bent three times (at her a trunk twice longer, than at a devil), bends and does "lord" blowjob. So there is a transfer in army of a devil of female citizens. Morning the young lady woke up and ran away through the back door. She has quickly gone lengthways walls houses; have bent down before windows of the first floor and on half bent legs have hasty left.

Movie: Time has passed, at "Almighty Sataniya pederast Jehovah (billionaire Geordes Morgan) kid creeps on a bed, but Jehovah is indifferent to him, time of the kid hasn't come yet. In about 8-9 years when the eldest son matures, Pederast Jehovah will switch on younger, and he will divide the hobby with the eldest son (according to Bramah instructions). The devil (billionaire Georges Morgan) still immerses the wife in a deep sleep, transfers the ten-year-old son to the bedroom and forces to blowjob, later applies a paederasty. In the future Brama uses sons of a devil for recruitment. The wife has made irreparable nonsense; have doomed myself and children for sending to Saturn. Sometimes them all of four lie in a bed; Jehovah enjoys a family environment. The demon Brama has allowed him to relax until Brama needs other scenario. After this text Jehovah (Georges Morgan) has shown vision: the naked devil on a back lies, the sluggish genital body lies on the right hip. The younger child creeps up, bends and lips the pas the end of body lays down.
Movie: The pederast Jehovah in a bed embracing the ten-year-old son lies. The child has woken up, has looked at "father" and has turned away. There are no 10 years, and the child sickly, sluggish, growth. The lens has imprinted accurately: the crumpled devil person in wrinkles, are pouted by silicone. He looks the very old man for about 90 years, and to him is twice less the filthy, worn-out, mangy cable pervert. Here such way to him was defined by the gay theorist, the demon of the Universe Brama.

Movie: Rokfellers beach. The billionaire Georges Morgan a devil lies on sand. On the head the hat which is pulled together on perimeter with an elastic band, thingies "decorate" the huge head of a satan. The big head, so is a lot of brains. Why he doesn't use brains in Life? The lens of space has imprinted a cataract on the right eye and lips with bloody cracks from silicone.

Under eyes bags bubbles ("lord" - the addict). The person is crumpled as baked apple. On nostrils fabric in the form of triangles is removed, and the nose began to listen spellbound; it was necessary to cut off the third part of a nose. Nose equal and short; Jehovah was guided on design the website http://theosophy-net.ua

Movie: "Lord" Jehovah lies in a bed, it was attached behind the son, - embraces him and kisses on a neck, a nape, on an ear. And the child lies silently, not moving, and from eyes tears drip.

Movie: Jehovah daily is engaged in pederasty with the son. The kid constantly quiet
crying; lying on his side, drops tears. Already understands everything. The disproportion of a children's rectum and penisses of daddy can pull out a rectum outside, break a mesentery, which keeps intestines in an initial form within a physical body. After this text Jehovah (Georges Morgan) has shown vision: the naked devil on a back lies, the sluggish genital body lies on the right hip. The younger child creeps up, bends and lips the pas the end of body lays down.

Vision: Jehovah's wife has studied the text of this book. Costs thoughtful and eyes full of tears. Not to cry, and to make the decision it is necessary about final and irrevocable leaving from a devil (Georges Morgan) for rescue of children. To accuse him of a pedophile-pederasty it is useless, he will close any criminal case, applying hypnosis. And the judge what is done by children will force to do.

Movie: the wife of the billionaire Georges Morgan sits one on the edge of a bed in the bedroom, has closed eyes a kerchief and bitterly cries. And at this time naked "Lord" Jehovah lies in other bedroom, with him two his minor children. Younger several months, he doesn't go yet, creeps on a bed. The devil power of thought attracts him to himself, the kid creeps up, Jehovah throws through him the leg shaft and the kid appears between legs. Under the decree "Lords" creeps up to genitals and lips falls on penis. Jehovah is the impotent man pervert; he is satisfied only by blowjob. He lies silently, and mentally gives the command; hypnosis will force children to do anything. Younger takes penis for a breast, but so far it doesn't suit Jehovah. Lips and the child's hands is the beginning of the doctrine. Jehovah turns on the right side to the eldest son of 12 years. Near a hip on the right side Jehovah has put a pillow under the childs head for convenience of process.
The boy lies a jack, the head to penis and does blowjob. The devil has taken away children and has accustomed to blowjob. Sometimes the devil lies with the eldest son and the kid is engaged in masturbation too; Jehovah has accustomed the son to perversions. The wife isn't accepted in his bedroom; one sleeps, in the bedroom. She hasn't sustained such situation and one has left. Later have returned, but I have gone to the third time. Jehovah torments children in hope to restore fighting ability. The karma renders for application of genital body not to destination. Scientific hypothesis: "Drink rusty water and on a neck hang up a magnet".

Movie: the wife of a devil has come back to the third time to take away children. Georges Morgan "has regretted" the wife and has let her in the bedroom. All four have settled down on a wide bed. Jehovah is in the middle, having embraced the eldest son. With the wife speaks, having turned the head through a shoulder. After he have shipped the wife in a deep hypnotic sleep, and the eldest son (13 years) have laid on mother, applying hypnosis, and have staged sexual drills; the son kisses mother's breast,
Jehovah prepares a body of the eldest son for himself. When the son matures, the large-format pervert Jehovah (billionaire Georges Morgan) will leave the body and will put on weight of the eldest son, the younger son will be his passive partner. Georges Morgan's body will bury; the son will repeat Neron's fate. Jehovah has provided the birth of sons in an interval 11, 13 years (his number). Reason: as a result of active sexual use of genital body for recruitment in the army of perverts, his "colleague" quickly leaves the working condition (for this reason of the devil incarnate about 10 years proceeds on average). When the billionaire Georges Morgan lies in a coffin, having extended legs poles, Jehovah will stand nearby in a body of the eldest son. And then the eldest son (in an astral invisible body) will understand what evil "joke" was beaten with him by the father. For the son the way of perversions was recruitment to Saturn. The satan isn't born and doesn't die, he looks for the victim for an entrance to a body. Jehovah has improved process of the embodiment: it prepares for himself a cover. Georges Morgan's widow won't know that a devil Jehovah has removed from the father's body to the son's body. Jehovah in a body of the son will combine cohabitation to mother (for old time's sake) and with the younger son brother. Georges Morgan's widow won't know that a devil Jehovah has removed from the father's body to the son's body.
The devil den will last before leaving to Saturn.
Jehovah has put information in a brain and sub consciousness of the son all types of sexual perversions. The brain and sub consciousness will give him the chance, remorselessly, to commit sexual crimes. It is the first step, ahead fraud and murders. To an entrance to a body of the son there is time 9-10 years. And, so far all three (two son and mother) under the influence of devil hypnosis, humor the ghoul Jehovah blowjob ("Lord" - the impotent man, he is satisfied only by blowjob). The way of all members of "his army" is similar: passive homosexuals too, as well as active, will fill up Jehovah's army after death and gays (pedophiles) leave behind successors for the subsequent recruitment.

Movie: naked Jehovah lies, having widely placed legs poles. Dead penis "I have kicked the bucket", - has died (sad has fallen down the left hip of the owner). Across the moved apart Jehovah's legs the one-year-old son lies and by hands (under hypnosis) it is played with a sluggish scrotum of the father: he still hasn't learned to go, but already the pervert. Jehovah perversions have enlisted the family to Saturn. And this Ghoul on the Eighth Ecumenical Council of Orthodoxy in 2016 wanted to offer himself the one God. But, the karma doesn't doze!

Movie: there is under hypnosis a huge manufacturing stallion with appropriate authority of reproduction. The woman has sat down, Jehovah takes the woman behind two hands for the head and tightens her mouth to a stallion. I have repeated the same with a wolf and the woman. Under a wolf he offers himself. This morals "method" Jehovah will apply on Saturn in the form of punishment for disobedience. In decent society with such as pederast Jehovah, nobody sits down nearby, and offers a hand for a greeting.
And now ask any believer (the priest, the sectarian, the Orthodox Christian, Catholic, the Jew and the Muslim): "Who for them is this GHOUL by the name of Jehovah?"
Filma: sitting naked Jehovah; back and arms covered with purulent abscesses. Wife makes him a cleansing. His teeth are rotting ... The pederast Jehovah is covered in feces and rotten from heels to the crown (tripper goat!?). In the right ear, various nests of the nest were twisted, crawling behind the ear and on the cheek. Why the healer of the devil Dr. S. S. Konovalov from St. Petersburg will not heal him? So as the activity of a doctor is crap. I bow my head before the Supreme Deity of the Absolute! Karma is a perfect Law and works properly. Jehovah said: I will change the body. It is a pity that only the body - the rotten consciousness will remain. God, the Great Maitreya, as compared with the devil Jehovah, is like a mountain white Eagle, soaring proudly above the plain, as compared with the rooster, pecking human excrements.
Jehovah sent a second letter file. Offers 14 million US $ from the name of a fictional lawyer for the deletion of this chapter is. Information about the films is important for everyone; the film will be shown in the higher Worlds after death in the theater Illusion". Not only has the space taken the film about each incarnation to incarnation.

On the basis of the films is formed Karma. In some Orthodox churches there is an image of the all-seeing EYE. At any place in the temple, the EYE is looking at you. It is the analogy of KARMA. Karma may punish in this life or several lives in a row will be punished people depending on evil deeds and crimes.

Fluids (information) on consciousness with an excess chromosome will enter in the God's Kingdom (the circumsolar sphere) the wanker will be born. For crimes: hump, cerebral palsy, paralysis of the legs, ugly mouth (gossip and profanity). Karma the exact space scales.

In the spiritual heart of man is a divine SPARK, an Invisible Silent Witness that sees all, hears and remembers from incarnation to incarnation and forwards information to the seed of the spirit. In the Kingdom of God find out how much energy the good and the bad we have accumulated in the grain of the spirit behind the latest incarnation.

In the days of the USSR and the socialist countries was dominated by Christian Culture: libraries, theaters, high culture TV, this is what has shaped the relationship between people. The whole Planet had their eyes on the Union, as a model of social organization. After the collapse of the USSR poisonous spider, Jehovah, the devil threw a web of obsession the world's population. All recover after the Apocalypse in another territory. From Russia to start a spiritual revival of the Planet's population: will be erased from the face of the Earth repulsive temples of Bramah, the planet and humanity after volcanic eruptions cleansed of the dark energies. Our future the Golden Age!

P. 43. Jesus Christ, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin insults the devil with the word of his property and gives the characteristics: "Christ is a Jew, Karl Marx is a pureblooded Jew, a descendant of Jewish rabbis and Lenin is a Kikekalmyk."

In Russia, before the revolution, the Jews were oppressed; They did not permit residence in large cities and villages; Beware of the influence on the Jews of the schemer of Jehovah. Once again came the help of Jews from Shambhala; for the embodiment of VI Lenin, an international family was chosen that accepted Orthodoxy (mother is Jewish, father is Kalmyk). The Catechism says that the main thing for a Jew is education. The revolutionary movement included educated Jews, and made up the backbone, which accepted VI's ideas. Lenin, in other words, accepted the world order from the Lord of Shambhala. The purpose of the revolution is to equalize the rights of all Russian citizens.

Dark forces (rakshas's - shvonders, perverts and the underworld) flowed into Russia in order to compromise Lenin's ideas. On Jehovah's instructions, they mingled with the Jews, entered the government, and into other executive structures for sabotage. Under Jehovah's leadership, repressions were carried out, GULAGs were built, and hunger pestilence was organized. In 1933, an artificial famine was organized; allegedly to support the prestige of the USSR, everything was sold abroad. Jehovah added a large scoop of tar to the Soviet government. The goal of satan - black god to return the Slavs to paganism, organize pogroms of Jews, generate energy of destruction, create chaos in Russia, and lead to the power of demons-rakshas. Do in Russia, the Maydan, but in a different scenario. Jehovah is eager for autocracy on the Planet. Citizens, keep the balance, exclude the energy of hatred from your heart to other nationalities.

Jehovah the Devil divides himself into black god (demigod) and satan in order to take over spiritual ignoramuses in his submission.

All atrocities are the unseen leadership of the bugger of Jehovah. Stalin was under his influence; a constant state of fear forced the astral body to get out of the physical and to be near. Stalin was a living corpse. After death, the astral body of the leader descended to the center of the Earth, to where magma is boiling.

Gorbachev, Yeltsin and all the "democrats" in the next incarnation will be Europeans to burn alive with the devil for the collapse of the Union and the socialist unification. If, even, crimes are committed under the control of Jehovah, a person is not absolved of responsibility because of atheism. Only the Great Maitreya is a shield from the attacks of the devil. He will always tell the right decision. He knows the destiny of the future of all countries. Only Worship can be the basis for contact with God!

P. 44. "And what moral shape of the best pupils of Christ"? Any of them surpasses Jehovah. Pupils were married and had children. To apostles was for 20 years; in Israel at that time married in 14.

P. 46. "Christ had such personnel policy, as at Lenin, and at all "shvonder" is a set "sharikov'". Apostles (fishermen) were an embodiment from the Shambhala. V. I. Lenin and F.E. Dzerzhinsky too from the Shambhala; F.E. Dzerzhinsky's mother carried under the son's heart, Jehovah pushed off her energy in a sewer well the child was born six-months and survived. But the devil made the plan in 1926 and helped escape from Life F.E. Dzerzhinsky, that not take place meeting with messenger of Shambhala - Nicholas Rerich.

P. 153. "Pushkin received divine inspiration from the Russian gods". Other words are lower: "In a condition of inspiration, black information from space, the genius is the conductor of this information". The offer is written with mistakes. A.S. Pushkin an embodiment from the Shambhala; received inspiration from space! For it Jehovah truncated to the genius life. Murderer! From a devil rakshasa - perverts and oligarchs were embodied. Its task is to generate energy of destruction: envy, hostility, contempt, sufferings. Note Aryans, all Russian gods is Representatives Forces Light. The pederast Jehovah doesn't treat to His.

P. 156. "The black square of Malevich is the same Bible; they have a purpose one - to force people to believe in absurdities". Not the Bible, but the Old Testament (Torah) is the reference book of damnations, executions, wars, robberies and murders. The New Testament lost the purity a sex of how the devil connected Judaism and Orthodox. A black square of Malevich is Jehovah. A square is falling in a matter; black color is darkness which representative is the devil.

P. 164. "Moscow is stuffed with the Jewish and Masonic symbolic". "Five-pointed star, six-pointed and number 12". These teosophy signs are given for all mankind:

A five-pointed star is the person (part hands in the parties and put feet on width of shoulders - will be the pentacle). If to turn a star two horns up is a sign of sorcery and black magic.

A six-pointed star is two triangles, man's and a feminine; the man - the soldier, the woman
the keeper of the center (the press of Solomon), 3. Number of Mother of the World is 12, DODEKAEDRON. The group of 12 people united by uniform POSITIVE THOUGHT can solve the state and world problems. If change number, everything will be scattered. The thought has to be not for itself and not to the detriment of representatives Light.

P 176. "Two types of "Charms". An evolution swastika - right (rotation to the right) is the best charm from powers of darkness. A charm "A fern flower" is the swastika detaining evolution
(rotation to the left), a swastika of fascists is from the pederast Jehovah). The fern, an aspen - possess black energy.

P. 218. "Any race mixing the blood with others is doomed to be lost". Not any race, but mixture of marriages of Slavs with the southern people conducts to degeneration of Slavs. The coefficient of blood of Slavs coincides only with Turks. Jehovah is afraid of assimilation of Jews among other people.

P. 218. "Communism is the final stage of a kike-cracy". A world order basis the Forces Light is a commune! A basis of a world order of a devil is the capital. A web which he created is in the USA for management of America; through NATO, CIA influences for the whole world. The darkness will leave to Saturn; Earth will be cleared of filth.

In ancient times Slavs were pagans (the pagan from the word languages of the different people), worshipped to God Ra is Michael the Archangel, the Great Lord of the Shambhala. He is our Father Heavenly owing to his love and care of us. Dusted there will be from the Planet all opponents of evolution of the person and the Planet.

P. 226. "If we, Russians, don't realize that against us Jews wage war, we as the nation we will be lost". Not Jews and a devil wage war against Russia because the Patron of Russia and Israel is the Great Lord of the Shambhala. Before God all people are equal.

P. 239. "The paganism is the force and beauty. Judaism is cruelty and ugliness". The paganism is our past, is necessary aspiration to increase of consciousness, studying of Theosophy and esoteric. The Buddha is Sage. Christ was Buddha of India. The Judaism is from Jehovah, will consign to the past.

P. 243. "The Bible and the Talmud are written according to a certain scheme to program consciousness and behavior of people. Pagan material is taken; it is sorted and distorted that corresponded to a plan". "This information weapon works"... by means of devil hypnosis. Schemes don't exist; Judaism is the diary of a tribe of Jews, the chronicle. Without hypnosis all cooking (A Torah and the Talmud) - plebs. Millions of zombies read this nonsense, filling space and the Planet with negative energy for explosion.

The book passed four editions; this stench extends at the suggestion of a devil. Who publishes it? Obsessed planetary satan! Pays the edition of the book in Ukraine is the Owner of the Broadcast benefit‖ market in of Kharkov, - rakshas Feldman. Rakshasa publish the book under pressing of a devil in gratitude for positions.

P. 267. "The giving God - God Sun Ra form is his importance for Aryans very much a bike. The patron of the Sun is from the Big Dipper". Spirits of the Flame came to us from the highest worlds, from the planet Venus, is seven Archangels and with them eighth "Lucifer", future pederast Jehovah.
God of the Sun of Ra is the Great Lord of the Shambhala, the First Archangel of our Solar system!

P. 284. "In Moscow is society of consciousness of Krishna completely under kikes". The author and the Collector of "Veda" is Krishna, the most popular God in India. Slavs is Aryans as Indians. I sometimes visit such society; there are representatives of all nationalities, but generally Slavs. For what Jehovah kindles opposition against Jews? Kindles nationalism is to fill the planet with negative energy for explosion before leaving to Saturn.

P. 349. "After Stalin cleanings 1934-39 percentage ratio of kikes in the Soviet government didn't decrease and remained such at all, as well as in last times (83-85%)". All cleanings is from Jehovah.

P. 362. "The Jewish oligarchy by means of issue of dollar and other financial games and frauds completely enslaved the American state. The astronomical debt has the USA now. And to whom it has to? To the Jewish financial oligarchy, true owner of today's America. Attempts to put into place oligarchy were done by the president John Kennedy; he was killed simply (on November 23, 1963). The number of his murderers, who made a control shot in Kennedy's head, included his personal driver, the CIA agent. This driver was killed in three weeks. Robert Kennedy was killed too. The president Nixon spoke against domination of a Zionist lobby, to it arranged impeachment and threw out from the White house. Elections in the USA turned into a performance". All crimes are organized by Jehovah devil (the swindler, the speculator, the swindler, the murderer).

P. 364. "In 1982 - the U.S.A. Government owed FRS (the Jewish financial mafia) 1 070 241 000 000 - more than 1 trillion. Americans paid for this debt to kikes $115 billion only in one year. In 1992 the public debt made 5 000 000 000 000 (5 trillion) plus percent", Jehovah surrounded himself with slaves to a matter whom he made billionaires and subordinated himself them souls forever and now governs through them in the USA. Can get rid of this collar of the USA, having expelled Jehovah from consciousness of sectarians! Having lost support, Jehovah will leave to Saturn; the USA will get clear of debts and eternal dependence on Jews - billionaires. The world Jehovah through billionaires rules is.

P. 364. "Today USA: More than 15% is of Americans are chronic addicts. More than 20% is of Americans mentally defective people. More than 30% is of Americans became homosexuals, and process of sodomy accrues" is a consequence of board of the gay Jehovah.

P. 374, 6. "The nazi party of Hitler was generated by the organization of Masonic type". "Almost all, observing Hitler's performance, say that it often fell into the state reminding a trance". "Looking at it, it is necessary to think of mediums".

Hitler is was the medium his lowest astral body easily left is it and traveled on the lowest astral plan (ancestral lands. Hitler was obsessed with Jehovah. The satan is to put on physical body weight of Hitler, having forced out his astral body. Hitler was insignificant. At meetings, performances before public in Hitler there was a devil. The scenario of World War II with concentration camps and gas chambers was developed by Jehovah. In space there was a fight "Armageddon", expelled "Lucifer" from our Solar system. To delay forces from space, Jehovah unleashed war on Earth. To prove extermination of Jews in concentration camps, allegedly because of Adolf Hitler's hatred to Jews, Jehovah has thought up the scenario of a marriage of his father (Alois Hitler). Decree of Jehovah: to fill concentration camps with Jews, communists, prisoners. To devil were necessary to energy of sufferings human in large volume for explosion of the planet. The Shambhala burned the Light darkness.

After World War II Germans spoke: "Hitler is kaput". Hitler is Jehovah's embodiment; means also to it "kaput" - in - will burn down alive during the Apocalypse. Caricatures Kukryniks; remind Hitler-Jehovah that waits for it in the future. Jehovah prepares the following "book for fools"; its name will be: "Lew slops in the heads of the victims".

P. 378. "The whole generation of Zionists was lost in Stalin prisons, concentration camps and links. For is it to Stalin many thanks". And it is told by Jehovah about those who worships to him. The government of Russia consisting generally from Jews - rakshas, built GULAGs, and carried out repressions. Jehovah's purpose one is to fill Earth with energy for explosion.

P. 379. "However, if not Hitler and not World War II, the Russian people wouldn't exist anymore. Hitler forced world sionism to weaken a stranglehold on a neck of the Russian people". It is possible to think that the pederast Jehovah is savior" of the Russian people. Citizens of the USSR by means of the highest forces from the Shambhala destroyed fascism. During World War all people occupying the territory of the USSR protected the Homeland from devil plague. Thousands of patriots were awarded ranks of the Hero of the Soviet Union; including number is 115 people of Jews. Announcer Levitan!!! His voice supported and gave rise to confidence
in the Victory. Adolf Hitler (Jehovah) wanted that this voice broadcast about victories of fascists and promised for Levitan a reward to the one who will bring him live to Berlin.

Why Jehovah destroyed Jews with special cruelty in gas chambers and crematoriums during World War II? To hide the involvement in fascism, specifically to authorship of the scenario of World War II, devil have revenged Jews for worship of Michael the Archangel and used them for filling of Earth destruction energy.

P. 417. "All strength of Jews only is in their unity. Jews is in Russia less than 5%. Russians should unite and rise only, and from enemies there will be a dust"! The pederast Jehovah does undermining under Putin. Found the coauthor-rakshasa, punched to him brains on 476 p. about Aryans and return to paganism, about Hitler and Jewish freemasons, pursuing two aims:

Return to paganism (involution), - there is against Great Maitreya and its Doctrine of Living Ethics.

To repeat the Ukrainian Maiden in Russia to get rid of Putin, to bring Jews-rakshasa to power; dream of the gay is autocracy that to drag off all population to Saturn. Jehovah wants to kindle nationalism for opposition of the people; the purpose - to generate energy for explosion of our "House". If texts of this book generate in heart hatred to Jews, so Jehovah achieved the. Hold balance!

All Jews I urge to renounce a devil, and to continue evolution on Earth. Jews will be revenged for worship God is the Lord of the Shambhala in Lemuria, India, Egypt is. For what Jews and sectarians are necessary on Saturn? Will be shvonders" is and "sharikovs".

P. 438. "On all squares of all cities of Russia there are monuments to Lenin... Moskay Komsomolets newspapers are held in respect, the theater "Leninskiy Komsomol" is held in respect. "If Russians go by monuments to Lenin and aren't revolted with their presence, it says that they have in the head a ruin and chaos..." These words only from the pederast Jehovah, his world order - the capital. The main pederast our Planet whispered the same to the leader of the Ukrainian party "Freedom". Who came to the power? Rakshasa! But for them it is a hook with bait. The pervert Jehovah in Kiev carried out at once recruitment to Saturn is parade of gays. He wants to carry out it in Russia. Space, destroy his plans Great Maitreya in Heavenly Shambhala, Terrestrial Shambhala and V.V. Putin - hold the World on the Planet.

P. 477. The list of the used literature -111 books; all are marked out by a letter M., or M.: with three points - signs of Great Maitreya, the Lord of the Shambhala, this sign were put by the PERVERT JEHOVAH is one of proofs that the book was dictated by a devil. Itself the Old Testament (Torah) dictated to the prophets, and now accuses itself of absurdity.

This text is information from Jehovah. Whis the purpose is? Of the bluster!

The book that I bought for the third time; after reading the devil warned me vision, threatening to knock the truck. Space, destroy the information of homosexual Jehovah enterprises.

Part. 2. Billionaire Georges Morgan is the embodiment of the pederast Jehovah, representative "Lucifer" on the Earth, the Owner Earth (properties: devil and satan).
Jehovah devil is the sorcerer and black magician.
Inverted is a sign of witchcraft and black magic.

Some embodiments of Jehovah: Cain, Bacchus, Ravana, Dionysus, Seth, Typhon, Caligula, Neron, Gregory Rasputin, Adolf Hitler, billionaire Georges Morgan.

Leader of the Jewish oligarchy and corruption is the Jehovah-the devil. Jehovah fraudulently created by a group of billionaires for the US operation. He just so "for the health of live" does not do anything. Morgan and Rockefeller devil was preparing for himself. At that time, Jehovah was in the astral body at the lower astral plane and passionately to wish to incarnate on Earth. By this time in England for He was a victim from family drug dealer and a pirates is Morgan. By this time in England there was already a victim from family narkotorgovets and the sea pirate Morgan. Before Northern war, which scenario has been developed by Jehovah, the devil has moved Morgan to America. All other billionaires had a sister biography, and they were all controlled by the devil! In his book, Jehovah leads seven names of billionaires, which he created personally!

The chief swindler from a sort Morgan John Pierpont Morgan (father) has inflated the purse during the Northern war in the USA speculation (by means of Jehovah's hypnosis have bought up unsuitable weapon in bulk and have sold to those from whom have bought in 6, 5 times more expensively; criminal case has been open, but Jehovah has closed it). Morgan has created bank and financial swindles gradually absorbed other banks. The chief swindler Planet of ours Jehovah acted through Morgan father. The devil hands Pierpont Morgan (son) has shot the father in Rome to become eventually the only and absolute master of billions. The son (according to the indication of a devil) has put the father's corpse in a suitcase and has brought in hotel. The police of Italy have submitted the case to justice of the USA, and the son was turned out from Italy. The son has brought the father to England and Morgan has buried in a manor. The investigation and identification of a corpse of the father weren't conducted; Jehovah has closed case. Johnie ("Dzhek") Pierpont Morgan (son) (1867 1943) has filled up billions inherited from the father, Hitler's financing and two world wars (under control of Jehovah).
Satan provokes to crime, and then punishes; he is Death angel. When Morgan (son's)
treasury has filled a purse with bloody $, the imaginary murderer Johnie ("Dzhek")
Pierpont Morgan (son) the devil has deprived of life too.

A fortune was come by the grandson; life expectancy of all Pierpont-Morgan - 76 years. After death of the grandson a fortune was come by the great-grandson - Georges Morgan.

But, a satan Jehovah has saved the great-grandson from commission of crime intentionally not to soil himself (though more it is already impossible to stain, all in blood and excrement).

For Jehovah it is simple to kill the person with power of thought. He will attract to himself consciousness (the shining disk over the head), consciousness will pull along the lowest astral body (radio), astral body will carry away a cover with energy. A physical body without energy is a corpse. The highest Thin bodies (astral and mental) will be removed. Satan has provided the birth of a sex of the child (great-grandson) in advance; for entry into a body it is necessary to wait to age of 25-30 years. It is ready! Conditions for the embodiment are created! Georges Morgan!!! On numerology science: years of life of the father 1837 1913=76=7+6=13; the son 1867 1943=76=7+6=13 number of a devil. Jehovah deprived of them life when the efficiency of their activity went down.

Jehovah entered the astral body into the physical body of billionaire Georges Morgan during the dream of the victim. In other words, he sent a victim to the next world before his death. In the body of Georges Morgan, Jehovah the Devil lives! Wife took for himself from the family of the billionaire Rockefeller. Thus, he combined two states into one, acquired the body and surname of the billionaire. The devil is not born and does not die - one incarnation replaces another. He, from the astral plane, like a hawk, seeks a sacrifice for himself, pushes him out of the physical body and settles on himself. Jehovah is the richest man on the Planet. America in debt with the devil of Jehovah, his name - Georges Morgan!

Puppeteer Jehovah created NATO to control the Planet. Devil sells US debt to return the stolen money and buy them gold and precious stones. Yatsenyuk and Angela Merkel have already voluntarily driven US to the devil to Jehovah state GOLD RESERVES. The devil is preparing to Saturn, it collects suitcases. Together with suitcases to carry off a Saturn those, who did favor. US citizens do not repay Jehovah speculator and the collapse of his "empire sects." As a result, Jehovah Bugger in the minority will leave Earth in 2046. Perhaps and for ten years there will be devils leaving to Saturn to the army earlier!!!

Russian Emperor Alexander II and U.S. President Avraham Lincoln is the embodiment from the Shambhala. During the Northern war the Russian Navy blocked the way of the Navy of England and France (prevented the devil to Jehovah in his fraudulent games) and Abraham Lincoln ended the war victorious. Jehovah organized the murder of A. Lincoln in 1865.

At the parade of gay pederast Jehovah should the ahead of the column witch red black flag of the devil? As the founder of the society of perverts are the victims of his hypnosis. Jehovah twice is in a dream before me. 1. I'm sitting by the road, he curled into a ball, and a huge devil is in front of me and brandishing an axe. 2. It should be in front of me and said: "You - one, and I is the value.

Would say not a dream, but in reality, "Greatness - in good deeds without the calculation of remuneration. Lord of Shambhala, Great Maitreya God is the Value of! Pederast Jehovah is only planetary demon, pervert, moon demon, cheater, bloodthirsty murderer, a liar and the father of lies. The Value is Space and his Law of Karma; performers Karma are the Gods and people. Jehovah knows that the space writes down everything on the movie, but daily is engaged the afternoon onanism and night pederasty with the minor little son. Wife rejects due to underdeveloped main body of the devil - is the wages of his hobby, millions of perverts and gay parades. Devil applied hypnosis and he ... is mutual. Karma the exact space scales!!! Gods peculiar subtle humor!

For the paragraph that contains the name of a real Devil - Morgan, Jehovah burned on my floor all the counters and the wiring. At the entrance was a smokescreen. On my computer Jehovah has twice put out of action the hard drive devilish energy of destruction.

Walk down the street and suddenly a vision right there is a huge black Cadillac, and behind the wheel - Jehovah. And he said: "Go on foot? Sit don will drive". With him on the same planet is to be dangerous and disgusting.

Information is about the heredity of the physical body of billionaire Georges Morgan. His grandfather, John Pierpont Morgan, was a weak and painful boy when he was a child - detective Peter Fortescue, a well-known private investigator, described this in his papers in detail. Skin diseases, pneumonias, arthritis, slight epilepsy; neighbors said that little John has a poor blood and it was the pure truth.

Pierpont, who gave birth to the mother of John, was marked by obvious signs of degeneration of the family. John Pierpont (grandfather) stood out in the crowd with shining blue eyes and a huge red nose. This disease in Pierpont was hereditary - to old age John Piermonts nose grew to fantastic proportions.

Mrs. Pierpont (grandmother) suffered hysterical attacks and a serious dermatosis. She could not fulfill her duties and was terribly worried about her appearance. Their daughter, Juliette Pierpont, also inherited a skin disease - but not from her mother, but from her father, who suffered from rosacea. In the story of Detective Fortescue, the story of little John Pierpont Morgan was read as a novel by Dickens: fragile, squishing an eternally stuffed nose, prone to nervous breakdowns and sudden convulsions, aching in bones, migraines and colds - a small handicapped person; the boy spent six months in bed. At the mother's in the tenth year of matrimony finally gave up her nerves, and she forever locked up in her dull little world. Parents sent their son to the Azores after he had a rheumatic fever - John lay in bed for six months. Spencer Morgan decided that the southern sun would benefit his offspring. He still had something all the time, but he learned not to pay attention to it. He was worried because acne poured out on his forehead (the rash would torment Morgan all his life - apparently, the disease was hereditary), and, nevertheless, trailing after all the pretty girls in the district.

"The Lord" Jehovah increased his lips with silicone and made the nose plastic; removed the hump, narrowed the nostrils (the tip of the nose protruded with a hairpin) and shortened the nose (made a resection across the nose), the lips cracked, and the wound on the nose does not heal - bad blood by inheritance. He is not friendly with his head; he concentrated all his attention on the genitals. And his mind is stricken by the same virus. The devil was trapped, unsuccessfully chose a victim. The ancestors of the grandfather of billionaire Georges Morgan were blood relatives of the same genus Pierpont.

Jews are practicing this, but the result is always lamentable. This is the Karma of the family Morgan for drug trafficking and piracy (robberies and murders). The cause of the fall of several generations of the families of Pierpont and Morgan - Jehovah, his occult influence; their hands the devil forged billions. In addition to the billions, Jehovah inherited a mental disorder from the Pierpont family: the grandfather (except for a dozen diagnoses) had mild epilepsy; the great-grandmother has hysterical fits. Jehovah was preparing a sacrifice for the incarnations of six generations of Morgan. But, Karma does not sleep. In the form of retribution, the family of Pierpont connected in kindred ties with Morgan; hence the dermatosis and mental disorders. After the unification of the two clans, the surname of the ancestors of the physical body of Jehovah was listed as Pierpont Morgan, but the devil rejected the name of Pierpont, so as not to drag them into the influence of this half of the genus. The second name outnumbered the atrocities. Jehovah knows that this particular branch of lemur demons was embodied by the devil in the tribe of the Jews. He before the wedding deprived the innocence of the brides of Israel at the age of 12 - 13 years, while he embodied all the demons (rakshas's). He served as a bull-insemter, and initiated the beginning of pedophilia. Under Soviet rule, after harvesting, the districts had annual agricultural exhibitions; collective farms represented agricultural products and livestock. There were collective farms, which were engaged in breeding meat and dairy breeds of cattle. Brought on exhibition thoroughbred huge the bulls are producers. But, Jehovah belongs to garbage human; he spread his rot to a tribe of demons. Everything returns to its own place; what you will seed, you will reap.
Computer technologies have embellished the face of Jehovah devil, at him the nose is five times more also in a form, a sinusoid in a profile. A big nose is "an award for fornication" in antecedents. The appearance of the billionaire Georges Morgan has precisely suited a devil for the karmic reasons. The owner of land still pays for dinosaurs, monkeys, cows and sexual perversions of all types. Jehovah is the zoophile, the active pederast, the pedophile. Jehovah often changes a shape of a beard. Look narrowly, citizens of the USA, he sometimes passes on the Broadway, - the pederast Jehovah lives on this street in a skyscraper, 10/1 (number ten, the apartment one). The devil wears black clothes and black glasses. His car black Cadillac; it is made by request because of legs poles. (August 11, 2016 Jehovah made a plastic nose: removed a small bump and narrowed nostrils - the nose dropped and closed his mouth. After resection, the nose became even and short, like a pug. Wounds on the nose rot - Pierpont's bad blood). Other signs: a two-meter jockstrap, legs twice long the torso (Afrons syndrome), an eye yellow and small as drills, penetrate through. He could have worked as a security guard at a jewelry store or as a guard in the fields so that the sunflower sparrows would not peck.
Jehovah with irritation questions: "Why you in each book repeat about me this text"? - It is too primitive to understand my, far-reaching, a plan. You watch a commercial on you tube: https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=p4PbJHNNk Jehovah devil, a planetary satan.

Chapter 5. In search of justice is.

"You cannot serve God and mammon." (Matf., 6/24).
To me there were 14 years; summer, vacation, I slept till 10 in the morning. Once, when awakening, there was a contact with Light. A condition of boundless joy flowed on tear cheeks. In several days it has repeated. In the tenth class I remembered it; what was it? Once, in a year after leaving school, I sat with the schoolmate on a bench, in the territory of Orthodox Church and unexpectedly for me he has told me: "......". For offense a lump in
a throat, I have broken into tears and too have at parting told: ... I have told what never I thought of.

"Evil ghost" has enclosed these words in our lips. And everything has come true. He was seriously ill, was long treated also for a prim of a large amount of drugs, in marriage he gave birth to the unhealthy child. I didn't know, as I am sick, the bolt from the blue has burst in twenty years. When I have got sick, everything time someone pushed me to suicide to be thrown out from the third floor. But at him nothing has turned out. I love life. Now I know that suicides get on the lower astral plan (the eighth sphere) to maintaining darkness where they are deprived by identity, i.e. the three of the highest principles spirit. I was treated several years and was already healthy.

But the evil ghost didn't leave me, he has thought up other evil which on me was inflicted by the person with the surname coming from dirt. "Dragon" has set up him because of me. The main goal is me to suppress. When I is have gone to bed have heard "Voice" which has told: "He will dirt a light surname of your husband". Also I have repeated three times. I usually everything long digest in thoughts, and this time everything have been erased from memory, and I have fallen asleep. In the morning, when awakening, again this "Voice" Insisted, Warned, Saved and Has repeated three times the same words.

But again someone has removed them from memory. In the evening, for the third time "Voice" has repeated three times the same words. "Voice" has stopped, but the hidden Patron never left me. My Patron! My Patron! "Evil ghost" forced people to whom I adjoined, to do offenses concerning me, unconsciously, and then punished them executed. All in order that to subordinate me to it. I was surprised. One has burned down together with giving, another has lost memory and sight has hung itself in a garage, the third has died in road accident, yet one has died from cancer, another has got to accident. At first "Angry" reported what they to me have made and then as he has punished them. He have entered into one woman in the demon, he ѐ shook 13 years and all in order that she carried about me rumors. Then the demon left and she has pulled out she has died.

Me "the dragon hissing" pushed to suicide. Once I have prepared an edge and a basin to open a vein, but again my Patron Has saved me. Nothing at "dragon" has turned out. All the time one attacked, and another Protected me. And all these years I supported by my Patron kept balance, rest and looked at all this, as at cinema. I didn't know who destroyed me and Who Protected.

Somehow I in kitchen made a lunch and have suddenly thrown everything and have turned on the TV. Bovin spoke, praised "Torah" - the Writing by Jews. I said that it is cleverer than this book isn't present. I right there as the zombie, I have put on and have gone to a synagogue and have got stuck there for three years, but eventually have left not mine. Later I have thought: "Probably, Jehovah has sent me there". On TV there was a movie "Great Inquisitor". Under the decree of Jehovah I have turned on the TV; on the screen the Catholic-priest, looking at Christ, shouted: "I accept a devil". I have thought: "What communication between Jehovah and a devil? Having read the Bible, it was convinced that the Old Testament Judaism, word for word. Only in the Bible in the ch. "Jesus Navin" is magnificent figures of the destroyed people when Jews "cleared away to themselves the place" are thrown out, appropriating property of the killed under the leadership of Jehovah. I have begun to read other books, by then I remained one. My husband has died.
On his leg the devil has made blood clot which has soon come off and has floated to heart; ten months the breast was broken off from pain. Constantly he spoke to the husband: "You will die". And the husband has started to hurry; have bought shoes, candles, and I repeated everything: "I will die". Jehovah did all this to leave me one, - to finish me finally, or to subordinate to himself.
Some days before the death of the husband my neighbor in giving has brought me a
part a tea service and has told: "Have presented us a service, I keep plateaus and we have the rest" and has left. I have been surprised. And suddenly in a brain a thought: "Return a service - it is sorcery; division of a service division of family". I have taken packing, have run to neighbors, but they have left home. On heart it was so heavy, - a trouble presentiment. I wanted to put through a fence ware on their site, but a fence high. I was going to return in the next weekend, but I wasn't in time, there was the husband's funeral. he sorcerer Jehovah left me one. At the daughter of the neighbor the husband left to another, but has in a couple of years returned. The devil used the neighbor against me.

In a year, after the death of the husband, again I was taken in hand by Jehovah, again hypnosis. Have reduced with the woman, who has told me about books by Konovalov S.S. "The book is which treats". The author of the book himself doesn't know who operates him and that energy represents. On covers of books of Konovalov S.S. is of a prayer; one of them begins so: "Make me by the tool of your world... i.e. make me the demon, admit to the rack and operate me in the evil and artful affairs. And in the book No. 5 is a statement against Christ. The doctor K. can get out of the swamp, having addressed forces Light. He has been given chance. I have read books, there has passed year. Visions of the astral plan where there live the dead have begun.
Jehovah spoke about people, about their intimate, sometimes my lips; once, for no reason, he named the name of the customer of the murder of Vyacheslav Chernovol, - Yu.V. Timoshenko, for her Jehovah provided for the throne of the President. Then he predicted the death of the husband of my employee - it came true a week later.

I have asked: who are you? If you from forces Light, I with you speak and if from darkness get out". God can't tell it, so someone another. Who? This day (after have sent him) he has shown vision: the astral plan, at home, a portrait of the mannish woman of the black with long hair on a hair parting, in a scarlet tunic, and signs: green triangle, yellow square and pentacle red. It was Jehovah and the image which he has shown me - its "a scenic image". (Jehovah has put on a wig with long hair and has put on bloody red color a tunic, representing "Mother World", the clown). But I didn't know and have thought: "It is necessary to look for Christ's portrait".
Both I have right there gathered and I have gone to other city to relatives. As I was confused by "angry", didn't want exposure, hoped that I will be in a condition of ignorance eternally. The nephew has given me the book where there was a description of appearance of Christ according to Pontius Pilate: blue eyes, a straight short nose, chubby lips, a wide forehead, a fair hair on a hair parting long, curled on the ends. There is such portrait at N.K. Rerich. It was convinced in red there was Jehovah-devil. Before it he has shown the yard where there was a wedding, and has told that you will die and you will be embodied at these parents and called a surname. Jehovah deceives believers that we live once, and has offered me transformation. The third time he declined me by death.

Everything time I think that from me it is necessary for it? I have shouted: "I don't want!" I have also gone to bed with weight in heart. I have woken up in the morning, it was easy at heart; I have a protection.

Has decided to throw out books by Konovalov S.S., but Jehovah has told: "Give somebody". To resist his hypnosis it is useless will paralyze. On the third time I have told: "Take out". When I left an entrance, the victim already stood near a trash can. I wanted to throw books into a tank, but the man of their visors. In one and a half years this man has gone crazy, two times till several months lay in a psychiatric clinic and has died. Do you hear, Konovalov S.S.? Jehovah has begun to torment me. At first he deprives of a dream, and then sight. In operating time over the book, he has said in low tones: "I deprive of sight twice". I sent on me every night the demons that didn't allow me to sleep. I beat off as could, the mixer, didn't turn off the light. Then I have got used to sleep in the afternoon, and to be awake at night. Later he has begun to destroy astral light sight. I went on churches, I asked priests nobody knows anything, and only one elderly priest (God grant to him health) has told: "With you the satan speaks".

The devil has increased to me astral light eye pressure and has destroyed fields of vision. Then I have sent quickly growing dairy cataract. The devil two times has hit me in a door, (the left hemisphere of the head lunar), five times on the street I arrested the left attention with an elbow, a fist, a shoulder, - the devil directed all. Ten times is forced down on the street from legs energy.

Infections, insects various this pettiness me has tempered, I can safely go against it. Before operation of pincers dust-like has brought in an eye - I have cured. Jehovah (more precisely the demon-rakshas Semyon Schneider) has placed in an ear to me a green pregnant caterpillar. She was delivered, and hundreds of tiny caterpillars green, round, in the diameter of one millimeter have got from an ear. They to me stung the head. I have guessed to pour over the head apple cider vinegar and to put on a rubber hat. Under a cap they burst, cracked and all have died. Later I have washed away the head hot water with laundry soap.

Days ten I didn't sleep, something in an ear moved. There were holidays, has gone to the ENT specialist, the doctor has pulled out the green shaggy caterpillar saturated with blood from an ear. Before I poured vinegar, peroxide into an ear, but it didn't come out. I have come home, in an ear all the time something moves again. Week I went on hospitals, to me again everything have washed out. The doctor has told: "You have a mental disease". I have thought that Jehovah wants to define me in a psychiatric clinic, he left me at once. All this the tenth part of what happened to me. What only insects Jehovah didn't send me inside, and outside. And I have palmed off milk from a sick cow. Year suffered. I kept thinking: "What he to me has become attached?" What from me it is necessary for him? After all crimes he hissed on an ear, enticing: "It was necessary to attract financially you". Recently I crossed the street to sit down on tram; Jehovah has picked up me energy
and has thrown on the tram ways. I have heard: "Tram.
I have looked, the tram rushed at great speed, the man has run up to me and has lifted me and the tram has stopped. I have hurt a knee and a hand. The devil has told earlier that he will dismiss about me rumors that I was ignored everywhere. Sees that I don't react to it, I have decided to throw under the tram. Writes letters to me on behalf of unknown persons is offers money. Not to see a position of the Satan of Solar system to him as own ears. Even $1 trillion won't help. Saturn is his shelter: Saturn and a satan are synonyms. I have already received the award; I is with Gods, above - is nothing!!!

Once, after his next persecution, I have raised hands up and have addressed Forces Light to direct me to a way of the Truth. I have bought books by E.P. Blavatsky and I have plunged into reading as - as if, I waited for it. I read all day long. Now I know, my Patron Has heard me, He Waited when I ask Him for the help. Luminous intensity respect freedom of choice of the person and never applies violence. I have written the first article quickly, and the next day the evil has forced to tear it on small pieces. This dragon influenced me hypnosis. It was necessary to sit down right there, and to write new article, already more reduced. Jehovah executed for the letter Konovalov S.S.; I considered a duty to him to explain with whom he speaks with a devil. When wrote articles, demons came, knocked, sent me to a cinciput energy - the head cracked from pain. I expelled them essential oil. We spiritually grow at sufferings! After my address to Almighty, demons left me. My prayers, perhaps, haven't reached the Almighty Deity, but Jehovah has heard them and has left me alone. Means, and on a devil there is a justice!

Within one year I have read 11 books by E.P. Blavatsky. I read for five-six hours a day. In a year I have bought books E.I. Rerich. "Agni Yoga"!!! During reading a tear flowed like water. In May I have begun to read and on August 24, 2008 I have for the first time seen Eyes. All sky was in color dabs. I have the next day asked the knowing person, she was surprised and has told that it is Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala, M.: - Michael the Archangel. It is also my Patron. As long I waited for my God! Then there were asterisks, and every day the sky with white flashes and stars: silver, lilac, blue, bright. In several months I have appeared gold, then two, purple, - then two, emerald then two, now every day multi-colored. My Patron always is with me. There were visions. Before reading something, at first I will see vision that it was better remembered. During reading books E. P. Blavatsky, "Etc." and E.I. Rerich, "Agni Yoga", was the help not only with the reading course, but also comments to the spiritual books read long ago. It was authors of books, my favorite authors!

I is to see" my previous 10 embodiments. In antecedents I knew this Doctrine. In my bedroom there were many portraits. And from all whom I approached, to me there was energy. I have approached a portrait E.I. Rerich and I have thought: "To me, apparently, that I knew this Doctrine earlier". Energy has gone a stream, the truth means. In four years I have read these books several times. Also I have drawn conclusions. The most expensive that I have is my Teacher and his books. From books rest and balance is. The whole years last, in vain lived though they have given me knowledge too and have pushed to Light. I so wanted to go to Tibet, to see mountains, to stand on that earth, to breathe that air. In "Agni - the Yogi" is said: "Travel, maybe, you learn those places where you were embodied earlier". On the anniversary I have bought the vacation package to Egypt. Jehovah has sent me a dream that the car will hit me. The fellow traveler with the son has got to me; we have lodged in the next numbers, went by an excursion together and too went to lunches together.

I was on the ancient Homeland. People are good, valid, children very beautiful. I have visited Luxor, burials. In Cairo have looked at pyramids, mummies in the museum, in Alexandria library and monuments. I in the last embodiments lived in these cities. At the airport the cargo wheelbarrow has run over me the dream has come true. The wheelbarrow has pushed me; I have bent, and have lifted me up. It is strange that I haven't scattered on a part, and has swept head over heels and hasn't hurt. It for the fact that I have told to the guide a real name of a satan is Jehovah. Thanks, my Lord, the Favorite Teacher, Only for me, my Father Heavenly, the Friend devoted and true, the Defender from the darkness of forces, the Defender and the Guarantor before the Highest, and Christ Redeemer! Only now I understand sense of a word Christ Redeemer! I swam in the Red Sea, blue and clean, and I repeated everything: "My God, Keep me safe and sound to the house". And asterisks of indigo color from eyes took off for water and flew to the bottom of the sea. Also I Have kept! Later in Sharm el-Sheikh sharks have appeared. He is my personal God; I Have brought me out of darkness on the wide light road which is filled in with sunlight. And the Sun it is also my God. "Yes Will Lord's it will be eternal in all three worlds"!

Once, going to bed, I have thought: "Also I want to burn darkness as E.I. Rerich". The next day the devil energy has brought down me from legs; the ambulance has taken away; have imposed plaster, have told that for 3 weeks. I have left home, have removed plaster, and in three days all has passed energy from Lord M.:! I have written the first article Sh. to Mihael for transfer to a synagogue of Moscow. For the fifth day demons have flown, tormented me under hypnosis. The next day I have sent article to the websites of magazines and advertizing. In the evening "the black raven" in black clothes to the floor has flown and a cape on the head, covering the face. I stood at a portrait of Lord M.: also I have asked him to banish. The demon in black clothes left at once. As they tormented me! Horror! I have forgotten to hold communication good luck, to put a cup of hot water and to drop essential oil of a eucalyptus. They choke and take off. I am indignant in the morning, well why it happens to me. Also I hear "Voice"..., who has explained everything to me.

Everything is forgotten, there is only a joy boundless! Why to me from all portraits energy goes? I have received the answer. These is reason, prosecutions me by Jehovah. Being embodied, served as bait for Jehovah; he swallowed me and tormented, aggravating the karma. It is necessary to worship and pray to Great Maitreya, M.:
to Michael the Archangel is our Father Heavenly. Get a portrait and you speak with It mentally, and reaction will follow. It is necessary to read books and to observe all. To accept everything heart! Consciousness! Accept the new Doctrine of Living Ethics. "Ignorance is root of all evil" - Gautama Buddha.
"Fly a thought in vast areas of space and spirit" Krishna.
P.S. It appears all my sufferings are connected with one of my last embodiments. Three thousand two hundred eighty years ago I have been embodied in the city. Luxor (Egypt) in at one time with Jehovah. In the Old Testament this period is described: Jehovah asks from the Pharaoh to make service of Jews to him and applies executions. Prosecutions me have since then begun Jehovah. Have shown me to the film which is shot by space about each person in all embodiments, and then after physical death show in God's court. Also it is called: "All secret becomes obvious". The film shot on color, very qualitative film with ideal sharpness, or visibility. Traveling around those places where I was once embodied, it seemed to me that haven't remembered my antecedents. Only the love and worship of the Lord of Shambhala has carried by in the millennia to God of the Sun Ra (Michael the Archangel).

Chapter 6. Goes recruiting on the Saturn
(exposure pederast of Jehovah is).
Creativity of Jehovah-the devil is for the chosen people. Who is this Jehovah? In the Cabbala the Prince of darkness is known as Samael, the Angel of Death. He is a Serpent Seducer, satan. Satan is also Lucifer. (He. Blavatsky, S.D., vol. 2).

Consider the tale of Old Testament which tells about the atrocities committed by the God of the Jews against the Egyptians, who gave refuge to them for 430 years, saving them from seven-year drought.

Old Testament, Exodus: ch. 3/14, 15. Moses asked and God announces his name: Jehovah or I Am. He was the God of Avraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Lord appeared in front of them, but with the name of Almighty and name (Jehovah) was not opened to them (ch. 6/3).

Once Moses grazed sheep ...and ...saw that the bramble bush burning with fire, but the bush do not burnt down. And Moses went to the bushes, and saw Jehovah sitting there God called him from the bush, and said: Moses, Moses! I am the God of thy father, the God of Avraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob. Moses covered his face; because he was afraid to look upon God.

(Exodus, Ch. 3/4-6). In view of the fact, that Moses is the incarnation of the Archangel Michael and at that time he was a priest ... you have to believe that he shepherded sheep and was not surprised seeing the bramble Bush on fire. A he could cover the face to be notable see Jehovah, which bored him for past incarnations.

Ch. 4/ 22, 23. Jehovah said to the Pharaoh: Israel is my son, even my firstborn. let my son go, that he may serve me; and if you will not let him go, behold, will kill thy son, thy firstborn. But Pharaoh said: Who is the Lord that I obeyed him and let go Israel? I do not know the Lord, and will not let go Israel, ch. 5/2. (Jehovah's firstborn is monkeys on the equator, let they make to a devil service).

Ch. 7. Jehovah sends Egyptians 10 executions:
1. The water in the river turned into blood; 2.Toads; 3.Gnats; 5. Dog flies;
5, 6, 7. Mortal ulcer (plague, Black Death) inflammation with abscesses and hail;
8.9. Locusts and darkness; 10. Death of firstborns is.
Jehovah executes: There is inflammation with abscess on humans and livestock; inflammation was on the Adept and Egyptian; will send the sores on your people, that would learn you that there is no one like Me on all the Earth; will send tomorrow hail, very heavy, which has not been in Egypt since the day of its foundation; and broke the hail throughout the land of Egypt all that was in the field from human to the cattle; tomorrow bring locusts, it will eat all the remaining, survived during the hail.

Ch. 8/20, 22. The Lord asks to say the Pharaoh: Let my people go, to let them serve me. so you know that I am the Lord of the Earth. Pay the attention to the highlighted word. Jehovah wants the worship, it is very important. And he opened his true face; I am the Lord of the Earth, i.e. the Owner of the Earth. In Judaism, the Jehovah is satan. We know from the words of the masked God, that Jehovah is the Owner of the Earth, then the Prince of this world, satan, devil, planetary Lucifer, Yahweh (in the sects), Samael, the Angel of Death, Serpent Seducer is one much name entity.

Ch. 14/22.27. And the sons of Israel among the sea on the dry land: the water served as walls on the right and on the left side. Ran the Egyptians and followed them into the middle of the sea. And the water returned to its place. So the Lord amongst the sea sank the Egyptians. Rightly it was said about Jehovah: a liar is and the father of lies!

In fact, Moses Led the Jews out of Egypt in the Sinai through the Isthmus of Suez, and not trough the bottom of the Red Sea. Isthmus is the lowland desert strip between the Mediterranean, and the Red Sea in Egypt connecting Africa and Asia. With of the isthmus is 112 km. The name of the isthmus and channel match the city name Suez, the Red Sea port. In Egypt, people worshipped the Sun God Ra, the Archangel Michael. Exodus of Jews from Egypt is the tales to malign poor people, like everything that comes from the Jehovah, the devil. Multiply repeated words: I am the Lord, I, I, I. (will tell on an ear: "As from shit jam won't turn out, so from the pederast Jehovah Lord won't take place").

Ch.14/3. And delivered the Lord that day the Israelis from the hands of the Egyptians; and the Israelis saw the Egyptians dead upon the sea. Jehovah continued to compose for his tales of glorification, and the Israelis saw the great hand, which manifested the Lord over the Egyptians and the people were afraid of the Lord. And they believed the Lord. And then Lord glorified this song. And then such unimaginable heresy was the delirium of Jehovah. There is no knowledge of the Bible; it is just a glorification of self-praise. Windbag! There are people who read this claptrap for dozens of years and each day.

Ch. 15/3. God is a husband of the invective, Jehovah is his name. He Sank the Egyptians. To read chapters Outcome" and "Jesus Navin" hard, aggression is and energy of destruction from Jehovah proceeds; continuous threats and damnations. Sense one, or do, as want, or will exterminate, will destroy, will apply executions. Continuous is violence.
Moses Wrote the Pentateuch and Gave the Jewish laws.
Moisey- God! Jehovah - devil.
Before leaving to another world at the top of Mount Sinai, Moses handed over power to his disciple, Jesus Navin. With it time there appeared Jehovah cheat and swindler!
He subdued himself the will of J. Navin, made the people invade the lands infested be the other peoples, ordered to cut all of them, the elderly people, women and children. He saved only the girls of the age of 12, they were taken as concubines. (It is destroyed hundreds thousands people. And now Jehovah disposed to update books and head Jesus Navin removed from Torah). This is called to clear the seat. Jehovah changed the Pentateuch of Moses, and in the texts he describes Moses as my slave, and made Him as a subordinate; there were explicitly malicious intentions of planetary satan! And now Jehovah is the same thief and a cheat. As stated in the writings of E.P. Blavatsky, the Owner of the Earth well managed in the Old Testament (the Torah), and changed everything for himself. He can create nothing, and learned appropriate, the swindler.

Moses is the incarnation of the Archangel Michael the leader of our Solar system, and the character, who calls himself the Lord, I Am, but he is only the planetary satan with a small letter. There is in our Universe a Space Satan - Shiva, God Destructions; when the cycle of the planet is complete, it destroys that again to revive.

In the age of Kali Yuga, the age of cruelty and hypocrisy ruled the lunar demons, led by Jehovah, the devil. On our Planet there were two people that retain the Knowledge, given them by Sun Gods. Cradle of wisdom is called India now, and once Egypt was called in such way. On the territory of these countries incarnated those, who at the dawn of mankind were called the Spirits of flame. It was the era of the Pharaohs, of 19 dynasties. The most prominent Pharaoh, famous for his affairs, was Ramses II, with triple name Ucep-maat-Ra-sotep-en-Ra (14-13 century BC).

The God Sun Ra, Ramses II, is the incarnation of the Archangel Michael, the wisdom of those times is still called in Egypt the Pharaohs religion. In these countries there were schools where people were taught the science of esoteric philosophy. One, who has reached the stage of Initiation, became Adherent. Only Adherent retains his full consciousness in all three bodies. But Jehovah does not suit the dissemination of Knowledge; he composed fairy tales for people, considering them nonentity. For the time, when the fairy tales were written, the heresy was seen as miracles, but now people have other intelligence.

The name "Moses Pentateuch" actually is "Pentateuch of a planetary satan of Jehovah". Moisey (an embodiment of Michael the Archangel) wrote to strong "Pentateuch", but Jehovah a devil after destruction of rolls of Moisey, everything copied strong to himself to please, but the name left. Praise itself and humiliation of others name of a satan damn people and frighten children, but don't worship to it.

Twelve tribes! Number 12 very significant! "Systematically soldered group of twelve people can, really, even own the world phenomena. Expansion of group can weaken it, breaking dynamics of construction. Real group influence! Reflect!

In India it was the tribe, immigrants from Lemuria, which was Saved from the flood Noy (the Great Lord of the Shambhala). Dynasty mixed marriages and lived peacefully. The demon Jehovah after the destruction of Atlantis survived on the island of Lanka and, using hypnosis, drew lemurs, the future of the Jews under its influence. Between the Solar and lunar dynasties began a long confrontation over the separation of India into two States. The result is a thousand-year war. The population of India worshiped the Sun God; displaced persons betrayed their Savior and began to worship the moon demon Jehovah.

That there came the world in India, the lunar dynasty was removed to Chaldea. A lot of spiritual knowledge to Chaldea (Iraq) came from India. From Ruhr Haldeysky Avraham this tribe to the Jordan River, where the arameans lived, who called on their language this tribe as ivri (Hebrew), is meaning stranger. Secret mystical Teachings of Judaism, which consists of five books, the Jews knew from the Chaldeans, during the captivity of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar. Jews lived in Egypt 430 years and culture the Solar dynasty influenced on them. All Egyptian period Jews worshipped to God Sun R - to Michael the Archangel (Ramses II). Jehovah understood, that there was one and began the strengthened fight for return of Jews under the influence, from here - executions in Egypt, population destruction in the Middle East. The Archangel Michael always comes, when humanity is need in him. Moses Led the Jews from Egypt to vacant lands. The Archangel Michael is the true God and Father for Jews.

Ch. 1/7. The heavy is slavery of the children of Israel. The Jews were gagged in cattle breeding; they were called earlier Giksos, shepherds. They did adobe from clay and straw to build their houses. All the Egyptians at the time lived in such homes, even the Pharaohs. Handymen of construction of temples and roads of stone were single. By now in Egypt the buildings are in excellent condition, they were built during the reign of Ramses II in Luxor. Huge chunks of the walls of temples and pillars are connected without mortar, exposed the planes joined blocks. The road connecting two temples, made of stone blocks, similar to our concrete slabs is without a single potholes or roughness. And these facilities are around 33 centuries old. To build such objects, you have to be a builder and carver. The Jews themselves came there and did not want to leave. On Sinai they remembered, that in Egypt they had meat, fruit, vegetables, which the Egyptians gave them gratis.

And on Sinai Egyptians continued 40 years to feed Jews gratis; the manna-heavenly is allegory, other legend. Brought Jews from Egypt therefore, that Jehovah executions tortured Egyptians. Forty years Moisey was with Jews on Sinai in hope, that Jehovah-evil will calm down and Jews again will return to Egypt on a constant residence. But this predatory hawk knows, that without Jews he is anything and to call him "nothing‖; I turned over Sinai and waited Moisey's death.

Many fairy tales in the Old Testament are contrary to one another. One is absolute accuracy that Jehovah's - the devil, desire to build a nation for veneration, which then can be used for his own purposes such a fate had the Jews, who should be freed. There is a way to get rid of it, to except Agni Yoga at the last minute before leaving the physical body, thinking about who you want to be in the subtle world, that you and will meet.

The name "Moisey' Pentateuch" actually is "A Pentateuch of a planetary satan of Jehovah". Moisey Wrote "Pentateuch", but Jehovah a devil after destruction of rolls of Moisey, distorted everything, but the name left. Eulogizing it and humiliating others. A name of a satan damn people and frighten children, but don't worship to it. Moisey - is the Founder of the tribe of Jewish. Twelve sons of Jacob, are an allegory, i.e. an allegory; Moisey Talked in riddles. Twelve tribes! Number 12 very significant!

Systematically soldered group of twelve people can, really, even own the world phenomena. Expansion of group can weaken it, breaking dynamics of construction. Real is group influence!"

"The disappeared 10 tribes (knees) of Israel dispersed among other people; one of them (tenth) emigrated in England. There were two tribes in Israel, one of them was headed by Judas who kept demonic religion, and in honor of it the Judaism is called.

If there was no intervention of Jehovah-devil, the chosen people‖ could be the most of the high spirit people of God, and not of the material people the devil. But the word chosen left...
The Great Lord Shambhala several creative lives devoted to the suffering the Jewish people. One of several incarnations is Solomon, son of David, King of Israel and Judah in 965 - 928, BC. Solomon (Jews - Šelomo) is the third and greatest King of the Israeli people. Solomon was gifted by a bright mind and insight. He created an inner peace around the throne and surrounded him with trusted individuals to freely engage domestic and foreign policies. His reign became synonymous with peace and prosperity. He built a temple for greatness and beauty that was not equal. Neighboring sovereigns have made travel from afar to see the Jewish King, the fame of wisdom which had been spread throughout the East. He experienced all the pleasures of life and drank to the end the bowl of earthly pleasures at the end of life he sadly exclaimed: Vanity of vanities, all is vanity and vexation of the spirit. Solomon books: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Wisdom of Solomon. The story of his life is described in the 3 book of Kings and 2 Chronicles (Old Testament).

The Third Book of Kings: ch. 1/ 17, 22, 23, 46. And Solomon Sat on the Kings throne already. "At David, my Father, was on heart to build the temple of a name of the Lord, God Isroel" But the Owner (Jehovah) said to David: But you don't build the temple, and thy son, from thy bowels through, will build a temple for my name. And became Solomon before the altar of the Lord in front of the whole collection of the Israelites, and raised his hands to the sky. And said: Oh Lord, God-Israel! There is no God like You in heaven above and on the Earth beneath; you keep a covenant and mercy with thy servants, walking around before thee with all your heart. He was lost in day-dreams Pederast (the mean word is written from capital letter if it belongs to a devil because he is the biggest Pederast-expert in Boundlessness, after the Pederast-theorist Brama) Jehovah devil that Michael the Archangel before him so expressed. At Jews it is called, - im hylem (in dreams).

Jehovah himself was dictating the text to make things up, gratifying his damaging self-esteem. What is the pig! Moses is My servant! Solomon Built the temple Jews, after to Build temple the goddes Astart which worshipped His wifes.

And the Lord was angry at Solomon because he dodged his heart from the Lord, the God of Israel, who came to Him twice; guess with the request not to undermine the authority of linden one, based on constant requests, to serve him.

Moisey is the Jewish prophet and the legislator rallied the Israeli tribes. He is One, Whom call Moria (the Great Lord, the Lord M, Mahatma M.) the Teacher of the Great White Brotherhood, the Leader Hierarchy Light? "Creativity" of Jehovah devil for the peculiar people: Apocalypse in Lemuria and Atlantis, drunken orgies on the island of Lanka,
Sodom and Gomorrah, the revolution in Russia (it was reduced to a civil war, instead of economic reforms), the fascist concentration camps in Germany and pogroms, imposition of memories of past wrongs. Jehovah uses his people for his own purposes. Chief offended of the Jews is Jehovah. Jehovah, the devil twice forced me, on my behalf; write words that all Jews are Lumpens and all others from the Latin Lumpen the rags, pauper, vagrant, a drunkard. His aim it is known to me, he wanted to cross me up. A Great Maitreya Says: I Love you all - M.:
(Avraham's successors: Isaak (His son), Yakov (the grandson from whom there were 12 tribes of Jews), Josef (the great-grandson; brothers have thrown him into a hole according to the indication of a devil, and later have sold. he destiny has disposed, Josef became the tsar of Egypt).There's one nationality, the mankind! Seek the way of approach to God is the Greatest! Yes, the Greatest, above It anybody isn't present in Space!

Chapter 7. From Pereyaslavsky Council to prior revolution

From 1648 to 1657 there was a war between Ukraine and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Poland). Bogdan Khmelnitsky is the Hetman of the Zaporozhe army headed movement for independence of Ukraine. The strong ally was necessary; "Khmelnitsky, relying on the Crimean khan, on the Moldavian sovereign, signing agreements with the Turkish sultan and the Transylvanian prince, the Hetman allocated a highest importance for the relations with Moscow, in every way trying to induce it to war with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth". At the beginning of 1654 Pereyaslavskaya took place "Radar" led by Bogdan Khmelnytsky about accession of Ukraine to Russia. From now on Ukraine became the territory of Russia; from 1654 to 1657 already Russia waged war with Poland for liberation of Ukraine from Poles. Russia was always a defender of Ukraine from external enemies and never used Ukraine for maintaining business wars.

Veksillology is the science of national colors. Heraldry is the history of military arms, banners and flags. During the stay of the President of Ukraine L. Kravchuk, the Supreme Council approved the yellow-and-blue flag as a symbol of the state. Yellow color (bottom strip) is the Sun, blue (upper strip) - water. Water buried the Sun, - an omen of Chaos, the precursor of the Apocalypse; Europe will go to the bottom of the ocean and the mainland will cover a wave.

Ukraine repeats past mistakes. The trident is a falling bird, head down. The second confirmation of the expected tragedy emanating from the center of Europe, it will spread to the whole continent. In the times of Kievan Rus on the reverse side of the flag was the image of the Archangel Michael, the patron of the Slavs.

If there were at least one competent person in the Supreme Council is on this issue, the flag would look like: a yellow strip on top, blue from below; the sun gives warmth, water is wet it means a good harvest, a flourishing in the economy. On one side of the flag is the image of the Creator of our Planet, the Archangel Michael. On the other is two white pigeon (a message from God). Color white - a sign of purity and aspiration. The flag should be from the most expensive fabric (silk velvet) and handmade... What relation of the state will be to the flag, the relation of the cosmos to us will be mutual? Space materializes everything!

Now the satan governs in Ukraine. Always its actions are directed against Russia. The next attempt of Jehovah of a devil to do harm to Russia to organize

Revolution is in Ukraine.

The principal book the Russian writer N.M.Karamzin "History of the Russian State", over which it worked more two decades practically to these pores it is a little known to the Russian reader. Twelve volumes contain the actual material, taken from archive sources. Opponent of fiction, N. M. Karamzin provided to us information of many archives of the European states.

In book N. M. Karamzin "Legends of centuries" (1 volume) is selection of stories, legends and bylines. In it is told, that Russians occupied Volga region. Over time they were settled on all European territory. Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Finns, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Germans are uniform the people, Russians from the Volga region.

So there is a space justice that Russia and all European, fraternal peoples were integrated in one big socialist community. Look at appearance Merkel's the typical Slavic person of the Russian from the Volga region. In present time it got to the coalition opponents of the ancestors is. Merkel isn't ashamed, that Germans decoupled two world wars and that in the territory of Germans the devil kindled fascism? Who opposes the Slavic people? Who chief screenwriter revolution in Ukraine? All revolution (Egypt, Libya, Ukraine Syria, Yemen, Turkey) the author one is the Owner of land, planetary satan Jehovah.

Unbreakable wall for the devil Jehovah has always been Russia because of its Patron is God!!! The devil was given to America, from there spreading all the evil. A year before the elections, NATO called Peter Poroshenko to offer himself as the future President of Ukraine, and in return promised that Ukraine, after his election to the presidency, in the course of the year to join NATO. In the Donetsk region was sold land for NATO through a straw man (an elderly man from USA) for installation anti-missile systems aimed against Russia. The devil is and in the Crimea "laid eyes". Vladimir Putin fulfilled the Decree of God of the Great Lord of Shambhala; the way for NATO in the Crimea and the Donetsk region will be closed. The war between Russia and Ukraine may be terminated after the next successful presidential elections in Ukraine.

"New Jerusalem is in Ukraine".

2017 Zionist's revelation: "New Jerusalem in Ukraine"!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=EpsIWY92wyo& feature share - roller in which it is said that the Southern Ukraine is announced now how "New Jerusalem". Five areas are called: Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhe, Kherson, Nikolayev and Odessa. The map of "the new state" is attached; on her five areas are painted over. Later Kolomoysky as future head of new association has added the sixth, - Harkov. A question, and who has appointed it to this position? Devil Jehovah!!!To Odessa the ship has already come from Haifa and has brought the first group of Jews on the "primordial homeland". I hope, now clear for what purpose Jehovah-Svarog has organized a revolution in Ukraine. Will begin reset elements of all Jews to Europe for mass destruction. Before it the devil will organize opposition between indigenous people and visitors; Jehovah is necessary to energy of destruction. Devil is "husband of abuse, Jehovah name to him". Kolomoysky will play Jesus Navin's role and "will clear away to himself the place". I express to all visitors compassion. In 2046 there will be an Apocalypse; Europe will leave on an ocean floor. There will be the third Apocalypse on our Planet. Look at the map of the Globe. I provide the list of the states which will disappear after the planet-wide tragedy: Austria, Albania, Andorra, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Vatican, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia (the border of the Apocalypse will pass across the Urals), Romania, San Marino. Finland, France, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine, Estonia, Yugoslavia. The first will leave on a bottom Great Britain. As you can see, Israel isn't included into this list. The border of action of the Apocalypse will pass across Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, Mediterranean Sea, Black and Caspian seas, across Ridge Urals. All admirers of a devil of Jehovah will be brought together in Europe. Process has already gone. Jehovah hides information that at most to drag off the population to Saturn. Think of the children and grandsons. I advise Jews to go to Australia, South Africa South America. On Saturn there will be a repetition of what was on Earth. A devil Jehovah is material and spiritless. Attentively read the Old Testament (Torah)!!! Wars, damnations are leaving of Jews from a devil to Egypt. How many lives the Great Lord of Shambhala has is devoted to Jews. Remember, even if burn down alive; it is always possible to leave Jehovah in an astral body on an ocean floor. The astral body doesn't burn and doesn't sink, it moves to depths of waters, to the center of Earth where magma boils. In the Caspian Sea there are underwater cities where there live astrals. The army of a devil of Jehovah (perverts and underworld) can take cover on the drowned Atlantis, the cities have remained there. Atlantis will rise to the surface after death of Europe. Read the Doctrine of Living Ethics - continuation of the Doctrine of Christ, Worship Great Maitreya and you will be saved. Visit the site http://theosophy-mm.net

After Jehovah told that "he prepares the new state in the state for Kolomoysky". But same purpose: to bring together Jews in Europe for destruction during the Apocalypse (together with Kolomoysky). But to make it at him it won't turn out. There is a hope that Jews will become spiritual descendants of God. The choice is behind them.

There was a hope that Jews will become spiritual descendants of God, but they have departed in darkness. The choice is behind them. Demons-rakchass (perverts and underworld) is a spiritless descendants of a devil. Monkeys are the first branch of children of Jehovah; the devil is obliged to move all lemur-primacies on the planet. Demons-Rakshas's (if wish) can remain, having undergone clarification in the sulfuric boiling lake.

Valtsman (Poroshenko) didn't equal hopes of a devil Jehovah, disarmed Kolomoysky's battalion, deprived of shares of Oil and gas, transferred to the state "Privatbank" and it gave himself up as a bad job. According to Eduard Hodos, the CHaBaD made the decision to re-elect the President of Ukraine because Valtsman (Poroshenko) is the half-blooded and to replace it with another. In Ukraine the CHaBaD governs. I hope it is clear to all for the sake of what "People killed during Euromaidan" died? Valtsman (Poroshenko) didn't understand the purpose and a task of a devil, stumbled on Kolomoysky; this "politician" constructed a monument to Jehovah devil in Dnepropetrovsk, the 18th floor synagogue of devil color, the biggest in Europe. The coast of the Black Sea occupies NATO. It wasn't succeeded to take the Crimea and Donetsk region, Jehovah will appropriate the Southeast of Ukraine. The devil wants to blow up the Planet and to drag off all to Saturn.
Hierarchy of darkness: Demon of the Universe Brama (pederast theorist), Lucifer, the exorcist versatile Jehovah (properties: satan and the devil of our Planet) claim power in the Universe; if anymore 50 % of the population
will goaway on Saturn, pederasts, swindlers and those killers...., willgovern in Universe, about whom gave information on , Leonid Roitman, "Ukraine in a law". An organizer of all maffiastructures is the patent ex-perverting, swindler and killer Jehovah!!!
Only Great Maitreya, Terrestrial Shambhala, and V. Putin with assistance of all population can keep the Planet the worship God of the great Maitreya is the Divine Christ. Worship - a ballot paper to support the Forces of Light!

Keeps the Earth the One, Who she Created, - God, the Great Maitreya!!! Russia and America are two countries - leaders. The population of the Planet must make a choice before approaching a planetary tragedy of the Apocalypse. Countries that support Russia are obliged to withdraw from organizations bugger Jehovah: NATO, EU, ISIS.
Let the example of all is Turkey. Blessed be its President Erdogan! Russia, all Slavs and Turkey share a COMMON FACTOR BLOOD!!!

Before leaving to Saturn at darkness are two main objectives:
To organize is recruitment of the population of the Planet for Saturn. To blow up our Pergies of corrupting is. Saturn - is karma Jehovah's, punishment for all crimes, the concentration camp for a planetary satan. During World War II it materialized the scenario war with concentration camps, and now the space prepared for it the similar. It is told: "Don't do the evil, and the evil you passes", "Treat people as you would like, that to you treated". The space will write everything, and everyone will meet with the deserts. The law of Punishment is uniform for all!

Jehovah brought to the power of Jews-rakshasas. Under its management they
Ukrainian army directed for destruction the peace population of Ukraine. Slavs destroy each other. But time will come Jehovah will rally Slavs also will direct them against Jews, also destruction will begin innocent Jews. Jehovah threw Jews in concentration camps during the Second World War. Are necessary to it sufferings of people, hatred, that same energy to attract destructions from space and to fill it the Earth for explosion. Once the devil showed me a vision; the crucified Christ, and after him the cross of Scientologists appeared. The eyelids of Christ slowly sank and Their eyes closed. Jehovah said: "Christ crucified you, and I will crucify you." The crucifixion of Christ was allowed by the Forces of Light to perpetuate His achievement. Confession Jehovahs that he Christ crucified..., thereby set on himself cross in relation to Christianity.

The Cross of scientologists is a cross of a planetary satan of Jehovah.
What does the scientology represent? Destructive devilish organization, the certificate is scientology symbolic: the upset cross, thirteen leaves and other. Obsessed Jehovah - is Ron Hubbard (the schizophrenic, - was on the account at the psychiatry) - read works of church history of Professor A.L. Dvorkin) wrote a devilish nonsense instead of previous which was called "Old Testament" (Torah). Scientology sect is commercial (as all sects from Jehovah), also it is destructive influences a human body and its mentality. In sect of scientologists the Owner of Land attracts underworld. Once you once violate sin threshold, and the person in a mouth of a devil; the prince of this world provokes to a crime.

To whom do scientologists worship? R. Hubbard's general phrases about worship the Creator and Supreme. But who is he? Creator is Vishnu, the Father of the Universe. The Supreme Deity is the Absolute. In the Old Testament these positions were appropriated by Jehovah. In the New Testament Jehovah-devil calls himself God and puts itself before Christ, offering itself as the father Christ, and dreams to collect 144 thousand Jews led by the Innocent person (Christ) on the Mount Zion and that at all on a forehead the name of Jehovah was written. Scientologists claim that at they have no prayers. But on the concourses scientologists say "A prayer about full freedom", that is a prayer about permissiveness, - "the demonic culture" is preached. Full freedom is for a physical body, in other words, orgy. And who at us is Bacchus? Jehovah!! Bacchus-Jehovah at scientologists is the false Creator and a false Supreme Deity. Under whose control Ron Hubbard contrived this nonsense? Jehovah is the foolish hires spiritual ignoramuses to Saturn. For stray sheep there is an output, - who wants to continue evolution of the person on Earth, at the last moment can change the mind, having passed cleaning in the sulfuric boiling lake.
In 1942 the darkness shall leave to Saturn; the transient period was tightened. Jehovah-devil is engaged in recruitment.

Be careful, - there is no limit it to insidiousness. Jehovah is Antichrist, the opponent God's on Earth. In sect of scientologists attract those, who "isn't pure on a hand" and use them for revolutions. It is possible to tell those scientologists elite sect and the most terrible - the devil programs victims at the level of sub consciousness.

Fascists carry swastika is the detaining evolution. In Africa many Blacks is Jews. In Tanzania, in the Western and South America the temple of Jews is called "the SYNAGOGUE of the SATAN". Information is on the Internet on the site of Jews.
1. Swastika evolution (dordzhe).
"Sometimes swastika call gamming cross, as in it is connected four coming from a single
point of letter (the Greek gamma) . Dordzhe has the same meaning as the swastika. The swastika (Sanskrit) - a cross with bent at a right angle. Curved edges by the Sun mean
progressive movement - evolution in Space (the movement is clockwise curved ends are turned to the left.
2. Swastika detaining evolution (the scolded symbol).
"A swastika with the bent ends in the opposite direction (movement against the hour the shooters, the bent ends are turned to the right) - matters detaining evolution, such image it is accepted at shamans (sorcerers), Tibetan DUG-PA - representatives of darkness. Hitler's messengers were at shamans. DUG-PA served Hitler. At fascists there was a swastika detaining evolution. On the Internet there is a movie in the section "Swastika", the announcer gives out wrong information. Fascists in the Shambhala weren't. Swastika evolution to the attendant of darkness not is fellow travelers!

It is possible to seize power, but to control it independently it is necessary to be able. All actions now legitimate authorities are viewed beforehand. Accuse Russia of all mortal sins, to brainwash population of Ukraine, what to protect from it NATO can only. Attendants of the USA came to the power. Stop war in the east; the army forgot, that swore to protect the Homeland and the people, instead of to kill the colleagues. Though those, who came to the power, not colleagues to miners. Instead of repair of the destroyed houses for miners - build a wall on border with Russia. And on border with the Belgorod-Dniester Republic is dug a trench 120 km long.

Batch "Freedom" the devil too uses for disorder of Ukraine (an aggression press), but they in this game is of the six. A partition of the states - is a method of Jehovah. What freedom if they promote an entrance of NATO on the territory of Ukraine? None from the obsessed is doesnt know under whose influence they are. The devil performs hidden management! And who is he, Jehovah-devil? The Jewish deity is in a body of the person, knowing occult sciences, the Owner of Land, satan.

Ukraine became without the nuclear country. EU does last breaths; Ukraine is necessary to it for reanimation. We could go independently and reach such state of the economy that we were imitated: disarmed and strengthened economic relations with neighboring states. Those, who started revolution in Ukraine, it is conscious or it is subject to herd instincts, pushed Ukraine to war. Already now total some thousands of the victims of young people - a gold gene pool of the population of Ukraine. As much thousands it won't be established families. Won't be born children twice anymore? There was no growth of the population because of unemployment and poverty, and now the reason - war earlier. The prime minister offends public people, - works for ignorant public and forcing nationalist aggression among the population. His statements don't do it credit. Casual people came to the power. The choice of the Head of the government and the Supreme Council depends on deputies. Tell the population of Ukraine the true reason of war. If NATO comes to the territory of Ukraine and will arrange antimissile installations in Donetsk region on border with Russia, this most will give a push to the beginning of the third world war; President will become world history, as instigators. We could remain the nuclear-free country. Russia is our board from the evil. Now there is a war for the earth in Donetsk region. Ukraine will become a field of battles and all Europe will be involved then. World war II is incomparable with the tragedy that will befall our Planet - Apocalypse. Injection of destructive energies will cause volcanic eruptions, and EUROPE will be hit by the wave, the continent will go to the bottom of the ocean. All slaves of the devil, which sparked a war in Ukraine, will leave to Saturn. Power and wealth is the "credibility" of the devil for the weak of mind. Free cheese does not happen...

You watch commercials on http://www NTV "a profession - the reporter".

1. Agent of secret order. Shadow life is of Arseniy Yatsenyuk".
2."Chocolate hare Poroshenko (Valtsman)".
3."Julia Timoshenko. The princess at gut bucket is.
4."Jehovah at gut bucket is". Soon!

It is ready! Books: 1. Exposure billionaire Georges Morgan (is incarnate pederast Jehovah). 2. Apocalypse (is consequence of board of the pederast Jehovah), or The answer is to the Bugger Jehovah on his false Bible. 3. Reasons are and purposes
of World War II.

GADES or HELL is the country of an opposite hemisphere that is the USA. Sects, CIA, NATO are all under control of Jehovah. The Baltic countries passed this way of expansion and opened gate for an input of NATO and entered EU; and now the cat are whipping. Everything is sold, there was only a wood. In a turn of "euro", the currency isn't present. Came former owners - Jews also moved inhabitants from all the houses, made European-quality repair, also lease apartments for the fabulous amounts. And aboriginals remained without housing.

Greece entered the EU fifteen years ago. During this time life of the population worsened is and debts in the sum 100 billion Euro. Now young social democrats came to the power and restore business relations with Russia. The EU threatens them that will remove them from membership in the EU. The government of Greece declared that will leave with the EU and debts won't repay. Poll of residents of Greece confirmed that the standard of living after the accession to the EU sharply decreased. Iceland, Ireland has withdrawn the declarations of accession to the EU. NATO and the EU are planetary vampires. Failed Hitler (the embodiment of Jehovah) to conquer Europe, the devil has organized the EU. Why the devil seeks for himself a sacrifice for the conquest of Europe ("by hook or by crook") in Germany; Hitler, Merkel, Hypnosis boa Jehovah's is addictive mouth. What is the purpose of the devil during the present period? EU to impose himself to worship, to assign the gold reserves of the member States of the EU, to move Jews to Europe for destruction during the Apocalypse and all to drag off to Saturn.

On our Planet is the LEGION of devils; the leader of these villains - JEHOVAH; this assemblage of the programmed zombies is called: "SATANIYA'S COUNTRY". Jehovah named strong himself Supreme and the Almighty of the country of SATANS. Everything who worships to a planetary satan Jehovah are ranked as this country.

Patron of Russia, all Slavs, Israel, all Jews, the religion and philosophy - First Archangel of our Solar system, Michael the Archangel, Great Lord of the Shambhala. It has many names, 1008. The Lord of the Shambhala is Maitreya (Invincible). It is the First Ray - of the Father of the Universe, and the First Ray is equated to the Father. Great Maitreya is full manifestation of the Father of the Universe. Maitreya is Supreme, the Creator and the Creator! The Highest, the Lighten, above anybody isn't present in space.

All positions in space are selective. Look roller on VOY TUBE -Maitreya, Great Lord Shambhala. His opponent in a camp of darkness is nasty Jehovah - a devil, generate chaos. The chaos is even more terrible than darkness.

Jehovah surrounds Russia in a ring of NATO and uses for this purpose nationalists, kindling opposition against fraternal people. Jehovah devil imposes to Ukraine fascism. Deprived of us the Russian television, we receive information only on the one field. The economy of Western Europe and the USA is in a status of deep crisis; its development goes on a vicious circle. In Russia the economy moves on spirals, a round behind a round, as rounds on the transformer coil.

The Space basis of coexistence of mankind is a community.

Great Maitreya is the First communist of our Planet.

Time will come and the Soviet Union will be recovered, the socialist camp will be recovered outside the destruction Europe and by the USA will be pacified after Jehovah's leaving to Saturn with the army. And Earth will be cleared from are nasty. Will be at our place The Pastor - Great Maitreya and uniform herd - mankind is uniform. To us it is necessary the big work; to recover aura of the Planet, and to transform deserts to the blossoming edge. And for this purpose at first it is necessary to transform itself, the energies, that is - thoughts, words and actions. But the devil still rests hands and feet, doesn't want to leave. And after all to leave it from our planet very simply is. Worship is the ballot. It is necessary to expose Jehovah-devil and to tell spiritual ignoramuses Truth; whom, on most, business Jehovah is.

Listen up!
Authorities in Ukraine are under a press of Jehovah devil, a planetary satan. Not the USA tear to leadership on the planet, and the patron of the USA - Jehovah devil, a planetary satan, the Owner of Land, the prince of this World, a beget of wars and revolutions a beget of fascism, sects and false religions. The USA plays a role of the eternal dependent debtor.

Heads of the European countries, be courageous and make the correct decisions. Actions of Jehovah devil are directed against Russia. Spiritual revival of mankind will begin with Russia. Some heads of the European states gave the gold reserves to the USA. Jehovah before leaving to Saturn, does requisitions; power of thought will turn gold from material in astral (invisible to a human eye and weightless) and will drag off to Saturn. Jehovah and his army - perverts and underworld will be in thin (invisible) bodies, black magicians; they will rob also the USA.

Jehovah operated the planet through the billionaires. All slaves to a devil are those, who have kindled war in Ukraine, will leave to Saturn. The power and material benefits - is "credibility" for weak consciousness. Free cheese doesn't happen.

In the center of Kiev Mormons founded "Jesus Christ's church of sacred last days" - the most powerful pseudo-Christian church of the USA. Through scientologists and Mormons Jehovah wants to establish autocracy on the planet. Maidens, nationalism, are organized and were kindled by Mormons. Mormons execute the invisible management in Ukraine. A third of economy of the USA belongs to Mormons. They worked at Ukraine long ago and secretly, achieved success. Temples of Mormons are inviolable; without special permission of the management of church there can't come, - neither President of the country, nor law enforcement agencies, even members of church. Mormons among us is God's the church or the fifth column? Headquarters of Jehovah-devil in Ukraine is.

And that now is in Ukraine? Ruin in economy, never-ending business - war, parade of garbage human - gays and pederasts in Kiev (the gay - the English word gay, same-sex sex man's or female; the pederast from Greek - to love boys), it is called "independence". In all countries where Jehovah was incarnate he sowed perversions and crime. Only the Slavic people even didn't know words of these. Now there is no city where there would be no brothels and the sites of perverts where invite partners for joys. These people are sick, the zombie at the level of sub consciousness. All types of sexual perversions are called as Yoga of the gay Jehovah - the devil went mad on genitals. Who inspired what it is necessary to look to the west and America? Law of Space: the Sun ascends in the East, from there Light is and Wisdom.

On the basis of the Bible sects are created. Attract with Christ, and then brainwash Savaof (nasty Jehovah). The shown Father of the Universe, Great Maitreya Gave new "the Doctrine of Living Ethics" instead of the Bible is. Separate the New Testament and clear of Jehovah (Savaof') inserts, is there will be a rise of the Doctrine of Living Ethics which Christ in a condensed form gave. Great Maitreya gave continuation of the Doctrine in large volume. The bible should be burned and to dispel ashes.

Those, who will follow Great Maitreya, will continue evolution of the person here in "Golden Age". After will leave with It on its star is URANIUM before arrival of darkness. Jehovah will return to Earth after 1 828 000 years. Jehovah unleashed according to the scenario World War II with concentration camps and gas chambers. But I miscalculated; Russia and the Shambhala under Guidance of Great Maitreya rescued the planet from explosion. But the planetary villain doesn't give up hope for achievement of the purpose. Jehovah had to leave to Saturn in 1942. The transition period was tightened. Sectarians are from - for them overweight of darkness detain him.

There is All-planetary election campaign. Choose: The great Lord Shambhala Maitreya is the Patron of Russia, all Slavs, Israel, religions and philosophies, the Founder planet of ours and everything that on it lives and breathes. Great Maitreya is full manifestation of the Father of the Universe, Supreme, the Founder and the Creator. Jehovah devil is Almighty of the country of satan: perverts and underworld. Jehovah devil with the army will leave and Earth will be cleared of filth.

Jews and sectarians, will make the wise decision, - will remain on Earth and will continue evolution of the person here, that forever to depart from a planetary satan. WORSHIP Great Maitreya will be confirmation of your decision.

Address to the President of Russia.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich.
The owner of land, Jehovah-devil keeps on a lie. Spiritual ignorance of the population is the skate of a devil. It is necessary to beat out this support from under legs of a satan; to strike crushing blow on a weak point of a planetary satan to tell the truth, to give KNOWLEDGE.

Great Maitreya - God! Nasty Jehovah is devil.

As soon as Jehovah it is pushed out to Saturn, at once will stop opposition between the countries - leaders, and race of arms. Also there will come "Golden Age" under management Great Maitreya; there will be no borders between the states, aura of the Planet will accept primitive color - golden, deserts will disappear, the Earth will become covered green carpet. But all this we have to make, having increased consciousness under the Driving hand Great Maitreya.

Need on television to read books: 1.1. Exposure billionaire Georges Morgan (is incarnate pederast Jehovah). 1. 2. "Apocalypse (is consequence of board of the pederast Jehovah), or The answer is to the bugger Jehovah on his false Bible. 1.3. Reasons are and purposes World War II.

Create the telecast on THEOSOPHY and ESOTERICS; at once will depart from darkness sectarians. Because of them darkness overweight is.

To offer is the new Doctrine Live Ethics. On sites: http://maitreya-god.net http://theosophy-mm.net/ there are 21 volumes of books "Facets Agni Yogi's". These books are on sale in ICR (international center Rerichs). The Minister of Culture has to at schools to attract children to visit of this museum. The Russian Federation is OBLIGED to publish Main books of Pupils of Great Maitreya (E.P.Blavatsky, E. I. Rerich, B.N. Abramov); to offer people an imperial meal instead of soup.

Lift the Name of the Archangel Michael and his embodiment - Sergey of Radonezh; organize construction monuments, creation of movies, visit of the International center
Rerichs. Most of Muscovites dont know where there is the highest center of spirituality. It is necessary to create the movie about the museum Rerichs, - is spiritual education of people - first problem of the state on population education. Show three video on voytube: 1. Vishnu Puran. 2. ―Mahabharata. 3. Akbar and Dzhodha.

All actions of a devil are directed against Russia, her Patron is Lords of the Shambhala, and You, because You are from the Shambhala. Jehovah-devil knows that as a result of the economic and spiritual growth of Russia, - he has to leave our Planet. It isn't necessary wars; a lot of aggression is accumulated by the planet for explosion, - for this purpose and Jehovah-devil arranges revolutions. The World and EDUCATION for the population is necessary.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, You are obliged to help to forces Light, to which you belong. Wish you good luck for the benefit of Russia, also live long. With boundless respect to you and hope is. It isn't necessary wars; it is a lot of aggression accumulates the planet for explosion, - for this purpose also will organize Jehovah-devil revolutions. The World and education for the population is necessary. Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are obliged to help forces Light's to which you belong. Wish good luck for the benefit of Russia, and live long. With boundless respect for you and hope is.

P.S. Orthodoxy will suffice to creak an old door, grease at least door loops, easily to enter in new era of Great Maitreya.

Chapter 8. Devil Jehovah (pederast) said through his victims.
Doctor Konovalov S. S.
I want to bring to attention of the reader the analysis of books of Doctor Konovalov S. S. from Petersburg. Since the first and to the last volume, on a cover prayers are given. One of them: "Make me by the tool of your world The word the tool already bears aggression. To the reader, to the next victim of a devil, instruct to become his tool, i.e. to be at it on service. Having said this "prayer" of people it appears in tenacious claws of a satan. Try to get off it then. In Konovalov S. S. fifth book it is spoken: "Christianity is a false way, it is necessary most to become the Christ". Jehovah enclosed these words in lips of the doctor. It turns out - stand there, go here. What contradiction! Here Satanism is a way false also it isn't necessary to go this way, it conducts to death. Jehovah directed Jews on a crucifixion of the Christ and now wants to create to it similar, but under itself. Werewolf! Grabovoy already I was "the second coming of the Christ". Who following scoffer? It is curious, whether there was Doctor Konovalov Christos? Maybe it pacifies water elements, goes on a water smooth surface of the sea, cures people a hand touch, or people, concerning its aura, recover? Maybe it returned sight blind, revived the dead? Or it has pupils, and it to them imparted knowledge and Told how the Christ spoke to the pupils: "Patients cure, leprous clear, dead revive, demons expel; for nothing received, for nothing give" (Mat., ch.10/ 8)

Doctor Konovalov S. S. says, that tickets for his curative sessions stand so much, how many there are cheapest vitamins. But cost money, - anymore the Christ.

From my environment can call some people, whom the devil has forced to buy these books; when they gave up them, the devil punished these people: one died in a psychiatric clinic, another ran away from there in time, to the third the tree fell to the house, to the fourth destroyed fields of vision astral light, etc. All punishments go through the doctor K., which is the intermediary between a devil and the person. The Christ was the fiery Yogi, the intermediary between God and the person and costs one of steps of Hierarchy of Light. There were no obstacles for its movements to the Fiery World, interplanetary space and to spheres of our Planet.

Doctor Konovalov can't become a Christ by definition: "don't collect to itself treasures on Earth where moll and of rust exterminate is and where thieves undermine and steal"; but collect to itself treasures in the sky where moll, of rust doesnt exterminate and, thieves don't undermine and don't steal".

"... because, where treasure your, there will be and heart your" (Matf. ch. 6/ 19-21). The reason of all is the material interest of the doctor.

Konovalov S. S. didn't know, who with him says that it for energy. The devil "drove" it after work, by electric trains in suburban clubs where it carried out late "healing" sessions. Its late returns home (after three o'clock in the morning) were not to liking to his spouse, and created a charged atmosphere in a family. Therefore the devil involved to the bog and the wife with the son that in the house there would be "world". The doctor K. invited to the sessions of the professor the psychologist, who told it: "It is hypnosis". But the devil probably erased from memory of the Doctor K. words of the professor.

The doctor K. went on orthodox churches spoke with priests. "But also in church all not so, all not as is necessary! Anybody didn't tell it that with it the satan speaks. Konovalov S. S. carried out receptions of "parishioners", demanded from them a confession, but not all "parishioners" dared to dig in the unattractive past. Then a doctor . was very offended and required: "Or talk everything, or leave". Jehovah deliberately has attracted doctors to hearing of confessions, that all sins of patients to dump for it and to drag it in it are the swamp.

In one of the books Konovalov S. S. speaks: "That you don't speak, and we live once". Lie! Jehovah again enclosed in lips of the doctor these words because, Jehovah in all the embodiments made, or organized crimes, therefore developed dogma that, we live once what not to remember the embodiments. Possess of the doctor is the most negative essence on our planet, and not only! In all Solar systems on criminal actions, isn't present to it similar.

All the advantages - growth mind talent, the doctor K. received from God, for previous, light-' past life. He is the uncommon person but everything that received from God, threw to feet of a devil. "And what honor to put Me a wound, earlier give everything from Me received. But not to make to you it even if would put a liver and heart. How you will strike Given talent to you? The Hand, Given doesnt soil, because this dirt will address in your leprosy. Therefore our Brotherhood will read consciousness of gratitude therefore understand your advantage. I Will give strength to create kindly not money, but in the spirit of. Don't open casual books". - M.:

Material dependence - here than a devil buys weak consciousness. It is necessary to dump from it all unnecessary as "The tsarina the frog dumped from herself a skin, having become the tsarina.

Now we will address to S.S. Konovalov site. At once lines which serve, as though, as the motto of all its false philosophy: "From darkness, the spiral leaves Light of Life, Life appears, born. But to understand sources of life of the Universe and the Person, it is necessary to plunge into this spiral, so, through a ray of light and light of stars again to enter into darkness".

Jehovah enclosed this information in lips of the doctor K. Having perverted sense under itself, also confirmed words of the Christ told by the Jew: " your father devil"; "he is a liar and the father of lie" (John of ch. 8 /44).

Provide text from the book "Secret Doctrine" of E.P.Blavatsky, volume 1. "The central Sun is the World Monad, World Soul, the seventh principle, information for creation of all shown types of existence". "All of us left the Central Sun, and at the end of a cycle of existence of the Universe we come back". "The highest Spirit costs over the Central Sun are the Supreme Divine Essence, the Absolute of "Oeaohoo". Ray of light the Son of "Oeaohoo" younger (New life), the Born Light and Lives . Verb of Divine Thought is the Sound (Word)". "The son is reflection of the Father the Absolute".

"A darkness nature is Absolute Light therefore the Darkness is taken as suitable allegorical representation of a condition of the Universe during Pralaya, or Absolute rest, (a break between cycles of existence of the Universe)".

From books of the doctor it becomes clear that he doesn't realize who with it speaks and what energy it uses. The one, who speaks Konovalov S. S. lips, operates him, strongly couched in is mute the roots and took control of his consciousness. In one of books the doctor K. tells how on one of sessions, the fiery sphere flying on a hall, flew up to the cancer patient and began to push out it away. The doctor K. at first asked, and then demanded that his god - Jehovah devil left in a hall of the patient. Jehovah left, and all present were horrified by how the doctor with "god" safely speaks. Jehovah plays with the doctor, as a cat with a mouse for the time being. After an exit from a physical body, that is after death physical, the doctor K. will be attracted by Jehovah to himself in headquarters in New-York and will serve at it on parcels.

Jehovah will train it in "black magic" (evil making) and will force to execute orders. Especially as for an astral body there will be no obstacles in movement. Attendants of darkness call "flying at night". Jehovah devil to me attributed such two, trained them in the evil, - they offend me (hear their thoughts), do cuts on a body, pricks with introduction of various infections.

If at an astral something doesn't turn out, so Jehovah cruelly punishes them. Astral perceive thoughts, and from evil thoughts suffer. Saw once enraged Jehovah in his apartment, and on a floor the astral sat, the head having bent down to a floor. This is Jehovah with him finished for miscalculations in work. Its astral is slaves, attendants of the evil. Foot you won't stamp, ask and order, - only uncomplaining execution is accepted. The doctor K. will be such slave but, from each situation there is an exit, at the last moment before an exit from a body (before death) think, - with whom you want to be in the Thin World, with that and you will be.

Books of Doctor Konovalov S. S., as well as sect are recruitment to Saturn. Why to entice there people moreover to profit on "healing" sessions Possess was engaged in delivery of victims to the doctor; he describes a case when the sick woman didn't want to live and sat down on break, wishing to commit suicide. Suddenly she heard a voice: "Go to doctor Konovalov, - he will help". Jehovah instilled an idea a victim about suicide and then deleted from a sub consciousness - in this is his help", - trap! The science on dark service is even more terrible than religion.

If the doctor thinks that at this stage of obsession everything will end, he is mistaken, the following stage of obsession - entry of a devil into a body of the doctor and then death. The obsession is a falling, but too evolution but in case the person, having visited in the very bottom, after all will come up from a bog and will direct to Light, to the Sun in the Beam direction.

Parable from the Gospel about the prodigal son; the prodigal son returned, and the father suited him a feast. The father thought that he was gone, and he is live and returned! This parable about all of us, we, once have to regain consciousness and return to God.

At Pontius Pilate had a falling gave on a crucifixion of the Christ, having told: "I wash hands". It was discharged by it of responsibility. After the death he met the Christ in the Shambhala, and couldn't raise eyes from confusion (Daniel Andreev "Rose World").

Apostle Paul (embodiment of Teacher Illation), too was a falling, it denied the Christ the first three years after a crucifixion, and after became the ardent preacher of Christianity. Falling is too experience, information for God about acts of the person. But it is necessary to rise and direct to Light. Anybody except Konovalov S. S. won't pull out him from tenacious claws of a devil. It learned a devil, and now, having exempted from his pernicious embraces, will know God. Jehovah came to the world for a counterbalance to powers of Light that there would be no stagnation. And it turned out: "fly in the ointment". It exceeded the powers. Doctor Konovalov S. S. - is not the only victim devil; different types of obsession are applied by Jehovah.
The psychotherapist is A.M. Kashpirovsky.
"I am not a hypnotist and not the psychic Anatoly Mikhaylovich claimed. I am a psychotherapist. And itself I don't know how at me all this turns out. I speak to sleep and people fall asleep. I throw them on a floor they fall as knocked down: all see, all hear, all understand, but don't feel pain at all".
The devil applied hypnosis, using A.M.K. In times Alan Chumak (journalist) with the similar program has appeared. The devil has given them chance to earn and has proved, at the same time has enlisted them in the army. Kashpirovsky has lost properties which he didn't have. It was time of Gorbachev reorganization, before the collapse of the USSR. The devil Jehovah held performances: enuresis "treated", at stadium I humiliated people (Jehovah carried out similar in concentration camps people were grazed on a grass, as animals). During operation strip Kashpirovsky (Jehovah) has replaced an anesthesia with hypnosis (the woman I have debarred from voting and movements, and I haven't excluded pain), after she I have told several words to Kashpirovsky, but these words will go to the Karma of a devil sadist. The satan celebrated a commemoration for the USSR.
The murderer Jehovah to my husband on a leg (accompanied by terrible pains) blocked a vein twice that blood clot has developed. The purpose is me to leave one. After blood clot I have broken and I have floated in heart, and I have got stuck there for 10 months. At this time, in 2003 in the spring, A.M.K. has arrived to Dnieper. The husband has sent me to a session to learn A.M.K. possibilities. I have come a bit earlier, but the first rows have been already occupied. Sessions were free; probably A.M.K. hasn't been confident in the abilities. "Benefactor" has been dressed in black demonic clothes... He has invited to the stage of the palace group of people about 100 people and shouted: "To sleep, sleep, People didn't react and then he has begun to shout: "Lay down, lay down,.... All have laid down on the stage and so laughed, laughter has seized all halls. There was laughter. A.M.K. has turned to the hall and has shouted: "Fools, even borsch at the hostess not always successfully turns out". After the session Kashpirovsky has gone down to the hall, has given hands and old men from the first rows began to kiss them. It was the result of reorganization of the bag of wind M.S. Gorbachev; gate have been open for a devil for outfoxing of the population of the former Soviet Union by devilish sects and sessions of healing with hypnosis application. Why Jehovah to himself won't cure a wall on the left eye?

"Healer" S. N. Lazarev is.
In one from the books the author tells one case which has occurred in Leningrad. Parents HAVE BROUGHT to him on reception of the son; the diagnosis - cancer, the fourth stage. The healer without having listened to parents, and, without looking in the clinical record, called the exact diagnosis (it was the hint from Jehovah devil). Lazarev has told that he will cure, and called the payment sum. Parents have answered that if all of them sell not to collect such sum by him, and have left.

The devil itself looks for clients and prompts the diagnosis that people carried rumors about opportunities of "healer". Jehovah knew that parents have no money and that nobody will cure the patient, but lips of the healer has declared that he will cure. The material interest of S. N. Lazarev has written out to him the permit in a concentration camp to Saturn. Free cheese from a devil doesn't happen.

Let the Ukrainian healer N. A. Kasyan will be an example for all. His lips the devil, as we know, the werewolf speaks propagandizes devilish vision of space laws. Nikolay Andreevich was a healer from God; he didn't take money from patients, they, leaving an office, put money for a bedside table "who how many could" in gratitude for healing. Patients were brought in an office on a stretcher, and there were they on shank's mare. The healer on donations has constructed policlinic and hotel (that people didn't stand in a queue under the open sky). The folk healer of the USSR has died for a long time, having cured two million people. Nikolay Andreevich followed Christ's precepts: "Gift have received, for nothing give".

Larisa Toropova.
"Healer" is from Dnepropetrovsk. Jehovah at first has struck her with desires, later has thought up for her a new type of healings from all diseases. Under his dictation she has written the small brochure. The devil with Christ, as usual not on its own behalf attracts. In the text prayers and plots from damage and a malefic are given. The sorcerer Jehovah himself jinxed also a malefic, and then on behalf of L.T. saved. Larisa "called the UFO, newcomers of the distant worlds arrived, took away the client on the ship and diseases in an astral body treated". Having cured, returned to Larisa "the cured client". The UFO doesn't treat; visions were sent her by a devil. The ghoul Jehovah has given to Larisa the chance to earn, but business at her hasn't gone. Once I in the book market have got to talking with the seller, he has told me that L. T. - his schoolmate, ten years ago she has died. Jehovah has taken away her in the army.

In texts E.I. Rerich is information that all UFOs are very dangerous. If people read books by pupils of Great Maitreya, they would know that in the brochure by Larisa Toropova nonsense of a gray gelding of Jehovah.

There was in Russia a person with a surname Longo (pseudonym). Jehovah with him made experiments miracles. I lifted it over a floor on some centimeters, the truth of Doctor K. lifted Jehovah on the recovered route with car in which he sat with the wife, and I transferred via the car the refrigerator surprisingly everything that appeared on a highway. Longo played roulette and always won, he knew that him the devil operates, but didn't know that it is Jehovah. And then repented and went to Orthodox Church and it was christened. On the same day Longo found at home, on a floor, - died of a rupture of heart. Jehovah killed him the same energy what lifted over a floor. Longo had no protection! It is necessary the personal address to God, - WORSHIP!!

Priest Men.
Once read in the magazine history of murder of the orthodox priest by the name of Men. In an electric train the person with the woman to her mother on giving went to correct a fence and a gate. In a bag it had axe and a vodka bottle. Suddenly, without any reason to that, scandal inflamed between them, and the man jumped out of an electric train of earlier put stop. Got a vodka bottle, drank and went on a footpath forest. At this time priest of church orthodox Men went on morning service, having seen him, the person as by order of, got an axe, knocked the priest on the head and left. Men fell, blood-stained crawled to a gate of the arrival and died. there was a Jews; Jehovah couldn't forgive him worship the Christ whom Jehovah crucified. Men it was respected by parishioners and I was the author of many works, - heard that he had to head the Russian spiritual academy.

Writer is Nikolay Gogol.
Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol was possessed by the devil Jehovah. Under hypnosis Jehovah had afflicted them masturbating. It was a time of fasting; the writer conscience. To atone
for his sin and be cleansed, it; nobody transferred so much slander and persecutions, as these true Saviors of a human race. Bodhisattva left all founders of kingdoms, religions, philosophies, sacred.

The ardent opponent of Michael the Archangel Jehovah an angel outcast, an angel fallen, Antichrist (in the first value). He is became hard to fast and got sick from exhaustion. For visit of the temple and repentancee the devil sent him the idea that he was buried alive, and that was that. Perversions recruit Jehovah. The occult a literature work "Viy" from Jehovah; to read a book and see a film harmful. Usually the devil deprives of life of the victims, adhering to the figures: 11, 13, 18, 42. Years of life N.V.Gogol 31March 1809 4 March 1852 = 42e. 11m., 27 days.

Vyacheslav Nevinny.

There was at theater an evening, the "Skit" devoted to Vyacheslav Nevinss 70 anniversaries. On a scene in a role rabbi hero of the anniversary acted: it is was dressed in the long black coat, on the head black hat it is pulled over a forehead and long side-curls ringlets hanged down to the shoulders. V. Nevinny, slightly hopping, told drawlingly couplets. The sense was such: the Jew to New-York, Berlin, Moscow, Tel Aviv etc. arrives, comes to a ladder plane and everyone time says words: "It is my Homeland". Operator directed a lens on group of Jewish-actors; among them sat slightly in a half of turn Konstantin Raikin. A look and a look - is full offenses and indignation. "The secret mystical doctrine of Judaism" consists of five books. The second book Zokhar" (the letter "g" is said deafly as Ukrainian, sometimes call "Zokhar"). "Zokhar" is magic. The magic is one; if to apply to good is white magic, if in the evil black magic. Gathered strictly certain quantity rabbis (black magicians), integrated one evil thought-revenge against V. Nevinny also sent it to Jehovah. This materializes all thoughts if there is no protection, - WORSHIP God, Great Maitreya. The actor got sick with diabetes: at first one foot was cut off, and then and the second. To this evil taught rabbis main planetary villain is Jehovah-devil. Saturn - is requital to all villains and impious. Vyacheslav Nevinny (on November 30, 1934 - on May 31, 2009) - the people's artist of the USSR, died silently, in a dream. He was 75 years old. On numerology science sum of figures 2009 =2+9 =11 - number of Jehovah-devil.

Sigmund Freud.
The book is Freud's "Leonardo yes Vinci" (an embodiment N. K. Rerich). The character of the book was genius and the great worker; it in perfection mastered twelve most difficult professions, and Freud on one thousand pages exaggerates the same black thought-the slander, attributing to Leonardo yes Vinci about facts. Pederast Jehovah Z. Freud was the black magician and carried out the order of a planetary satan which knew that Leonardo yes Vinci an embodiment from the Shambhala.

Jehovah and Platon in the book "the Dialogue" attributed to their low-lying properties. Platon was a thinker, Teacher, philosopher. The basis of the theory of knowledge of Platon is the delight of love to the idea. Ascension is from corporal love to love in the area of souls and to area of the true ideas. This knowledge was interpreted as a remembrance of souls on their heavenly homeland. Love the idea leads to spiritual ascension. He had a Muse on the
Subtle plane. Platonic love is a spiritual, heart. Platon is ascetic.

Jehovah by the hand of Z.Freud wrote books in which he slandered the representatives of the forces of Light and promoted sexual perversion. Pederast Jehovah thankful" to those, who takes his repulsive tasks: doing promotions, delivers mistresses, guardian in marriage, destroys families and corrupts all the victims sexually. For service to Jehovah was erected Freud in high rank and blessed with wealth. But, not for long music played...

Z. Freud - a victim of the devil, Rakshas (demon), born into a poor large family. Received higher education is physician therapist. He snorted cocaine and smoked 20 cigars a day. He dreamed to become the rich. Who is this Viennese Professor, attributed all of humanity's basest instincts? Who is he supposedly proved that every man feels attracted to his mother, and every woman subconsciously wants to share a bed with your father? How at him was with all this muck?"Freud knocked up the bride son married her. The young wife had cohabited with both and having children by them. His mistress was the sister of his wife. When her daughter turned 12, dad and daughter seduced. The devil Jehovah lowered shrink to their level. Freud - is author of the book of Jehovah "Protocols of the elders of Zion". His analysis mixed with a devilish black magic. Freud made in his diaries about 25 thousand records. All the archives bequeathed to his beloved daughter the mistress (gay either). Access to some of the letters will be allowed after 2102. The archive is stored in the United States, in the library of "Congress" And why not with relatives? Jehovah hid! In secret letters have information about the devil; because Jehovah punished Freud's cancer? Mouth in the sky had grown a wart; 33 operations have not helped. From his mouth came the unbearable stench, he decided to turn down clients and relatives. All the money spent on treatment. And his end, he identified himself: Doctor Freud at his request gave him a lethal dose of morphine. This option of withdrawal from life, Freud suggested that all but became the first hostage to his theory of suicide! He left behind a portrait and archive. All possessed of Jehovah go from a life accompanied by unbearable suffering.

Wolfe Messing.
V. Messing at ten-year age from Poland arrived to Germany and became S. Freud's pupil. All miracles which happened to it on the way went from Jehovah. He trained the next black magician for the Kremlin, personally for Stalin. Iosif Vissarionovich very much loved mysticism and accepted him, but was warned from the astral plan and the devil miscalculated.
On the screen of television there were movies: Wolfe Messing, G. Rasputin and Adolf Hitler (incarnate Jehovah). The Owner of Land advertizes the obsessed! Who following, whose thoughts, words and actions Jehovah "propagandizes disgrace miracles", breaking God's precepts and laws of the state.

Actress is Larisa Luzhina.
Actors culture carriers, are to forces Light. It appears, in spiritual value, they - the weakest link. To tell: "Spiritual ignoramuses", it will be too delicate. Statement Larisa Luzhina in the address Vanga and Matrona, means - to put all on the contrary.Before giving an interview, it is necessary to know about them. The black magician and the sorcerer Jehovah has undertaken an outfoxing of actors. Once I write article, he right there in reply soils the false text. On television devil has opened channels where his obsessed (the victims of material dependence) broadcast a lie. Some writers, scientists, actors are enlisted to Saturn. Beware of a devil! Look for protection at God!!!

Vanga was the light embodiment. She obtained all information from Ioann Silver-tongued orator (Gols lips). Before the significant embodiment in the circumsolar sphere (a kingdom God's) give (fluids (information) on consciousness of the person on childlessness; therefore Vanga had no children. The church hasn't accepted her because the church itself was and is under a press of the main sorcerer Planet the pederast Jehovah. Matrona - Jehovah (properties: satan and the devil). There is no human activity where the Werewolf Jehovah has got to pervert the Truth. Even I have got into space and gives false information about planets of Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala and Teacher Kut Humi (Jesus). After the Golden Age all who worship Great Maitreya will be moved on stand-alone planets Uranium and the Neptune; they will be provided with energy from the Central invisible Sun above which there is an Absolute, Supreme. Saturn is naked planet and three gaseous rings. The kernel pours as a sand block. Saturn consists of land and methane (instead of water) gas poisonous, explosive and affects nervous system.

Ksenia Sobchak.
K.Sobchak has been invited to the Moscow telecast. To invited there were sharp condemnations of her "creativity", and is concrete House 2". Her transfers are immoral, a promotion of masturbation and casual sexual communications. On her have given is in court for immoral influence on younger generation. She causes an allergy in the audience; there are too many her, flashes on all TV channels. Sobchak you will confuse with nothing. She has declared that she prefers freedom in everything; for example, that she is engaged in bathing masturbation. Also I have asked the leader: "And you are engaged"?

Her lips the devil spoke; he decomposed it sexual perversions for transfer in the army. He needed the person working at television. Jehovah at first will lower the pervert to the level, and then will force to serve. He attracts to execution of crimes rakshas (demons or demonesses).
The interrelation with a devil lasts from the last embodiments. Her used for distribution of rumors against the President Russia is. The group of rakshass-demons still continues to chew this duck, and has laid the foundation for rumors K. Sobchak. Who is she such to take bad part in the fate of people in general, and, especially, not her rank?

Neither appearance, nor education K. Sobchak is her advantages for telecasts. All her television programs (material benefits) from a devil. Her husband (Vitorgan is a son) himself doesn't understand why he married her; TV program Yu.M. to that confirmation. For the first time have seen K.Sobchak is in confusion and confusion from questions of the leader and answers of her husband.

Everything occurring is in her private life devil gratitude for service. All, who to him is serve, will be attracted to him before leaving to Saturn. From K.Sobchak the obsession virus proceeds. She has to think that she waits for her in 2046, perhaps and for ten years there will be Jehovah's leaving to Saturn to the army earlier!!!
The actress Elena Denisova is (Ukrashchyonok).
On TV there was a transfer about "God's" activity of the actress. From her lips there were revelations about her freedom in the relations. Once she has heard a voice of "god" who has twice repeated: "I am". Since then she has allowed itself installation to devote her to service to "god". The devil with her spoke to use her for recruitment of people to Saturn. And the husband (propertied) to her was found by a devil with a certain purpose! And dictates verses to her to lift prestige of the Bible though itself I called the book ABSURDITY. And "Discussion" with praise the devil has organized, and telecasts for spread of a virus of a lie devilish. Drugs are obsession from Jehovah's devil. The devil has created a group of addicts and then "saves" to drag off all to Saturn. It is necessary to save people, increasing consciousness, - it is necessary to give Knowledge from God. Elena has an obsession, - a devil virus is hypnosis. Here, to what leads spiritual ignorance of the person. All Boundlessness worships the One, Who Has created Planet' on whom there live people. The first Archangel is the Creator Planet of ours and everything that lives and breathes on her. The Owner of land has seeded on Earth of perverts, fornication, drugs, fraud, violence and a lie.
Gays in the Russian show business - site.

Among the listed persons on the website there is not enough main Pederasto of our Planet, who applying hypnosis, lowered them to the level the Owner of land Jehovah (the pervert, the swindler and the murderer falling steps). Some Gays openly said that they are struck with HIV infection. On the website the gay gigolo is allocated separately, he leases the rectum for money a main type of its earnings; he suggested Vitlaina to Ts-R to bring the child to be examined on HIV infection. Say, to be sure that the child will be born healthy. But, he is not going to marry Vitlaina. Vitlaina bought to him the vacation package "A cruise in this world". Women is an auxiliary view of its earnings. Perverts, swindlers and murderers is the victims of a devil of Jehovah also live according to his scenario; one of types of recruitment in its army. The demon Jehovah is a cesspool. Gays are worms srev from a devil cesspool.

Irina Tarasova is the next victim of a devil of Jehovah.
Jehovah has arranged everything that I have met Ira. Was told astrals gays that she will write about me the book Jehovah warns that didn't publish the books. During communication with her, she has told that she read books by Alice Bailey (on dark service), has thrown out books by E.P. Blavatsky, dirty used foul language and offended E.P.B. She has touched Hierarchies Light; I am obliged to bring to reason her. Note ignoramuses: E.P.B. has died in 60 years of chaste. Two of her marriages were properties. E.P.B. has written the book "The Exposed Izida" under the leadership of the Teacher Kut Humi. He has shown her movies from space about Lemuria. E.P.B. needed to write what she saw. In these movies the space has imprinted Jehovah's copulation with dinosaurs and generation of monkeys, - the main reason why Jehovah has slandered E.P. Blavatsky in Christianity.
Ira's lips the demon Jehovah spoke and she thinks what the father of her son tells with her. The devil pours in slops in her brains, and she pours out of a mouth on those, who have exposed Jehovah. She doesn't hear a voice but only a thought. The obsession has begun more than twenty years ago. Such people need to be isolated from society because through them the devil hires others to Saturn. Ira already the candidate and she bring up two grandsons! The devil has inspired in family of the son to separate from Ira, - to buy the apartment. Lonely the victim it is easier to operate. For edification of all: "Says goodbye, except insult of Hierarchy Light". E.P. Blavatsky costs on one of Hierarchy steps, and she is Schoolgirl Great Maitreya.
For edification of all: "Everything says goodbye, except insult of Hierarchy Light". It is easier to operate the lonely victim. For edification of all: Says goodbye is everything, except insult of Hierarchy Light. E.P. Blavatsky costs on one from steps of Hierarchies, and she is Schoolgirl Great Maitreya. To me there was a vision: the old fat rat creeps up to me, in the right forepaw the metal detail sparkles. I have removed from my mobile phone number of Ira.
Gay Vasiliy Marcovich Margolis.
(Serves the versatile person pervert Jehovah a devil).
More than forty years to that the employee of the Kharkov institute of municipal services (Vasiliy Marcovich) has gone to Georgia (Kobuleti) to have a rest and find to himself the partner for sexual joys. I have found the young Georgian (Niyaz Tokidze) of pleasant appearance and have suggested him to help to enter the institute. The young man was delighted and has agreed. (Jehovah has sent Vasiliy behind the next victim; the devil already had Niyaz on a hook). The teacher lived one in the one-room apartment and has retained the young man on permanent residence, using him according to the destination. The young man after institute has got acquainted with the girl, the blue-eyed blonde, met her and after a while they have got married. The girl lived in the hostel therefore the teacher after the wedding has invited them to him. In the first marriage night the bride have put on a folding bed, and have settled together on a sofa.
Over time at young people two sons were born; they have bought the apartment cooperative, but the habit forced Niyaz to run to the old libertine. When at young people the first son was born, the gay Vasiliy went to maternity hospital to take away the wife (the passive partner) with the child as "friend of the family". As I already told that Jehovah has put to me two astrals, they harm and torment me.
It appears, Vasiliy is that teacher. They on days are on duty and don't leave me for a second. Vasiliy serves now a devil Jehovah who has lowered him below a plinth. The astral itself was presented that it is a gay! At astrals the speech rough and abusive they also talk smut intricately. I have defined at once that they are Russian-speaking Jews-demons, Russophobes and the beginning of their decomposition goes since Lemuria. I shamed them as God's traitors. Vasiliy Markovichs' murder was organized by Jehovah, he was necessary for him in an astral body for execution of his crimes. Also the gay Vasiliy left four passbooks, the gold watch and the apartment. Have expelled him from institute for bribes, he was in selection committee. It is told: "You don't save ". Here such army at the Owner of land, Jehovah devil. And recently instead of the gay Vasiliy his partner Niyaz (he has died from cancer throats in terrible tortures in the spring in 2014) has come and too I have begun to harm me. I have started talking to him, but he hasn't answered and hasn't come any more; it was a shame, or I didn't want that the relatives have learned in what foul place he has appeared after death; in New-York in an astral body serves a devil. Perhaps, the devil has recalled him that I haven't dragged him to God. Niyaz has got under influence of darkness. Jehovah rough is and ruthless to the victims. Therefore Margolis asked to help to remain on Earth. All relatives, whose children have got under sexual hypnosis of the gay Jehovah, I ask to carry out collective prayers with the address to Great Maitreya (Divine Christ) with a request to leave on Earth of victims of hypnosis of a devil of Jehovah.

Zombie Astral is Jehovah's victim.
Jehovah pursued Melania long ago. He material wanted to attract with her miracles, but at him it hasn't turned out. He revenges Melania for the fact that she has rejected him.
Once she has gone to Orthodox Church with a raspberry basket. Before an entrance to the temple the devil has brought down her from legs black energy; she has fallen, the basket has flown away aside and all raspberry was scattered. To her have helped to rise, and she has come into the temple, became at icon lamps and has fainted (Jehovah sends black energy to a cinciput and the person is disconnected). Now she is afraid to go to the temple. Then Jehovah has organized robbery of her apartment; have taken away everything that was of some value. The devil has sent to Melania four hernias to a vertebra, now she goes with two sticks for a support. The devil has made her the disabled person. That finally I have forced to finish her to take away to myself elder sister in 2014.
At the station Jehovah black energy has brought down elder sister from legs; she has fallen, there was a craniocereberal trauma with big loss of blood. One eye at elder sister blind, and another has covered with blood. On the way called an ambulance crew twice. On arrival home she was hospitalized. The sister was treated and everything was normalized. For relatives elder sister was the father and mother, a magnet in the field of good and cares.
But the devil has thought up the new evil for Melania. He has sent to the sister a disease a mumiization; the sister was magnificent, and later has dried out: the head about a cam. Liquid (water from the gross weight of a body makes 80%) has departed from an organism, food in transit leaves without delay. Doesn't hold the head, can't sit, doesn't see, doesn't hear and recognizes nobody. The sister has turned into a mummy; the bones fitted by skin. Melania has already become exhausted, looking after the sister.
Once the sister wanted to get up from a sofa, Jehovah has pushed her with black energy; she has fallen and has broken a tibial bone of the right leg. Since then she lay delirious 7 months; to her has twirled legs on a spiral, and she raved: "Mother, my legs cut off, take away me to you".
Jehovah is the ghoul and the murderer; I have thought up other punishment. He has sent the astral trained by a devil of black magic, to sorcery and crimes. The astral sent to the sister to rectum black energy, and intestines were instantly exempted from excrements. The astral covered with excrements a blanket, a sheet and a pillow. It was every time within 7 months; Jehovah kept the sister in a hypnotic dream with breaks in time (confirmation to that is the movie from space). Melania's son every time transferred the patient on hands for bathing. When the sister was asked: "Why you cover all with excrements? - It not I . - And who? I don't know
Astrals are invisible to our sight, but they see us.
In two weeks prior to the death of elder sister the devil has filled intestines with black energy to the full and contents, of several kilograms, instantly came to a bed. The zombie Astral has covered with excrements the sister from legs to the head: face, hair, neck, shoulders, hands, pillow, and bed. The last two weeks the sister was in drowsiness; I didn't eat, I didn't drink, but the devil didn't allow her to die. From her urine constantly exuded, Melania should have changed constantly laying and sheets. Elder sister was exactly 90 years old in day of leaving to the Thin Worlds. (Gratitude to God that He Has accepted elder sister to me).

But, for Melania hell hasn't ended: The astral covered the handle of an entrance door, set fire to a door, brings infections in a nose and a mouth that causes terrible inflammation of the top airways.
The elder brother of Melania has had a stroke. There has instantly arrived the service from CHABAD: two doctors and four nurses cajoled its. Slavic is family! To CHABAD has no relation. Means, Jehovah has provoked a stroke, or it wasn't at all. The devil hires all relatives of Melania to Saturn. (I don't enter a name of an astral, it is a pity for parents and at Melania other name).
Have presented to the woman the book by E.P. Blavatsky, "the Secret Doctrine", Jehovah right there to her I have organized a divorce with the husband. Her mother has twice read their, the devil has sent her to a vertebra 4 hernias. To execute the person, the devil looks for a weak point.
Worship of the Great Lord of Shambhala - a guarantee of protection against a devil. God with us always, if we is with Him!
If at least one sectarian leaves sect, or the orthodox priest will refuse the false Old Testament, distortions in the New Testament, there is a hope: "There will be a shift in consciousness of mankind".
The pedophile - pederasto Semyon Shneyder (zealous flatterer of the tireless virtuoso-pervert of Jehovah-devil). In the morning an astral demon from Jehovah came and followed me on the heels of the bank, and then to the editor. Along the way he insulted me, and when I got home I lay down on the couch and fell asleep, I heard in my sleep how the drill worked in a healthy tooth, I immediately woke up. The astral to me astral drill drilled tooth. This was taught to him by Jehovah the Devil - he has experience of using this method in concentration camps during the Second World War. The astral demon put a chip in my tooth, this tooth got out of the gum about 3 mm. The doctor barely pulled out a healthy tooth with three white roots. I took him home, washed it and looked at it with a magnifying glass. The seal is sealed on top, and a metal wire with a diameter of one millimeter is visible at the gum itself. Four teeth have already removed. At removal the doctor broke the fifth. The devil is afraid of exposure. Astral, pedophile-pederast, Simon Schneider, Ukrainian little-known theater actor; I saw in one film in an episode at the Dovzhenko film studio. Educated: he knows English and there is music education. It was worth getting education to be a drug addict, die from AIDS and serve Jehovah the Devil - to do evil to those whom Jehovah could not control. Semyon is especially cruel: he spoiled the vacuum cleaner, washing machine, put the pregnant caterpillar in the ear and brings the infection into the ear, mouth and other openings with his hands ... Makes cuts and injections on the body with the introduction of infections. Curses and swears.
It is programmed by Jehovah; he is the uncomplaining performer of devilish thoughts, a victim. He can withdraw from it if he turns to Maitreya for help, even at the last minute before leaving for Saturn.
During the Soviet era, the sport was on the rise. In Vinnitsa at that time competitions were held on skiing. I was part of a women's group. In the hotel we were told that there are no places, but there is a private sector (the administrator gave the opportunity to earn their relatives). Our group went to the address indicated. In the courtyard there were shacks with flat roofs, a typical Jewish courtyard. We were settled in two small rooms without conveniences; the inside was clean and warm. Only we lay down to sleep, as the mistress came and asked "to help the child to solve the problem." They entrusted me. I was taken to another shack. A fifth-grader was sitting at the table, a fat man with large features. It was Simon Schneider. Could then assume that he will grow from a pervert and a masochist; made him so Jehovah. Pedofilo-pederast Semyon Schneider has been sent to the world that genital body perversions (oral and anal sex) to hire children to Saturn. Semyon is obsessed, he does not realize this. Two demons: Vasiliy and Semyon, evil and vindictive (the reflection of the main demon - Jehovah), torment and torment me. This is how Jehovah approves his presence on Earth. Consciousness is conscience, a disk overhead, ENERGY. The subconscious is memory, energy. Jehovah knows the Earth's energy well; he removes the energy of the victim by the power of thought, replacing them with others.
Sect of Mormons.
The Mormons created by invisible influence of Jehovah represent reflection of a condition of the state of Israel before Jesus Christ's receipt. At Mormons the pedophilia prospers. Men of 42 - 62 years marry 12 summer girls, children of Mormons. In families of Mormons children (the brother and the sister) till 12 years marry. Laws of the USA do not extend to Mormons because all haves are Mormons. Those, who on silliness have got to sect of Mormons, have left them; give interview about the lawlessness reigning in sect. Jehovah is engaged in decomposition of mankind daily hurries. He in "Revelation" has told that there was not enough time. People, be vigilant!

Svetlana Peunova.
Here appeared one more victim Jehovah - Svetlana Peunova. This time Jehovah devil, that to cover the crimes and it rehabilitate sent thoughts S. Peunova on shimmer and reptiles. Impostor is Peunova declared me schoolgirl Maitreya. Great Maitreya is the pure spring sparkling in the Sun. Jehovah is cesspool with the hearts teeming in it. That become the schoolgirl Great Maitreya such, as E. P. Blavatsky the millennia are necessary. At S. Peunova is obsession devil and tells it lips planetary demon. As worn out plate, - on all rollers of the tale of reptiles. And here aliens, which came to our planet to Sumer (Chaldea). Aliens knew that in it the area there is a lot of gold and delivered them mechanisms, using shimmer, as slaves for gold mining. All UFOs - are very dangerous. But leave reptiles and shumer‗s. On our Planet is own planetary satan, devil is big reptile. In total, that S. Peunova showed in the rollers is created only in our "house" Earth. The devil uses S. Peunova for advertizing of sexual perversions. The analysis of a spiritual state is carried out mankind. Anywhere such the evils in space aren't present, only ablation such decomposition, - it is result of creation rotten consciousness planetary demon Jehovah.

With Peunova is the tool in hands devil Jehovah. He also created party "Will, that to direct all negative Russian. Who doesn't want to fall into clutches a devil, you leave this party. S. Peunova already candidate for Saturn. And I think:"Who advances S. Peunova on the Internet?" There is a devil!

Peunova not schoolgirl Maitreya, it in it was inspired by Jehovah. She didn't read E. P. Blavatsky, E. I. Rerich, B.N. Abramov. Also didnt understand New Testament. Christ spoke to Jews about Jehovah (Joann, 8/44). Jehovah all make against Russian. The main thing, wants to put the economic and spiritual the devil organizes opposition to Russian President B.B.Putin. Jehovah knows what force this leader! Satan wants to cause economic and spiritual harm Russia.
Great Maitreya on the Thin Plan, terrestrial Shambhala and President Russian V. Putin work in a uniform rhythm - hold the world on the Planet.
There is a roller on VOY TUBE with a question: "Why in opposition one Jews?" Because they worship is to Jehovah-devil. And a devil is the enemy of Russia and our Patron the Great Maitreya. Jehovah uses Jew; all opposition against V. V. Putin is from the Owner of land. On the Internet there is a demonic embodiment from Jehovah which is pushed by T. Mikushin‗s and S. Peunovs. People, be vigilant, and dont listen to nonsense about reptiles and the Schumers through rollers from S. Peunova. Reptiles is fog from Jehovah; the task of a devil to give advertizing of sexual perversions through rollers from S. Peunova.

Larisa Guzeeva.
Leading the prodram "let's get married" works in the darkness, advertising of sexual desire and calls it experience. It promotes fornication. Each gives an estimate: "There is the experience of no experience". She puts himself as an example listing your contacts is. The one who tells about himself, loses its magnetism, is not interesting to communicate. The program of the devil, soon Larissa will promote sexual perversion and same-sex marriage; she has come to the attention of the devil, Jehovah! A weak mind reacts to the material dependence. The reason is spiritual ignorance. Do not overload the space with words, not bearing semantic load for the expansion of consciousness. Your children are under the eye of your words. The law of Karma - the exact Space Scales, the punishment will get the scale of the investigation.

Elena Malysheva.
The program "Live is healthy" was created for the destruction of the culture of the Russian people. This program is for purely obsessed with the devil, the Jehovah of the Jews. At one of transfers was present the rabbi, the leader (under his control), told how it is useful to circumcise and have approached the girl, have lifted a cowl neck and have pulled together it over the head, representing have collected the end of body as the model, and the end of a collar in a bunch for "trimmings".
It was necessary to simplify the visual aid with the help of male Jews. The physical body of the first people for and lunar demons were created by the devil Jehovah, why he did not provide a body without skin? Because the skin is protects body from damage. Circumcision is the mark of the devil, enrollment in the ranks of the Jews to be sent to Saturn. E. Malysheva advised to relieve sexual tension to use Masturbation (also recruitment). Her mouth said the devil Jehovah. The Owner of the Land, with a wife regularly engaged in masturbation. For all kinds of perversions Karma rewarded his underdeveloped body of a (space all shoots). All obsessed should be removed from television programs.

Benjamin Krem
Its site is Jehovah's order. Maitreya in the middle of the twentieth century Went to the Thin World and Stays on the highest point of the Thin Sphere. Only with the pupils, which Conducts in the millennia It Keeps in contact? Maitreya Possesses such power that approach to It can burn the person. It any interviews never, gave anybody. Great Maitreya is the Lord of seven intimate Beams; it means clairvoyance and clairluhear seven plans Universe, and even Supreme Absolute deities.

"On the most ancient precepts of the Lord of the Shambhala battles with satan but this fight, first of all, is in thin spheres. Here Lord of the Shambhala works through the terrestrial soldiers, but Itself is available to contemplation only in rare instances Emergence It in Fiery Shape for many it would be destructive, because Aura Him is strained energy of extraordinary force".

Foolish Jehovah is tireless on inventions for spiritual ignoramuses. Books and lectures B. Cream can perceive only pensioners from sects where they go to doze and communicate. None of Teachers of the Shambhala can't support communication with people and climb down mountains to lowlands without consequences. Because of different vibrations they can are ill. Benjamin Cream is the candidate for Saturn. Benjamin is the Jewish name.

Probably, and in antecedents it served a planetary demon. Benjamin Krem should ask Great Maitreya to protect him from a devil temptation. In the book "Apocalypse" is prayers. In one of them it is told: "Father Heavenly (Great Maitreya) Don't leave in temptation also Deliver from the evil one (Jehovah).
These sites for Benjamins: 1. Site - http://maitreya-god.net/
Site - http://jehovah-devil.net / at night transferred on site this text and went to bed was before in the morning me Jehovah. Repeatedly repeat: "Disappear evil spirit!!! And not only is from me, but also from everything Slavs space. Don't touch my Homeland! People, be vigilant, you leave sects, don't come under influence Jehovah-devil. For each text against darkness receive pricks, cuts with introduction of infections. In army of a devil all decay is collected the planetary. Also Jehovah does them such.

Our God Maitreya, Supreme, Father of the Universe, worship to It and you hold balance.
S. Peunova words about Maitreya are a trick of a devil. I feel sorry for these women.

I went to a diocese of our city to the ecclesiastic to whom gave two rollers for viewing. On mine whether the question looked his rollers, he answered, that looked and told: "But what has relation to it Orthodoxy?" - The church father told: We study only The New and Old Testament, - it, speaks, - our past". The Old Testament is the chronicle of Jews, rakshas, and only! Jehovah devil has no relation to creation of Slavs. The Old Testament is Judaism; author is demon of Jews, demigod Jehovah (devil and satan). Why you sell Bible in the church shop? What do you propagandize? If God of Orthodoxy is Christ, it Doctrine is Christianity. And all worshipping to Christ - is Christians.

And as Jews are called, Witnesses of Jehovah and other sects, veiled under Christ, which worship to planetary satan? And that it represents book of damnations, threats and executions, preceding from the planetary the satan called the Old Testament? Satanism!!!

Left from a diocese with thought that is correctly told in "Agni Yoga facets", that Christians over time will depart in darkness. And think that with such level spiritual education, as at fathers of church, they already there, but, while, don't realize it. Church father had to as citizen of a planet, even not having spiritual education, having looked at Jehovah's roller in prisons, to be terrified to its crimes. And having looked at a roller of Maitreya, to reflect, to whom the Christianity serves?

Synagogues are in prisons of Russia.
In Russia, in the territory of camps build synagogues for prisoners, attracting with Christ then to impose Jehovah as "father" Christ. And Orthodoxy criminally is silent. And after all it too our citizens also it is necessary to be responsible for them.

Valeriy Kubarev.
Jehovah devil is tireless on wrecking methods against Russia; have decided to create chaos in the state. Valery Kubarev is obsessed of Jehovah, has organized "The civil Movement on creation of the new subject of the Russian Federation - Great Russia on historical Russian lands with the capital in the city of Vladimir". The satan has inspired in Kubarev idea that he is descendant Rurikovs, has enclosed in memory (sub consciousness) and the victim takes devilish thoughts for the. Kubarev has bought a single-breasted coat with "signs of imperial difference" and sits in imperial" chair. It would be ridiculous if it wasn't so tragic. Into consideration Kubarev': exactly Ruriks accepted a devil Jehovah " God" for Kyiv Rus under the name of Svarog. Rusichi always worshiped to God of a Sun Ra, Archangel Michael. Druzhina Nikitich released Rus from a devil Svarog' and Rusichi again chose for itself Giving God - the First Archangel.

This society offers me the long-term credit for 15 years under 2% per annum. The sum is within 4 million Euros. Smells slightly of a satan... To the USA there is an election campaign and Americans stick posters: "Putin in Presidents! Russia has been given the cleverest President of the planet. Who Has given to Russia such leader? Great Maitreya, Lord of Shambhala, Patron of Russia!

Thoughts, worship are energy, the sent to a deity, your selective voices in support of God and his program of a world order. Worship is the ballot. Address all people of the Planet: "Accept the Doctrine of Living Ethics" which Great Maitreya through the Pupils Has Given: E. P. Blavatsky, E. I. Rerich, B. N. Abramov.

Jehovah-devil is tireless on wrecking methods against Russia; decided to create chaos in the state. Valery Kubarev is obsessed Jehovah organized "The civil Movement on creation of the new subject of the Russian Federation - Great Russia on historical Russian lands with the capital in the city of Vladimir". The satan inspired in Kubarev idea, enclosed in memory (sub consciousness) and the victim takes devilish thoughts for the. To the USA there is election campaign and Americans stick posters: In Presidents Putin"! Russia was given the cleverest President plane. Who Gave to Russia such leader? Great Maitreya, Lord of the Shambhala, Patron of Russia!

I bought this book for the third time; after reading the devil warned me vision with threat to bring down by lorry. Space, destroy information of the pederast Jehovah! Thoughts, worship, are energy, the sent to a deity, your selective voices in support of God and his program of a world order. Worship is the ballot. Address to all people of the Planet: "Accept the Doctrine of Living Ethics" which Great Maitreya through the Pupils Gave: E.P.Blavatsky, E.I. Rerich and B.N. Abramov.

Chapter 9. False sects and the websites from Jehovah.
Sect "New Tantra School"
(Shool of kinds of sexual contacts is of a name of the pederast Jehovah).
Jehovah devil exercises the wit in obsession methods. "Recruitment to Saturn" continues. In Kiev Igor Godulyanov has organized the New Tantra School. He has 4 websites.

The author offers rollers which propagandize "demonic culture", permissiveness. On the screen run naked, on a glade "cling to each other with participation". The words "you love each other" make sense spiritual; warm, but not the animal relations. Igor is an intermediary between a devil and young people who are delivered to it by Jehovah. All of them are under hypnosis. On the site the name of the demigod of Indra (generation of a devil), the word SATATAHIZM, the swastika detaining evolution which was carried by fascists of Germany and "teacher" from Kailas of Osho appears (Ivan ). Kailas is the mountain on Tibet, a den of powers of darkness, - sorcerers (shamans) on Tibetan Dug-pa. On Kailas Ivan wasnt his pederast Jehovah of the house larded devilish heresy and gave a moniker of "Osho", - monk (Sanskrit). On Kailas these Osho is - thousands. Later Jehovah has spread around them in the USA and now and we have Osho - Ivan Gusakov, Igor Godulyanov "teacher". Igor got university education in Dnepropetrovsk. Schools Rerich doesn't exist, that taught him Osho - a devilish demonic nonsense. Godulyanov already in Moscow holds forums. Delivers clients to it - is Jehovah devil.

Now all this group of young people let will try to get rid of darkness. That with them the devil does deserves compassion and application of measures governmental for elimination of this sect. Youth a gene pool of the state and the government has to protect it from influence of evil spirits. The name of Osho appears is in sites of false Buddhists.
Is it sent this text to the reception President of Ukraine, V. F. Yanukovych? Soon there was in the press about it article. It served as the reason of exile of V. F. Yanukovych. The pederast Jehovah whispered to the Freedom party leader who doesn't give to Ukraine independence and organized a Maiden by means of obsessed and gave the green street to parade of Gays; all attendants of darkness - candidates for Saturn.

That to practice Yoga, the main it is necessary to gain knowledge from the Great Teacher from the Shambhala about Hierarchy Light' and darkness. True YOGAS exclude sex from the life, conduct the ascetic's life. Ascetic: sexual energy (kundalini) from a tailbone is lifted on the channel of a vertebra in spiritual heart. Since then exists only warm love, spiritual to the Teacher, to God. Food: vegetable food and dairy. Absolute balance! Only the Great Teacher from the Shambhala can lift kundalini. If before term kundalini to lift, the person will get sick and will die.

"Yoga" from the pederast of Jehovah devil and his generation - Indra which enters into the coalition of a devil, - the planetary decay, evil spirits, and filth preaching sexual perversions is recruitment to Saturn.

In the first decade of February, 2016 in the evening Jehovah has asked: wants will return Yanukovych and dollar will make one to eight"? There is a confirmation, the one who has organized revolution and war in Ukraine. I want that all evil spirits led by the pederast Jehovah have left Earth!!

Fiery Yog and the Greatest Teacher is the Great Lord of the Shambhala, - Great Maitreya.
Release of my new site the dark detained almost for a year. The reason is hypnosis devil.
During this time the planetary demon cooked up some sites, using spiritual ignoramuses.
Jehovah devil strenuously decomposes the population of Slavs.

The author of the book "Anastasia" is Brama, the Demon Universe. Co-author is Vladimir Megre. V. M. let going to Saturn, the lair of darkness. Not happy will be a three-story house he built in the suburbs, the money raised from the sale of books nonsense. The purpose of this book is to offer Jehovah (Svarog) for worship. The demon Brama is the Patron of the devil-Jehovah. Brama offers return to paganism, he is an enemy of evolution of the person. Paganism is our past, but also in those, days Slavs worshipped God of the Sun to Ra, Michael the Archangel, the Lord of Shambhala. Some people of Siberia have still kept this religion. The character of the book (Anastasia) goes barefoot in the summer the jacket is connected from a grass, sleeps in a den. What is she engaged in the winter in, than eats? About what six priests Brama speaks? The fairy tale a lie! Brama invites to sell apartments and to move in the woods, to fence earth hectare with trees and to conduct the economy. And why Anastasia hasn't fenced to herself the site? Idler! More than ten thousand years to that Jehovah and Brama have been embodied on the continent Atlantis: they lived in smart palaces, put on in expensive clothes, reveled in desires and sorcery, wore necklaces and earrings from gemstones and pearls. On Atlantis there were woods too, by the way. The disagreement turns out. Brama has made crops of godlessness on Atlantis and the continent has left on an ocean floor.

Writer Alexander Bushkov.
From its biography: "At school there was a poor student and the bandit therefore to arrive didn't begin to study. Worked as the loader, the worker, the insurer is. Has begun to write books are in 20 years. In forty years wrote 539 works!! Seventeen million books are published! In combination combined work of "the adviser to the Governor of Krasnoyarsk Land general Lebed" with literary activities. Further in the text of the book there is a character who "is crazy also knowledge" held five positions at the time of A. S. Pushkin. Series of books is "Svarog". Svarog is one of names of the demon Jehovah. The devil in an image of the main
character issued the biography the imagination. The purpose is to remind the name, and to impose itself to Slavs for worship. During the stay of Kievan Rus' demon-Svarog already tried to offer the services. The patron of Slavs is Michael the Archangel! Advertizing to books Bushkov is done by a devil by means of obsessed. Jehovah prompted to "writer" the name of a series of books "Svarog" the Pederast Jehovah before Slavs wants to recover the forgotten pagan name of Svarog and to offer itself instead of Christ. A. Bushkov helps it with it. A. Bushkov's books are whispered by Jehovah. Confirmation to them is threats of a devil and his astral in my address. A. Bushkov's book, "Russia which wasn't". The author of a mutiny of Decembrists during Nicholas I's government was Svarog-Jehovah. From five hung up by the main victim there was P.I.Pestel, the colonel of the Vyatka infantry regiment. P.I.Pestel under hypnosis of a devil broke laws of the state and got into a difficult situation. The devil inspired in it that the revolution, the purpose regicide and liquidation of an imperial surname is necessary. The devil brought it to literature on Napoleon and inspired in it that the Emperor of France his ideal. The devil didn't manage to subordinate Nicholas I to hypnosis; he decided it to replace with P.I.Pestel. Nicholas I strictly arrived and established an order. Participated in a mutiny 121 persons; five of them hung up, 70 people sent "for penal servitude" to Tobolsk. All convicts were from the highest estate of society. Applying hypnosis, Svarog-Jehovah entered a pederasty among bachelors rebels; made recruitment to Saturn!

It wasn't succeeded to make a revolution in Russia, Jehovah organized similar in Hungary. Jehovah organized similar in Hungary. Nicholas I entered troops and prevented a devil, at the same time salvaged all Europe from Chaos. What would change in Russia if "rebels" came to the power? Chaos! From Decembrists same-sex marriages and parades of gays would begin. Decembrists is the victims of hypnosis of a devil. Alexander Bushkov telling about this tragedy condemns Decembrists. A.B. sits under the same cap. The cap is called obsession! Virus! It is dangerous to read A. Bushkov's books. A. Bushkov accuses Peter the Great of dislike for Russians. A. Bushkov loves Russians? I doubt. Seventeen million books of devil nonsense to consciousness of compatriots have offered. It is the victim of material dependence both the spiritual ignoramus, and his books from darkness. "I will judge by your affairs" - Christ Told. As I wrote about Svarog and books A.S. Bushkov, Jehovah said loudly: "Unearthed after". ("Publishing house" OLMA-PRESSY; at JSC PF 'The red proletarian has the exclusive right to the publication of the book"). And why puts the sign of the Great Lord of Shambhala M.: On what basis? This sign has Planet-wide value and is more significant, than the personal signature!!!

Stanislav Kayumov.
S. Kayumov is A. Bushkov's misfortune fellow. Jehovah of the author has shipped in false information, referring; allegedly, to "the ancient writing" which author is Jehovah. When the first people have been created, Africa and America wasn't yet. Two continents have appeared after Lemuria death and Atlantis. The demon Jehovah not "Lord" to Solomon, and the opponent in a darkness camp. Solomon is God, Buddha, the wise man. Jehovah was in an astral body and choked with envy, watching glory and honoring of the Great tsar of Israel. Jehovah has slandered the queen Savsky; have given the description of appearance and a hairy and shaggy body of the first wife Lilith's monkeys.

The queen Savsky is the Heavenly beauty! There is a collection of verses of the Dnieper poetess singing of love of the queen Savsky and the tsar Solomon. Solomon's firstborn didn't Judaism therefore rabbis didn't recognize him as the tsar and asked Solomon to send him to mother. Then Solomon has set a condition to rabbis that they have sent the firstborns with his son to Jordan too. Jehovah deprived of love followed instructions of the Demon of the Universe Brama: the dinosaur, Lilith's monkey, My cow (the zoophile Jehovah so called her) and demonesses have replaced to him wives. Brama has created the Beast, whose number 666!!! Don't read false books of a devil not to get under his influence. No matter, that Kayumov is buried next to a father, a trouble that he has got into army of a devil.

"Dialogues" is with a devil of contactors Seklitova and Strelnikova.
L.A. Seklitova and L.L. Strelnikova's book, "Secret is life of heavenly teachers", the 7th prod. M.: Pay attention to a letter M.is sign of Great Maitreya. The lord of Shambhala has no relation to it. Jehovah always offers the lie on behalf of God. The forefront the ancestral lands of a devil of Jehovah; in her died perverts and criminals of all colors drag the existence. Above they can't rise because of low vibrations, and not only. Thin plans are protected by angels and active attendants Light from penetration up of villains from powers of darkness. "Determinants" of a devil demons (died perverts and underworld). Main negative "determinant" the demon Jehovah, after an exit from a physical body, he becomes a Demon. Questions and answers are from Jehovah. Whether it is possible to force the person to love another? "Determinant" Jehovah answers: "It is possible, suggestion". Here Jehovah has proved a devil. In space the law of freedom of choice works, only dark apply violence: suggestion and hypnosis. Jehovah propagandizes stresses is a virus from powers of darkness for accumulation of destructive energy for explosion of the Planet. From God an appeal: "Hold balance"! Not to be tightened to the swamp, read the Doctrine of Living Ethics and the book specified in chapter 1. ("Determinant" Jehovah was thrown out from heaven for fratricide, incest with dinosaurs and generation of monkeys. The Amrita and Exmo publishing house is famous for what publishes devil nonsense. Their future - Saturn!!!

Pidarasing is Jehovah-devil.
Roller: "Global Pidarasing 2015". V. M. Zaznobin is the candidate for army of a planetary satan for sending to Saturn tells. Pidarasing, from what word came? Perhaps -is PEDERASTING? Didn't tighten finally is in a devil god yet, V. M. Zaznobin needs urgently to look for protection at God. The sense of a roller what Jehovah wants to decline all responsibility for all sexual perversions, say arose "Pidarasing" five thousand years ago? Sodom and Gomorrah Jehovah corrupted it, and then burned all of them alive that the victims served it in astral bodies for his crimes.
Answer is on roller:
The foundation to all types of sexual perversions was laid by Jehovah right after creation of the person in the middle of the third radical race of the fourth circle. Lunar demigods passed this way of falling together with the Lord of the Moon - Jehovah. Lunar demigods - demons, rakshas also represent powers of darkness. After Jehovah's exposure as sexual pervert of all types, he became impudent and started acting openly. There was a little time to withdrawal to Saturn - in 2046! Jehovah hurries. Parades of gays is and adoption of laws on permission of same-sex marriages - registration of the victims of Jehovah for Saturn. The terry Pederast Jehovah conducts census of the army. All pederasts and those, who adopt similar laws, are under hypnosis of a devil. Jews and sectarians worship to Jehovah devil. All animals at whom vagina at the level of its penis', the Pederast Jehovah passed through himself. Animals like pigs, goats didn't touch because of inconvenience of process. After passed to people without sexual distinction is. Probably Jehovah likes to dip the penis in rectum (Lat.) to look in gluteum (Lat.), but not at a face of the beloved.

Unsuccessfully professor provided Alice Bailey's words. Alice Bailey is the member of "theosophy society of the USA". The Great Lord Shambhala Maitreya considers works of compilation (robbery) of Alice Bailey very harmful; she was the employee of powers of darkness. Alice Bailey's teacher doesn't belong to the Stronghold Light'. The Pages of White Magic intertwine at it with Black Magic; such mixtures are very harmful to weak consciousnesses". (E.I. Rerich, "Letters", v. 9).

As soon V. M. Zaznobin said a name of Alice Bailey, understood at once who directs it. Professor has an obsession JEHOVAH DEVIL. The request is not to publish and not to read Alice Bailey's book.

Zaznobin slanders on Visotsky. Vladimir Visotsky loved women, to much devoted verses,
was married repeatedly, and had two sons. It was loved for talent, courage, humor.

In the book Swami Vivekananda, "My Teacher" it is told that all demigods-demons very much are afraid to lose the position (in space all positions are selective); Jehovah for the crimes already hangs over an abyss. Position of a planetary satan He can lose and on the skin will experience criminal acts of other devil, for example Indra Jehovah's generation.

Half of the population of the Planet obsessed with Jehovah. I too was obsessed, he pursues me several millennia, but I have asked for the help forces Light - to help me, to direct me to a way of truth. At once I have light need the joint stock company - as if weight was got off the back.

Tatyana Mikushina.
Hehovah devil with help obsessed for T. Mikushina Ashram constructed also speaks with it on behalf of Maitreya, eulogizing itself.

T. Mikushina claims that with it speaks Sanat Kumar. Sanat Kumar is one of honorable titles of Great Maitreya. With T.Mikushina speaks planetary demon Jehovah. At T.Mikushina the obsession is more trrible, than at Grigory Rasputin. "Mother Jehovah" and Grigory Rasputin, Lord Nikolay II and mother Maria. Learn handwriting devil. Jehovah stole letters E. I. Rerich and information from letters changed. Explanation "mother Jehovah" sees "Reference. The one is, who read books of pupils of Great Maitreya (E. P. Blavatsky, E. I. Rerich, B. N. Abramov), can compare texts, received by authors from the High source. T. Mikushina is dictated by Jehovah; - its plebeian thoughts are similar on those texts of "Old Testament", which it dictated to "prophets". And what advertizing! On Yandex it is constant over mail the line creeps. Jehovah saw to it, that the trustful Slavs were dumped, after T. Mikushina long ago begs.
Grishka Rasputin at it is Grigory Efimovich. Jehovah through his possessed they advertise; in the body of Gregory Rasputin was the devil and committed all the crimes against Russia. Appointed Ministers and spent the Orgy: drunken orgies with subsequent sexual violence. Bestial stamina was the devil, not at Gregory.

When Pikul wrote the book "Evil spirit", to it sent letters with threats, - for Grishka with it to finish. These are obsessed Jehovah executed its decrees. In operating time over articles Jehovah to me too applied executions. Especially is for ch. 1. And when wrote the article about Istarhov, about obsession of an imperial family of Nikolay II and Gryshka Rasputin, about Catherine II and Potemkin, about Pushkin's persecution, Jehovah told each time: "Don't write". The planetary satan Jehovah dictates to Tatyana Mikushina whom he named "prophet", justificatory words to those whom it exhausted the hypnosis, humiliating their human dignity: Grigory Rasputin, Nicholas II, Jehovah wasn't presented to T. Mikushina under the name or as the official, but speaks on behalf of the Great Lord of the Shambhala. The PEDERASTY Jehovah in comparison Great Maitreya is as refuse hole with teeming in her worms in comparison with spring water, - pure, sparkling on the sun. From Mikushina speaks the demon Jehovah, three times contemptible and insignificant!!

Quotes from texts T.Mikushina, it is possible to compare to expression: "Oil you won't spoil porridge, but also you won't eat" and to refer on (Socrates)?
" You cling to individualism " (Sen Jermen?). Identity is the Highest Soul, the Highest Ego, and the lowest soul - the personality. How it is possible to cling to the Highest Soul? This heresy is Jehovah.

"It is that Truth, which you studied in ancient Lemuria and Atlantis " In Lemuria and Atlantis of rules Jehovah-devil; its "truth" - godlessness and permissiveness, - therefore, where Jehovah governs, continent always leaves on a bottom. In Lemuria there lived only future Jews and rakshasa. Other nationalities were created in other destinies of the earth and other Founders".

"Rosaries of Catholics . ", - Leo Taxil told in the book "Sacred Den", as in Vatican to Catholic-cardinals Jehovah under hypnosis imposed sexual perversions are rosaries of a planetary demon of Jehovah.

El Moria, Maitreya, Sanat Kumar and 1500 more embodiments and ranks and all this one Great Identity - Maitreya. Maria is the saint woman, but not is the Goddess; schemer Jehovah so presented it to Christianity. Image of Maitreya were picked up personally by Jehovah. Reads is responses E. P. Blavatsky and E. I. Rerich about the Great Lord. E. P. Blavatsky: " absolutely regular features, - very much it is beautiful, especially growth and a figure E. I. Rerich: The shape of beauty

It is mentioned at the end faded article about Maitreya that It will come, as Vishnu, but a companies the false explanation. Jehovah of the extolled the patron Brama (the demon of the Universe, material and spiritless), and then mentions Vishnu and Shiva. Brama dreams about the coup in the Universe. Space; destroy the information of Brama, passed T. Mickushina through to the devil. In Space ruled by Light, but not the Bugger! Vishnu is man's Beginning, Father Universe, Supreme, Founder and Creator! And Brama and Shiva left from Vishnu. Vishnu is three in one, or one in three. In Hinduism main God is Krishna, is full manifestation Vishnu, also as Christs and Maitreya.

Referred to Pulastia, who gave "Vishnu Puran". Now, since that time, the Demon Brama
fell ill with delusions of grandeur and started dreaming about the post of Father of the Universe. It Pulastia seated Demon Brama in a Lotus flower and placed on his head crown. Pulastia was the son of the Demon Brama (the progenitor of the rakshasas demons, Atlanteans, black magicians, sorcerers), who was born the grandson of Ravana (an embodiment of Jehovah).

Jehovah is an opponent Maitreya in camp darkness. Word Puran" it is equal, as Gospel narration. And what means "the Uplifted Teachers"? No such expression in the Shambhala.

Jehovah dreams of the Universe, headed by the Pederast-theorist Demon of the Brama Universe who, with the help of the Zionized Jehovah's Viper, planted atheism, drunken orgies, group sex, murder of the disliked - demonic culture on all continents. For all the humiliation; sexual perversion, murder, fraud Jehovah is promised a promotion - the position of the archangel of darkness. The ghoul wants to move to the heart of the Sun instead of the expelled (for excess of power) "Lucifer". For this, sects, websites, perverts, scammers are forged ... - selective votes for Demon Brama, "Lucifer and the Ghost of Jehovah." The dregs of our Universe distribute positions (in dreams): The pederast-theorist Demon Brama - "Father"of the Universe, "Lucifer" - Demon of the Universe, Ghoul Jehovah - Satan of our Solar system.

This Universe of energy of demons will demolish from an axis, also there will be a CHAOS, and all Boundlessness will be shaken.

At T. Mikushina is deep obsession devil and to protect it can only Great Lord; the Highest, the Lightest, above it there is nobody in Space. Against It nobody is strong! If she reads
all books the specified authors and not once, and it has spiritual accumulation from the last lives, and it in the last embodiments worshipped Maitreya, probably. He with it will speak.

To Forces Light it is necessary to appeal, to direct on the Truth way. They respect a freedom of choice also don't encroach on will of the person. This is the planetary demon Jehovah sticks to all, as bloodsucker. Try from it then recede - will destroy.

Gautama none is of Teachers from of the Shambhala T. Mikushina doesnt speak. Buddha died in 550 to year to new era also it was embodied on other planet in the sixth circle and we are in the fourth. I think that sometimes Jehovah is replaced by Whisper-demons and talk Mikushina nonsense. It is next applicant for Saturn. T.Mikushina Site is rubbish of gray mare.

To Forces Light it is necessary to appeal, to direct on the Truth way. They respect a freedom of choice also don't encroach on will of the person. This is the planetary demon Jehovah sticks to all, as bloodsucker. Try from it then recede - will destroy.

Gautama none is of Teachers of the Shambhala from T. Mikushina don't speak. Buddha died in 550 to year to new era also it was embodied on other planet in the sixth circle and we are in the fourth. I think that sometimes Jehovah is replaced by whisper-demons and talk Mikushina nonsense. It is next applicant for Saturn. T.Mikushina Site is rubbish of gray mare.

There is All-planet election campaign, participate: two God and devil, Great Maitreya and nasty Jehovah. The third it isn't given site "Sirius" is generation darkness, return back, in the past. Name of Great Maitreya there is a cover of this site, and actually the site is crime against the Great Lord of the Shambhala. T.Mikushina' is the victim of a devil, but it doesn't remove from it responsibility for distribution lie. In the third Chapter gave a description of the appearance of Jehovah. Now he increased his eyes, and flattened nose at the photo, his mouth forgot to close a turban at the bottom of the face turned in a blanket (under the Holy counterfeited), but the brooch and left again under the name "Maitreya Moria, the Karmic Board" climbed on Yandex, which presents photos of the Great Maitreya. Bugger to apply the words of V. S. Vysotskiy: "You in the door and he the window". The portrait of the devil on the Yandex and the rosaries Tatyana Mikushina, dictated by the devil for the site "Sirius", in "Live internet" was inserted in my text. Jehovah intentionally got into Chapter 3 of the book "Exposure pederast -billionaire... in which this gave Embodiment of Great Maitreya, marked by creativity for human evolution. The Owner of the Land all 432 thousand years of his reign was engaged in pederasty, drank, killed, and war was kindled.

The Buddhism is wisdom, philosophy, religions are based on philosophy. Religions were given a millennium ago to the people, who aren't able to read and write. When there were no books, magicians accepted information from space, i.e. from God. Read E. P. Blavatsky books "A silence voice".

Maitreya is full manifestation Vishnu, Supreme. Swami Vivekananda - is the pupil Great Maitreya, Lords of the Shambhala. Agni Yoga" is the highest Yoga. Some "Buddhi" offering the doctrines can do harm to health exercises and a delay of breath. For example "Hath yoga" and is called "death of breath". Buddhism of modern lamas‖ are in comparison with "the Doctrine of Living Ethics", as black grain of a colza in comparison with the big shining DIAMOND.

Accept "Agni Yoga" and its Teacher Teachers - Great Maitreya. In Agni Yoga" it isn't necessary to do any exercises and delays of breath. Knowledge, balance, service Light are necessary. Great Maitreya Will Estimate your aspiration and Will Specify a way of ascension is.

In the present time crept away much on all planet the pseudo-the Buddhism. Extend it is pseudo "doctrine" the Tibetan sorcerers (shamans), black magicians - those, who during war under control of Jehovah-devil worked for Hitler. In a body Hitler entered planetary satan Jehovah also carried out the scenario against Russia and its Patron - Great Lord of the Shambhala. It is a lot of sects with pseudo-yoga, - harmful exercises and breath distract the person from true KNOWLEDGE. Only the AGNI YOGA gives Knowledge and increases consciousness of the person. False-buddy and pseudo-lamas, - some kind of pastors of sects is. As well as sects, they serve a planetary satan Jehovah.

Sect of "Vissarion".

Jehovah is on Saturn.
This sect - is kind of methods of an outfoxing of the population Jehovah a devil. Its actions and the purposes are well stated to Ushakova in the Russian newspaper "New World". Soon all freeloaders - to pastors should work, and to live due to the work.

The artist Sergey Torop(ov) it "Vissarion" declared himself Christ, claims that his monad is Christ's Monad. From Jehovah already there was Christ - Grabovoy. Sect of "Vissarion" from a devil; it strenuously strikes the territory of Russia with sectarian ulcers. All members of sect and the author of the article "Andrey farmer" is obsessed with darkness. The planetary satan Jehovah rushes about in an agony before leaving to Saturn to prolong stay term here, creates sects and itself delivers the victims. He inspires thoughts to people and they take them for the. You leave sects (if is where to leave), differently the devil of all will drag off to Saturn.

All actions of Jehovah-devil are directed against Michael the Archangel, the Patron of Russia. Jehovah interferes in others space. People be vigilant and don't come under influence of darkness. Accept the "Doctrine of Living Ethics" given Great Maitreya through the pupils.

Sect of Scientology.
Scientologists are the most totalitarian sect. Founder Ron Hubbard, schizophrenic obsessed devil-Jehovah how get to this sect? Jehovah conducts the victim with the birth from life in life. Since the childhood lowers it below a plinth, and in majority starts lifting on an office ladder. Entices into sect, and under hypnosis at the level of sub consciousness ask the victim questions of sexual perversions, of financial crimes, of all violations of precepts of God. Interrogation is written down on video. After an exit from hypnosis, show to the person video. Also lay down a condition: "Or you will serve "army - sea totalitarian sect", or we will publish on the Internet and in the press. The name "naval" came up from R. Hubbard. He was pursued, bought the ship and for some years went to the sea. Read details about this sect on the site "professors" of A. L. Dvorkins of "Antisekt".

Jehovah is ready to refuse this sect, if only through the toady "professor" A. L.Dvorkins introduced in Orthodoxy with the purpose to present himself "I Am" and to subordinate this religion to himself. Safely the spider Jehovah threw the network. I am - Supreme, the Father of the Universe, the Founder and the Creator. Great Maitreya - I Am! Jehovah is devil, satan.

Sect "New generation" (Jesus Christ's church).
The next devil sect in which attract children of the high school and those, who after school it wasn't determined for study or work. Zombie run on streets girls and young men also distribute invitation on receipt of a gift (products) and attract hungry pensioners. It would be correct to call this sect: "Sect the pederast Jehovah" in which attract with Christ. In sect study the false Bible. Children go for communication there, without realizing consequences which they are waiting for.
Jehovah created sects when it wasn't exposed as an evil ghost of our planet yet. Now it is anxious with another; collects gold to Saturn. So, misters sectarians "the kina won't be", the cinema-man is going at way to the planet, its homeland there. "Healers" will disappear, "prophets", like T. Mikushina will stop. S. Peunova will calm down and about reptiles won't speak. "Anastasias" and "Vissarionovs" will come back home (if is where to come back.) "The tantra school" will be disbanded. To I. Godulyanov and it to "the Tibetan teacher" it is necessary to answer for decomposition of youth. The black magicians, sorcerers representing from themselves yogis, wise men will be convicted of lie. SATAN'S SYNAGOGUES (Jehovah's temples in Africa and in the USA so are called) won't build. All bendzhaminy-liars will disappear from life of our planet. All sets - serve Jehovah devil, the pervert of all types. He dreams to drag off all population planet's to Saturn. With its leaving all evil spirits from our planet will leave, or will pass clarification in the boiling sulfuric lake to remain here, and to continue evolution of the person.

hapter 10. Archangel Michael,
Great Maitreya - Divine Christ,
Archangels are one of names Kumar or Suns Light's. Archangel (Greek) Supreme, is highest angel. From the Greek word the arkh, "main" or "initial", and Angelos, "messenger". The archangel as the chief over in myriads of angels (heavenly troops is called also Arhistratiga Archangel. The greatest is one of honorable names of Arhistratiga Michael. The first Archangel is a position which is taken up by Great Maitreya during passing of evolution of the person. All positions in space are selective. Archangel the Fine, the Greatest, Godlike, God (in the second value), the Driver of troops heavenly, reflection of God on Earth; Elohim; The Supreme military chief, the commander true to God Angel's, in Space war with God's enemies, is the victorious opponent of Jehovah-devil.

Michael the Archangel is the Highest Hierarch of our Solar system and our Planet. He stays in heart of the Sun also it is Shown in Thin bodies and a physical body on the corresponding plans. All Archangels and angels had to pass human evolution. Michael the Archangel Takes the place among the highest Archangels ranks, goes on our guilty Earth, bearing it rescue; He is on guards of fate of our Planet. To him it is commanded the last fight with the Prince of Peace of this a devil, who is his opponent in a darkness camp.

Arhistratiga Michael is a Driver of our Solar Hierarchy (Logos) is to us true God and the Father, owing to his Great care, Love and the help to mankind. Arhistratiga is the chief over myriads of angels (heavenly troops). Images of Arhistratiga, Bodhisattva are supplied with swords and copies as symbols of continued fight against chaos and the evil. Michael the Archangel -Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala there is an Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Alpha the first letter of the Greek alphabet, the Omega the last; when the Omega connects to the Alpha, the chain will become isolated Great Maitreya has passed a way of Degression and Ascension. He is a God!!! Will leave and will rule forever!!! A difference between Great Maitreya and Kalki the Avatar that that Kalki the Avatar will appear in the real end Kali Yuga "for a final destroy angry is and for updating of mankind and restoration of purity". Great Maitreya is expected earlier; all Buddhists believe that He will appear in Shambhala, and Buddhists know that Great Maitreya and the Lord of Shambhala Uniform Identity. Coming He can't be understood how emergence him in the flesh among terrestrial inhabitants. The doctrine Its Living Ethics will extend worldwide.

Sign of the Lord of the Shambhala the CIRCLE with an equilateral cross inside and a letter "A" that the First means, Spirit, aspiration to the Ascension. Sign of His opponent in a darkness camp a square, that is a matter, the termination, a descend ion in a matter. Now we are in the very bottom matters, and further decomposition if not to lift spirituality. There came change time.

"The judgment of Europe will be shaken by the Buddhism and Leninism union‖ Maitreya is Buddha, Wiseman! Will remind some embodiments the Great Lord Shambhala: tsar Menes, the Avraham, Pharaoh Ramses II, Moisey, Zeus, Osiris, Zoroaster, Hermes Trismegistus, Apollonius Tianskiy, the Venetian Great, Solomon, Sergiy Radonezhskiy, Seraphim Sarovskiy, Akbar and about 1500 more embodiments such is Descending Way of the Highest Spirit. The same quantity of embodiments will make the Ascension Way. Great Maitreya there is Bodhisattva the Savior of mankind. A word it consists of two concepts: Bodkh inspiration, a sattva essence. The lit-up entity which voluntarily entered on heavy way of the help to mankind; nobody transferred so many biting - you and persecutions, as these true Saviors of human race. Bodhisattva was quitted by all founders of kingdoms, religions, philosophies.

Great fight in the fourth radical race between sons of Light and sons of darkness - the great drama of our Planet.

Armageddon Great fight for General Welfare, for disclosure of Knowledge of Truth, Fight the Light with darkness. Fight began in 1931. Forces the strongest took part. The Thin Worlds and terrestrial were involved. All weight of fight laid down on Michael the Archangel. E.I.Rerich witnessed, when Great Maitreya, Lord Shambhala, M.: attracting from space thin energy and passing through the fiery centers, directed the Beams for darkness repayment. Pressure developed such that on a forehead and hands bloody sweat acted; the Great Lord Shambhala is as dynamic-machine. The Lucifer was expelled out of limits of our Solar system and stays on the second plan of the Universe, in Silence Peace. But there was on Earth its generation a devil by the name of Jehovah, who heads a darkness camp.

"To our Earth the fate before the end of the evolution put by it threatens to be lost. Crime of people, spirit dead created emanations round our Planet, that saving beams cant reach it. Our Planet can finish the existence by huge explosion. The resolute hour Day of Court is not for mountains. It is necessary to awaken spirit human! The Armageddon is fighting Elevated, but it is reflected in all terrestrial space. Brings diseases and poisons thinking" - M.:

Jehovah a devil, managed and supported by the Demon Brama, has a violent opposition to progress thoughts and promotion in all fields of knowledge.

Time to give new Knowledge of the level of consciousness of the person has come. Through the pupils Great Maitreya has given world Doctrine of Living Ethics. Accept him all heart, apply Knowledge in life. It will also be service Light. Great Lord of Shambhala is the highest, lightest Spirit above which there is nobody in Space.

On Earth disturb balance - is overweight of darkness of powers. Satan carefully plans the actions: creation of sects, site, the edition of books, under the guise of "healers", army of fortunetellers. All this keeps people in ignorance and in the past. Sects purulent abscesses in the former Soviet Union territory; zombies sectarians consider a devil "as the father heavenly". To delay the population from sects, to attract on the party of powers of Light, it is necessary to give the new Doctrine of Live Ethics, and for a start, - to let out a cycle of telecasts on theosophy to Tell strong to people, who is who. All artful actions of a devil are directed against powers of Light, and concrete against Michael the Archangel.

To do investments for spirit development, build temples to Michael the Archangel and his only embodiment in Russia to Sergiy Radonezhsky; you are connected by it to light movement. People have to help Gods. The telecast theosophy" and new temples, will be a powerful contribution to a victory over by our single Enemy - devil by Jehovah.

Where the temples constructed for the Father Heavenly is Michael the Archangel, the PATRON of Land of the Russian, who Came to us in Sergiy Radonezhsky embodiment. Why this Name in oblivion? And three finger the Owner of Land thought up to pit church fathers and to divide church. Separation is a method of Jehovah. But the purpose was more artful to make Sergiy (an embodiment of Michael the Archangel) the heretic that the His church rejected. Here therefore the Prince of darkness tabooed E.P.Blavatsky; she told to the world, who is Jehovah, about his embodiments and actions. For Russia the new Doctrine on Russian language is given. The church has to accept theosophy and esoteric, instead of follow the tastes of the Owner of Land.

I address to wealthy citizens - build temples to Michael the Archangel and Sergiy Radonezhsky, luminous intensity appreciate those, who do investments for spirit development. Be connected to spiritual transformation of Russia. If Russia escapes from dogma captivity, at once there will come overweight of powers of Light. The great Lord speaks: "Russia My country". In the territory of Russia there is "Center of the universe" and passes "the World Axis" (in the territory of Siberia). Russia will survive and the whole world will rise, will come more, than balance, will come blossoming!

What High Spirits the Shambhala for embodiment is in Russia sent; the founder of the power is Viking Rurik; - the legislator Yaroslav the Wise; builders Vladimir Monomah and John the Third; soldiers is Alexander Nevsky and Dmitry Donsky; The Great Devotee and reducer of the people of Russian is Sergiy Radonezhsky an embodiment of Michael the Archangel; Pushkin, Suvorov, Kutuzov, Peter the Great, Alexander II, Sofia Kovalevsky, E.P. Blavatsky, E.I. and N.K. Rerich, etc.

Like love and pride to those, who came and it was embodied in Russia from the Shambhala. And now in Russia there are great embodiments, and books are devoted to all great, monuments it are constructed it is very good. And where memory and in what honoring of the Father Heavenly Michael the Archangel is expressed, and his embodiments Sergiy Radonezhsky?

Time to be before our Father Heavenly will come; take care that it wasn't necessary to look down as to Pontius Pilate before Christ is. In such minute of people thinks: "It is better for me not to be born".

Michael the Archangel! Father our Heavenly! Yes the Name Your consecrated! They
will be done in all three Worlds (Fiery, Thin Dense). The Reverend Sergiy, we bend the heads before your Greatness and the Great Sacrifice made for the Russian state and its people.

Michael the Archangel is the First Elohim for Jews. It not only is Patron of Russia, all Slavs, but also Patron of Israel. His embodiment: Avel, Noy, Avraham, Faraon Ramcec II, Moisey's, Osiris (twice), Solomon. Jews have come from Noy.

Parting word is to communists.
"Keep the solemn mood in days of grief and griefs, because the going final division means - COURT. And, departed OSHUYY, are lost for a planet forever, as chose the way. And the fate will be shared by hierarchy darkness because from a Planet will leave‖ M.:!

1. Odesny - to the right. 2. Oshuyy to the left.

"Only dead consciousnesses or consciousnesss sleeping are content with the reached. The consciousness goes forward and never stops. It extends in good or the evil, in construction or destruction. Them, destroyers and growing in the evil, or shady side of human essence, we Call people of the LEFT way". (M.:).

It is always written first word, the bearing benefit: Light and darkness, Good and evil, Day And Night, Right (Odesny) and left (Oshuu). Great Maitreya - the First COMMUNIST of our planet, Solar God - RIGHT (Odesny).

Lucifer Jehovah - the Owner of Land, the prince of this world, a planetary satan, a devil - LEFT (Oshuu).

Who ranked communists and socialists as the left? How you think? Each word or thought bears in itself energy - the order to space for a materialization, manifestation. Left -is destroyers. It is a trick of a devil. Therefore communists, as though they didn't try, are doomed by space to destruction. Communists have to call themselves RIGHT. And, if everything, other parties, leave from them to the left, communists will succeed in the noble actions, and left will suffer defeat. Visit a site: http://maitreya-god.net, read all texts. Increase consciousness; only Truth - Wisdom, the Buddhism (Sanskrit) will give knowledge and opportunity to make the correct decisions: to forget about itself and to live for people.
P.S. Jehovah-devil has blocked the websites that didn't watch about him video.

Chapter 11. Intrigues of Jehovah are a devil.
"Beware the werewolf - Jehovah"
our city in "the House of scientists was N.Kukel artist art exhibition this year on the theme:" Ancient Slav culture in pictures, admission is free. The canvases depict he pagan gods (Svarog) and other characters (LADA, Iliya Muromec).

SVAROG - DEMIGOD, envious, deceitful and treacherous DEMON demanded a gift of the victims; once a year on fiery burned alive children: the girl and the boy. Dobrynya Nikitich offered polytheism and has weakened influence of the villain. SVAROG is one of the names of SATAN and DEVIL - JEHOVAH. All stone idols are from a devil; bear information of destruction of human souls. Idols have to be destroyed. From polytheism residents of Kievan Rus' have chosen the Giving God is Michael the Archangel, the Patron of Russia and all rusichey'. In 988 during government of the prince of Vladimir there was a baptism of Kievan Rus', and rusichi's have adopted Christianity. Now Kievan Rus' is buried under devil sects of Svarog-Jehovah.

Brama has dictated the book "Anastasia" with one purpose, to offer Svarog' for worship. Read Semyon Sklyarenko's books: "Svyatoslav", Vladimir", cultivate in you love to the ancient Homeland and to God. Protect His from powers of darkness. Ukraine is third part Kievan Rus'!

Advertising paintings called "don't be determined by kinship, Iwanami in other words called remember better past; refer to the Sun God Ra is the Archangel Michael, the word "community" is very good. The Slavs have always lived by the community, the community. After dark on the Saturn, the entire planet will be one world system - Community. The planet Venus people already live in one big community. But to live like this, it is necessary to raise the consciousness of the people. Pagans are from the word "languages" of different Nations. In their time the books, and yes people were illiterate, and knowledge were Adherent. Information received by the Adherent from the higher Forces along the ray of God passed by word of mouth, the "people" of different nationalities. Each time the information is given to consciousness. Now the man is physically perfect and the intellect. Books, Internet have information on theosophy and the occult.

Paganism is our past, passed us in herb (Russian national song-Tales), fairy tales and legends. We live in the present with an aspiration for the future.

The exhibition represented a young woman about 30 years with her girl six years. Both is fair-haired, blue-eyed, exactly personage picture. We got to talking. Her name is Marina. Turns out, they were damp meal", eat only vegetables and fruits. Says, that the body was clean of slags and slime, and now the very easy is. I showed the portrait of Lord M.: it is said that He her to Show vision and Write answers to all questions everything she to propose in advance, and it will be given. Once she mentally ordered 2 tickets at the box office, and she said: "Only two tickets, for you." on Sunday visited the Temple of Lord Krishna; In visions, she revealed that she lived in India, wore gold jewelry on her head that she had 16 children, one of them is still alive, he is 80 years old. She saw a book of lives-"big and tall". The Great Maitreya says for Marina, is a gift of God.

I told her about you and promised to bring my book. The next day brought to spread and continued yesterday's conversation. She immediately told me that received information about the value of books. She wrote, and she showed the ball over his head. I said goodbye to her is and descending the stairs, I heard: "your books to buy and burn." It said Dodger and a fraudster named Jehovah!
In the afternoon came SMS from Marina, a woman came to view the pictures and she was told that a visitor is very sick, give her a book for free. I replied that don't mind. At began to confuse the werewolf, everything turned upside down. After visiting the exhibition, I devised this text several times. Dark was angry that I had to distribute books, video disks and disks with articles from the site. , sent shockwaves through the darkness I barely escaped through.

Marina and I exchanged SMS on the phone; it was under my influence, Jehovah has worn out her phone and arranged her eviction. She lived with her daughter in a room for visitors. The other day was told that her replacement will arrive. Came to the exhibition; all the visitors crowding around the table, where brisk sale of CDs and books was. I presented himself as a man named Victor, at the age of 60 years. He was elated by the good earnings. And then told her "worldview" and offered me a free disc 4 of its thinking, I refused to follow the Council of Bishop don't read unnecessary references. The disk nonsense from the darkness white God and black God, do not have names. Advises not touch the dark and only talk about good. Basically total heresy, reminiscent of the "Old Testament", sot concoct Jehovah. At the planetary demon Jehovah's dominant feminine-masculine energy is information behind, because he is only using her energy for evil. Victor buyers delivered planetary without Jehovah. Likewise he supplied clients Dr. Konovalov for his "healing sessions". The template is valid. Material interest Jehovah the demon buys weak consciousness. Victor is content. Nervous speech gave the impression that his mouth is a demon. Two incarnations of Victor: Grishka Otrepyev and "akademik" Lysenko.
Content Jehovah devil lasts from one life to another. Latch as agrimonies (thorn of burdock), try it loaves me alone. Only the Supreme entity can from this demon to protect. People went near him and asked him about future works of author of pictures. "Indra", - he answered. I give reference: - Demigod Indra is a generation of darkness (Jehovah). A devil already placed the image on Yandex in two copies, one next to Great Lord Shambhala and Lordness Shambhala on a sliding seat - show and christened itself of the same name with Ruler. Soon will an artist draw Werewolf Jehovah and writes black God? Or also, how on Yandex? Vanish impure force on Saturn; release us from the presence, provocateur and traffic-controller of all crimes.

But, as is the Marina? She should run away from Victor, break up with him finally and irrevocably. She is a bright incarnation, gene pool and a girl Angel in heaven, too Bright. This little face, as she has is given as a reward for light lived previous life.

It is a pity that they haven't read the works of the authors mentioned in of books. Next day I brought for distribution and continued yesterday's conversation. They're both Marina and Victor talk about the Great Lord, but not worship Him. Not enough to point the finger on my heart and say that Great Maitreya is here. Must be a Great Teacher's consciousness, then to pick out the various concoctions, sects and factions? Now the difficult time and needs not philosophize and clearly determine -co by whom you? Now is strong confrontation between two opposing forces. No one can remain neutral between light and darkness, between these two opposing forces. Each person must choose one of them; otherwise it will be crushed by them both. Each must have a Teacher of Shambhala and not to depart from it. Otherwise you will be delayed in the funnel of various "exercises" contents. "When Teachers will be recognized as a necessity of food and air, and wear as a robe of the spirit, and then we could say that Exodus has been unbeatable. When with me, I'm in the minds of Excel which is allowed to all. Let no one and nothing has power distance from teacher. "Remember these words of the Great Maitreya and go on with their lives, united in silver thread of his heart and Great Heart the Teacher. Then you can point the finger at heart, Teacher, Maitreya is here. Start with the living ethics teaching.

Luminous intensity shall respect the free will of man, should be requested to send to the way of truth only Supreme entity can protect against all attacks of the dark Great Maitreya, a reliable shield. Adore the Lord of Light Great Maitreya. This will be your electoral vote in support of good and justice. Paganism, raw food diet, "Anastasia" is bait" from Jehovah- devil, to pick up the voice of the Lord Light - . and many of her swallows. (Fish too swallow the bait, not suspecting that the inside of the hook and turns on the Pan). Various "nonsense" scripts, possession-from one source. The author and screenwriter of "Anastasia" is demigod Brama (chaos), patron of Jehovah-the devil. Brama is supporter of involution and therefore an enemy of mankind. The opposition Forces of Light: Brama, Jehovah, Indra. Brama is of roof planetary satan. Brama bothered to sit in Lotus (see video), write scenarios of destinies human. In the interval between cycles, when the errors of the previous cycle, to take them into account and not to repeat in the future, Brama may delete with Lotus. The demon of the Universe Brama is in a lotus ABSURDITY! And why in the lotus didn't get the pederast Jehovah with Indra? All hierarchy of darkness would be assembled.

False information is disseminated in the post-Soviet space, aimed against our Patron, Archangel Michael. Supreme Divine essence-Absolute sees everything and hears. Everyone will get their due. Is the election company - Light or darkness, God or the Devil? The ballot is worship! Choose-the Archangel Michael, the head of our Solar system and planetary satan Jehovah. The evolution of mankind, or the death of the planet! Signs of light: the aspiration of the future growth in mind, the desire to aristocratism. Read the living ethics books and will not be receiving. Spiritual illiteracy is the reason of all falling.

2. Nikas Safronov. Appeared advertising of an art exhibition of Nikas Safronov, and in the same day visited it. There were many pictures, including on a spiritual subject. The exhibition occupied four halls, and in one of them there was an enormous flat TV on which screen there were pictures of naked women with the cat's heads. The woman - a cat, persuasion devil! N. Safronov brought an animal from Egypt; - saw a cat in a telecast. Both at an art exhibition and after there was at me a condition of depression, despondency. I couldn't understand, what occurs? Before me there were at an exhibition two my employees and expressed the opinion in a word "awfully". And other visitors expressed the opinion the word "awfully". In some days repeatedly went on an exhibition; in a hall there were enough visitors. Pictures good, - a delicate work, but all the same on heart there was dissatisfaction. After each visit wrote laudatory articles and transferred them to a site (about the condition kept silent), but each time the next day deleted, - couldn't remove, astrals from Jehovah devil power of thought again restored them understood that at an exhibition there is an influence of powers of darkness. N. Safronov has obsession Jehovah devil; it and a trip to Egypt arranged to it. When H.C. was in Egypt, to it suggested to visit a pyramid for special persons. It with the guide came in underground labyrinths, and suddenly to the guide it became bad, - it apologized and left, having promised to send other guide. About it forgot, but there was a cat, which brought him out of labyrinths; it took away it with itself as the rescuer. Cats are thrown by powers of darkness, through them there is an obsession (one of options). Showed visions to the artist is a devil Jehovah; his method to strike consciousness of the person with "miracles".
Jehovah devil hires people to Saturn, - talented people, - in its army only underworld are necessary to it. The Era of Jehovah devil is noted by humiliation of the woman. The poisoning energy went from the TV screen from Jehovah on visitors of an exhibition. For N. Safronov an exit one - to remove a cat from the house, to burn pictures of female cats and to look for protection! A female cat is the reason, energy - a consequence. The person is the intermediary between Space and the planet and is the conductor of energy. Any planet can't exist without mankind. What energy in the person are, such he also attracts from Space, filling with them Earth. The person is the main destroyer of aura of our planet and its body. Jehovah devil uses works of the artist for filling of the planet negative energy to blow up it and to leave to Saturn! The history with the woman from Rostov too is arranged by Jehovah devil. There are attacks to the victim, - devil hypnosis. On NTV there arrived a woman from Rostov (the Armenian, single mother of the immense sizes, possesses a good vocal), and told that on vacation got acquainted with N. Safronov, showed a photo embracing it and its book with the donatives signature. Allegedly he invited her in the room of the hotel and . N. Safonov looks at it, laughs and says that she not in his taste and it for the first time sees it; my book and my handwriting. Journalists made investigation; it appeared, the group in Rostov works: fabricate proofs (forge handwriting, a photo) and file a lawsuit. The beloved left N. Safronov and gave a condition: to prove innocence. H.C. filed a lawsuit with payment of 1 million (?) for moral damage. The woman confessed in everything, she four put won, and on the fifth made a mistake. She answered N. Safronov: "And where will take you one million? Whether" N. Safronov received 1 million and whether his woman came back to it, ask it (on the Internet). Here than Jehovah devil applying on "I Is" is engaged. And women!? Leave in trouble of the men! Let Hilary Clinton will be an example for them; case with her husband - work of Jehovah devil. Monica and Clinton were under hypnosis!

I have sent article to the website, I have lain down on a sofa, I have relaxed and suddenly before me Jehovah has presented the computer and on the website my article English-speaking. In the top part I broke lines, an arch bent paragraphs, covered article top with white spots, lower - have closed darkness. Jehovah is a devil; the citizen of New-York has grown furious. The werewolf already was before me with a sheet of paper - shook before me the text. It is time to comprehend the deadlock way, - and not to be a laughing-stock. But at first "Black-god" - Jehovah leave the Russian Internet of "Yandeks" and stop sating brains of Slavs with false information, to brainwash them in sects. Some texts to Brama to me are dictated by Jehovah. When I am exempted from his influence and I try to remove, an astral, on his pointer, blocks my website. After Jehovah showed me vision: are a black grave and a cross. My site was removed, but in three days restored, - I have a copy.

Chapter 12.
Poet Valmiki, Ramayana (Indian epos).

No one holds sway over a great Time
Destiny said Rama, and it is itself
Not a current

1. Introduction. Aster death of Atlantis where there lived black magicians, sorcerers, their small amount escaped on Lanka's (island Ceylon) island. At the head of Lanka there was Rávans tsar (an embodiment of Jehovah). Since then, in three worlds, there is no rest. Rávans Jehovah exterminated good and creates the evil.

How to stop it? Gods decide to be embodied on Earth because only the terrestrial husband is capable to overcome Ravana. God Guardian Vishnu has to be born strong in Shape of the son of tsar Dasharatha, other gods in shape of monkeys assistants it in future fight with the leader Ravana Jehovah.

Vishnu Logos the First, invested by energy, in connection with the fifth principle, Reason, becomes a creative monad, force.
2. Ayodhya is the city in India, in which there lived tsar Dasharatha. Residents comprehended "Veda" mind ennobled, and were held in respect. The tsar observed a debt to inhabitants, the world stored, and people were a match for the tsar.

"Didn't know in Ajodhya self-interest, gloating, Deception, hunters there wasn't to foreign wealth.

From a century didn't know envy, lie and insidiousness Happy and one fault inhabitants of a kingdom are".

"Any who predominated in the house, couldn't be extolled, as the sort flourished and is the capital prospered. Executed the avidities, not recognizing a shrine, Ignoramuses and atheists weren't there and in mention. The citizen grain, horses and cattle" owned.

Heart pure were. Not in the city of torturers and soiled, freaks, fools and haters. "Houses durable and good-heart kept the husbands surrounded with posterity from wives faultless.

Ayodhyá to the master foes terrible army Was given, as to month clear is star army". Four sons were born at the Tsar, he considered the sons the best in the world, four hands from the Fatherly body. Four!

But the Rama fine that is more expensive to Brahma than others is it appeared, to the fatherly heart, which is a match for a world-holder, - it was in human shape Vishnu pretrial is asked by gods that Ravana the brutal would find the death, and villainy came to an end in the world. Mother that filled up with the Rama family towered.

3. Rama (Vishnu Avatar) Face beauty the unknown, great heart, valorous, peaceful, cheerful, is tender, friendly, worthy.

"He looked for societies of the wise, for conversations leisure love didn't feed, and owned, as the man the tool". "It was the silver-tongued orator; eloquence isn't gab, the courage wasn't proud, avoided a conceit". It was mercy, it is available, the truth lover, knew laws reserved, sacred considered family devotion, to entertainments bad isn't committed. It was young, fine and healthy.

"And the Rama the people loved also Ayodhyá the possessor for that his virtue shone as the Sun. And Dasharatha tsar thought about the dear son:
On a kingdom having grown old, pleasures to wait to me how long? I want to see during lifetime the Rama on a throne"! Rama of roads to the people, but demons is afraid of it. Any tsar couldn't reach it perfection.

4. Sita, daughter of the King, personified by the goddess Lakshmi is the goddess
of good luck and creativity. Young wife of King Rama is. "The three world heaven, Earth and over ground until now not seen equal to you the beauty of a goddess!

You Are Lakshmi? L ' lie can heavenly maid?
One is that you're not born from the womb!
The Garland of lotuses gentle, you like your
Dazzling gold and silver skin is.

Beautiful smooth sharp teeth innocently Sparkle with its whiteness, like Jasmine buds.
O, Devi, with rounded hips, sweet mill the designation, as the fruit filling, velvety is and ruddy.
Will fate Rama and Sita in the forest.
The satin inhabitant, in a hut covered with leaves
Sinless Prince spoke with his brother and Site".
He told them a parable.
One ugly rakshas (demon) there came in search of wild game, Bore the name Šurpanhoj for the ugliness, the claws, legs betray with wingover similarities.

And her eyes had a Rama, beautiful as thirty gods. Soft curls, glitter elongated eyes. And Brown similar to Lotus guise, and royal insignia, and the pace of the youngest. Cap this poor, croak, disgusting hairy, disgusting voice, copper-red with dark curls was and sully woman, licking redhead was the Buddha Went and told the brother Ravana, a beautiful wife from the Rama. Ravana was married and had children. Goddess Ravana could not marry; he possessed earthly energies.

Demons of Ravana attacked the Holy hermits, devoured them and their sacrifices to the gods.

"Bend over the carrion of hell devil incarnate; a rakshasa (demons) PIR carnivorous. Vigilant sky howls from blood, meat, so they enjoyed an ugly dance. As satisfying! How delicious! We are excited! We are excited! Screaming is night vampire blood suckers. A great many demons dance, foods and bone marrow and fat. They were millions, millions, millions; their evil horrified the world shocked! They had fun, they are joy l meat living becomes a carrion? Where the blood where people misfortune, there is a devilish forces walking, to feast"!

"Bowed on carrion Hades devil incarnate; is rakshasa (demons) feast "devouring corpses". Vigilant sky howl of blood "were filled with meat, they enjoyed the" dance "ugly as satisfying! How delicious! We are excited! We are excited! Shouting "blood suckers" at night, drink blood. A great many demons "danced", "ate" and the bone marrow and fat. They were millions, millions, millions; their evil horrified the world shocked! They had fun, - for them is "joy" that meat living becomes a carrion? Where the field of blood, where mountain people, there is a party and devilish forces feast. Stolen human wives to Ravana: "This is our custom that has become our booty's wife human" says Ravana. Demons are eaters of raw meat and blood. "Shook the whole of Lanka whistling and Gula, behemoth slept and eye it is not in to link is the brother of Ravana was sleeping and breakfast" meat (raw) have put the dishes and jugs of blood ".

5. The abduction of Sita. After hearing about the sieve, Ravana decided to steal it. His brothers were banned: "Kill your Rama. When Sita was left alone, Ravana was pretending to be holy-dole.

"Wearing an edits was ten head noble like a quagmire where grown herbs.

He silently observed the beautiful Rama friend that faces of yours, as the Moon covered the district. Pretending to be a beggar, demons and fearsome ruler in the guise of restrained the wife of a seducer ".

SITA asked him who he was."I am the demon king Ravana, the all-powerful". And invited her become Queen of Lanka.

"To amuse oneself to ones hearts content wished you wife pious and think husband
steal that elected the God equal?
Among kingly lion and Jackal distinction do not know. Remember that you are against the Rama, a great husband. As opposed to the ocean-pool go evil".

Here the Lord of demons took his original appearance; is awesome He pulled his hair, and the Situation with the other hand cupped the hip and suffered in his chariot. Along the way she blew off part of his yellow silk dresses and dumped in a forest monkeys, so they transferred the message Rama. "Don't be afraid" stolen Virgin whispered in sadness trees that bird refuge quietly rocked.

Moisture drowsy, grieving for a lost friend International stinking lotuses fishes scurrying in fright.

Covered fury animals left the thicket, and long ran for shadow Princess flying, in tears
Waterfalls-tops stony faces, cliffs like hand, to lift in sorrowful Creek.

And the Sun without gloss, such dingy circle tear-stained noble girlfriend of the Rama. No honor or conscience in the world; We see firsthand, how Sita takes Bishop flying at night.

And all the different eyes, living in more often the Virgin of sorrow, eyes timidly to stare. Sita gave birth to an elderly King sobs Hawks, who stood up for Sita and destroyed the chariot, broke his bow and arrows. Ravana chimed in Situ and flew away with her to Lanka. Lock her up in a Grove, to the Palace, guarded by demons. Rama and his brother happened upon a dying King of the Hawks, who managed to say "the demon Overlord took her to the South. Don't despair, you will find Sita and kill in a duel Ravan ". Suffering anguish for Site Rama: "ABOUT! Bird voices in the choir are to grow silent on my soul bring not joy but sorrow. ABOUT! I live in the in to think minus charming, whose speech sweetly-sound, wrapped in pampering your eyelashes is. Without the wonderful voice, with a silky curtain, curls without those concerned spring holiday. But painful life without my sweetly eyes Princess! Her eyes like lotus cf. "thousand million voices.

Rama said the capital on the island of Lanka, Ravana in the middle of the ocean, there's the demon Ravana took Sita.

Rama and his brother collects army build a bridge for five days. Hanuman, the son of the wind God flies to Lanka in search of Sita. While searching is for Sita, toured the city.

6. Lanki (Ceylon).
"On the country, its Golden Gates and temples watched amazement associate of the Great Rama. In her bridge sparkling with precious stones, Crystal, pearls, lapis azure is and other insertion. Was every aperture of delightful towers? Casting gold and silver smothery adorned ". Hanuman crouched in the bushes and sees a half-animal monsters, shaven Crown, and oblique on the nape, Shorty-freaks. - Worthy Hanuman has seen demons idle, wallowed in alcoholism and other temptations. Heard name-calling, swearing,

Hanuman and other temptations. I heard name-calling, swearing, women with lovers lay sleeping many women lied in luxurious robes. "One of the other sat on the thighs, gallons, on the buttocks, arms and breasts nude. Hands, interlacing to wine obsessed partiality, in a dream thin torso to glint each other with direct implication. And their Lord, gathered together seemed like a Garland, stuck round by Roy Bee ".

7. Ravana is the embodiment of Jehovah (devil, satan).
Climbing on a ladder, Hanuman saw drunken Ravan; like a ferocious tiger. From there followed the ruler of monkey and Tiger eyes fierce she looked pissed, Elephant-Ravana Yarun, tired of frantic estrus, odorous Whopper sleep fell near the River. Thick Gold Bracelet, arm in arm, rot tear up huge fist as Mace, elephant head. Women around him and to rub sandal, on all fingers sparked countless signet rings with stones. The breeze is the ruler of the demons "smelled" home brew and gaze intimidate pharynx to gape. On the breast of the Pearl strand:"Shirt and slipped from the scars on his body, to bear and regally-yellow cover saves on bed. Snake hisses of breath, naked to the waist, lying "Lord" in a dream sound sleep rest.

And elephant, washed by waters of the Ganges River, on the shallow sleep, matched with the Lanka Bishop. In the embrace of Ravana slept drunken dancer, singer at the emerald earrings, diamond pendants. (Ravana ten-head, twenty-hand he left ten bodies physical, he changes them).

8. Refectory Ravana is Jehovah.
"Like a cloud in a blaze of summer lightning, prostrate on carpets lay red-eyed scented sandal, grated He looked like, awesomely hissing snakes... Luxury lodge stood in the refectory of Ravana, for feasting, drinking food-drinks stand to be radiant with beauty abyss littered everywhere bracelets - lost in the refectory of the beauties. He saw the girl managed to appropriate levels, wine intoxication in sweet sleep is loaded. Some amazing beauties light and lion Plaint skin and swarthy skin with molten gold are similar. In the abode of demons menacing wall surrounded by, slept, satiety the lusts of the flesh, Ravana' wife, - their bodies relaxed were potation heady their faces like lotuses night versus day faded ...‖ And there was the beautiful Sita in them.

9. Hanuman With only is one eye and nose at the crown of the head.
Darkness tests the demons red, mincing, and quarrelsome, abominable, quick, vicious, swearing, fight. Ears, cow, monkey, elephant, asses and bearish, a reindeer face, jackal, tigers. His nostrils vast sizes, crooked, awkward, noses, just the trunk, meaty and tripe form. And it is still u freak tadpole noiseless, upper lip seemingly due to gape mouths. Bullock, camel abusive pharynx mare all notes in shame word abundance. Rowdies have drinks, as at an ox, a camel, a mare, on all shameless words brought down in abundance. They tormented it animal carcasses and hungrily pour alcohol animal soul. Fright these are around the tree, beneath which the crying Virgin (Sita). Hanuman hid in the morning and heard as demons read "Vedas" and the court singers, to glorify ten head the Lord of demons. Ravana asked Sita to become his wife: "Aloe Vera, sandalwood and stones, precious to shimmer necessary you Sieves than these posts contemplation. Precious stones and gold will get beyond measure ". Sita meets a weak voice, "I belong to the frame! Anger will get you inevitably Radha descendant. Did you to keep ones feet low dog in front of the Rama? Raging hard bold speeches and Sita, Ravana threatens the Princess's death.

Hanuman, Rama, burns Lanka (capital) and sent to the frame with a report about the seat of Sita. To light Hanuman and owners of luxurious houses easily converted fire victims ".

Rama is going to Lanka. Learn about the arrival of the troops of Lanka, Rama. The virtuous younger brother of Ravana, Vibhishana sounds the leader of the demons? "It is not too late, my brother. Regain, to return wife to beg his forgiveness. Otherwise death threatens you, and our entire family. The strength of the Rama is boundless, and revenge
is horrible ". Ravana not heed the wise words of a brother. He decides to start a war with the valiant, collects demons in his palace. He said that the passion for Princess Sita baked his heart. Sita unruly, she asked for a year's time, waiting for her husband. But he never returns the Rama of his old wife. Only Kumbhakarna, another younger brother of Ravana, the ruler of the greats forces (the gods themselves are in fear of this force and sent it is deep sleep, from which he only wakes up one day, every six years, what would satisfy your hunger, eat raw meat and drink a jug of blood) only Kumbhakarna ponders foolishness is, injustice, brother, but still he promises support and swears to kill Rama and exterminate his army. The demon Ravana asks Mahakaršva; Why not take a nice Situation. Ravana replied that it was unable to do so. Once he took the power of the divine beauty Pandžikashalu. Blazing offense, she retired in the halls of Grandparent. Angry Lord cursed him, saying, "Now, if you take away the woman by force, your head will break in a thousand pieces". But didn't is a scatter head of the lascivious dog Jehovah.

10. The battle between Rama and Ravana is.
"Irate Rama saw shelves and wife, Infinites to stick round hills and valleys ". Vibhishana, Ravana's younger brother warns of war with Rama. It does not listen and he with four faithful companions goes on the side of the Rama. Rama to name Vibhišanu future ruler of Lanka is "And arrows that were saturated with snake poison prevent two brothers fought near Regal.

In the nostrils and ears stuck, lost it twisting the dust between the earthly and barbed heavenly rock. The bodies were laying there, demons, mountains similarity and dartboard piles and of hammers clumps were laying.

And demons Rama to surround hell to surrounding the darkness, and clouds tossed, boom laughing Sinless. But Rama shot arrows at their center. Six times and pierced it six Flying at night ". The duel between Rama and Ravana is repeated many times. The King of the demons offered to return Sita, but he refuses. "Their arrows, each-friend cracked, raining down on the ground. So Rama is fought with fierce Demon Prince "."Predicted the death of Ravana is said wheeled gods, and today he is the death of the prey ". Itself Supreme has handed to Rama an arrow, in her edge there was a flame and the sun burning "The Striking Beam". "The arrow menacing vital forces to the center the imperial son Rama has let in lord "Flying at Night" And Ravana?

The spirit of emitting, and bow and arrows out of hand, he dropped his eyes clouded over, necrosis. Ravana dies, evil dissipates, and peace and calm reigned in the universe. Rama took revenge for an insult, killing Ravan, freed the Princess. But that was a long time in the House of another, according to the frame may not be accepted by high kind of husband. After all, it was the desecration of Ravana, her eyes full of aspirations. And the mighty Rama abandons his wife. Her experience, Sita disappears into the flame, and in this moment her hands makes the God of fire, Agni. Rama and Sita together and even, when leave from a physical cover, rise to the Thin World and there meet, and more leave never.

It is the embodiment of Jehovah-Ravana-drunkenness, debauchery, stealing other people's wives, eat meat and blood became final fall and caused his physical elimination. Red-eyed, ten heads twenty hand Ravana mired in a matter-he had 10 physical bodies. But this is not the last fall of the Jehovah's witnesses. Through thousand years Jehovah in next embodiment stole a wife (embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi) for God Krishna (embodiment of Great Maitreya) and held her for itself two years. She had with a son (embodiment of ..Abramov') to be hidden many years; there was a threat of life. How much grief climbed down, how many suffering had been outlived, to reach to the high level of consciousness.

After physical elimination (after death) Jehovah thought up the REVENGE PLAN, - from this point it was reckoned "from world creation" Jehovah. This date it presented to future Jews is. In September, 2014 execute 5775 years from world creation on to the Jewish calendar? To Lemur, Atlantis, Lanka Jehovah decided to forget also laid the foundation to new crimes. Jews occurred of Noy, which rescued them from a flood in Lemuria. Noy is embodiment Michael the Archangels, Lord of the Shambhala. The epic of Jews is given in video "Mahabharata‖. The plan to sweep:

1. To carry out population recruitment.
2. To blow up the Planet before leaving to Saturn.
Rama - God (Vishnu's Avatar)! Ravana (Jehovah) - a devil.)
You look on voy tube: video "Vishnu Puran", from 63 series Ramayana is.

Chapter 13.

Demon Universe Brama is the Patron of Jehovah-devil.
Brama from the root "brih" grow, or to extend, left from nevel of the Vishnus. Brama is creator of material world and spiritless.

He Logos, the demon; all demons are demigods. Darkness has a hierarchy too, and heads it Demigod Brama. All positions in Space are selective. Earlier the hierarchy of darkness consisted: Brama, "Lucifer" and Jehovah. Solar Gods and demons shall work in a single rhythm. Withdrawal of hierarchy of darkness from ways Light began since Lemuria and it was finally shown in 4000 years BC. All cycle of board Jehovah on Earth, Brama cherished a dream to participate in the election campaign. For this action was our small Planet is chosen. Under the leadership of Brama "Lucifer" managed the representative on to the Earth Jehovah (Owner of land). In 1942 forces of darkness shall go to Saturn. There was in space a war ARMAGEDDON (1931 1949). Fight was conducted by energies. To delay luminous intensity, Jehovah opened for the second the front World War II. The scriptwriter is Jehovah (under direct management of Brama). Hitler Jehovah's embodiment with breaks is in time. In 1949 "Lucifer" was expelled in Silence of Silence (deprivations of the right voices) on the second plan to Brama. Now the Hierarchy of darkness consists: Brama, Jehovah and Indra. Jehovah created to himself 4 deputies that is imparted knowledge of black magic and sorcery to foul; one of them is Indra. The one, who received similar information too devil.

In Hierarchy of darkness there is a prohibition on consciousness growth, only worship higher is recognized on Hierarchies, that who is material and spiritless - to demons. For the rest is permissiveness. Esoteric is secret Knowledge's, hidden from all, are intended only devoted. Eksoteric is for the people. Christ Gave Knowledge's, but priests (under the influence of darkness) rejected a key to understanding of the Doctrine of Christ, complete esoteric. Eso - what is inside (for the elite), ekso is outside (for all). From the first days of the beginning of a cycle of board to this day, Jehovah decayed itself and pulled along the population Planets also reached the last stage of decomposition. Jehovah was the Lord of the Moon and to him God Gave Direct to create first person; Jehovah hesitated. Information went on a chain: from below up through "Lucifer" to Brama and back.

Who managed Jehovah? Brama through the intermediary! All decrees went from Brama; to create the first people without brains, to carry out Them through all types of sexual perversions and crimes (to create electorate). For whom Brama prepared this trap? Jehovah has suggested Spirits of the Flame to Create the highest Thin bodies for the embodiment in the created physical bodies without brains.
But They Refused, and Created beautiful human forms, everyone in the destiny. Demons miscalculated. God has Give Direct to Jehovah: "In what was created also you enter". The person without brain doesn't perceive information from consciousness. The first people (lunar demons) led by Jehovah there were zoophiles. After Jehovah made crops on Earth of sexual perversions (all types). Brama wanted others to degrade people, but the devil got to this trap and drudge 432 thousands of years.

Jehovah entered a stopper and can't leave yet; the psychiatric hospital on it cries. "Creators" of the first people were: demon Jehovah and "lunar pitri". Solar Deities whom Brama applying violence realized in the environment demons, directly left to the Sun. Jehovah is brainwash Brama, whose representative on Earth he is. Later Apocalypse in Lemuria Jehovah was realized on Atlantis along with Brama. For what Brama was realized on Earth? That creates "a darkness brotherhood" from sorcerers and black magicians. At Brama the thought was shown to become Supreme, but in Space governs Light, but not darkness. Exceptions to the rules don't happen. The Supreme Deity, the Absolute was approved by this Law!

In Atlantis there was a Golden Age; God has Give to people of Knowledge's, to create everything power of thought. At this time Atlanta constructed Pyramids in Egypt. Stone blocks is facilitated (turned into astral) and as matchboxes, transferred to a construction, then materialized. Presently on the Planet there are no cranes to lift the stone block, from which Pyramids are constructed. Cutting of blocks was made by power of thought, previously a stone from material conditions turned into astral. God Gave Knowledge's, to distract demons from material benefits and to lift consciousness.

But they built to themselves palaces, created jewelry, fine fabrics for clothes, reveled desires also forgot about God. To whom did they worship? To the demon Brama!
In Atlantis at Brama the son was born Pulastia (the embodiment of the demon), and at Pulastia the grandson (the devil incarnate of Jehovah) was born. After death Atlantis group of demons led by Jehovah were salvaged on the island Lanka (Ceylon). And Pulastia it was manifested on Ceylon. Under hypnosis of the Demon Brama Jehovah (tsar Lanki) organized bacchanalias low desires.

The Lord of Shambhala Was realized as Rama Avatars to pacify a devil and to save people from its influences. Brama, being in the Fiery World, created the artful scenario, sent it power of thought to Space and all it was performed. Pulastia is Brama son, a collector "Vishnu Puran" based on which it is created movie of the same name. In it are mute several short stories and the poem "Ramayana" which author is the poet Valmiki, Avatar Rama contemporary. (Avatar is Degression of the Highest Spirit, God). This movie is on youtube and on Fasebook. Those, who will watch video pay attention to the "wise man in a crown" sitting in lotus. This is Brama, the Demon of the Universe, the main villain of our Planet and mankind. In the Lotus, by the right of Space, the true WISE MAN, God Good and Compassions, God Love and Light, God Vishnu stays! Remember, it is not a trifle, Brama of crowned, yearns for power, he knows that Space all materializes. Not to happen to it!

Brama in India declared himself the Highest. Jehovah in the Bible repeats, calling himself Supreme and Almighty. Why to us two liars easy riders: Jehovah and Brama? In our Universe there is God, the Father of the Universe, Vishnu. And in Boundlessness there is an Almighty the ABSOLUTE, the Supreme Deity. Under control of Brama the devil began to dictate the nonsense (Torah) to prophets then to call it Old Testament. Notice, there is no Knowledge in the Torah, these are Chronicles, the Chronicle of the tribe of Jews. Is at Jews "The secret mystical Doctrine" from five books, but it was only for Ravines (the Egyptian priests).Demons was covered with the word "Gods", but began to separate for a gain of the power on the Planet. Brama created in India caste of "Bramins" which members apply for the highest caste. Demons yearn for power, and at the same time, hire on Saturn. Spiritual ignorance of people is the scariest diagnosis of mankind. Religions God is given, church fathers are obliged to know esoteric and to intelligibly explain to people, considering their level of development. But churchmen can give nothing because most of them are under the influence of darkness.

The highest caste in India Kshatries here cultural wealth is preached. Pupil the Lord' of Shambhala, Svami Vivekananda told to Christians of India: "If they call themselves Christians, then why they don't live as there Lived Christ"? Because Christians accepted the SATANISM from the Old Testament (Torah) imposed violently Brama through a devil Jehovah. Jehovah even not the personality, he is broken by hypnotic paralysis Universal Villain Brama. Pay attention to the attitude of a devil (chapter 4) towards the son and the wife? Who to it palmed off a cat with a dog? Why he cried, tears were shed by a flow; because it is powerless before hypnosis of the Demon Brama, but can't descend from a track. And killed with the axe, and dismembered Gods hands of a devil it the patron is Brama.

"Lucifer" was removed to Brama, in Silence silence (derivate voting powers). Brama won't be behind a back of "Lucifer" any more, personally itself manages a devil. Whether has the right Brama to sit down in the Lotus a symbol of purity, aspiration, the benefit, trust and spirit? "In Space, in visibility and its invisibilities, spirit and matter are indivisible, one without another nothing. Consolidation of the Beginnings gives the birth to everything to real exist Logos' of both Beginnings. This Highest Mystery of Life was reduced to rough phallic cult". (A.Y., reference book 16/170).
From Brama in India the temple in which instead of the priest preaching the Truth it is mounted is built stone three-meter penis. The temple bas-relief (several tiers) offers in sculptures inside and outside zoophile (horses, pigs) and different types of sexual perversions. This temple is a shame for India. Such method of decomposition of mankind chose Brama for seizure of power in the Universe. Demons-perverts (demigod Brama and a devil Jehovah) are torn to autocracy on the Planet and in the Universe, applying a method of sexual decomposition. Overweight of darkness admirers of desires, underworld and spiritual ignoramuses constitute.
Worship of Great Maitreya liquidates overweight of darkness and will salvage all! The name Lot came from the word Lotus (aspiration). His wife looked back to the burning city the Row and turned into a salt column. It is an allegory.
Don't look back in the past, only aspiration in the future, to Knowledge, in it our SALVATION from death physical and spiritual. Brama is Logos darkness, material Beginning. He doesn't want friendship of Spirit with matter, so breaks the Law of Space. Brama from Logos turned into the Demon. Violation of Laws of Space by demons cast a shadow on Solar Gods. Mother World Created Hierarchy Light and demons were shown in a true look; and darkness decays for flowers of Light. Desires of all types are imposed to the population by the Demon Brama through Jehovah: brothels, websites of Gays, parades of Gays. For advertizing of the program for decomposition of mankind uses TV, sects. Low consciousness is bought by material benefits. Everything, who works for darkness, their future is Saturn. Brama, to win in the election campaign "staked" our Planet and mankind. The universal villain shifted the basis and allowed mighty forces of Chaos to the shown world of our minor planet. Brama broke balance of elements, generated the mass of pernicious brown gas (imperil). And, having created these terrible reasons, cast the Planet into decomposition Chaos. Such is consequences of government of the Demon Brama and his improvised devil of Jehovah. Brama destroys the Planet and corrupts a devil perversions and crimes. Jehovah, in turn, repeats Brama' actions in relation to 7 billion population of the globe. For salvation of the Planet and mankind it is necessary to reduce urgently a transition period and to send dark to Saturn to earlier planet-wide tragedy the Apocalypse. Let's not appeal to Heavens to Salvage us and our House from death. Salvation depends also on our cooperation with Heavens: balance and Worship of God, Great Maitreya!!!

Chapter 14. Avatar Vishny.
Great Maitreya - Divine Christ,
Supreme, the Father of the Universe, the Founder is and Creator.
"That is what ever exist?
Space!. (E.P. Blavatsky "R.I.").
The Great Maitreya - God
Vishnu comes from the root "vish" is to get, enter the essence nature. Light is I; I Am Nous (Reason or Manu is the Divine person). I Am your God; I Am much more ancient than the human beginning. I Am a thought germ, the shining Word, the Son Gods. Everything Am so sees and hears in you is the Teacher's verb. It is a thought (Mahat which is Heavenly the Father - God).

The heavenly Ocean, Air is Breath of the Father the life-giving Beginning, Mother the Holy Spirit; because they not to divide and their merge is life". "S.D." not puts at the head of evolution Life of the Father, who costs to the third also there is "Mother's Son", but "eternal and continuous breath all Real". To Mahat (Knowledge, the World Reason, the Thought, etc.) before being shown as Brama or Shiva it is shown as Vishnu. Because he, as and Logos has several aspects. To Mahat (Thought) is called as the Lord in primary creation and in this sense He is Global Knowledge or Divine Thought. Under the term "God".

The father" is meant the seventh principle in the person and Space. This principle is inseparable on the Essence and the nature from the space principle. Vishnu allocates from himself Brama and Shiva. Brama from the root "brih" grow, or to extend, left from navel Vishnu, and Shiva from an eye.

Vishnu Brama is infinite space in which Gods, Rishi, Manu and everything that exists in this Universe, are only Forces. God of devoted is the space. The occultist accepts the Revelation as proceeding from divine, but nevertheless final Essence, the shown Lives, but never from the shown Uniform Life; from the essences called by the first-born person: Buddha, Kogans, Rishi, Pradzhapati (Lord), Elohims, Planetary Spirits of all people which have become Gods for people.

"Glory to the invariable Saint, eternal, the Highest Vishnu, the uniform All-world nature, to the most powerful over everything; who is Hirania Garbha, Hari and Shakara (Brama is the Demon, Vishnu is a God and Shiva - the Satan), the Creator, To keep and Revive of the world. Glory Vasudeve, to the liberator (his admirers); glory to him, whose essence is uniform and diverse; who at the same time both the most distinguished and matter, disconnected and not disconnected. Glory Vishnu is reason of final release; the glory to the Highest Vishnu, the reason of creation, existence and end of this world who is the root World and who consists of the World". (Vishnu Puran, 1, 2). Vishnu is Logos the First invested by energy and in our Solar system in connection with the fifth principle, Reason, becomes force.

"Vishnu is Narayana, Spirit which is an invisible Flame which doesn't burn, but ignites everything to what concerns, and gives that life and power of origin. All Messiahs are Vishnu's Avatars therefore they treat the Uniform Ego.

Maitreya is Oldest and the First, the King of kings, the Teacher Teachers! In "the Secret Doctrine" He is Sanat Kumar, the Oldest (among Lords), Lord Moria, Lord World, the Lord of Shambhala or Great Manu the Sixth Race, Great Lord Maitreya is aspects of one Highest Spirit".

Not shown God is Infinite, Absolute, Permanently Self-real and Unconditional as "Not having Qualities"; whereas the shown God the Supreme Lord Universe Vishnu, is presented as "having qualities". The main qualities Life, Consciousness and Pleasure, and a three of human Spirit with its three properties activity, cognition and will - limited reflection or an image of the Lord. The shown God is a root Universe; there is nothing except God. He is a Creator, the Builder and Revive of the worlds. His life engenders and protects them in all the time put for their existence and when time it comes to an end, He returns them from a condition of separateness in the Unity. "Known God, Who without the beginning and endlessly
Which in this solid matter is the Creator Universe Who has the infinite image which has learned Uniform, getting the Universe, is exempted from all fetters. He creates the Universe; He is the Reason of Spirit, the Lord of time showing qualities. He is Omniscient, the Lord of matter and a conscious incarnate essence. Governor of qualities is. Release reason, existence and slavery. He is similar to the immortal, wise, staying in an image of the Governor, ubiquitous keeper of this world; there is no other source of domination.

When He is shown, everything is shown behind Him; His manifestation the whole world becomes shown. From Him Breath, Reason and all Feelings, Air, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, a support all of them are born. From Him various ways have given rise Radiant, Sadhi, People, Animals and Birds. Truly, all this is Eternal Uniform, from Him everything precedes, plunges into Him and him keeps". (Upanishads V, 13). Vishnu's in Buddhism is called as Avalokiteshvara, creative The wisdom, corresponds to Brahma Supreme.

"Legendary Avatars of Vishnu: Rama, Krishna, Kapila, Gautama Buddha, Moria (Christ), Maitreya, Kalka Avatar, Race the seventh, Frame cycle. Three Avatars: Krishna, Christ, Maitreya is full Manifestation of Father Universe! God Vishnu is Great Maitreya; this identity Has laid the foundation of shift of consciousness of our mankind, and this Highest Spirit Is at the head of Hierarchy Light's, having assumed not replaceable Patrol. "Vishnu in Kapila image transfers to a century of Crete to people true wisdom. In a century of Treta he constrains spiteful in an image of the World Monarch, protects three Races. In a century Dvapara in the person Veda Viasa divides the uniform Veda into four and subdivides them into hundreds of branches" (Vishnu Puran)".

"Each atom, we claim, could through personal individual achievements and efforts to reach the plan on which becomes EVERYTHING again. Between the Alpha and Omega there passes the heavy "track" bordered with thorns which at first goes down, and then turns incessantly ascending and till the end Having begun the way pure, the Wanderer more and more Goes down in sinful matter.

Connecting itself to each atom in the shown space and, after fight and sufferings in each form life and Existence when he has identified himself with collective mankind, he appears only at matter bottom of valley, having passed only a half of the cycle. He Has created this mankind on the similarity. To promote up and to reach the true house, God Must to ascend in the abrupt and heavy way of Golgotha of Life now. It is also martyrdom of self-conscious existence. He Must to sacrifice himself to himself to expiate all beings and to revive from "Set" in Uniform life. Then He truly Ascends on Heaven where, shipped in incomprehensible Absolute Life and Pleasure of Nirvana, He Will reigns infinitely. Then from there He Will descend again at following "Coming" which a part of mankind expects, in understanding of a dead letter as "the Second Coming", another as the last "Kalka the Avatar". (E.P. Blavatsky,"S.D.").

"And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters," or over the great Void of the Infinite Space. And this Spirit is Narayana, or Vishnu. And God Said: let there be a Firmament" ... And the Second God obeyed and "created the firmament" "And God said: Let there be Light, and there was Light." (EPB, "TD").

Below are the legendary Avatars (incarnations) of Vishnu, which you can find out in more detail by viewing in the Internet the video "Vishnu Puran":

1.Matsya is a fish. 2. Kurm - turtle (lived on land and in water). 3. Varaha is a wild boar. 4. Nara-sing (man-lion) is the last animal stage. 5. Vamuna - the dwarf; the first step to the human form. 6. Parasurama is a hero, but still an imperfect person. 7. Rama is the hero of the Ramayana. Physically perfect man. 8. Krishna is the Son of Devi Devaki, created by God or, more correctly, the Deity of Vishnu. 9. Kapila. 10. Moria (Christ God Vishnu). 11. Great Maitreya - God Vishnu, - the author of the Teaching of Living Ethics. 12. The last Avatar will be like the Christian Second Coming - the Great Parish, Vishnu will come as the Savior of

We see the sequence of the incarnations of Vishnu, where is philosophically, spiritually and physically shown the evolution of the animal and man. From fish, double transformation He carries the physical form through the image of a turtle, a wild boar and a man - a lion; and then, manifested in the dwarf, reveals Parashurama a physically perfect, but spiritually undeveloped being; then leads a person to the culmination of physical and spiritual perfection to God on Earth. In Krishna and in the other saviors of mankind, the philosophical idea of the dual development of man (physical and spiritual) is expressed.

In the film "Ramayana" the monkey king Hanuman the generalissimo and the faithful ally of Rama (Vishnu) is the embodiment of God on Earth. The Hindu sees in the monkey an illegitimate branch grafted on his own kind until the final improvement of the latter. The inner man is God, and the physical case is a monkey.

Who controls the Sun, the Moon, who rules over the ocean - the Creator, the Omnipresent, who was born as Rama, as Krishna, He Who created all, His name is Vishnu is the Creator of everything. He Created man, but as for deeds, He placed responsibility for them on man himself. Vishnu Has endowed the person with knowledge, reason, love and desires. He obliges man not to allow desires to eclipse the mind and to dominate it. Our own age, iron, or Kali-Yuga, is the age of darkness, suffering and sadness, ending in its cramps. In this age, Vishnu had to incarnate Rama to eliminate physically the king of Lanka - Ravana, the embodiment of Jehovah - the devil. Then incarnate Krishna to give humanity the Bhagavad-Gita and teach mankind to keep a single state, without dismembering it because of the whims of individuals

Lord Vishnu gave the Vedas and obliged the sages to interpret these books to people. At the beginning of each series, the Goddess Lakshmi recounts the Mantras from the Vedas. For example:

People should not neglect the Teachings laid down in the ancient books. The king's family is his whole kingdom. All subjects are members of his family, and he must take care of everyone.

It is necessary to continue life as a change of one to another, accumulating information, a person dies in a dense world, but life continues in the higher realms. "The Vedas" will shed Light on us and the coming humanity. This knowledge will teach a person the relationship between Heaven and Earth, between the body and the soul. Teaching will inspire people to draw strength from nature, teach them how to love life. Knowledge is the Light that illuminates the path.
In the films (1. "Vishnu Puran" - 105 series. 2. "Mahabharata" - 94 series. 3. "Akbar and Dzhodha" - 1 series) presents the incarnations of the Great Maitreya: Avatar Rama, God Krishna. Avatar is a divine incarnation. The descent of ... the sublime Being, the Supreme Spirit is Vishnu.

Hirania Kashipu is a demon; Ravana is the embodiment of Jehovah the Devil. India is the land of gods and goddesses, embodied in the human body. The Upanishads in the Vedas like Kabbala in Judaism.

Chapter 15. Summary video.
1."Vishnu Puran.
The film consists of several short stories.
1.1.Druv. Tsar, fascinated by the beauty of his youngest wife, came under its influence and forgot about his older wife and son Druve. Boy stretches to the father wants to sit in his lap, but the younger wife shooing him. Druv night goes to the forest and makes the "ascesa" (pronunciation of mantras is a divine combination of words, establishing a relationship with God). It is desirable to refuse food and water. The King and his mother go in search of the son Druve, find it, but the "ascesa" Druv continues.
Dried fruit, turned to the ground water from the jar, but the child is directed to God Vishnu. And finally happened God Vishnu answered the call and descends to Druve sat him on his knees and blessed. Druv returns home, his father woke up from his youngest wife, char, accuses her of selfishness, but the House is quieter world. Lord Vishnu always
only to call if you have a strong desire and faith in Him.

1.2. Hay Griv - daemon was born with the horse's snout. Lord Vishnu gave humanity the "Vedas", part 4 it's his children who are demon, Hi, haunted and Manes put into prison. The vices of the demon are his dignity. Mother condemns Hay Grivs and requests the release of children "Veda" to freedom. Sage calms it and said that Vishnu is the abode of justice. It will help their children. What would get rid of the obsolete culture divine powers to help humanity? When demons guards slept, children are "Vedas" disappeared from prison. Hi Manes fears that children are the "Vedas" for one minute over the universe. Children's demons were detained, but at this time Vishnu incarnates by fish coming out of the ocean and kills Hay Mane and other demons. Lord Vishnu says children "Vedas", "your time has not yet come to appear to people as long as you stay with me." Subsequently, Lord Vishnu gave humanity the "Vedas"-priceless gift. If there is access to knowledge, not to reject them, otherwise you will be punished.

1.3. Hirania Kašipu - it is a tsar of lunar dynasty, demon; wicked, proud and vain. Subordinated all reign to it self, imposing itself God by the national, requiring worship to itself. Obsessed by revenge and spite to Vishnu, he wants to attain His omnipotence and goes away to Himalayas to conduct " askesa" with an address to the demigod to Brama, Demon of Universe. For the achievement of the aim stood barefoot on ice in mountains, all was covered by snow, overgrew a bristle, without food and water. And waited till - showed up Brama that satisfied not all his requests, but gave something indefinite. Hirania Kashipy decided that he had deceived Brama and now invulnerable and continued to create an evil. Permissiveness and not punish by law have a limit too. What to release a lunar dynasty from cruelty of tsar, God Vishnu sends light embodiment to his son that yet only fruit and in the bosom of mother. A saint can be born even in family demons. A demigod Indra is afraid that Hirania Kashipy will purchase after " ascesa" force and will pass to new-born. Indra wants to kill the child yet not born. While Hirania Cashipy was absent, Indra had stolen his pregnant wife, to kill her. Before him there was a sage that convinces him not to do it, because a child will reorganize demonic family in the future. A sage takes away a woman to itself, and every day repeats mantras with the name Vishnu; a child in the bosom of mother repeats them after him. A boy by name Prochlad that with a mother, with permission a father, remained for a sage on a few years is and mastered all bases of Studies, was born. The return of son and wife does not bring gladness to the father - Prochlad repeats the name Vishnu and worships him. Hirania decides physically to remove a son (he killed all, who worshiped to Vishnu) and orders to destroy him. Coolness put to prison, poisoned poison, burned afire, threw venomous snakes up, placed in a caldron with boiling oil and placed in darkness, drowned at-sea. But who believes in God Vishnu - Creator, Founder and Guarder of all Universes that is unsinkable and fireproof, nobody and nobody and never will cause harm to him. Does an egoistical lie can to win over Truth? Lord is ready to become fish, that to sink demons. He created Earth not for tyrants. If an evil is caused saint people, God Vishnu always - is put for help. What Hirania Kashipy knew, that was essence higher him and will always come to devoted. God Vishnu was incarnated a man - beast and Hirania Kashipy removed physically. Prohlad became a tsar and there has come rest and prosperity in the kingdom.

1.4. Sachasradzhun. Not all, getting power deserve her. Who uses power for the egoistical aims, doomed to death? A tsar hated sages. He burned A shims (the territory with building for housing which also Sachasradzhun served school for the pupils getting a spiritual education) and killed sages that never took in the hands of weapon - an idea and will-power were for them the best defence. A tsar is a representative of Gods on Earth; he is under an obligation to get along at the desires that can bring him over to bad to the consequences. What to pacify tsar of Sachadradzhun, Vishnu is incarnated in the son of sage - Parashuram'. Parashuram comes to the conclusion, that it is needed to take a weapon in hands, to protect Ashims and goes away to the mountains on Kailas to God Shiva that for 9 taught him to archery and upon termination of studies presented to him a bow and ax lunate. Returning home, he knows that the sons of tsar killed his father. Parasturam' removed killers physically, laid down their heads in a sack and passed to the father. And then and removes a tsar for that he humiliated his mother.

1.5. Ravana (the embodiment of Jehovah's witnesses), is the King of demons on the island of Lanka. In ch. 12, ―the Ramayana‖ are excerpts from the Indian epic; it is available to explain the essence of what is happening. Full immersion in the matter of Lanka, headed by the King and is lack of spirituality. The demons destroy the wise men and their gobble up Cut living and to strain blood in jugs. The sages lived on sacrifice, and all of them were taxed; they had to leave the Country. Demons were left without spiritual mentors. The teacher is more important than family. When a person passes all bounds, it leads him to death and there are reasons for it.

Ravana (Jehovah) becomes a threat to mankind; he now does not allow you to carry the people of knowledge. He represented himself God and required worship yourself. All the ugliness that worked at Lanka, Ravana he called demonic culture. Is it combines culture and cruelty, permissiveness? The gods decide to physically eliminate Ravan, Vishnu incarnates Prince Rama. Note the epigraph to ch. 12 ―no authority over time-the fate of man and nobody knows its trends ''. The main demon Universe is the demigod Brama, Patron of the devil-Jehovah will write a crafty script and nobody, except Gods, this scenario does not know. Will launch in Space this idea and will have to wait for the result. Scenarios it is aimed against the Forces of Light, but failure will overtake Slade. Sure! Come to the King Dašarathe (Rama's father) young wife with his nanny humpbacks (demon) and all a scenario. Twists Ravana is physically removed for the benefit of mankind, death overtook him during battles for the release from captivity of Sita, and the wife of Prince Rama, Ravana (Jehovah) was reported stolen.

2. Mahabharata.
Great is immortal epic. It is extraordinary history of blossoming and decline of the Indian culture, good and evil fight. This history has to be studied by all generations. This history should be studied by all generations.

2.1 Kamsa; King of the cruel and selfish does not believe in the prophecy of the Sage that he would be killed by the eighth son of sister Dèvaki. On a horoscope drawn up by Sage and everything happens. The King has taken tough precautions; He planted his sister and her husband in jail for long periods of time. When was born the first son of her sister Dèvaki, death to him one step closer. The first six newborn sons King-killer deprived of life, the seventh mystical way took the other woman. The eighth light appears on Shri Krishna (Shri Lord) it would predominate over the newsboy girl. Even God needs a mother to be born on this Earth. Prediction came true! The stars and planets have the most favorable location. Demigods met His birth of loud singing. This is an unusual child; he will deliver a world away from the cruelty. Sad, but once our sins will be our end. Where on Earth religion decay sets in atheism, God himself comes to Earth to restore peace!

2.2. Kauravas is and Pandavas. It all began before Krishna Gave the friend to Arjuna "Bhagavad-Gita". In the realm of Baraty began the process of democratic thinking. Two kinds of Kauravas and the Pandavas lived a family; developed the related relations as a result mixed marriages. Pandava - is a Solar dynasty, indigenous people of India. Kauravas - the lunar dynasty, immigrants from Lemuria binary is future Jews. World in India was stopped after the destruction of Atlantis and of the incarnation of Jehovah on the island of Lanka. He took under its influence, lemurs, and began to insist on the partition of India into two States: indigenous people and refugees-lemurs. In miniature is, if because of sympathy to take to his house a family of refugees and after a while they begin to share an apartment owner, claiming half of the housing. Lord Krishna was Incarnated in India, to help the indigenous population to keep the state safe. To distract Lord Krishna from the main Affairs, Jehovah stole His wife and had kept for two years. For many years the wife of Kṛiṣhṇa (Godless Lakshmi) with son was hiding, She wanted to kill. When the son grew up and went to the war, he returned to his father, and mother's husband. In order to have peace in India, lemurs refugees (future Jews) brought to Chaldea (false Bibles). Plan poisonous mushroom Jehovah failed. And yet...
The rightful heir to the throne of Dhritarashtra was born blind, and the King's younger brother Pandu, who soon died and blind brother became King. But when it came time to announce the Crown Prince, the King named his son, but the son of deceased brother was a senior. And start ups and downs: evil, jealousy, deceit, and as a result of the of many years war. The fight took place between relatives belonging to different dynasties: the Solar and lunar. Lunar dynasty had (under the influence of the devil) to split the Kingdom in two, and the sun felt required to maintain a uniform state even by war.

Rulers come and go, but the people and the territory remained. Separation of State-road is to ruin. The King may not be weak and not strong. Because, of the bias of the King, untied the struggle for the throne. Lord Krishna gave wise advice and as a result, the State preserved the integrity and legitimate heir to the throne. King Dhritarashtra in this war lost son and 100 person subjects due to his indecisiveness and attachment to her son.

3. Akbar and Dzhodha".

Akbar is the great Mogul (M.:) Akbar the magnificent blessed Akbar's favorite of the gods "and see the beauty of the world", here is a list of adjectives to the Emperor of Mongolia, has two States: Mongolia and Northern India. He United two religions is in one Buddhism. Having married the princess of India, He has strengthened the link between these States and peoples.

In these films are very pretty actress in beautiful clothes and ornaments. Moviegoers are high relations between spouses and children and respectful attitude to the sages. Pay Attentio on that as want demon-demigods that would they were worshiped. In the video film has an episode in which even the demy-God Indra (the spawn of darkness) kills the King and burns for what in his Kingdom he worshiped ... Worship this powerful message of love, pink vibes. The energy of love is pink. Not live without love and without God life criminal.

Chapter 16. All-planet election campaign is.
Picturs: Great Maitreya Divine Christ.
Listen up! Address of Maitreya! There comes a crucial moment in the history of life on the Planet. When mountains and the Earth will shake, when we will need all the courage to stand in the Light, you can resist only by Me. Many things will change when the crisis passes. It will be hard unbearable. Many deaths will follow many manifestations of nervous system burnout. Fire collapses suddenly, but in an unprecedented strain. Fire wave are terrible, sizzling worthless receivers. I give a warning. Only by the lights of the calm reaction of the body can be mitigated. Fire inside the encounter is the fire of space. I will help to strengthen the protective circle of fire. Protection will be given on a silver thread. Terrible fate is given by furious fire element. Predestined hour of fiery onslaught is coming fiercely. The strength of the Lord there is a place where assembled Planets and where the Fire burns constantly in extraordinary strain. This is the spiritual magnetic
center of the Planet, the highest point of the triangle with the two other magnetic center is points of the North and South poles. The fire balance of the planet is regulated in the Stronghold. The Fiery instrument of Spirit of Lord serves as a device regulator. Tension is high and often unbearable. To make it at least a bit lower, the stress is distributed over the network of Light, planetary nodes. And then My chosen ones bear the part of that fiery tension, which is borne by the Lord. You help by this.

People think: the Christ was, and then he died, there were Great Teachers and the Luminaries of the world and they have gone into oblivion. Blind not knowing that the stage They have passed were laid for humanity, to rise by them, and, being planted is in the past, in the spiral of time they serve as the basis and foundation for creation of future stages as the magnificence of close, victoriously approaching and distant, hidden behind a veil of time. Not Dead, but Alive, not Gone, but with you for all the days until the end of the century. It is a step to the future millennia and bright face of future, assigned by Lords to rollout of distant times.

East believes in the arrival of Maitreya, the West said about the second Coming of the Savior. Do not they say about one the same? And no giving any discretion and essence of the Teacher in your custom? What is approaching the time of the Advent? Here are collected powers for approval of Light and struck the satan by the Solar system.

Planetary election is coming, when everyone should decide to take or to reject the Lord of Light. But like the lightning in the darkness tears the heavens edge-to-edge, evident and glitzy will be the Great Advent. The Forerunner of Advent is given Teaching of Life and testimony of those, who are elected. But space trumpets, and sings and rings, by the full-bodied summer lightning of the approaching phenomena.

Staying of the human on the Earth is absolutely necessary. Here he acquires precious pearl of experience, without which it is impossible to advance on the spiritual path. One of these pearls is to digging channels in the subtle world, by which the spirit will go after Leaving of the dense world, the earthly one. It is important to note that this person can do his job only on the Earth. After the Passing, the new directions of activity are not created in the thin world; the person can work and move only along the lines laid down for him in the dense world.

You cannot avoid hours of struggle, trials and overcome, but going with Lord you are always a winner. Senior moves is in mysterious ways but triumphant. Distant and invisible the Lord is, but Close. Powerful and invulnerable His Shield is, and on it is said Victory. Fire Love to the Lord is the best food for the heart.

The heart is fed by the fire. There is the food not useful, murderous and fatally harmful. Fear, anger and doubt poison heart tissue by the poisons of the dark lights. Their deposition regenerates the heart tissues, necrotize them. Under the influence of these prisoners many hearts alive are decomposed and stinking. Not all emotions are accompanied by the scents of the entity, and often very unpleasant. Lights of the heart have scents and aromas. The scale of black lights gives different degrees of stench. The scale of bright and clean ones is scents. Higher senses are fragrant. The pure heart is fragrant. Prevention of heart and its correct nourishment lies in the fact that the black fire and siblings are not allowed. Feelings and emotions of a terrestrial scale, filling the
microcosm with the stench, may not serve as a food to the focused heart; they do not make him serious damage. Awful is a stench of lower passions. Unpleasant and repels the stench of despair, fear, anxiety, jealousy and other emotions, so ordinary and peculiar people. The heart can withstand only a certain number of natural poisons. East believes in the Coming of Maitreya, the West said about the Second Coming of the Savior. Do not they say about one the same? And do not they giving any discretion and essence of Teacher in their custom? That is approaching the time of arrival. Here are collected the powers for the Light approval.

Here are coming elections all-planetary, when everyone will have to solve, it will accept the Lord of Light, or will reject.

But like the lightning in the darkness tears the heavens edge-to-edge, evident and glitzy will be the Great Advent. The Forerunner of Advent is given Teaching of Life and testimony of those, who are elected. But space trumpets, and sings and rings, by the full-bodied summer lightning of the approaching phenomena. I say to the knowing people: Watch in anticipation of the Light and prepare those, who can hold up to date. When it will be done, do many people believe that you knew it? But many of us now expect unconsciously. The future goes ahead the present, heart ahead the brain. Wait that the phenomenon by the heart. You will be asked: How can we see Him if the Lord is one, and there are so many consciousnesses? But My Rays will fill the Earth's atmosphere. My Ray is My expression of My Essence and the Seal of My Face. That one, who received Rays can feel and see Me. The heart will feel the sense of the Light, embodied in the Image of the Lord. I am with you in spirit, but the spirit knows no divisions, no restrictions.

For are not hidden in the Invisible World the spores of the spirit, and the thing that is here on Earth, exists explicitly, and not striking, and it gets away with behind the scenes on that same time the thin plane itself is stinking and ugly sight. That‗s why be pure for earthly affairs.

Because the secret is not clear, but at the time it occurred, it becomes immediately apparent on The Invisible plane, and inaccessible to the physical eye. By the spirit and in the spirit, and in the thoughts and feelings of people must be beautiful, that is redolent. The beauty of the inner man and aromatic of its radiations are inseparable. One lives and fills the space around him with sophisticated fragrances, another one with the stench of decomposition. Deep difference between these phenomena differ one from another, as Light and darkness. It is hard in urban areas, because they are very stench. They are concerned about the purification of the planet.

Never and nowhere was said about that the man was or could be perfect right away. It is not possible. An instant Flash of insight is possible, but it requires previous accumulation. But the goal of improvement mentioned everywhere. So, improvement takes time. You need to take on the shoulders the cross, or the heavy baggage of the imperfections, and how whatever it is hard to follow the Lord. This steady following the Lord is a great achievement, because it makes the ultimate victory of the spirit. So, the point is not to in having no imperfections, but to follow unswervingly. The way of the human to the Lord is far. It must be passed and you must reach the Lord.

Don't look for the saints and overhead perfection among those, who were close to the Teaching and following along the way, but keep marking the qualities, necessary for the disciple. And do not be confused by your imperfections, but powerfully ascent in the name of Lord. Do not condemn anyone, and especially those, who approached the Teaching, but passionately support the going ones. Condemnation is like the coffin nail‖- M.:

2. The Appeal of the Great Lord M.:

The planet is threatened by an explosion. Nature has lost its normal rhythm and strongly influences the human psyche, upsetting its balance. It was easy earlier, exiting on nature, find peace and rest in it. Now the nature of is made sick by the human madness and crimes, i.e. the disharmonic impact of earth mankind violated the interaction of its elements. Chaos erupts everywhere. The chaos of matter can be withstood only with the help of spirit. Dark ones moved the base, and while dark pole of human collective continues to deepen and worsen the situation, the Light pole adjusts all forces in order to restore the lost harmony. They want war, we and the peoples, following us, want the peace. Those destroying the forests plunder the wealth of nature and invent new means of destruction. We, and following us, are planting forests, the trees and shrubs in deserts, transform the nature and strive to build a powerful team of amicable people, dedicated to brotherly cooperation. The forces of destruction and creation collide in giant fight. Of course, we will win, but we should go in harmony and together to this victory, all together against these destroyers. The Sign of My troops is billion, already flies over the planet. It is a powerful counterbalance against the forces of destruction. His force breaks the waves of destructive energy, directed from the dark camp. Help keep the balance. I apply you the powerful ones. Help by your balance to create the spirit stronghold in the ocean of violent elements. Show the tense balance; give the place where to send powerful Beams to absorb them into the receiver and to distribute them over the remote district. My beacons of Light shine by My Light, and the darkness cannot cover them‖. Darkness is thick, but the Beam of Light powerfully cuts it through, bringing salvation to all who are in the darkness to the Light rushes. Understand the importance and responsibility of the Commission. Leave the personal attempts of S. complaints and grievances, eschew all personal. The moment is too responsible, and you should help Me. Do not think hypocritically: What is My smallness, how can it have world significance? Understand that the small speck may outweigh a bowl of planetary scale. Become aware of your responsibility for the Earth. Help Me, the responsibility taken on the shoulders, so right now needed balance to keep. Help. I sat to you, those who can hold the scale. Help. Everyone must help to keep the balance. You want to become closer, share My load‖. - (M .:).

P. S. placement this article on a site, Jehovah-devil dictated to me the text about that, that in opposition of two powers of Light and darkness guilty is his patron Brama, - he writes artful scenarios for gods, than provokes an antagonism. It repeated twice. I removed this text.

Chapter 17. Lhasa. Tibet.

Himalayas. Lha are Spirits of higher spheres, hence the name of the capital of Tibet, Lha-sa is. Each person reading books by E.P. Blavatsky and E.I. Rerich, at once has a desire to go to Tibet at least to stand on the Holy Land and to take a breath. I have poor eyesight and I do not know English, so expectations for the trip I didn't have. Once read He. Rerich of "Letters", v.9, which that N. Rerich passes to the United States to their friends (each) one small detail-the "magnet" that must be covered with a right hand, make a wish and will do everything necessary to connect items to its execution. Only "do not wish for yourself, and don't dare against the Teacher". And me it was thought: "Happy people, if I would have "the Teacher's Magnet" I have made a wish".

In the evening, in a vision in front of me was the hand and on the Palm lying magnet. And how do I have it can take? The next vision was that the train rides in the mountains is stopped, from wagons go, tourists in shorts and hats. I realized to pick up "magnet Teachers" must go! But I'm not seeing.
The following vision the road to the middle of a large refraction of light illuminates the way there, and then turns around and illuminates the way back. So, my Lord, all for me is! I immenately went out and bought a ticket through Moscow, Beijing to Lhasa (capital of Tibet) and had to buy up to Šihadze (dark me confused). I had a tip: "take a printout of the route". I taken, but not read.
On the appointed day, I ordered a taxi to the airport. At the airport with me nears the village woman who travelled via Moscow to New-York. We got to talking, and flew to Moscow, she held me on the third floor in a registration point for transit.

After that, the woman who made the transit took us to another airport, but I personally summed up to the window to obtain a boarding pass on Beijing. While waiting for boarding, crouch down next to me, a young Chinese woman.

During the flight to Beijing, our seats were close by and we are all being actively communicated. In the plane, we handed out cards for entry into Chine in the English language; she transferred me to the Russian language, and I am filled.

Upon arrival in Beijing, went to where were all turned to item verification documents. Going down the escalator down, I began to look for a guide that was supposed to meet me; in the hands of hers was supposed to be a sheet of paper with my name. All gone, stayed in the tunnel one (Have erred-missed out, and was travelling tip from "my" keep it), and the tour guide had never been, and to panic. Suddenly saw a blond-girl. Having listened to me, she said, "Follow me." We boarded the Metro and through the one stop came out. After walking some distance, saw a woman carrying a sheet of paper with my name. This was my tour guide named Lilia. It was a very nice woman, forty-six years. We became friends very with it. All the four days it used to take me by the hand on all excursions.

Beijing has made a very good impression on me. The city is well maintained (never seen nor cigar end or matches or paper). On streets and in public institutions it isn't visible smoking people for smoking special places are taken away. But especially surprised I was the lack of people on the streets during working hours. It was explained to me that all people employed; they have no Ramblers.

Dogs walk in strictly certain time and in the places taken away for this purpose. Surveillance cameras installed everywhere; for violation of the established rules is fine. In four days we visited 12 excursions: the Chinese wall two jewelry factory, two silk factories, two palaces, Buddhist temple, porcelain factory, and showroom porcelain tableware and tea house. In our group there were only three people and two Muscovites, a man and a woman. The man knew English and had our translator.

From Beijing to Lhasa we traveled by train to upper-class new rail. The first day we drove to the Gobi desert, in the second began a slow ascent (with stops) in the Himalayas at the height of Tangla railway station pass 5073 meters. On the train we filled out a card that, in the case of the tragic consequences of poor health, we don't have anyone, no complaints.

On the second day the way we saw the Himalayas; the first ridge of the mountains was the second Ridge is visible in a dazzling white snow. We passed Lakes, rivers. Before the Tangla railway station is a headache and my eyes. Then the pain gone and their vision: temples, monasteries, and the statue of Maitreya. Lay with my eyes closed and mentally commented anything seen before. Maintained floors buildings, mentally described the arched entrance, square doors, balconies, pillars with images of human faces in gilt. At the end of the visions saw a sign for good luck (means took it right) saw exactly where wanted to.

Prior to joining Tibet to China in 1959, there were nine thousand temples and monasteries. Left two thousand the rest were destroyed. We met a tour guide in Lhasa and placed into a hotel. The city is located along the river and is enclosed between the mountains. The next day we visited the Potala monastery Temple. From a distance it is a huge high-rise building, and when you are climbing up the stairs, you see that all the buildings of two or three storey. And between them is yards with trees and flowers there are accommodations and several prayer halls, which have a square shape. Several rows of seats in the Hall glazed rugs and passages between them.

All buildings are made by the monks. Buildings made of stone and wood floors and columns. Busts of all the Buddhas, there are in all the monasteries, and near a gold bust of the Maitreya Buddha in gold letters in the English language it is written: "the Fifth Buddha Maitreya, Buddha of the future." The sculpture of Great Maitreya has appearance of the Chinese; in one of the last embodiments he was Chinese, Avalokiteshvara! Inside the dimly lit and guide to monasteries led me by the hand so that keep. A lot of embroidery on fabrics, wood carved works.

Sera is the Centre visited the monastery of the Gelugpa (Yellow Hat School of Buddhism), is considered by the University. Many young people who gather in a group and perform a special ritual are called scholastic disputes the fact pupils Lam Buddhism different directions. All the temples are typical, one shrine outside Lhasa, at an altitude of 4500 feet looked like the well-kept.

The monastery of Tashilhunpo in the town of Šihadze, where is the sculptures of Maitreya, we have not been able to visit, guide refused to take us up as our route was not visiting the Tashilhunpo Monastery. Was very saddened by these to tears is. After all this had to visit the monastery. The dark forces have done everything so that I don't go there-they even did not let me sleep.

On the fourth day we flew from Lhasa to Beijing by plan. I spent the night in a hotel, and in the morning my guide Lilia has me in the airport for the flight to Kiev. There found a fellow from Kiev, who also helped me along the way. Throughout my trip passed from hand to hand. It was all like a dream! My favorite God, thank you for cares about me and offer my obeisances in boundless devotion and veneration. Yes there will be Will Youre the Lord, is eternal in all three Worlds."

On arrival back home, had the "ascesa" with an appeal to the Supreme Deity to remove Jehovah from the planet. In the evening, in a vision, in front of me was the grey sage Brama, looked at me for a few seconds and gone. Soon there was other person, Indra. You have to believe Jehovah yells "Guard" and cries out for help. This coalition No need be in front of me, threaten and warn. I am not afraid of you.

Soon again reiterated the "ascesa" and in front of me have appeared in grown Brama (profile), and behind him were thousands of Brama in crowns and top is the inscription: "kill."I am not a murderer, kill anyone not going. Defend their beliefs. Brama is defending murderers, rapists, thieves, detractors, those, for whom the permissiveness is the norm of conduct. Brama is the one, who came from the navel of Vishnu?

Jehovah the tyrant (raped the woman in the Himalayas, who was engaged in meditation, the ascetic), the pervert, the drunkard, the murderer, the thief; he in the revenge doesn't know a limit. Killed Orpheus also the head, threw out a liver in the sea. Osiris killed (in two embodiments) and the corpse dismembered on forty and fourteen parts (two on seven).Jehovah even over corpses blasphemes. And still someone worships to this cruel, vindictive essence.

Indra created from substances of darkness, i.e., from Jehovah's witnesses. A drunkard, the rapist (enchantments captured the wife of Sage), killer (kill the King, and then burned it for what in his Kingdom worshipped Vishnu and not Indra). What mankind can be if lunar demigods (demons) with such defects?
The Brama had a son by the name of Pulastia (progenitor of rakšas-Atlanta, black mages), who was born the grandson of Ravana (the embodiment of Jehovah's witnesses). Heavy situation ..., great-grandson is of the devil. Brama is the patron of the Jehovah's witnesses.

If parents son outtalk the way; causes a lot of harm to people and the parents, not the Government, saying: "it would be better for him not to be born". Jehovah's place in Silence-Silence, near generate is the Lucifer.

During a Pralaya, break between cycles, adjusting the previous cycle; are deviations from the project and improved the new improved cycle. Jehovah-the devil is in the ordinary man and broke jail "; let the hard way what it's like to suffer live through permissiveness of the devil, for example Indra. Jehovah hastens to do good go to Saturn and let it RIP in space time.

Despite everything, everything takes its course. When to come Maitreya is Buddha, then the present world also the new best world will be destroyed will replace him. And force Buddh's is Wisdom again it will be designed to show as Logos to create future world ‖.
(E.P. Blavatsky "the Exposed Izida").

There is an election campaign. Jehovah can be understood, he rages, understands that out of that swamp, in which he is still, dirty, claim for something is not necessary. Maitreya is God Vishnu, the Most High! In our Solar system - Archangel Michael - the Great Lord of Shambhala. Who knows, loves and considers his personal God Maitreya, he will support His "asceticism". "Without contemplation, contemplation is reduced to zero" - Said Krishna.
Chapter 18. Tashilunpo. Tibet.
Map of Tibet.
On the second of November three flights I arrived in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Last time from Beijing to Lhasa went by train; the first days at great speed and on the second moved - slowly and with infinite stops. Why we so slowly moved? It wasn't clear to us that we gradually adapted for mountain conditions. For the second day, at night, I was hurt strongly by the head and eyes; there was dryness in a throat, pressure in ears. In the afternoon everything passed. I had such condition only; other passengers were all "good fellows". This time decided to reduce time and in vain... While was in the plane, everything was normal.

In Lhasa was met by the guide by the name of Masha, to all of them give the Russian names that the name was easier remembered; on a jeep we went in of Shihadze. At once was overcome by drowsiness though in the afternoon I don't sleep. It was necessary to move on back sitting and to lie down. Headaches, dryness in a mouth began, put ears, dizziness, and nausea.

The high way from Lhasa to Shihadze is new, modern with road signs and marking. The route passes along the mountain river which course is clamped between two ridges of mountains. North side of the Himalayas, are naked rocky slopes, and at the bottom, in places, there are pastures. On river floods, where is small current, geese float. Slopes are fixed in places where the road crashes into rocks, by metal powerful gauzes or high retaining walls.

The road represents a sinusoid across. Admissible speed is of no more than 60 km. in an hour, with stops. On time the way lasts 4 hours.

Violent vegetation is in the Himalayas from India and Nepal. From there and view of two mountains: Everest and Kailas. Everest and its bottom belong to Powers of Light and Kailas is to demonic forces: sorcerers and black magicians. If by nonsense you get on the darkness territory, and then try to get rid of them. It is difficult to get out of the God...

In hotel went to bed at once; have a little a rest and... began. As soon as darkened, there was a crash of windowpanes, are demons came to torment me. Force of adhesion between atoms of glass weakens when through it passes an astral body. Knocked on a window sill, on a bedside table, approached to a bed; them was a little. I all night long asked - appealed to the Absolute, asked to banish them from a planet. They jumped out; the crash was distributed, and then again came back. The crash, knock, rustling was all night long distributed. It is surprising how my head hasn't burst, such pains happen from darkness energy. Indra is team: "Leave". But they couldn't touch me, to me is filled All-initial, Mental energy and they could burn.

Even on the way to Lhasa, on intermediate plan landing, dark me brought out of the plan to the city; I came round in time and, by means of airport service, came back to the plane. In the plane before me there was a long leaf on which little men, from left to right, and from right to left and again at the left were drawn then to the right, and the long text in which intervals I read brightly allocated words below is written; White Brotherhood, Maitreya , Panchen - a lama, Someone "pleased" me So I thought.

In the morning for me Masha came. I asked it: "Where it is possible to measure pressure? But she didn't understand me; told that the drugstore opens in 9 hours Masha, on the attitude towards me, was very soft and attentive. In China all guides very valid. I didn't admit food to cafe, couldn't.

On a jeep we went to a monastery of Tashilhunpo which settles down directly in the city, at the bottom of the Himalayas. In 9 hours mornings began to approach pilgrims from Tibet; elderly, young, children of different age. Approaching to the main case where the statue of Maitreya is stored, pilgrims kneeled, put palms on a floor and by a forehead touched the back party of brushes - brought bows to the Buddha - Maitreya. In hands everyone had a package, with any contents. In 9 hours 30min. there is an opening of the main case; there was a monk in red clothes, like - a long dress with long sleeves, all were constructed on one that at an entrance there was no crush. We rose on a cool short flight of stairs to the room where the Statue settles down. The fifth Buddha Maitreya in a pose of "Lotus" stays in a lotus flower.

Petals of a lotus it isn't visible, everything is covered by multi-colored tapes. (By the way, in the city of Lhasa all streets are covered by strings with tapes which, moving on a wind, frighten off evil ghosts). The statue is poured out of copper, hilded and all in diamonds. Diamonds as it seemed to me, the size, approximately, 10 by 15 mm. The top part of a trunk and hand are decorated with diamonds equal, the identical size. The statue is faced by capacities with the melted oil, (from milk of yaks) with candlesticks in which candles burn. Lie in these capacities of a spoon, them gather oil and water candles.

There was a Friday, the service wasn't. Why verbosity? Pilgrims silently said to "mantras". At all to "mantras" began the word "OHM", i.e. "AUM" - three in one. Lasted holy-action, approximately, an hour and a half, one group of people came, and another left. Everyone made wish...

So occurs every day. For each district day for monastery visit - the temple is defined. In this room is twilight. I passed along capacities on the left, the monk concerned my sleeve of a coat, looked at me, and departed, and I turned to Masha and told: "Let's go with me", (in vain made it). Took it by hand, that with it to go (there the twilight), and the monk "evaporated". We bypassed around "Lotus" on which the Fifth Buddha sits, anywhere was nobody. On the right at a table, in a corner three monks sat and silently repeated to "mantras the sacred phrase. Masha too worships to the Fifth Buddha say to "mantras" and makes wish. Lord of M.: the last time was embodied in India, It has no nationality, and it is the Uniform pastor for all. There will be One God for all people of a planet. Nationalities won't be, borders between the states will be abolished, bodies will be facilitated, a planet too. Asked it: "You want to read about it is? I can give the site", offered. Masha took the site business card. She asked me: "You worship to Maitreya? He with you speaks? You profess the Buddhism"?

At once we had to go to Lhasa, but we decided to spend the night in Shihadze. Such had a weakness in a body that I couldn't straighten shoulders. Except mountain conditions unusual, "dark" (that all of you departed on Saturn) left the mark. This day we once again came into the same case (monks washed up floors, oiled a threshold and steps), - anybody already in the temple wasn't. I asked Masha: "And where 30 meter statue of Maitreya? It shows on this near which we stand. Say that this about 5 m. Masha doesn't understand the word "30 meter". That further to me happened, a pure occultism. I don't know, whether I can tell about it.

23.06.11 there was a vision; rhombus and inside chessboard is good luck draw; chessboard - game between white and black, Light and shade". In a week after arrival I have repeatedly read record from the diary.
Now almost everything is clear to me. It is necessary to reread records of my images. I not always solve them, but over time everything is explained. At the beginning of June after "the Magnet of the Teacher" was shown, before me there was a familiar hand, and on a palm there was an earring with a big stone (ruby) in openwork frame (platinum). In couple of days again there was a familiar hand with two earrings.
Then this vision repeated repeatedly. Earlier wrote that to me organized "support" on a route (to Tibet) there and back. During the delighted story of my friend about my Teacher, I heard other Voice: "Tell: "thanks". I will tell: - "Thanks a lot" I in the first travel across Tibet didn't reach to a terminal point of appointment. After return home, again vision, there was a familiar hand with an earring. Then there was other hand with a wide palm and with an earring of other form. Now I know, who this hand, wide and big is. It can do Karna's earrings? When Karna was the mature soldier, the demigod Indra approached to him in the wood and asked to give it earrings.

Indra often on the wood ran for various reasons: that I looked in windows of a forest lodge of the wise man (his wife I looked after) that, in due time, too in the wood, presented Kunti the son. Perhaps "dark" hunt for these earrings? These earrings are worth a lot, - protect from all misfortunes. In vain Karna gave these earrings; soon, in fight, it was lost. I think that at Indra they "evaporated".

From a monastery we went to hotel, went to bed at once and fell asleep. When woke up, my friend came - the astral, slightly knocked on a bedside table and protected me till the morning. There was a vision - words: "Remain, everything will be restored". How to remain, I have three air tickets. Then again signs: one designates good luck, other end, and end. And in the second sign again an earring, only another. The voice told: "Draw". Turned sideways and fell asleep.

In the morning Masha came for me, we in cafe have breakfast and went to the airport Lhasa on a jeep. Having received in two hours prior to landing in the plane a boarding pass, I went on, almost empty, to a hall and thought: "Who everything thought up it? I received the answer. Won't speak about my reaction is. I two hours before landing in the plane so suffered, what to transfer can't. Then heard the word "bedside table" is. It was Ingras "Draw"; darkness and gloom generation. The demigod Indra confirms with the acts the origin. Such as it don't worship. Indra never will hear in the address of the word: "I love You, My God. When the plane rose up, cutting clouds, I saw, people of the dead lying on clouds, - in astral bodies, in those clothes in which them buried; they had open eyes, they turned the heads towards the plane, moved with hands. It, probably, recently died; they after an exit from a physical body are in confusion and in a dozing condition. They differed nothing on appearance from people of the dense world.

I spent the night in Beijing, and in the morning to Kiev. In the plane still there was pressure, blood a nose went, but only stepped feet into the native earth, at once everything passed. I come into the apartment and along the corridor the astral strolls; slowly passed in a bedroom and I left in a window. This is the demigod Indra earrings I looked for on bedside tables. Continuation of this history read in "Obsession".
"Guan shi in". Like Avalokiteshvara, Guan shi in passed strong through some transformations, but it is wrong to tell that it is a modern fabrication of northern Buddhists because under other name it was known for from the earliest times. The intimate Doctrine speaks: "It that is shown by the first when updating, will appear the
last before Absorption (Pralaya)". So Logos of all people, beginning from Vedic Vishvakarman Mystery to the Savior of the modern civilized nations, an essence "Word", which was "at the Beginning", when awakening active Forces of nature with Uniform the Absolute. Given rise by Fire and Water before they became certain elements, He was "Creator", the former or the scheduler of all real. "Without it nothing was created from this that was created. In it there was a life; and life was Light of people"; and, eventually, it can be called, than it always was, the Alpha and Omega of the Shown Nature. "The great Dragon of Wisdom is born from Fire and Water and everything will be absorbed again with it in Fire and Water", (Pha dsin). This Bodhisattva as it is told, "Accepts any form which is pleasant to it", from Manvantara (cycle) beginning till her end. Though, its certain birth or memorable day, agrees "Csin guan min csin" or "to Radiant Sutra of Gold Light".Buddhas - in the first day of the first month is celebrated in the second month for the nineteenth day, and birthday of Maitreya both are uniform. It will appear, as Maitreya the Buddha, the last from Avatars or Buddhas, in the Seventh Race. This belief it is general to all East. All mantras are taken from the special books, being kept by priests secret; and each of them makes as it is approved, magic action; because the one, who says them or simply reads drawlingly, makes the hidden causality which is expressing in immediate actions. Guan Chi the in is Avalokiteshvara, i.e. "The Lord who we see". Both of them essence of a form of the Seventh World Principle is. "The Self-shown Son of the Father", Logos, the Ubiquitous Universal Spirit shown is in the temple of Space or the Nature". (E.P.Blavatsky, "S.D.").

Recently read in E.P.B. book that it happened in the city of Shihadze and in Tashilhunpo; here she has completed a three-year course of studying of occultism.

Chapter 19. Great Teacher.
Pictures: Great Maitreya Divine Christ
It is told: "Have everyone the Teacher on Earth". The great Lord of our Solar Hierarchy
(Logos) is to us true God and the Father, owing to his great care, Love and the help to mankind. Only the spirit, which has passed uncountable forms and existence, can save up experience, without which there is no recognition, thought, and creativity. As all east doctrines say, - "Isn't present god, who wouldn't be once a person, all gods have to pass through evolution of the person". The Higher Spirit, it is more than embodiments. The Way of the Ascension of Great Maitreya, - three thousand embodiments!

When it is spoken about the Teacher, the Highest Hierarch or the Inhabitant of heaven not always is meant, but the terrestrial, spiritual head is often specified. Terrestrial Teacher from the Shambhala can be a link with Hierarchy of the Highest Forces. The Teacher being on the Earth can't be equated to Great Himalaya Lords. The pupil elects to himself the Teacher; it will read it on an equal basis with the highest beings trusts it and brings the best thoughts. If you want to come nearer to the Himalaya Brotherhood, elect the Teacher and give It the management. From all creatures only one person is gifted with conscious free will, i.e. a freedom of choice. This choice makes from it God or a devil. Not the Teacher, but the Residence the Himalaya White Brotherhood has a residence.

In the esoteric Doctrine is three Lords World the Buddha, Maitreya and the Christ a uniform Ego is specified.

Maitreya is Lord of Knowledge of the Gate Heavenly; Lord of the Highest Worlds World Fiery Engine of Fire of Mother of the World is and Lord of the Shambhala. Where we not are, our temple always with us, in heart of the person, which silver thread connects to heart of the Great Teacher? What happiness to know Lord Maitreya! He knows thoughts, words, and actions of the pupil; will always prompt the best decision. It is necessary to be able to address all strength of mind only to It and communication will be a straight line. There is no bigger pleasure; there is no bigger happiness, than direct current from the Lord.

Mental energy! What powerful antiseptics people carry strong at them? It is necessary to create impenetrable armor of nervous radiations in consciousness. Even great epidemics can't develop if the people own consciousness. Mental energy is all age diseases medicine the Teacher sends to the pupil mental energy for maintenance of health and accumulation of liquid crystals in spiritual heart.

You love Great Lord Maitreya; do Him a message of the best words filled with energy of Love. After all on Love high, spiritual there is Space. Very high form of Love is expressed by pink color in books ''A.Y. facets. Prayers are given, and over time from heart the words high and light will pour down.

My God Beloved, my Sun, my Guiding Star, my Lord Beloved and Only is for me. My protector is from dark forces and the Savior. My Patron, I give You forever my heart, consciousness and will. I send You all the best words filled with the energy of love. I love You, Lord, I idolize and worship, and I bow before Your Greatness, I am proud and admire You! The highest! Above Him not no one in Space! The Brightest! He is Lord of Lords, Teacher of Teachers and my Lord and beloved Teacher. May never interrupt the silver thread connecting my heart and the Great Heart of Maitreya. The Lord, Accept my obeisances as a sign of boundless love and devotion. Aum. Amen. It will be so. The bright energies of the prayers of all admirers of the Great Maitreya will merge in a single stream, envelop Him and help Him carry a heavy burden: Planet and humanity. Prayers are repeated a daily in rhythm and at the same time: at 7 in the morning and 19 in the evening. Believers are invited all religions and faiths. By reverence of God, we will save the Planet - our Home and ourselves in It, and enter the New of the Golden Age!!! Aum. Amen. It will be so.
The love to the Highest is the Way of achievements the shortest because puts the pupil on a way of direct communication with the Lord. "The magnet of spirit of the pupil, flaring the fiery energy of love directed, to the Sphere of Aura of the favorite Teacher establishes vibration of Silvery Bridge overcoming any barriers. There was a person, for threads of love has no value. Living Bridge of communication will throw through space. The mountain, tree, cloud can prevent a beam of the visible Sun, but for a beam of love no barriers exist. Achievements are given by love. It overcomes victoriously everything.

The love harmonizes all of energy of the person and will channelize them uniform. Love flare to Great Heart, and it will answer you is decupled". And in Beams of his Love your way will be unshakable.

The gap meanwhile that is represented by the person and that has to represent, increases, or decreases. The first distances, the second approaches to the Teacher. To come nearer to the Teacher, being removed it is impossible. Among approached to the Teacher, there are no perfect. Weaknesses human subjects are terrible that they can capture consciousness of the person and imperceptibly enslave, in it the main danger. The person starts noticing it when the consciousness isn't able to cope with it. Whirlwinds of the Elevated world carry away weak spirits from the Teacher, as "dry leaves downwind". Firmness on Earth is approved not by connivance to desires of an astral (the thinker in operation, or the principle of action), and its restraint; otherwise the astral can involve the person in a chasm, from where not rise any more. It is necessary to neutralize force of own desires and defects, passions and shortcomings. The one, who will manage to pacify an astral cover and to win over it is a victory, that and in the Thin world will provide itself strong independence of various undesirable whirlwinds and streams of the energy, which have been saved up on Earth; that, what you will connect on Earth, will be and in the Sky. Therefore restraint of all movements in an astral cover and ruthless submission to will is prime necessity. If the person delegates the power over to the covers, they ruthlessly and will ruthlessly mistreat him. Take for an example the drunkard, the addict, the glutton; - all of them are in gloomy slavery at the covers. This involution of spirit comes from life in life. The astral has to be won at any cost, - but how to win against it?

Among all people and life plans in infinite space a support one is the Teacher. Many look for a way, but don't find, but the one who found, understands and appreciates, what treasure has, and preserves it. "Teacher one! Other Teachers aren't present strong. There are other Great Teachers, but the Teacher the Father, consciousness lit, and one! The Space Father is on all Boundlessness. It is a link in a chain. Behind It Above it, but He is a Father, reason life given and put a step to consciousness. The Father Space will be read by Thought, the Word and acts. To replace it there is nobody. The Teacher one is the Defender, the Friend and the Father".

Continuous representation in thoughts of the Lord leads to understanding of Great Presence, which is the integral achievement. Presence of the Teacher is born gradually, capturing consciousness, and becomes brighter. It is necessary to look at Shape of the Lord longer and to represent it in the third eye; this clarity of vision amplifies and gets vital forms. When it is made, the feeling of presence of the Teacher will be constant. But! It is necessary that the consciousness corresponded, a cat.

"Will pass everything, but the Lord is eternal. Great Silent Looking inside It is eternal, eternal always, and in Day of the Great World will merge with you together. And then you will understand My words: "I in you, you in Me, in the Father and We are uniform". The Kingdom of Dumb Witness is higher than the world terrestrial, astral, mental is higher than all forms passing. The life plan is higher and is thinner, the Kingdom of Dumb Witness is closer and more available, and it is easier to concern it. It in the person and if, It which is silent and invisibly Present, leaves the person, his all covers, which aren't constrained by a magnet of the Recorder, will be dissolved in Boundless space. As planets round the Sun, are kept all covers of the person by an attraction of this God's Spark "from the Flame of the Preeternal Light, the thrown Space Will to the world of the shown life". Silently Looking isn't subject to changes of conditions of the birth, growth and aging. The body, but not It grows old. It is forever young and young. Even the spirit grows old and it is possible to tell that it young or highly experienced. But He Looking has no age. If to transfer consciousness to area of spirit and to become closer to It to the Silent Recorder, the old age and death lose a sting".

The Teacher and the pupil are out of time, forever. On Earth, or in the Sky, but together always, - from one life in another! Therefore the Pupil speaks: "All mines in the Teacher". Pupils are the pioneers who are opening the way for all under the direction of the Leader a planet who is at the head of Seven Leaders. Seven Archangels and at the head Michael the Archangel the Head of our Solar system, Great Lord Shambhala Maitreya, M.: Great Teacher! Completeness of service and return of to the Lord indicates strong spirit height. On extent of return of to Will Lord Completeness of Service Great is reached. To it attendants don't take in a way distant on stars. Who wants that the Sun of Great Heart of the Leading Hierarch shone them; accept the Doctrine of Live Ethics! Lord loves all; and bad and good. Only dark, conscious attendants of the evil from itself orbit of the Love excludes. It is told: "Be simple, as children". Go by simplicity to the Teacher from one worship of the person is stuffy. It is told: "On your affairs I will judge".

The Proximity to the Lord, reached in the spirit of, opens a way to Knowledge, even without books, alone with the Lord, face to face. There was time when there were no books and still were know. Knowledge is made out by means of thoughts, from within. Sense-knowledge is the only way for acquisition of new knowledge. But its gradual development is possible only in the presence of the Teacher. Without It will have character accidents? The knowledge, which is available to the Teacher, still in any books isn't printed. But it exists in the space, available to fiery consciousness and expecting everyone who will be able to rise in its kingdom.

Great Teachers, who come to us to Earth, have one purpose to give to people of knowledge. But so to give that people didn't abuse them. Danger of this abuse of a bike can blow up Earth. Therefore Teachers conduct the elite checked tested throughout the millennia of collaboration. Only to them Trust and Will give through them.

"Falsifiers of others values so we call them which have appropriated the Doctrine of Great Teachers, the Doctrines which have changed sense which withdrawn from them live fire of spirit and have made their dead letter. It is a lot of wreckers and the usurpers applying for exclusive possession by Truth, which they have no. It they made dead dogma of fire. It they, like parrots, repeat words of the Writing, without understanding them. It they appropriated the rights of Lords of the Karma to award and forgive. It they, they, they turned light Doctrines of spirit into the darkness tool. How many crimes are committed by them! Murderers of consciousness and body, seducers of consciousnesses,
time final account came, at last, and for you. From now on your power over souls human is taken away from you; Will unite herd because I am a pastor of uniform herd. To separation of mankind there will come the end. Also there will be this unification in the spirit of. Not denial, but the statement of all true cultural wealth of mankind my pupil will enter into life. And people will be distributed in the understanding of Great Teachers of Beams of those. Who Gave them, being combined in a single whole harmoniously, as colors of a range? Separation time came to an end. Accepted Me and of Doctrine, Send to the world, to bear My word to people".

It is necessary to be protected from darkness. Protection the Teacher; put the Teacher between itself and darkness. "Let about armor of radiations of the Face will hit spiteful energy, you without having concerned. Let will scent force of the return blow. Would destroy you and wiped out, but hands are short. Protection I Give. Only strong you hold me. Lift a board. Tranquility and balance you store". "Let in the future the measure of the relation to you will be a measure of the relation to Me".

"When the mankind will be refined and will reach a condition of the condensed astral and the initial spirituality through disclosure of the spiritual centers, but already at the developed and educated reason, it will finish the terrestrial karma for the put Cycle or the Circle; probably, will depart from Earth to begin a new cycle of existence on other planet, or, after the period of an obscuration of Earth, again will continue the evolution in a new terrestrial Cycle or the fifth Circle". ("A.Y.).

Decrees; "It is necessary to wish that people not only read our Books, but also accepted them immediately because briefly say that it is necessary to remember. When I tell about necessity of execution of my Instructions, ask to execute them in full accuracy, M, (M.:) is more visible and you have to follow the Decree which means your happiness". (M.:)

"When someone is lucky enough to receive The decree of the Teacher is and if performance of this Decree demands that it plunged into the most poisoned hearth of life and if, thus all its being is directed to the best implementation of the good Decree, that, after its execution, it can appear at top. Whereas the most ardent ascetic living in glaciers, but heart silent, will arrive in the spiritual desert, from where there is no way to a shining Stronghold of Life Eternal. Not to leave from life, but to realize all feelings into beauty the highest. ("A.Y.").Is Great only the Lord and his Business, which is called as Great Making.

Support God the Creator and the Creator of our Planet with their WORSHIP, study of the books of His Disciples, in the books set forth the idea of God. Be faithful and committed disciples of the Great Maitreya. Through ten thousand years will reach the level of E. P. Blavatsky. After the Apocalypse will be organized the University on Altai is in which pupils Great Maitreya will be study. The rector Will be the Great Lord of the Shambhala; Teachers are the gods from Shambhala. The rector will see in the visions of only a select few students. New will be students. Join us! And we organize the "White Brotherhood", not a sect and a branch of SHAMBHALA. Fight the darkness and destroy it with a spear of KNOWLEDGE, such as Georgiy Victorious with a spear killed a dragon.

Chapter 20. Caligula and Neron is embodiment Jehovah, active pederasty.
During sleep the astral body of the person leaves from physical and costs at a bed, or goes
on the apartment. At this time the demon can enter him. So it happened to Kaligula, Neron and other victims in whom Jehovah throughout the entire period of the board was installed.

Caligula (Jehovah)
After Jesus Christ's crucifixion Savaof (Jehovah) has gone down to Earth from the lower astral plan for the embodiment in the emperor's family the successor of a throne - the typical devil scenario. All characters will act under his management.
Affect is Kaligula's eyes. So watch those, who are shipped in the thoughts; they see nothing and don't hear. Jehovah put on weight of the Emperor, and Kaligula left and watched from outside actions of the physical body. When there was the return replacement of Thin bodies (inside there was Kaligula), the sorcerer and the black magician Jehovah filled Kaligula's head with black energy.

Caligula is the Roman emperor with 37, from a dynasty Yuliyev-Klavdiyev, years of life 12 - 41 AD. Kaligula's father is Germanik, the stepson Tiberiya. Jehovah spread rumors; allegedly Germanik had chances to become the individual emperor. Several months prior to the death, Germanik saved Romans from starvation. Contrary to Tiberiya's will, he opened the state granaries and bates down price of bread. The saved people carried it on hands, damned Tiberiya. The popular commander was poisoned by order of the emperor Tiberiya (Jehovah inspired in him to commit murder in the future to prove Tiberiya's poisoning, allegedly because of revenge). In army the revolt was about to happen: dump Tiberiya and revenge for Germanik's murder. Soldiers and commanders were seized and executed. The wife Agrippina, sons and daughters were taken out on the island of Capri; later killed mother and brothers. Tibery rooted out all family of Germanik, except for two daughters and the minor son Caligula. Jehovah has slandered Caligula, having imposed a brand of the sexual relations with sisters to be repaid in the future. Caligula, to Jehovah's entrance to his physical body, with sisters had related relations. Confirmation to it is the movie from space.

In 17 years Jehovah helped Caligula to reach Rome and to enter the emperor's family. The owner of land was in an astral body on the lower astral plan and sharp-sightedly watched the emperor of the Roman Empire. In 37 new eraa stomach and he recovered. Jehovah applied hypnosis; Caligula forced to enter Iberias room, to strangle the emperor a pillow and to remove "a ring of the power" from a hand.

Young and attractive Caligula ascended to a throne not "at will of the people", and according to the scenario of a devil. Romans called it: "Our sun". He reduced taxes, announced amnesty to political prisoners, cancelled system of denunciations, and an animal became for the unique terrible night. But what or who made a monster of the young emperor who was famous for the wisdom? Savaof (Jehovah)!

To prove the crimes, Jehovah slandered Caligula and created the false myth about his disease. Jehovah to fill Caligulas brain black energy of destruction and the head cracked from intolerable pain. Actually the devil cooked the victim for him with the purpose to pass a way of the Animal and to carry out recruitment of the population by sexual perversions. For group sexual perversions (recruitment) Jehovah needed a young body of the emperor. The power and comfort was applied to situation. The devil doesn't during the same period at Great need the kind emperor, the favorite of the people.

Jehovah entered in an astral body a physical body of Caligula and committed all crimes; to it there is a confirmation too the movie from space!

Savaof-Jehovah, in a physical body of Kaligula, forced sisters, the hands sawed condemned by a stupid saw, put out of sufferers eyes, cut off to women a breast, and to men genitals, to the cook chopped off hands and hung up on a neck.

"Beat so that the guilty person experienced as dies" - favorite expression of Jehovah. Caligula (Jehovah) began to turn into the monster, it is more terrible, than that whom Jehovah killed. Caligula (Jehovah) turned into the cruelest governor. Sex with the sister is and orgies in imperial baths, he executed 40 senators. He sent people to forage to lions and tigers. Jehovah (in Caligulas body) raped younger sister Julia Agrippina in the face of the husband. She gave birth to the son in 37 future Neron - son Jehovah's; the devil prepared for himself a young body.
The husband recognized the son, but didn't love him. The boy will grow happy until in him lunar influences begin to be shown, the lunar demon - Savaof (Jehovah) will enter him. The husband (Gney Domitius) in 41 new era killed Caligula. The emperor before death lightened he was quitted by Savaof (Jehovah). Gney Domitius died on the 40th year of life because of the burst dropsy; Jehovah killed Domitius for the fact that he deprived of him a physical body for 13 years to make lawlessness murders and bacchanalias. Jehovah attached Yulia Agrippina with the child in wives to the emperor Claudius. And everything will repeat. Savaof (Jehovah) will poison with Yulia Agrippina's hands Claudius, and to a throne there will ascend 16 summers Neron the next victim of Jehovah. For the entire period of government of Jehovah in this book only 11 embodiments are exposed.
Maitreya, Lord Shambhala 1500 creative embodiments; duration of each

4050 years. Jehovah in Caligulas body was 4 years, in Neron's body 14 years. On average its entrances continued 10 years with the same breaks in time. Period of its board is 432 thousand years. How many Jehovah's crimes are stored in archives of space! Being shown in the material world, he wasn't born, and put on weight of light entities, showing properties of the pervert, the murderer, the swindler; imposing a brand on the victim, I carried out recruitment of the population.


Neron (Jehovah).
After Jesus Christ's crucifixion apostles Paul, Peter and Maria Magdalina have gone to Rome to preach Christianity. At this time Jehovah left Caligulas body and has departed to the ancestral lands, the lower astral plan. Those rumors haven't crept away that he is a devil, Jehovah wanted to strangle Christianity in a germ, and bacchanalias are important for the Pederast Jehovah! It was necessary to be embodied in the YOUNG physical body native son. Young Neron! 13 years the devil spun a web; Has attached Julia Agrippina, Neron's mother in the mistress Imperator, later have appoint the wife. At achievement of 16 years by Neron, Jehovah has organized Claudius's murder and has put on Neron's throne.

Neron (years of life 37 - 68) with 54 Roman emperor is from a dynasty Yuliys - Klavdiys.
Jehovah "was installed" in body Neron's in the 54 year the devil entered violently in an astral body in physical body Neron's (forced out an astral body of the victim) and became the emperor of Rome. Jehovah - the Death angel, - it committed the next murder.
1.At the beginning of the dominion it reduced penalties and taxes, tried to fight against corruption, was fond of versification. 2. But Neron is more became famous for the cruelty and unusual habits". The first offer concerns to Neron, and the second to Jehovah-devil.

With 54 Jehovah - Neron was the emperor of Rome. In 14 years of board Jehovah - Neron was cruel, vainglorious and dissolute. Continuous repressions, orgies (orgy), confiscation restored against it all layers of the Roman society. Jehovah (Neron) indulged in defect with a great number of the citizens, beginning from boys and finishing respectable married matrons. In a passion attack it could rape even the priestess-vestal. Lived together with mother (Neron), and killed her later. Sharp change, event in behavior Not Rhone, noticed mother, relatives and the teacher Seneca.

1. Applying hypnosis, Jehovah lived together with mother and later killed her. The emperor Jehovah (Neron) ordered to destroy the aunt to Dimities by means of an excessive dose of laxative.

2. The arson of Rome was organized by Jehovah (Neron). After a fire of 64 years in Rome, the emperor Jehovah (Neron) laid all blame for an event on Christians, slandered deliberately. It arranged terrible persecutions on believers, tortured and killed them. To methods punishments it is possible to carry crucifixion on a cross, mending in skins of animals and persecution by dogs. Besides everything it Neron love natural lighting" is. He ordered to crucify the person on a cross and to pour over it oil, then to oil set fire, and the person alive burned, shining gardens opposite to the palace bright light of a flame. Jehovah (Neron) was the first in the world who began total persecution on Christianity. Jehovah (Neron) in 65 in Rome executed apostles: Paul and Peter, - cut them the heads.
3. Jehovah (Neron) decided to stop life of the brother, at dinner poisoned him with poison.

4. Teacher Neron - Seneca died when he was about 70 years old, keeping determination. He could live more long, but Jehovah (Neron) sentenced him to death through suicide. Seneca coolly opened to himself veins (under Jehovah's hypnosis) on hands and feet.

5. Having the wife, Jehovah (Neron) in the face of the amazed public got the novel with
a plebeian the Acted and even wanted to marry it.

6. Drunk orgies were very widespread: Jehovah (Neron) put on in an animal skin, then jumped out from a cage and in turn forced the naked men attached to columns and women; women, but also young men were his sexual partners. Sexual perversions are one from options of recruitment in army of a devil. Jehovah applies also others: organizes spread of venereal diseases, drugs and AIDS, brothels and houses of prostitutes. And this monster, from whom the evil proceeds on all Boundlessness, worship Jews and sectarians

7. Having decided to change once again the wife, Jehovah (Neron) executed the first spouse Octavia. The spouse of his best friend became the second official wife of the emperor. But also it didn't hold on long. Second wife Poppeya Sabina, patient and pregnant woman, it killed, having kicked.

8. Jehovah (Neron) has found the cute slave similar appearance on the killed wife, castrated him and married on him. Jehovah - is the ACTIVE PEDERAST - GENERALISSIMO in the PEDERASTY. On the Internet on Jehovah (Neron) speak: "Pshaw, pederast. Fourteen years the devil sat in body Nerons and committed all crimes under his name. Jehovah physically destroyed all who close knew Neuron: mother aunt, brother, wife, teacher Seneca. Neron was absolutely another, he had music education, composed verses. The devil dishonored Neron's name for ages. When Jehovah (Neron) learned that it wants to eliminate physically, and all left it, it cut to itself (himself) a throat repeating words: "What great actor perishes". After an exit from Neron's body Jehovah departed in astral body in the bottom layers bottom astral plan. And at once dictated to Generalissimo Jehovah the prophet on the earth "Revelation", but under name is John the Evangelist's - the prior of a monastery in
the Efes, near Rome. In all embodiments Jehovah (Cain, Bacchus, Ravana, Dionysus, Set, Typhon, Caligula, Neron, Gregory Rasputin, Adolf Hitler, billionaire Georges Morgan) his ways were shown as orgy and murder. Foolish Jehovah deliberately exposed in the Internet some series movie "Emperor Neron", that after viewing to carry out recruitment to Saturn. This movie - is provocation from a devil.

The organizer of wars and revolutions - Jehovah devil is the main pervert planet of ours, the propagandist of fascism and generate of all sects. The swastika detaining evolution and a cross of scientology - is its "award". Such swastika was carried by fascists of Hitlerism Germany. Hitler - is Jehovah's generation.

If mankind it will be indifferent to crimes Jehovah, the size will terrify them the world. The planetary satan told me 13. 08 .14 that, if you write about is, I in the Internet will slander the President of Russia and showed vision is the victim next. Long ago it is known that all insults on the Internet to the President of Russia flow from that a*tear where there has to be Jehovah's mouth (after a word a tear Jehovah has increased lips silicone). There is no city on on a post - the Soviet space where there would be no sites "Gays City of In Contact". These sites false; Jehovah's trap is a method of replenishment of its army, recruitment to Saturn are issued by color images and false correspondence of false visitors with false surnames. Jehovah does crops through the victims perverts. "In Contact" works the gay executing decrees of a devil. On the site Fasebook "Group of Admirers of Putin" there are words of the young man: "I am proud of Russians, among us there are no gays". Jehovah already planned parade of gays in Russia. Parade already took place in Kiev. On parade of gays in London, the Clone (effigy) of Putin, with a naked torso, stood on the tank and "shot" gays from army of the zoophile, the pedophile, the pederasty Jehovah. It is a hint that in Russia accepted as a reality of gays. The satan planetary drags the army on the leading posts; don't know gays for what purpose, they will be covered by a wave soon and they will leave on an ocean floor.

Today again the main PEDERAST of our planet - JEHOVAH was before me, and showed teeth. And teeth showed it. Fish goes rotten by the head, and the mankind decays from the Owner of land - Jehovah.

"Well, keep". The Owner of Land wants to dismember Ukraine as Yugoslavia and to fill the earth with destructive energy for explosion. Unconscious performers of his plan have to retire; differently the whole world is threatened by trouble.

Chapter 21. Obsession.
Catherine II.
Catherine was born on April 21, 1729. Her father, Prince Christian August was poor and he had to serve. John's mother Elizabeth was very beautiful. Catherine was the bastard daughter of King of Prussia, who wanted her to identify the heir to the Russian throne. It's time to marry Peter, grandson of Peter the Great, from a daughter Anna. In February 1739, Ekaterina and his mother arrived in Russia. She was indifferent to religion. As you know, Jehovah is the devil believes that "a religion for fools". Planetary devil Jehovah keen followed her and everything done to her decomposing morality, harmful to Russia, and hence its Great Patron Archangel Michael. Jehovah commanded by Catherine using occult methods is hypnosis. She had brilliant abilities, she studied Latin, read Tacitus, Voltaire, Didro. Before the wedding, she told the Court the planetary demon Don Zhuana Chernyshev but it quickly sent abroad. When to Catherine was sixteen her to marry with Peter Fedorovich. Relations have developed, because Peter loved another, which rejected by the aunt the queen Elizabeth, Peter I's daughter.

Peter dreamed, having received a throne, to place the wife in the monastery. After the death of the queen Elizabeth Petrovna, the nephew became Peter III. Peter dreamed of getting to the throne; put his wife in a convent. After the death of Queen Elizabeth's nephew became Peter III. The young tsar has been beautiful, clever and brought up in the spirit of love for the country. Has been ready for changes is in government. Elizabeth's guard protecting a throne twenty years of her board could not find for itself applications. It is known that each Master gradually acquires vampires of the state treasury. All vampires‗ parasites of Russia were afraid of changes; they dismissed rumors about Peter III's insolvency. The tsar at first should have surrounded himself with authorized representatives and to create the world around a throne. Jehovah's devil had other scenario for management of Russia.

Jehovah changed to Ekaterina lovers daily, and sometimes them was directly a little. Peter
openly despised the wife. Grigory Orlov from whom Ekaterina waited for the issue, managed by a devil-Jehovah, organized a revolution and swore in Ekaterina, having physically eliminated from Peter III's arena. Ekaterina wrote: "We had no intention, desire to set in such a way which God, on his unknown Crafts Us determined the Throne of the Fatherland Russian to accept.

"Our introduction on the Imperial throne is the proof of that truth that where unfeigned hearts work there the God's hand leads"; Ekaterina's lips the Werewolf Jehovah spoke.

"The former emperor the God's will died from pain in guts", - Ekaterina wrote the Russian people. It turns out that "God" helped with delivery of favorites, and helped to kill Peter III. God doesn't provoke the person to murder, debauchery and other crimes; it is permissiveness and not punishability Lucifer-Jehovah. Instead of the word God, it is necessary to insert Jehovah a devil. "We had no intention, desire to set in such a way which Jehovah is a devil, on his malicious crafts, to us determined the Throne of the Fatherland Russian to apprehend", "the God's hand" Jehovah's hand a devil, "the God's will died" - Jehovah's will a devil died.

Fishing planetary demon known-ravage Russia; all favorites Catherine cost of the people of more than 400 million rubles, not including, what was looted during their reign. The Russian budget was 80 (eighty) million. In those days the viscous (hundred) was worth a kopeck!

Bagels Werewolf! By Jehovah's witnesses the devil has another murder Catherine Prince John Antonovich pretender to throne. First wife son poisoned along with breed. "An hour before the death of Catherine in her room: "See what it means to fight with me. You want to make me into a convent; I'll let you take it to his grave. You poisoned. Virus system was struck by all the surrounding Catherine. Favorites the killer acted under the direction of Jehovah's witnesses: one organized the murder of Peter and the other a pregnant daughter-in-law, organized a third poisoning bricked wall Palace maid another rival. Planetary satan has corrupted the madams and exemplified high society; the aristocratic families were the same depravity. At the end of life Jehovah-the devil had forced her to lesbianism; she had a huge "maiden", where Catherine was "lesbian". Seeing one of Suvorov, asked her daughter to get to grips with four bedrooms, but had been denied: "for you, mother, for the fatherland will give everything, but not a daughter. Her mouth was saying without Jehovah, which planetary tormented and tortured her until the last minute-already in years, tired, stout. Catherine was the victim of a powerful hypnosis Jehovah, which can protect only a higher spirit? What tragedy befell her! Potemkin was her constant favorite along with "provisional". He also had a harem of three relatives of nieces. The shameless conduct of "Russian court said all of Europe. Perverse mind of Jehovah is the devil had no limits-under his hypnosis Queen of all their adventures wrote her many friends, including "loving" Wolter. Ekaterina II fell under content of Jehovah is the devil and the Royal Palace and the high society he turned to Den and was Chief conductor of all crimes. The devil Jehovah has subordinated himself group of rakshas's-demons in Germany who under his guidance published brochures with the discrediting data on the queen, and extended them in Russia. One of slander was about stallions.
Nativity scene is the Royal Court Jehovah under Tsar Nicholas II, headed by the main character of Gregory Rasputin. Yemelyan Pugachyov's revolt was organized by Jehovah. And Yemelyans embodiment has been thought in advance over: the same, eternal slave to a devil sat in body Yemelyan Pugachyov's. A. V. Suvorov has chained the rebel and has brought to Moscow. Executed Emelyan is in 1774. Two characters: Emelyan Pugachev and Grishka Rasputin is the embodiment of the same person in an interval on time in one and a half centuries. Karma will find the culprit! Space to record criminal thoughts, words and actions of the crew of satan!

Catherine II was supposed to serve as a middleman between the Archangel Michael and Russia and became a victim of Jehovah is the devil to moral decay and the financial ruin of the Russian State. And now she is the victim of a planetary demon of Jehovah for his destructive purposes.

The one, who read about the queen of reminiscence of her contemporaries, that knows her sufferings. Jehovah a devil sends to energy to a stomach bottom, strengthening perception. Energy is destructive, strikes consciousness of the person and brings him to animal level. The second time before me the picture vision was developed; Catherine II (today) in a light dress, in a hat with fields and the dismissed red hair. At the left the black disk (consciousness) above the head, and behind him a darkness cloud comes nearer. Repeatedly the devil asked: "Don't write". The first time when wrote about it that he "the zoophile, the second about Catherine II, the third about Pushkin, the fourth about Gregory Rasputin. There is a hope, she will think and will regain consciousness from obsession. But it is necessary to pay her tribute: Catherine II (and today) the First Lady of Russia. From all embodiments (women's) above her there is nobody!!! Catherine II Catherine the Great and Gregory Potemkin is two large politicians, who have much made for Russia. Have been attached: Northern Black Sea Coast, the Crimea, the North Caucasus, the West Ukrainian, Belarusian and Lithuanian lands (according to three sections is of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth). Why Jehovah so cruelly humiliated Catherine II? And not only in this embodiment!! In bible days, when Jews have for the first time gone to Egypt under a cover of the most powerful Pharaoh Ramses II (God of the Sun of Ra), Jehovah was embodied in Egypt-those too. In the same time it was embodied Catherine II, Jehovah has made to it a proposal of marriage, but was refused. The Pharaoh Ramses II Make to her the proposal to become his wife. Only the marriage for the Pharaoh has saved her from violence of a devil and murder; he acted this way with those who have rejected him. Since then the devil pursues her and cruelly revenges. All Solar Gods know the pervert Jehovah since Lemuria. Jehovah is a demon, and breaks the closed door. Everyone has to keep at a distance! Presently he in New-York had wife demons, but also she has left him; the reason violence in the perverted form (unfortunately, have come back, whether for a long time ).

A.S. Pushkin.
Sources of tragic events of A. S. Pushkin began long before the birth of the Genius of the Russian poetry. One of its embodiments is the Indian poet Valmiki, the author of the poem "Ramayana" in which he derided demons. The vindictive and vindictive gay Jehovah thought up the plan to sweep; to lower A.S. Pushkin to the level.
In 1786 Sergey Semyonovich Uvarov in this world appeared. Everything went to his lives crookedly and dirty. In all that then it happened and (one of many external reasons), led of Pushkin to death, considered that he is guilty and only he is Sergey Semyonovich Uvarov, "can be, the nastiest (lowest) of enemies of the poet". Pushkin was proud of the ancient nobility and fairly considered Uvarov the upstart, ready to cover with corpses the way carrying on the top of a bureaucratic ladder. He was capable "pushful person", and his career developed promptly. In 1804 (in 18 years, Pushkin became in 35!) I was entitled cameras the cadet, in 1807 it was sent to service in the Russian Embassy in case of the Austrian yard. In 1809 Uvarov was transferred to Paris, and in 1810 it was stimulated to return to Russia. His mother died, having lost all the status before death. Only a marriage it could save situation that he also made, having married Ekaterina Razumovsky, the daughter of the minister of education. The bride was five years higher, but he married a fortune! And here still "fate" (will tell then the name of "fate") prepared victorious turn a position of the valid councilor of state and trustee Sankt Petersburg educational district. At this position it was present at lyceum examination of 1815, "where unknown still Russia the adolescent appeared before Derzhavin with "Memories in "Tsar Village. In 1818 (in 32!) was already the President of Academy of Sciences! But, note, I had no scientific works. In 1833 Uvarov was assigned by the managing director of the ministry of national education. In a year are the minister and "the chairman of Head department of censorship. It had a rank of the privy councilor, was a member of the State Council, the chairman of Committee of the structure of educational institutions, the member of the Russian academy, remaining the president of Academy of Sciences, Academy of Arts ". I won't begin to list further. Presented many titles is fate" to Uvarov.

When listed is the list of positions of Uvarov, heard whisper of "fate" which told: "Here you sees what will make everything". "I see", - at first corrupted with Uvarov's homosexuality, subordinated to myself, later I did much good positions, having made Uvarov the pervert spiritually devastated. The planetary satan controlled obsessed. (Uvarov was embodied in Russia, and again serves Jehovah in the Internet).

I think how to prompt to the reader a name of "fate", and he admitted the guilt in the organization of persecution of A. S. Pushkin. I needed to tell the name of the true murderer of the Russian genius, is a planetary demon Jehovah who pursued the poet only for the fact that it is the embodiment from Shambhala. Jehovah involved the whole network obsessed with the struck will for Pushkin's persecution. The true the "poisonous spider" spinning networks for a catch of the victims!

S. S. Uvarov - obsessed the victim of a devil of Jehovah. From the embodiment in the embodiment it passes a way of the pervert. It is used for persecution of light entities and other crimes. That to bind the victim to it Jehovah deprived his mother of a status and the son was a beggar. In Paris brought together the son with homosexuals (applying hypnosis) and I sent it to Russia. Found the partner to it (Dundukov) gave it a set of positions to superimpose Ampere-second oxygen. To Pushkin. Jehovah's purpose is A. S. Pushkin, the divine embodiment from Shambhala. The gay Jehovah tries to lower each embodiment from Shambhala to the level to drag in the army. The poet was loved and admired his creativity one of the reasons of its loss. It filled space energy of love. Poets come to the world to lift spirituality of the person and to engender in him aspiration to sublime, beauty.

One of contemporaries has told that he "in all states happens that favor in ranks, and not on merits, but in one Russia favor both in mind, and in ranks it is crazy and knowledge". Long time A. S. Pushkin though knew the true price to Uvarov treated him tolerantly and only by 1835 has got to the core of him up to the end. In 30 years of the poet two lines of conduct most of all irritated Uvarov - desire to patronize; he was vain, mercenary and insignificant, in the movements and ambitions. He had a desire to see A. S. Pushkin "the honorary member of the Academy of Sciences". "Ask me, don't consider for humiliation, and your affairs will go easier". As, he was asked, he fenced "intellectual dams" on Pushkin's way, - has united imperial censorship and state, entirely depending on him. Mean only the planetary demon could think up such artful design. Uvarov hated the poet "proud and not obsequious". Pushkin not inclined to forget to the enemies paid him in sharp epigrams.
In 1835 Pushkin concerned by material failure and reader's indifference to "Pugachov's History" has written down in the diary: "Suvorov, the rascal, shouts of my book as about the shocking composition, the villain and the charlatan, his debauchery is known". Dundukov Korsakov was Uvarov's deputy in Management of censorship. Since spring of 1935 Pushkin's epigram has gone on hands: "The prince Dunduk sits at academy of Sciences . with a hint "on doubtful, from moral positions, Uvarov's relation with Dundukov Korsakov".

Really, Jehovah a devil everything has given Uvarov and above all has accustomed to homosexuality and has found to him the partner. Desires, in different variations, positions, material benefits is receptions of a planetary demon of Jehovah. Whether it is easy for
Pushkin it was constant to contact on publishing to these obsessed?

"Pushkin has been forced to exist in the vital environment which he despised and still has been chained to it as only in which he could act".

E.A.Karlgof about Pushkin: "It was swarty the wrong features, but it is impossible to imagine physiognomies more expressive, brisk, and speaking and to hear more pleasant, harmonious voice as - as if purposely created for his verses".

Pushkin's magazine "Contemporary" promising the income of 25 thousand rubles per year has been slowed down by censorship. Probably, ears of the prince were reached by the epigram of the poet. He was accepted to the magazine not from literary types, and from economic. He needed money. Debts of a family of Pushkin grew and have reached 41 thousand rubles. Often Pushkin spoke: "Sadly! Melancholy!" "The joke, the sharp word recovered him an electric spark; he loudly laughed, baring a number of white fine teeth. Concern on future destiny of family, are long and eternal cares of existence were the main cause of his irritability. To what only to slanders and insults they didn't subject the poet what petty and spiteful cavils shortened life of the one, who made our pride and who has to be stored as precious treasure". And presently the zoophile Jehovah continues to slander the poet: rakshas-demons under his management create the websites and hold forums. The devil didn't want that published and read brilliant works of the poet. Only the lucid mind could create such ingenious lines. It didn't manage to a devil to attract through Uvarov the genius in "the academy of Pederasts", he has thought up other option. From Paris "on catching of happiness and ranks" there has arrived to St. Petersburg a young monarchist of 25 years old, the handsome Georges Dantes. The baron Gekkern, the Netherlands envoy, has adopted Dantes has given him the surname and appointed him the successor. One considered him the son that he was in connection with his mother, others that from - for hatred to the family, I wanted to adopt somebody long ago and has chosen Dantes because "I have fallen in love with him". Gekkern was a homosexual, in the person of Dantes he has found to himself the partner the passive gay. Jehovah has sent Dantes to Russia for execution of the scenario. They led a secular life; went to lunches, balls. Happened and in Pushkin' house - the devil has brought them. Dantes strongly was fond of the wife of the poet and pursued her unsuccessfully about two years. Love Dantes' to Natali Pushkin wasn't pleasant to Gekkern. (At Dantes the rectum has been broken off, and he wanted to get rid of Gekkern. Jehovah in the Old Testament (Torah) repeatedly as the parrot, repeats: "Be pure as I am pure, your "Lord"". The main Gay gives edification to rakshas'-pederasts not to lease the rectum). The baron was angry, the egoist and for achievement of the purpose all means were good. With the purpose to quarrel Dantes with Pushkin and to cure him of love to Natali, Gekkern was ready for everything. Calculation was nasty, but Gekkern has made it, having connected in this mean business of two more young princes. Suddenly Pushkin receives the letter of the following contents "NN, the chancellor of an award of cuckolds was convinced that Pushkin has acquired the rights for this award and favors his commodore".

"Who knew Pushkin that understands that not only in case of a blood offense, but even at the first suspicion, he wouldn't begin to wait for letters. One man's guess is as good as another's what he has gained at this time, imagining himself mocked and scolded in the society pursuing his small continuous insults. He in the person of Dantes looked for death or punishments of all secular society".

Pushkin has recognized by style of the letter of Gekkern at once. And several friends have received it the same letters. Pushkin was silent, hoping that everything will calm down, but Dantes continued to pursue his wife. Nothing remained to Pushkin how to send Dantes's call. The call has been accepted. Long negotiations were conducted to avoid a duel, Dantes has made a proposal of marriage to elder sister of the wife of Pushkin', Ekaterina. "Dantes had syphilis at this time and, exhausted by drugs, didn't leave anywhere". With syphilis he was awarded" by Jehovah, in hope that A. S. Pushkin's wife won't resist beauty Dantes youth. The purpose - Pushkin, the others - pawns in a devil game. Natalya Gorchakov' loved the husband. The spider poisonous Jehovah has counted everything, has arranged everything, but Pushkin has deceived him, having refused a truce. The duel has taken place. The poet has been wounded fatally, but has with the last bit of strength made a shot right in the heart of Dantes, the bullet has hit in a metal button and has touched a hand. As the contemporary of the poet Smirnov has told about Dantes: "Be three times damned". These words of damnation all the same will find the guilty person Jehovah. It is one of uncountable crimes of a devil.

About the person is judge by eyes, a voice and gait. Alexander Sergeyevich had big blue eyes, a pleasant harmonious voice, light step and a good figure. At his talent the small growth and imperfect features had no value. Our Soviet generation from a school bench was loved and admired Pushkin's genius. "Again clouds it is necessary me have gathered in silence; the fate envious threatens with a trouble to me again. Will keep to destiny contempt? Will incur towards to her inflexibility and patience of proud my youth? Open a small volume of the poet and return in school days, read "At curved seashore", Evgeniy Onegin - Tatyana's letter and send him energy of gratitude and admiration of his talent!!! The pervert Jehovah has sent a landing of active perverts to Russia. Uvarov with Dundukov, Gekkern with Dantes was engaged in sodomy. All already knew about communication "daddies with adopted". Jehovah has surrounded the poet with homosexuals, but A. S. Pushkin' to a devil wasn't succeeded to dip into the swamp. The poet was killed by gays under control of Jehovah. (To be exempted from communication with Gekkern, Dantes married Ekaterina Goncharova, and has gone to France. Ekaterina has given birth to two children (the daughter and the son), and is unexpected, in five years of family life, has died. Her Jehovah has killed. The devil has returned Gekkern' Dantes to gratitude for the organization of a duel. The devil the first shot has provided Dantes because A. S. Pushkin shot only "at an apple", at ten. And the mortal wound was put to the poet by a devil. The daughter Dantes has grown up, has independently learned Russian, for talent has fallen in love with A. S. Pushkin. Having learned history of murder and persecution of the poet, I have begun to hate the father.)

I was in the house on Moyka where there lived Pushkin's family, at an excursion; watched pictures: N. N. Kozlov', "Pushkin in a coffin" (1836 - 1838 g), I. L. Linev', (1837) portrait "A. S. Pushkin". On a face of the poet such fatigue, in eyes incredible grief and hopelessness. Even lips express confusion and helplessness. As though you reads mind on a forehead: "why have come to this world?" What arrows the genius could fire in the protection? Only caustic epigrams, than aggravated opposition even more. Having a presentiment of the end, I have written the poem "Monument". "I have erected a monument to not made by hand, to it the national track won't grow, it Has risen above the head rebellious Alexander Column ."

The first, on the death of the poet, M.Y. Lermontov has responded the poem "Death of the Poet". "The poet has died, - the slave of honor has fallen slandered by a rumor...
A.S. Pushkin's genius is a great gift for Russia.
A. S. Pushkin's poem, "Temporal power": "When great came true a celebration and tormently on a cross the deity came to an end, then on the parties of a life-giving of a tree Maria is the sinner and the blessed maiden stood, pale, two weak wives, are shipped in immeasurable grief ."

Two more victims of Jehovah Jesus Christ and Maria the sinner are mentioned in this verse. Maria was comprehended by Jehovah's obsession; I have sent seven demons, Christ has exempted her from this misfortune. Jehovah a devil has crucified Christ hands of rakshass-demons.
And now there are obsessed with Jehovah-the devil, even in my environment, but it is not so famous person. I am Jehovah has more than three thousand years. Even now, when I'm under protection is.

23.06.11 there was a vision; a rhombus and inside a chessboard - good luck, a draw; a chessboard - a game between white and black, Light and darkness. I was warned that I was vigilant. Only now, in a week after arrival and after some months after vision, read this record from the diary. After having a vision, read this entry from his diary. Now I almost everything is clear. Need to re-read the entries my visions. I'm not always there to solve, but with time everything is explained.

In the first visit to Tibet to Šihadze instead, Jehovah push my trip to Lhasa. I was able to take a taxi from Lhasa to Šihadze, had no money. With what pleasure went. Dreamed to see the Great Lord and all authors of my books, to receive a magnet and left to cure an eyecup to Šihadze of Lhasa go 4:0. Guide and my traveling companions go with me to.

Visit to Tashilhunpo Monastery "organized" me satan planetary with his image for sinus. Two months later I again decided to go to Tibet without going through intermediate stations. The second time not went to Tibet, me Jehovah "went". Before the second trip he has imposed his own image. Found a loophole-forced (hypnosis) Go on Yandèx (photo by Al Moria, Maitreya) where under this name to press .Ordered the Bishop make the sites instead of the image change the portraits in the flat and in a breast pocket.

I've been showing it in tips, different environment so that I understood. But all was in vain. So when came to Tashilhunpo Monastery with the image of the Devil's chest, in front of me was closed the door. Do not understand. On the way back to the airport of Lhasa two hours before boarding the plane I have tears to Fall River. I saw nobody, a magnet was given, and my eye was cured, the last from sale of giving I have spent money for two trips. How many times did the spider poison to me Lord left. Wanted to make a "Judas", and then destroy it. Planetary demon made me in my book published under articles site, put his portraits at the beginning and in the middle and at the end with the signature of the great ruler of Shambhala. And reached such insolence that ordered me to make two large portraits and attributed to Him. Blavatsky.went to the store where they sell the product family from India and the living ethics books to order frames; was told that this is not Maitreya. And heard the "Voice of silence" that is Jehovah-the devil. Sleep with the shroud. Was horrified and immediately destroyed all pictures of the Werewolf in the House and on the sites. Now on my sites is genuine portrait of the Great Lord M, owned by H. Rerich. Great Lord M.: Nobleman, austere, Light Bringer, the genius of good. God of love and compassion, the God of goods and Light, Fresh Spring!

Helena Blavatsky was in Šihadze and the Tashilhunpo Monastery. Exactly here, in Tashilunpo she studied occult sciences three years. Have no regrets about anything. So, my consciousness is not on that level, so can open up the door "and" treasured, at least, look inside. I went to the Holy Land, breathing the air and saw the statue of Maitreya. After each article where criminal actions of Jehovah devil are exposed, he silently offends me by rough and dirty nasty words which he applies to all. When forced me to multiply the portraits, I thought that I subordinated me to the will, silently I spoke to me: "You will go in a crown. On to you marry". God forbid from such a ... (Jehovah told: "Don't write"). Was surprised and thought: "Something got confused". Once there is shop, and before me a picture-vision: Jehovah-devil lifted me on hands The planetary demon Jehovah, only, had an opportunity once again to show the nonsense. .

Chapter 22. Russian Emperor Alexander II.
Years of board of the emperor Alexander II are designated time of Great reforms in Russia. Scales of the state transformations, carried out by Alexander II, historians compare to Peter the Great's reforms. Reforms were directed not only for strengthening states the authorities, but their main goal was - improvement of life of the people.

Some reforms and transformations is in Russia during Alexander II's board; on February 19, 1961 signed "Provision" on cancellation of serfdom and 23 million people received freedom.
Carried out military, judicial, territorial and are university reforms.
Legalized Old Believers and persecutions on them stopped.

Accession to Russia of the Caucasus, 1864 came to the end. (Acacias Beliashvili, "Besiki").
Accession to Russia of Central Asia came to the end (1865 - 1881).

The Turkish war of 1877-1878 was waged generally in the territory of Bulgaria. The most part of the territory of Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania were exempted from the Turkish yoke.
Ussuri Region is attached and borders with China on the Amur and Ussuri Rivers (1858
1860) are established. Transformed is state control (1862 - 1866).
In April, 1863 Cancelled corporal punishments.

Tsar Transform and Liberator! Passed through all country, was down on to needs of people. And there are so many attempts! The Russian people prayed to God for health of the tsar; the collective prayer is very important. On the first of March, 1881 there was the eighth attempt; explosion of a bomb to the tsar tore off both feet, and it, being covered with blood, I died in terrible torments in some hours after "devil attempt" - exact definition. Jehovah - a devil couldn't transfer ascension of Russia: expansions of borders and transformations. All attempts were organized by Jehovah. In 1881 Emperor of Russia was murdered. Jehovah couldn't subordinate to the hypnosis of Alexander II in that measure in what it applied to Catherine II, Gregory Potemkin, an imperial family of Nicholas II. Who was the Emperor Alexander II? An embodiment of divine essence from the Shambhala! There was a movie that Alexander II left instead of himself the double, and itself went to the monastery. The director was close to Truth, but not absolutely. There was a replacement (thin bodies and the highest Reason) and the lowest three (a physical cover, energy, efir body) the same. Without the highest principles of people - is animal. The second embodiment replaced the first. Therefore the tsar had two marriages.

At all times the planetary satan Jehovah applied many crimes to the Russian yard: palmed off the foolishness obsessed and through them decomposed an imperial family and secular society. Its method - different types of desires, attempts, wars, revolutions, is oppositions, murders. The main planetary pervert and the villain Jehovah carries out the plans itself and through the obsessed. It he prepared "rattling mix" for Ukraine and made impregnations in the Highest Union and the country leaders. It is worth watching videos on the Internet, that the nobility who is under the influence of a planetary demon. Jews, perverts is and underworld. Zombie sectarians - is the result of all misfortunes on the planet, they hold it, because of them overweight of darkness. Only through television it is possible to give to spiritual ignoramuses Knowledge. Promote!!

The emperor Alexander II and the American president Avraham Lincoln was united by the general tasks facing them, parallel efforts and similar destiny. Russia unconditionally supported the North American union in the form of diplomatic declarations and practical actions. During Northern (civil) war in the USA England and France were in opposition to America and were going to send the fleet to its coast. According to the instruction Aleksandra the Russian fleet already plowed waters of the Atlantic Ocean and in time blocked a way of approach of the enemy ships to coast of the USA. This case has upset plans of the leader of the Jewish oligarchy - the pervert Jehovah.

In the fall of 1863 to coast of the North American Union there arrived two Russian squadrons: to the port of New-York, a squadron of the rear admiral of S.S.  Lesovsky, in San Francisco port is a squadron of the rear admiral A.A.  Popov.

This case has upset plans of the leader of the Jewish oligarchy - the pervert Jehovah.

In 1867 Alaska was sold to America for purely symbolical the price of 7,2 million dollars - not only because of complexity of because of range of Alaska and to strengthen the coast of North America the military - navy of the USA for protection against England and France. Especially as the Russian possession in America was, in fact, not state ownership, but
property of the companies.

Two Presidents were US was an embodiment from the Shambhala: Avraham Lincoln and Franklin Rusvelt. Avraham Lincoln's murder was organized by a devil Jehovah.

Owner of Land changed a residence of headquarters and moved to New-York, Presidents of America all operated by Jehovah devil since then. Opposition between two countries leaders is result of management of a planetary satan.Jehovah, leave from the Planet, let memory of you will vanish

Chapter 23 Den is devil-Jehovah and Gregory Rasputin.

The tsar Alexander III and the queen, considering deterioration in health of the father, have decided to assign care of Russia to the eldest son Nikolay. In Russia entered the rights of the Sovereign at the age of 21 year. Alexander III and the queen mother have given advice to the son: "The tsar has to be married". From Germany there has arrived to Russia the princess, Hessen Darmshtadsky. According to the tsar, Alice could improve their sort. Alexander III has died in 1894. Nicholas II was under vigilant attention of the Owner of land. The reason is the tsar, the embodiment from Shambhala. Jehovah has taken the young tsar under control at once. A problem of a devil is to ruin economy of Russia and at the same time to organize bacchanalias (a hobby and recruitment of the pederast Jehovah).
About the weak-willed and incompetent tsar Nicholas II Jehovah was engaged in distribution of rumors, but activity of the tsar will dispel this lie. Actually the tsar was not only the strong-willed person, but also perspicacious which all energy has been aimed at providing welfare of Russia:
1. Nicholas II was the author of the program of development of Siberia and the Far East.
2. At him construction of the plants in the Urals and the Far East is begun.
3. Construction Baikal-Amur railway highways.
4. The project of the oil pipeline of Baku the Persian Gulf has been created.
5. The tsar has achieved reduction of armaments, and Hague Court has been at that time created. Nicholas II proved firmly and resolutely in those questions which concerned the interests of Russia.
6. The Plan of electrification of the whole country has been accepted. V.I. Lenin has continued his business and called the Plan of GOERLO the state plan of electrification of Russia.
7. Expansion of borders of the territory of Russia in the Far East, an outlet to the sea acquisition of spheres of influence: political and economic.
To weaken Russia and to lull into a false sense of security the tsar, the devil (using the diagnosis of the son of the tsar) has prepared a landing - Gregory Rasputin. In 1902 rumors among students of Theological seminary for the first time have gone that somewhere "the great prophet, the perspicacious husband, the wonder-worker and the devotee by the name of Gregory" appeared in Siberia. There has come the era of government of Gregory Rasputin, more precisely, than a devil, the gay Jehovah. Will give some facts from his "biography". " On the holiday's eve of light Sunday Efim Novykh has broken the fast in church, and announced to fellows villager: "To see, haven't pleased god. Now will risk and have washed down! I have begun to ruin economy from the cart, and have terminated the fact that even has spent on drink icons. There was a naked log hut, all in a web. The hail has beaten out glasses in windows, Grishka which as, have stopped up holes of windows with old valenoks. The earth has become empty - the fathers drunk yes the son nasty, unless they will throw grain into Earth? Not to potter with her, Efim and the earth to the wattle fence at once has spent on drink that he protected his house from the forgotten arable land. Then and the wattle fence has exchanged for two shtofs. It drank, and darling treated the son: "Drink, Grishka and talk to me. Boringly for me"! Grishka grew up in animal reticence. During that time when he has tasted vodka, was, to him years fifteen (V. Pikul, "Evil spirit").
Soon the father was beaten for theft. Grishka has brought the father to Tyumen to hospital where that and has died. And Grishka and remained in hospital. Grishka "skin and bones", wet lips, silent, lazy and careless has grown up. From doctors have comprehended the diploma; have learned to read signs on taverns. But the evil has confused him; he has pulled down a small knot with money from under a pillow of the dead. Doctors have knocked out Grishka from hospital. He was defined in a tavern, and from a tavern has gone in horse thieves. Grishka Rasputin, while from horse theft of veins, has much seen quack doctors. From them he has learned medical secrets that lasted in the nineteenth century from national mind and sorcerer sky books.
Without passport, without money and without best shoes Grishka has ventured to loaf far, in Sarovo. Wandered about the holy sites , and there were at Grishka "money to move". "Not differently, as has killed whom, from him it will be become", - fellows villager said. (The settlement of Sarovo on the bank of the river of the same name location of the monastery in which there was the prior Seraphim of Sarovskiy). Once the widow millionaire has arrived in Pokrovsky on the three with bells, has presented it to the wife Parashka of different dresses, has generously endowed children with gifts. Rasputin has built detached villages a new bath with stone, drove the millionaire there in the evenings and there they "heat took a steam bath".
"A sin be not frightened, - Grishka said to the rich woman, - therefore as I on myself take away any sin, and you guilty shouldn't face god (the devil told it lips). Good luck will understand". The millionaire has carried rumors: - "The apostle appeared, will sin and at once will clean sins". "Have come in large numbers from the city at once and other maidens - too diligently took a steam bath, and from a bath conducted Grishka who is washed up to exhaustion under a elbows as if a goose important". Called him the aged man, and to him also forty it wasn't executed. "Aged man" said: - What it will I begin to wait for the Kingdom of Heaven? On what to me clouds yes of a cloud? I on the earth wish to live royally. Those women danced! That wine flew! That boots at me creaked! Those shirts are embroidered! That to all of you to burst!" "The devil has awarded Grishka with iron health; the former criminal, the thief, the fornicator, he had "a bestial endurance". I have ruined all women on the village; "Never that in the village was found, and here maids began to give birth as if inflated with their wind , after the poll it has become clear Gregory work" (the devil sat in an astral body in Gregory, using his horse penis for desires and recruitment).
For fornication and theft peasants began to demand to move him from the village to Eastern Siberia. But Jehovah - a devil has advised not to wait for him when he is called to account. Grishka barefoot has gone to pray to the Verkhoturye monastery where have very strongly worked on his lopsided mentality. After prayers he was obviously crazy; explosion of sensuality as if the evil spirit has lodged in it a demon lascivious.
In parallel with preparation Gregory Jehovah prepared provocation of war of Japan with Russia. (Demon) Zinoviy (Zyama) Isakovskiy born in Russia rakshas has been sent by a devil to Port Arthur on purpose, to get City map with an arrangement of navy. The admiral Alekseev was the tsar's deputy in the Far East. At that time considered that "Japan is too poor to wage big war. And nobody will give her money for such problematic enterprise as single combat with the Russian colossus". But, in the press there was already a message about granting a large loan of Japan by America. England in one and a half years prior to a loan has concluded the alliance with Japan directed against Russia and China. The union and a loan had one common goal to enhance military power of Japan and to provide her the back on a war case. Soon in newspapers the message has flown that the Japanese joint fleet has put out to sea in the unknown direction. Only British knew about this flashing information.
Zyama has taken root into family of the admiral Alekseev. The admiral was the exemplary family man and very much loved the children. One daughter Zyama has poisoned with poison, and she began to wither. Zyama has bribed the Chinese and he has cured the child. "The admiral has told Zyama: "Ask that you want". And Zyama has asked the Plan. The admiral Alekseev has betrayed Russia under the influence of hypnosis of the gay Jehovah. The cosmopolitan Zyama has sold the Plan to Japanese and has passed to service into the English intelligence. Without declaration of war Japanese have attacked Russia. Russia has lost war and has devastated treasury. Russian-Japanese is war: on January 27 (on February 9), 1904 on August 23 (on September 5), 1905). Draw an analogy between the Russian-Japanese war and World War II. Both wars began without announcement the pederast Jehovah's method.
And at this time in the village in which a devil Jehovah decomposed Grishka Rasputin desires the new priest has appeared. "The father Nikolay Ilyin actively opposed the priest Gapon for what has been banished to Siberia. Sincerely, wishing to avert Grishka from debauchery, I began to entice him on a cup of tea in the evenings; acquaintance has done Grishka good, - he has got from the priest of words, dexterously ground about relics and different miracles. He became the diligent parishioner, long fasted (for show). Not belief, but fear I moved Grishka to official temples.
Exhausted with debauchery and church vigils, Grishka has lost weight, and circles under eyes have appeared. He has taken a shovel, went beyond a village fence, has dug out to himself a hole, has jumped on a bottom and from there has said: "The demon has completely exhausted me... Now here is will begin to fast". Once fellows villager have come to visit him, and the Satan has thrown to him two city young women who to him have broken all sanctity. The satan has flown in an astral body in a hole too, has put on Gregory weight, and with young women "fasted", at the same time, pelisses also has enlisted them. (Confirmation to that is the movie from space). And in the future Gregory life he served as a cover for a devil in all his bacchanalias.
The national Dumas have undertaken the obligation government. To the state arena there was Peter Stolypin with offers of political and economic reorganization of Russia. He, during an era of reaction of the 1907-1911th., I defined a government policy; the organizer of the third of June revolution 1907, the head of the agrarian reform called Stolypin. But he didn't manage "to push" the reforms; it is killed in 1911 rakshas from Jehovah. The murderer is Mordechai Bogrov, in the world Dmitry Grigoryevich Bogrov; the pederast Jehovah knows names of those, who executed his decrees. Russia for Lucifer Jehovah was always a splinter because her Patron - Michael the Archangel.
The representative of the monarchy has found "silver-tongued orator' To Grishka, and has brought him at first to Moscow, and then to St. Petersburg, and has presented to society. Never, without application of energy of powers of darkness, the man from depth of Russia would step over a palace threshold not that imperial, but even, the impoverished nobleman.
Having appeared in the capital, Rasputin has pretended to be devout. All women of quality considered a duty to talk to him about sanctity. Dirty, unkempt, dirt under nails, the smell from the body and boots greased with shoe-polish isn't brought up, not formed - has subdued Grishka the capital by means of hypnosis of a devil. (Jehovah has chosen Grishka by the penisses size, he has all the rest is the. In gratitude for horse penis Jehovah wants to canonize Gregory. In India demons have already built the temple to three-meter penisses. Whom does Orthodoxy canonize, to Gregory, or ?).
As the poisonous spider, Jehovah spun the web long before it was twisted in a ball, and has confused the uncountable number of families and characters. I have organized all and I have arranged everything!!! The great Russian psychiatrist Bekhterev, who was engaged in Rasputin, wanted to know a secret of his influence on women. Have decided that "his force consisted in his domineering character, in ability to put itself at once to familiarity it is close to any female person. Except ordinary hypnotism, there is also a sexual hypnotism what was possessed by "aged man" Rasputin. Only it is not Rasputin hypnosis, and Jehovah's devil. Field of activity for Rasputin has been already prepared by Jehovah. Jehovah has wide experience of application of sexual hypnosis (his "fad").
Jehovah's task was in founding a den in Russia. (The dolls strengthened on a wire in a two-story box were set in motion a den). The letter "B" is also used for designation of a slum, a brothel. So Jehovah can be christened one more name the main planetary operated by a den!
To humiliate Russia, the devil has chosen similar, pettiness Rasputin Gregory and pushed him on the Olympus of government. Operated by a den Jehovah put on Gregory Rasputin's weight (there was a substitution of Thin bodies and the Principal Reason), appointed ministers, made decisions state to the detriment of Russia. Grishka himself repeatedly repeated: - "The demon has tortured me .
Revelry, Gregory Rasputin's wine parties have spread out female half of society. Princesses of high society, countesses, noblemen went to embraces of Gregory impregnated then and the wine reek of alcohol. Went, driven by a devil as frogs is in a mouth of a boa. Jehovah is the procurer and the libertine (it is corrupted with permissiveness and not punish ability) delivered fans for me in body Gregory, who has got to millstones of a planetary satan. All people involved in an imperial den was obsessed with a devil long before the culmination when Grishka became "Gregory the first and the last, the horse thief and the All-Russian autocrat" as it has been told in "Acaphist". Matter and desires, here one of types of obsession of Jehovah - a devil; all of them conduct by premature death.
Rasputin's "prophecies" concerning misfortune which could happen to the tsar's son (the next day the chandelier has broken), too Jehovah's tricks, but not "prophecy". Using mystical nature of the queen, Jehovah has subordinated her to the hypnosis.
All prophets - the Highest embodiments of representatives of the Himalaya White Brotherhood, their essence the genius, aristocratism, culture, loves to Gods creation, self-sacrifice!
All who have got under Jehovah's influence deserve compassion. Once the chief gendarme of Russia has invited Grishka to demand from him to leave urgently the imperial palace, and then and the capital. Grishka has come to reception and has so looked at the gendarme that that has shrunk under his look. Gregory eyes the devil - Jehovah looked at the gendarme. The satan put on Gregory Rasputin's weight with breaks in time and committed all crimes against Russia; appointed ministers and decomposed morally female half of secular society. And it is the slattern all Christians take for the father Christ.
The February revolution has burst and, appears, the old threat of Gregory to tsars has come true: - "Already! I won't become and you won't be". It is the truth, after Gregory murder the tsar has held on a throne exactly 74 days; 7 + 4 = 11, - number of a devil! The corpse of "aged man" was hidden, but soldiers Red Army men have found and have betrayed executions, have burned his body and have made to him posthumous big service. After burning of a physical body, the person is cleaned. Hypnosis of a devil, without support of forces Light's, can't resist to the mere mortal. It is necessary to have personal God. All plots and murders of tsars of Russia were organized by the demon Jehovah. Found dishonest people in government, inspired in them danger, organized a revolution with murder of the tsar: Peters III is killed in 1762, Paul I is killed in 1801. Alexander II is the reformer and 8 attempts; it is killed in 1881. Nicholas II and his family are shot in 1918.
The tsar was warned, and advised to go to England with family, but he has refused.
Orthodoxy canonizes Nicholas II. To be born in family of the tsar, future successor of a throne, it is necessary to have high consciousness, experience of the previous embodiments as the statesman, it is necessary to be the leader of the nation. Lord Karma before the embodiment defines the purpose and tasks. All emperors of Russia were the embodiment from Shambhala, and all of them were reformers and the Patriots of Russia. Each of them was pursued by the Owner of land. Valentine Pikul has made the edition of the book which he has stated slander of a devil on the tsar to Jehovah service; - the author has chosen to himself the planet for the future.

The devil with financial aid of rakshas (demons) has created the movie "Matilda" for the purpose of the tsar's compromise. The pederast Jehovah advertizes the hypnosis. The tsar's brother Mikhail married Mathilde, having refused inheritance of a throne (Matilda was not an imperial sort). Nicholas II and the queen preferred a family privacy, publicity to them was alien.
V. Pikul considered the novel "Evil spirit" a greatest luck in the literary biography, but at this novel strange and difficult destiny. V. Pikul hasn't started writing of the book yet as has already begun to receive anonymous letters with threats that for Rasputin will deal shortly with him. Warned not to touch Gregory Rasputin and his best friends (Jehovah through obsessed sent letters, he wanted that the author of the novel compromised the tsar, and to Grishka (i.e. himself) has presented the healer and the Saint). When the novel has been published, the author hasn't learned it. The name was another, "At the last line" and the reader has received not reduced novel, and only fragments from him.
Some "donators" of bribes (earrings worth 80 thousand rubles) have become agitated. It was the main reason which has caused furious resistance in "higher levels". The word "echelons" - figurative; at once in imagination you represent the echelons rumbling on rails, and in them there are bribe takers of the state scale. And all this power! (Expression "echelons of power" were sounded by M. Gorbachev). And why to the people is "echelons of power"? Will be is one car of honest, hardworking, competent patriots of the Homeland enough.
What is common in the books of the authors: V"Echelons of power" didn't accept those pages of the novel where it was told about bribery. "Echelons" were analogy to the imperial yard. The den - a kind of obsession also leads to destruction and in isolated cases conducts by death.
.Pikul, "Evil Force" and Leo Taxil, "The Holy Nativity"? The inventor of bacchanalia is one and the same - the devil Jehovah. Difference in purpose:
1. The devil drew Russia into the Russo-Japanese War (1904 - 1905), than devastated the treasury, introduced Gregory Rasputin (1904) for the moral disintegration of secular society: Jehovah in the body of Grishka conducted bacchanalia (orgies with drunkenness and subsequent group perversions ) and at the same time, recruited to Saturn, - enrolled in the garbage of human, using hypnosis.
2. In the Vatican, Jehovah's Jesuit monks were lowered to the level of perverts and fratricides, - the method of enrollment in Judaism. In the VI - VII centuries in the Vatican, the devil fought a bitter battle to uproot Christianity, and the Vatican surrendered, the pope and all the cardinals hoisted the red skull caps on their heads. Rabbis (Egyptian priests) long ago voluntarily covered the crowns with black caps (it's time to remove them and return to the sources). Red and black are two colors of the devil.

At the present time, the Vatican already acts as the devil; allocates 6 million euros to Ukraine for "humanitarian assistance". Devil Jehovah wants to join the ranks of the Catholics of Ukraine and the male half to hoist the red skullcap on the top of the head. Slavs be vigilant - this is one of the options for recruitment. Read Jehovah's article: "Our plans for the Slavs". Jehovah told me: "It's about you, it's you." Never the devil Take nothing: do not take from him a drink of water, do not cling to a straw filed, do not take the bread crumbs, or - obsession forever (gay parades, crooks and murderers). This situation is usually created by the devil in order to subjugate the victim.
None of obsessed will be able to escape from Jehovah's chains a devil without the assistance of Great Teachers from Shambhala. Jehovah knows of whom to take notice the devil; at first he silently operates, then imposes the thoughts so carefully that the person of his thought takes for the.
Jehovah was we operate "Lucifer". All instructions proceeded from the Demon of the Universe Brama. How can be such cruel monster among gods? Doesn't guard them what he can crush under himself the divine environment eagerness to dominate? With a certain purpose he has taken seat in the Lotus in a crown. It is time to pacify him! Jehovah in this game the six, the hitman!

Chapter 24. Brama-Jehovah is blood-greedy killer.
Seven Archangels - seven Beams of the Father of the Universe and the eighth, given rise from the Chaos chasm, was called Lux, Lucifer, future. Why it was so called... The Lucifer - Light bearer!? devil

Brama (Chaos), Lucifer's patron - a roof of a planetary satan of Jehovah. Jehovah is the shown Lucifer. Bramah intercepted the word the Lucifer at Spirits of the Flame, representatives Light. In grain of spirit of Jehovah is put energy, the expressing defects all types: manifestation of lie, evil, cruelty, vanity, revenge, all types of perversions. Jehovah's essence was put by Brama, Chaos - unrestrained elements; their gods pacify and turn in the worker force. The impression that Jehovah devil - a guinea pig, the idiot is made, having occult knowledge - it is very dangerous!!!

In Revelation of John the Evangelist which author Jehovah, in chapter 22/16 it is told: "I, Jesus, star morning.", - Jehovah-devil dictated to "prophet" that after a crucifixion to legalize itself Christ's father. Christ really the Carrier Light's, Jehovah - the darkness carrier, a satan, a devil. Words the Lucifer and a satan aren't combined.

In 1887 E.P. Blavatsky let out the first issue of the magazine "Lucifer". The name of all shocked. The name the Lucifer usually is connected with a devil, or a fallen angel. The Lucifer
Light carrier is the name of a star of morning, a messenger of a bright sunlight. E. P. Blavatsky wanted to rehabilitate this word. Extremely clearly she speaks in the letter to the native: ".this fine name! Lux, Luxis - light; ferre - to carry: "Light carrier" - that is better? Alum is the evil, ferre - to carry. A real name of "Lucifer" is the carrier of the evil, Malumfer (Latin). "Lucifer" was never an angel Light, the word the Lucifer isn't combined with the word a satan. Jehovah is the shown Malumfer, the evil Carrier. Jehovah - Malumfer!

Spirits of the Flame brought to mankind light of reason and great gift of immortality.
Therefore they had to be called as Light bearer and Lucifer.

It is rather known of existence of the Brotherhood of Good (Hierarchy Light) and evil brotherhoods (power of darkness). The brotherhood of the evil tries to imitate the Good Brotherhood in ways and methods of action. The person can distinguish the angry brother from kind if visibility and words are identical? Manifestation of mental energy can unmistakably distinguish internal essence of the phenomena. Can't is in total initial energy to show negative to the positive. Recognition consists in fires heart, in a feeling-knowledge. Such recognition is called as light weapon.

Lucifer is Light bearer.
Corresponds to Jehovah word Lucifer? We will ask Brama, what he meant, naming future devil Light bearer? For such blasphemy Brama deserves release from a post. Brama is one, who write scenario of the human fate.

Lemuria. Adam and Eve had sons. The first son was called Cain, the second Avel, - Michael the Archangel's embodiment. Cain was the farmer, Avel - the pastor of sheep. Jehovah of t of the Ainu put on Cain's body. Once they made a sacrifice Gods: Cain - fruits terrestrial, Avel - the best animal from the herd.

Avel made a sacrifice God‗s in all sincerity, Cain made a sacrifice as custom. God accepted Avel's victim and didn't accept Cain's victim. Cain began to envy the brother, called Avel in a field and there killed him. There was the first spilling of blood. Cain (Jehovah) was damned for this murder by God. Cain i- the first murderer on the Earth, and not only is the first fratricide. On the continent Lemuria Jehovah spread demonic culture: godlessness an all-allowable, than caused volcanic eruptions and the continent left on an ocean floor. Astral bodies don't sink; they left the person, and after clarification were embodied on the continent Atlantis again.

Atlantis. Jehovah created "a darkness brotherhood" - sorcerers and black magicians. Lemuria history repeated and Atlantis was covered by a wave. Some of Atlases escaped (among them there was Jehovah) and lodged on Laskis (Ceylon) island.

Ravana-Jehovah on Lanka spread the same as on the previous continents: the demonic culture, godlessness and orgies reaching the last stage of moral decay. Gods solved it physically to eliminate and rescue people from its harmful influence. A Rama (the seventh Avatar of Vishnu - an embodiment of the Great Lord of the Shambhala) relieved Lanka population of the demon Ravana. With this time Jehovah-Ravana made the Plan of revenge to the Lord of the Shambhala:

1. To carry out recruitment of the population to Saturn.
To blow up the Planet.

To forget all past is and to determine new date from the beginning of creation of the world of Jehovah.

In September 2014 are executed 5775 years from creation of the World for Jews. To Lemuriya, Atlantis, Lanka the devil forgot, but from pederasty it won't be released in any way, and on the contrary this devil method applies on others for replenishment the army.

The word Bacchanalia has come from a name of Bacchus and his hobby; orgy , a loose feast which Jehovah in Ancient Greece in the honor arranged, - an orgy, the rough and chaotic manifestation of any forces reaching extreme degree - group sex with all types of perversions. (Lat. Bacchanalia).

Greece. Dionysus (Bacchus) repeated himself, as well as in the previous embodiments; the same orgies and the same sick vanity - planting of worship itself favorite. His contemporary there was Orpheus, high priest of Greece, Invented music and versification. Orpheus's music subdued wild animals, forced stones to move a little, plants - to decline branches. Orpheus had a big and hospitable house in which his friends gathered. But Dionysus wasn't a guest in this house. Orpheus didn't take part in Jehovah-Dionysus's orgies. Cause of death Orpheus there was an anger Dionysus for that, that the high priest neglected Dionysus's "cult". The head and a liver of the singer were thrown into the sea. Orpheus's death was mourned by animals, birds, the woods, trees, stones. Orpheus is the embodiment of the Great Teacher Cut Humi (the one, who was Jesus) the eternal friend and the Pupil Great Maitreya. Jehovah secretly entered the body of Dionysus, the adult son of Zeus, in the hope of becoming the heir, but miscalculated! The way it was shown as Orgy and murder; werewolf! Zeus is the embodiment of Great Maitreya.


Osiris is the representing Air, the first radiation of the Highest Deity; Amon, Primary Light source. Osiris the son of god of Earth Geba and the goddess of the sky Nut, Isida was his spouse. Having inherited the father's kingdom, Osiris operated it wisely and fairly. Angry demigod of the desert, demon Jehovah secretly put on Seth's body brother God's Osiris, envying Osiris, killed him, and a body threw into Nile. Isida found the husband's body, but Seth stole it and, having cut on 40 parts (on number of nom), scattered across Egypt. After long searches Isida collected them, and by means of magic spells recovered Osiris Jehovah is killer; arms his is axe.

Osiris - is the Son Seba and Nate (the following embodiment) - is the Greatest God - self-real and self-created. The first shown deity is. Jehovah (violent aspect) put on Typhon's body, the brother God's Osiris's.

Typhon killed Osiris and dismembered on fourteen parts (two on seven). He scattered parts of a body across the territory of Egypt. Subsequently Osiris revived as Christ. So the Owner of land Jehovah devil with those, who bore Light to people finished. Osiris is one from of Saviors of mankind; it is given rise in this world. It came as the benefactor and to there is no hurry defeat, Him kill Osiris is buried The grave serves in its millennia pilgrimage. Upon termination of three days, He revived again and Ascended to the sky. It is history of his humanity.

Osiris (Pharaoh) was twice embodied in Egypt under this name. At this time the Jew repeatedly went to Egypt from "the cleared-away place". Remained one is knee of Iuda‗s. But also this knee looked for protection at God. In the Old Testament there is Jehovah's threat to the Pharaoh. Look "The book of the prophet Ezekiel", the Chapter, 32/5. "Also I will scatter your meat on the mountains and I will fill valleys with your corpses". Jehovah tried to return in any ways Jews under the influence because without them he is anybody and to call him in any way. Jews is the tool in hands of a devil, with their help he materializes the mean plans. Jehovah killed and dismembered the axe: Abel, Orpheus, Osiris (in two embodiments).The pederast of Jehovah is killer, arm his axe!

Demon Svarog pederast Jehovah
(in astral body on lover astral plan).
After fast distribution of Christianity a devil Jehovah Svarog has decided to be ahead of him, and has imposed himself to Kievan Russ'. Blood-thirsty and prudent, ruthless and cruel he inspired fear on rusichy, demanding a gift of the victims, burning on a fire of children, sometimes even chest. During government of the prince Svyatoslav Igorevich, Dobrynya Nikitich has offered rusicha for worship polytheism and has weakened Svarog-Jehovah's influence. Dobrynya Nikitich and his colleagues: Ilya Muromets and Alyosha Popovic have saved rusichy from the blood-thirsty murderer. Rusich from polytheism have again chosen for worship of God of the Sun Ra (the Giving God) Michael the Archangel. For revenge Jehovah was pasted to the tribe of Khazars. Khazars are mentioned in the Bible how the tribe "Gog and Magog". Khazars are Roma. Two the tribe (Roma and future Jews) have been expelled from India BC in connection with adoption of Judaism, worship of the demon Jehovah. The demon Jehovah has remembered Roma at the time of Kievan Rus' that repeatedly to acquaint them with Judaism. Hazars - Roma were shown in Europe. Their Jehovah has moved to do harm to Slavs. The territory of Kievan Rus' has never been populated with Khazars. Han's camp of Khazar-Roma occupied Caspian steppes (Kalmykia), the mouth of the Volga River and northern Ciscaucasia (Alania). Hazars (Roma) and Pechenegs (Kalmyks) have got under Svarog'-Jehovah's influence. Two constantly did to the tribe attacks on the territory of Kievan Rus'. The Kiev prince Svyatoslav Igorevich (by an example of the prince of "prophetic Oleg") "has revenged unreasonable Hazars; their villages and fields for violent attack, it has doomed to swords and the fires" in 965 and has put an end to lawlessness. Since then Hazaria has disappeared as the khanate. Jehovah has lost one branch of Jews and can't still forgive to the prince Svyatoslav elimination of the Khanate of Hazar-Roma. Where now the prince Svyatoslav is embodied? It is embodied in Ukraine on August 22, 1954, - Alexander Sergeyevich Efremov. Jehovah knows him therefore hands of obsessed have discharged him of just affairs. What in Ukraine could be the President! Slav, clever, patriot of the Homeland! He is representative to Hierarchy Light'. The one, who executed criminal decrees of a devil of Jehovah in relation to the embodiment of the Prince Svyatoslav, will be punished; The Karma will overtake.

Historians and geologists of Russia surveyed more than five years the territory of Hazaria, but haven't found any proofs of their accommodation at the mouth of Volga. Ceramic looked for jugs, bowls, but it is vain. Hazar Roma was robbers and weren't engaged in production of household goods. They preferred to plunder metal products. The metal products stolen at the next people by Jewish demons on these canons are listed in the Bible plundered also Roma. The mentor of Roma and Jews (demons) is one, Jehovah.

Hazars within one year transferred yurts from one place to another twice. It is difficult to store ceramics. Hazaria was in Kalmykia, haven't found any proofs. In the territory of their Kievan Rus' wasn't, especially there are no proofs. Conversations on the fact that Ukraine is the ancient Judaic khanate of Hazaria are nonsense.

There is a fairy tale on the Internet as Muslims and Christians have advised Han of Hazars in the X century to accept the "best" religion of the demon Jehovah - Judaism. The chronology doesn't coincide. In the 624th future Muslims have refused worship of lunar demons. A bit later future Christians have refused the demon Svarog Jehovah. So councils are the liar Jehovah's invention.
Later Jehovah has taken Pechenegs (Kalmyks) under hypnosis and this tribe began to make attacks on the territory of Kievan Rus'. Pechenegs were led by Jehovah directly to Dnepr, on the Zaporozhia Island and the prince Svyatoslav has been killed. The devil has dismembered Kievan Rus' on three states to push together them for contentions. Partition is a method of Jehovah.

Slavs haunted Jehovah. Two tyrants (Napoleon and Hitler) made a campaign to Russia. They were Warned by Michael the Archangel (the Great Lord of Shambhala) not to go to the east; haven't obeyed. The end of their life was awful: Napoleon has been expelled on St. Elena's island, and Hitler was burned together with Ewe Braun.

The Duma of Russia has adopted the Law on recognition of all religions (influence of the demon Jehovah). In India other vision of a subject; they have recognized Hinduism (God Krishna), the Buddhism (Great Maitreya) and Christianity. Christ - Buddha. All religions of India are from the Father of the Universe. Indians have moved all who accept a devil Jehovah out of borders of the country. After separation from India of Iran (Persians have accepted Islam), Indians have regarded it as treachery. In the territory of Iran there were shrines of Indians: the house in which Krishna, Akbar's palace and a grave of Mother Teresa Was born. Mahatma Gandhi (prime minister) has allocated from the budget to Iran $5 million waste. Opposition has begun. Believers protected the God! All three religions are from the Lord of Shambhala.

After the article "Our Plans concerns Slavs" - Menachem Schneerson, in India all Jews would be moved out of borders of the country long ago, and at the same time and Orthodoxy was cleaned from a demonism of the Old Testament (Torah). Therefore in Russia spiritual disorder, sects and dvorkins because in the Duma atheists with zero knowledge of religions sit propagate, and have adopted the law.

In Liveinternet the text of history of Khazars and praise to Judaism is laid out. Jehovah has dictated to the next Jew-rakshas false history. Jehovah considers Kievan Rus' - the ancient Judaic state of Khazars. Jehovah mentions the southern Dnepr Bank to prove the creation reason in Ukraine of "New Jerusalem" from five areas: Dnepropetrvsk, Zaporozhsky, Khersosky, Nikolaevsky and Odessky. Why Jehovah creates "New Jerusalem" in the south of Ukraine, but not in Caspian steppes and northern Ciscaucasia? Jehovah needs the Black Sea to enter the fleet of NATO. The devil wants to bring together all Jews in Europe to burn them alive during the Apocalypse, and to drag off consciousnesses to Saturn. But he isn't sure that he will collect to drag off all therefore wants to blow up Earth and all population to Saturn. The text is laid out in a social net with the purpose to kindle opposition between the people, and to carry out recruitment. The envy causes large reserves of raw materials in the author of the text in Russia. Thanks to the Creator and Creator of our Planet, to Great Maitreya (to Michael the Archangel is the Lord of Shambhala) for huge care of Russians; Have provided such riches for Russia! Low is bow to Him. The patron of Russia is God of love and compassion, God Good and Light, Great Maitreya. Therefore Russians people kind, sincere and toiler; never applies on others, supports all people and spiritually. I address all citizens of the Planet: "All remain on Earth (Roma and Jews) we will use together all richness of Siberia on the basis of trade relations". Condition: Worship of the Creator of our Planet, to Great Maitreya (Divine Christ), Lord of Shambhala. Jehovah, being embodied in Adolf Hitler's body, gave instructions to fascists that they commodity cars took out a soil layer (black mould) from Ukraine in Germaniya. Where the evil prevails, deserts are formed or there are volcanic eruptions.

The wars in Iraq (2003 - 2011) and Syria are mentioned in this text (2011 2017); it is modern information, pay attention to date of death of the rabbi Schneerson (1994). The text
on social network "Geniyneizvestny" is in the section "Literature History", 2009. After goes from Syria by troops of ISIL was left weapon warehouses: production of Israel and USA. Who has sent to ISIL to Syria? Jehovah!

On an assumption of the author of article that will be in 20 30 years, it is possible to give exact information. All who splash saliva on Slavs will burn down alive during the Apocalypse and will leave our Earth together with the zoophile, the pederast-pedophile, the murderer and the swindler Jehovah!!!

All worshipping Great Maitreya will be taken out to safe places. To remain on Earth and to continue evolution of the person in "Golden Age", Worship of Great Maitreya is necessary!!! Aum, Amen, so Will be.

In 988 during government of the prince of Vladimir there was a Christianization of Kievan Rus', and rusich have adopted Christianity. Christ Rossul Moria (the embodiment of the Great Lord of Shambhala). Slavs! Remember the roots and return to the sources!! Jehovah touches upon this subject is in the book (coauthor Istarkhov) "Blow of the Russian gods" with the artful purpose. Dobrynya Nikitich is Malusha brother. The prince Vladimir is Malusha's son born out of marriage from the prince Svyatoslav. Jehovah extends a lie about Malushe as if, it is a daughter of the rabbi and garbles origin of her name. It casts a shadow on her brother and the son. The liar Jehovah introduces a thought to Jews that still in those days in Kiev Jews have come to the power. The woman's names Mavka and Malka have been widespread in Russia. They could be international as Maria, Ekaterina, Elena, Elizabeth and others. Jehovah inspires in Jews that they "are chosen" to govern on the Planet, pours balm on consciousness before sending Jews "on a stage" to Saturn. The website "Dawn of Svarog" result of a condition of the Pederast Jehovah; he rushes about in an agony after exposure of his activity. Registration for the website is possible only through e-mail of the moderator.

Gregory Rasputin.
Gregory Rasputin served as a cover for Jehovah; the devil put on weight of the victim and applying hypnosis, appointed ministers, organized bacchanalias (drunken orgies with the subsequent sexual group perversions). The family of the tsar was in a condition of obsession: the purpose - to isolate the tsar from government and to take reins of government in hand. Miracles and orgies, Jehovah made, using spiritual ignorance of people. Gregory in a bath "sultry took a steam bath", "stupefied and excited" with the reek of alcohol and boots (greased with tar), struck ladies with "sanctity" - the devil Jehovah sat in Grissinis body! The devil had a bestial endurance. Jehovah spreads rumors in Russia via the websites of shvonders-rakshas's about fast canonization of Gregory Rasputin, following there will be Adolf Hitler two embodiments of the pederast Jehovah with breaks in time.

Adolf Hitler.
Adolf Hitler the next victim of Jehovah. Jehovah perverts
Hitler (desires), have created under him fascist Notional-socialist party, I have made him the Reichs chancellor, and then I have united this post and the president's post, and have established in Germany mode of fascist terror. Jehovah trained Hitler under myself, have united all state mechanism and have established one-man management. The devil put on Hitler's weight with breaks in time: spoke at meetings, held meetings; made the main decisions; have completely taken over control under the beginning. Hitler was sick Parkinson's disease because of the difference of vibrations of bodies of Jehovah and Hitler. The scenario of war with concentration camps has been developed by Jehovah. Hitler and all attendants of the third Reich were under powerful hypnosis of a planetary satan. The method of a devil at first will lower below a plinth, and then gives positions, using person zombie.
Hitler was the pervert and the masochist. From 1925 veins is from the young niece Geli Raubal. He forced her to tie him to a bed and to beat with a belt. One of Hitler's rivals in Nazi party, Otto Shtrasser claimed that the Nazi dictator forced the niece Geli Raubal to defecate and urinate for him. (The devil was in the Fuhrer at this time, confirmation to that is the movie from space). Hitler was a medium, every night left a physical body and traveled on the lowest astral the plan (the medium the main property of Hitler which to him at the request of Brama of Lords Karma in the circumsolar sphere (the God's Kingdom) have put in consciousness before the embodiment). Jehovah so was fond of Hitler's niece that he has forgotten the purpose of the arrival. That the devil has recovered the Demon of the Universe Brama has inspired Gels to defecate on a breast of the "Lord" Jehovah. That she has told nobody, Jehovah, applying hypnosis, has forced Raubal Gels to shoot oneself. The woman for one days has succeeded. She was comprehended by the same fate that nobody has learned that the Fuhrer reflection of a devil of Jehovah represents. Following I was Eve Brown, the wife properties. Adolf Hitler and Eve Brown have together committed suicide the devil Jehovah covered up tracks.
In the book by Desmond Seward, "Napoleon and Hitler" author
draws an analogy between two tyrants. As who unites them?
1. The purpose to subdue Russia.
2. Obsessed same is devil Jehovah. He operated Napoleon, and entered Hitler, but unsuccessfully. Russia can't be subdued because her Patron is God, Great Maitreya!!!

Chapter 25.
Vatican is stash zombie cattle of Jehovah's
(satan there to govern ball, there to govern ball).
Look at this Zombibidloo and realize who Orthodoxy calls the Father of Christ, to whom the church choirs sing the psalms of David !? No one has humiliated Christ like Christians ... The words Pederast and Zombibidloo are capitalized if they refer to the main pervert of our Planet and the "creator" of all kinds of vices: sexual perversions, frauds, murders, mafia structures with common people, scenarios of wars and coups and, preliminarily accompanying them, financial banking frauds ... Jehovah - Abaddon (Heb. name "demon of the abyss").

Priest Anatoliy (Berestov) is. On one of the sites there are statements in a rough and ignorant form to Great Teachers from the Shambhala. Gods give occult knowledge only to those whom Great Teachers conduct in the millennia. Only at very high consciousness (conscience) the pupil won't apply them in the evil. Spirits of the Flame (Solar Gods) apply an occultism to creativity. Powers of darkness apply an occultism to crimes.

Of the site is:
(Celibate is priest Anatoly Berestov).

"Orthodoxy and the theosophy doctrine is about karma or a karmic devilish." "The book exposing an occultism in its "highest" and new manifestation - the Theosophy developed He.Blavatsky - Rerichs is offered to the reader").
Slightly lower, on the right (Publishing house: M.: Publishing house of a name of the prelate Lev, Pope Rimsky. Price: 40.00. Pay attention to a letter M.: with three points - it is a sign of the Great Lord of the Shambhala, Maitreya. Developed the related relations is as a result mixed marriages.

The first point - is Maitreya (Wisdom - Buddha), the second - the Messiah (Christ), the third - Muntazar (The Messiah of Muslims). Ponder upon sense of words: Will be uniform the Pastor and uniform herd, Great Maitreya and mankind!"

The foolish Jehovah is always covered with a name of Great Maitreya and introduces "ideas". Devil on behalf of the Great Lord of the Shambhala instructs to the father Roman, that Vatican left heresy on all Christian worlds.
Explain popularly for ignoramuses: church fathers know who is the Absolute, - the SUPREME DEITY above which there is nobody in Boundlessness. When E. P. Blavatsky was in India, with it once Told the Absolute. You give the report to them what it is size? And what Size is her Teacher Great Maitreya! Information for the ignorant: Orthodox fathers know who the Absolute is, THE SUPREME DIVINE, Above Which there is no one in Infinity. When E.P.Blavatsky was is in India, the Absolute spoke to her once. Can you imagine how big it is? And what a Size her Teacher is Great Maitreya! (This paragraph was restored after the removal of Jehovah; he envies the purity and God-closeness of the Great Lord of Shambhala).

Sacred Danilov Monastery; the celibate priest Anatoly Berestov serves in this monastery. Whose instructions he follows? Satan! Jehovah devil tidies up Orthodoxy under the influence.

The Theosophy consists of two words: Teo - God, Sofia - Wisdom. E. P. Blavatsky wrote books on the Beam of the Great Lord of the Shambhala. E. I. Rerich is a coauthor esoteric "Doctrines of Living Ethics". The Theosophy "wasn't developed", Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala Took it from the spatial computer created by the Almighty Deity Absolute and on the Beam Transferred to the pupils and coauthors.
The celibate priest Anatoly, visit the site: http://maitreya-god.net/ on the site 28 books, 3 rollers, 3 videos. It to you will help to liquidate Yours the spiritual ignorance.

1.The bible is the occult book. If Jehovah-devil in Book Levunites (Old Testament - Torah) repeats about 700 times after each offer: "I am a Lord", it is necessary to tell that him "I am a Lord" on sense doesn't match the previous offer. Repetition of the same words - is suggestion.

Church fathers repeat heresy of "Old Testament" of 1000 and understand nothing, but preach, - Jehovah's suggestion - the SATAN works. It lays on a sofa in the apartment, in New-York and all gets thought and an omniscience. In Orthodox Church the elderly church father told me that "the satan became attached to the dean and torments him three years". It is also an occultism and black magic. 2. By removing important laws from the New Testament, Jehovah have some important information looked through. Ioann, ch., 9/2. Pupils ask Christ: "Ravvi! Who sinned, it or his parents what he was born blind"? Sinned and was born the blind! When he could sin? Only in the previous life! At once two laws are in this question, - a karma and reincarnation. The son isn't responsible for the father; they are united by only equally past lifes in last embodiments; perhaps, in the different states and nationalities.
3. Executions in Egypt - Occultism! Where did Jehovah get plague infections, locusts, and by what method? From Space is, by the power of thought. Occultism!

4."Clearing to him places", Jesus Navin was under gipnosis Jehovah-devil and didn't realize the actions an occultism!

5. Christ's circulation by sea, suppression of elements, transformation of water into wine, healing of patients with power of thought and suggestion an occultism. Lazar's revival in a physical body, - White Magic (magic spells - scrolling back ward).

Christ Told Jews that their father is devil (Ioann, ch., 8/44).The Apostle Paul added that Christ by his Doctrine had nailed to the cross the Scripture Jews (the Torah - Old Testament), deprived of power and authority of superiors and betraying their shame" (the Epistle the Colossians, Chapter 2/14, 15). The next one came into the world E.P. Blavatsky, and repeated the words of Christ. She has added that Jehovah zoophile, monkeys his children. In to her book "The Exposed Izida" there is words to Jehovah from the book "Rituals": " you are dirty, smelly cattle generate of incest and sacrilege generate of all obscenities who is damned by God" and is not only. Therefore the devil Jehovah has imposed the ban on E. P. Blavatsky. Jesus and Christ (two essences), and E. P. Blavatsky came to the world from the Shambhala.

Under the decree of the Great Lord of the Shambhala and Mother of the World Jesus was sent to Jews for exposure of Jehovah devil. E. P. Blavatsky came to the world to impart Knowledge and to rescue religions from devil plague.

The Owner of Land Jehovah devil crucified Jesus Christ's hands of Jews, the Apostle Paul cut off the head, and E.P.Blavatsky slandered. What other words to the Christians reached the point of death and works of the messengers from Shambhala!?

And in sects tell the same, as church fathers in Christianity. Than Orthodoxy differs from sects? Only that church fathers serve under gilded domes, and pastors (businessmen) of sects - in the privatized palaces and clubs. In Orthodox churches same there is a trade, as well as at the time of Christ, however, in animals don't trade.

Visited into an Orthodox church and in the temple the man is in black clothes, (long-haired) trades in icons. He told me that he is the former deputy director of some plant in the Rostov region, now makes icons and trades. Icons are demonism. Why in Synagogues there are no icons? To Christianity they were imposed by Jehovah- devil, to delay energy of worship from God. And this, casual is person, repeated words devil to E. P. Blavatsky.

Orthodoxy doesn't give any knowledge. Wallowed is darkness. Study the Psalm book and Prophets. A psalm book is glorification by the tsar David the eternal pederasto, the crook and the killer Jehovah (Savaof) against whom Christ Went to expose it as devil. Prophets wrote down that Jehovah (Savaof) is a devil spoke to them. Jehovah was in an astral body on the lower astral plan and from there instructed, and dictated texts. It is an occultism! What gives a person wearing the neck crucified Jesus? Scientists conducted a study paintings by Repin, "Ivan the Grosny and his son Ivan" and found adverse effects on human coming from its rays. The Christian cross was invented with the same intent of Jehovah. The corpse Jesus wears as a decoration. Replace the cross with a crucifix on the equilateral cross inside the circle representing the Universe and the four cardinal directions. The circle represented the Earth (a globe), Round of Karma (the man can outrun his Karma and then she reaches it), Circle magic (suppression of witchcraft), Round magnetic (connection of the heart with distant worlds), the fiery Circle (the aspiration to the development of the consciousness). The Planet and the universe moving in a spiral, each turn is round, the Way Ascent. It's time to make the CIRCLE COMPLETE High Behest, celebration Light or darkness the Circle is complete encourages all energy for the final battle will be to take part all the forces of Light and the darkness from The Highest to waste. Kind of thought will put on the circle, and that will manifest.

Only spiritual ignoramuses go to Orthodox churches. In sects pastors-businessmen read now and then E.P. Blavatsky, E.I, Rerich, and accustom sectarians to love "Lord" Jehovah. And for what to love it is? The love for God is born from admiration, pride and following to It as to the Ideal. Jews always dreamed to get rid of Jehovah.

Great Maitreya takes up a position of the First Archangel (Michael) during passing of evolution of the person. Maitreya - is the First Beam of the Father of the Universe, the First Beam is equated to the Father. Maitreya full manifestation of the Father of the Universe, Supreme, the Founder and the Creator are. E. P. Blavatsky, E, I, Rerich, B, N, Abramov - is coauthors of works of Great Maitreya. The Lord of the Shambhala created power of thought our Planet, vegetative and animal kingdom Created the Egyptians and Gave the first people's brains.

What priests have the right to offend and humiliate those, Who Give KNOWLEDGE to people, Who in bloody sweat keep the planet and mankind from crimes of Jehovah-devil? How many the grief and tears, and sufferings dropped out on their life to advance evolution of the person? They were crucified, poisoned with poison, killed and dismembered their bodies. What you have the right to state in their address of the word "heresy" and to rank as a satan to Jehovah. Jehovah - is opponent Michael the Archangel's in a darkness camp.

It you are attendants of the SATAN and you take his nonsense for the doctrine. It is your lips the DEMON JEHOVAH speaks. It you, you decompose the population that you recognize the Old Testament (Torah), it you it you detain evolution and a satan on the Planet. Separate the New Testament from devil damnations and threats. You call yourself Christians, but you recognize the one, who crucified Christ. Jehovah is the meanest essence: the GENERALISSIMO IN PEDERASTY and the cruel blood-thirsty murderer. Jehovah in the Middle East was known how cruel petty tyrant is. Jehovah crucified Christ hands of Jews and acquainted himself with Christianity.

Only according to one statement of the Celibate priest Anatoliy (Berestov) about a karma necessary tell that it dense, and that to it not a place in the temple. It is not only with such level of knowledge. Orthodoxy is under a cap at Jehovah's-devil.

The religion is given on consciousness this time. Now Orthodoxy can be compared to best shoes from a linden, but now carry graceful footwear. Evolution in everything!

Not E. P. Blavatsky and Orthodoxy is from the one, who imposed the Old Testament (Torah) and distorted the New Testament. Christ was the Wise man (Buddha)! The word Christ is the Highest I, The Ego, each person has Christ, but Gods, coming from the Father is the
Divine Christ, Ishwara, Energy center, the Founder and the Creator!

KARMA is Cosmic Law of Requital. Karma is exact Space Scales! The karma carries out the Laws hands of people. In Rostov during October revolution were sunk in public toilets of one hundred priests. For what is? That evaded from the duties and served secular society, ignoring the lower class of the population. Served are those, who well paid forgiveness of sins more precisely. This is also action of the Law of the Karma. Sins nobody will forgive, them it is necessary fulfill (work). Church fathers assumed the right of Lords of the Karma.

Old Testament (Torah) not the Doctrine is, but chronicle of a tribe of Jews (Chronicles). Read N. M. Karamzin books "History of the State Russian" - 12 volumes, and offers the whole world. In this book there are no damnations and threats, there is "clearing to itself no place" by methods of Jehovah. Will read? Read "Bible" because Jehovah - a devil applies an occultism - hypnosis, and the whole world reads this nonsense. It always applies violence.

Before leaving to Saturn Jehovah sums up the result of the board. It rehabilitates obsessed which operated under hypnosis with the purpose to do harm to Russia, and therefore to all Slavs. Under its influence the movie about Grishka Rasputin is put, is some kind of tribute for crimes in a family of the Russian tsar Nicholas II. And the tsar wasn't forgotten by a devil; on Tatyana Mikushina's site (she at a satan serves as "prophet") Jehovah calls Nicholas II Lord's. In it is the sense devil is put. The Lord, so the embodiment from Shambhala; therefore Jehovah has slandered the tsar.

The next movie "Wolf Messing" - Jehovah's generation - devil on belief; the others the victims - devils on coercion. Wolf of Messing is Sigmund Freud's pupil. These two is black magicians, devils. All of them are Jehovah's victims. The fear and tortures of conscience woke up in them from time to time, but the main planetary demon eliminated this energy, neutralizing others. Will leave from our Planet impious soon, and the Earth will be cleared of filth. Aum.
Amen. So will be!

It appears, the heresy of the Celibate priest Anatoly (Berestov) goes straight from Vatican; these wallowed in a devil bog long ago, in the seventh century accepted a devil. The planetary satan Jehovah through Vatican and the dvorkins is slanders on Solar Gods. Jehovah - a devil - is opponent Michael the Archangels in darkness camp and applies an occultism on those, who embodies his vile ideas in Christianity. He silently imposes the thoughts and the person takes them for the. Only Great Maitreya can protect the person from occult influences of a devil of Jehovah.

Orthodoxs, turns a weather vane to the east (Shambhala), - and is from there Light, from there Wisdom!!! Christ came from the Shambhala.

Roman Pope Francisco.
Having entered to a position, Pope Francis sounded by name all pedophiles of Vatican, and those, who are passed "business relations" with deputies - began for health.
Leo Taxil in the book "Sacred Den" stated lives of fathers pervert, Vatican, but didn't explain the reason of such behavior of priests. Jehovah - a devil crucified Christ, cooked up nonsense under the name "Bible" and imposed it to the whole world in the OCCULT way. Separate the New Testament from the Old Testament (Torah) and clear the New Testament of false inserts from Jehovah-devil. Applying an occultism, the planetary satan decomposed Catholics sexual perversions of all types. The GENERALISSIMO IN the PEDERASTY, Jehovah devil, for the entire period of board at a position of the Owner of Land spread godlessness and orgies (drunken orgies before loss of consciousness and group sexual perversions of all types). About it is already reported to Pope Francis and the answer is received: "And you tell: "I love you". Pederast Jehovah? Let he will disappear as evil spirit from our Planet!

From Vatican the stench proceeds from devil decay, which is stored in library. Francis is a name of the monk, the one, who was Jesus Christ (Redeemer), ascetic and the Fiery Yogi. At Fiery Yogis sexual energy on the mystical channel of a vertebra rises in spiritual heart. Sexual and sexual garbage is harmful to the Fiery Yogi; vegetable food, a sex exception even from thoughts, balance and the obligatory guide of one of Great Teachers of the Shambhala. If the monk is far from it, he can't be a monk; it has to have a family. Jehovah thought up a monkhood, having rejected a way of the ascetic; rejected occult sciences therefore, - knows that the ascetic will be under powerful protection of the Great Teacher from the Shambhala and will gain a lot of Knowledge. The way of the ascetic is difficult, but pleasure from communication with the Teacher without having the price. There is nothing above communication with the Teacher!

Jehovah the most dissolute and the vilest essence is a generation of fascism wars and revolutions, all types of perversions, obsession is and generation of underworld. Hold it on Earth obsession, those, who recognizes the book of the Beast.

The Old Testament (Torah) is the book of an Beast, his number - 666, name - Jehovah, position (electoral) - the Owner of the Land, devil and satan.

Pope Francisco is the Jesuit, the protégé of Jehovah devil, treats loyally abortions and homosexuality. Oh, is the one, who is necessary to the PEDERASTY Jehovah. All Saturn will be covered with human garbage soon.

Jesuits is members of Catholic monastic order; justify "for the sake of God's greater glory" ANY CRIME. Under god Jesuits mean Jehovah devil; he created them and gave this postulate - to commit crimes for the sake of it. Jehovah is the pervert and the blood-thirsty murderer therefore also created Catholic monks under me.

Great Maitreya-God doesn't demand to commit a crime in the name. Permissiveness is demonic culture. The award of Jesuits - is more terrible than all sects. By revolutions, replacement of heads of religions and the states Jehovah is torn to leadership on the planet. Therefore Jehovah moved away the previous Pope (usually Pope on a post before the most death) to replace it with the loyal Jesuit. Pope Francis already suggested uniting Orthodoxy with Catholics.
The sexual devil virus from Vatican affects Orthodoxy. Zombie cattle Jehovah is a cesspool with worms swarming in it. Three wives:
1. The main cesspool is in his bedroom The Master Earth of Jehovah's has three wives, all four of them sleeping on the same wide airfield bed. The eldest wife is female, the middle and younger wives are male (his minor sons). Jehovah prefers massage of the genital organ, oral and anal sex. In the absence of an older wife, Jehovah had a conveyor harem (prostitute): women of New York changed daily with boys (sons). The technology of recruitment to Saturn: first the woman does massage and oral sex, after her son continues ... Billionaire Georges Morgan - the embodiment zombie cattle of Jehovah's.
2. The Vatican (the estate of the devil) - the second cesspool with worms swarming in it: worms - padre- pedophiles.
3. The lower astral plane - the third pit, the devil's estuary one kilometer above the surface of the Earth; here devils rest from the labors of the unrighteous.
4. The army of the devil Jehovah - human scum (perverts, swindlers and murderers) of the entire Planet - the fourth pit.
The Frenchman is the homosexual for a position of the ambassador from France to Vatican was recommended by the main planetary PEDERASTY Jehovah. Such ambassador fits into society of Vatican. The planetary satan Jehovah carries out recruitment to Saturn!

In St. Petersburg the priest Dimitriy Druzhinin is the representative of Orthodoxy gave on a review article "Wandering in darkness: basic provisions psevdoteosofist Helena Blavatsky, Genry Olkott, Anni Bezant and Charles Ledbiter". Such impression is that with a hand of the priest of D.D. the planetary demon Jehovah wrote. Orthodoxy wanders in darkness and the guide at them - a planetary satan - Jehovah.

E. P. Blavatsky on the instructions of the Great Lord of the Shambhala left to New-York. At that time Jehovah devil extended spirits in America. E.P.B. was present on sessions, what to explain to people those spiritualistic sessions are very dangerous. Through a time of the person the evil ghost from the lower astral plan where Jehovah governs, and to operate at the discretion of a devil can enter. Ledbiter and Steiner after E.P. Blavatsky death have got under influence of darkness and have been involved in the devil doctrine "Anthroposophy", which sense consisted in filling the Planet with negative energy and to blow up before leaving to Saturn. Anny Bezant, "Esoteric Christianity", - the book for which the author should bow down.
E. P. Blavatsky was many millennia the Schoolgirl of the Great Lord of the Shambhala.
And the satan on the party tried to draw E.P.B.

Note the obsessed priest Mahatma exists. The great Teacher Kut Humi (the one, who was Jesus) is correspondent with the English journalist Sennet. Then it was replaced by Great Maitreya is the eternal Friend and the Teacher Kut Humi. To open such subject, it is necessary to read at least once (few) the main books of E. P. Blavatsky, E.I. Rerich B.N. Abramov. The devil strenuously tries to draw Orthodoxy on the party. It is possible to resist to Jehovah devil KNOWLEDGE, but Orthodoxy, hardened, grown dumb, oak from own ignorance, persistently rejects them. Rejects those to who worships. There is no evolution, repeat that was given about 2000 to that is in the reduced form, for not able to read and write not only parishioners but also priests. The patriarch Kirill put a barrier on evolution of Orthodoxy, so and on evolution of consciousness of the person. In Space all positions selective, - in Orthodoxy reorganization is necessary. Separate the New Testament from the Bible and clear of lie of a devil, and at the same time clear consciousness, poisoned with church dogma.
Didnt offend you, gave the answer to your insults of Those, to Whom you worship. Orthodoxy on all pages of the sites sweeps one sweeper of attendants of God and a devil. There will be among you at least one, who will read thoughts of God in works of his pupils and will tell doctrines. The hope keep to Christianity - is laid on Orthodoxy - the Buddhism. After disorder of the USSR Henry Kissindzher is declared: "Today is our task is - to destroy Orthodoxy". The devil is torn to autocracy on the planet!

Professor of the Moscow spiritual academy *

The journalist from St. Petersburg Alexander Nevzorov told: "Orthodoxy is big devilish sect". What exact definition! Bible, corruption, homosexuality, revenge .Professore *, you realize against whom you went? Against Jehovah devil (the shown "Lucifer")!
In Russia, they abandoned the Old Testament and banned the Jehovah's Witnesses sect, arguing that Russia is a Christian state and worship of the killer of Jesus Christ is a betrayal. Therefore, the bugger Jehovah went beyond the boundaries of religious institutions began to apply sexual hypnosis to high school students. In Lvov, guys go to the forest in pairs for sexual intercourse. Activist parents track them down, beat them for brain prophylaxis. Children need an experienced psychiatrist. One of these young pederasts stated on the Internet: Why the Rada does not adopt the Law on same-sex love and same-sex marriage? Authority, adopt the Law on the prohibition of same-sex sex contacts and forced "treatment" of perverts. Or, the use of childbearing organs for other purposes is punishable by law - castration; eunuchs will walk with bottles. From them, all the same, there will be no population growth. Pederasts only fear can stop. On the Internet, Jehovah created the Blowjob program through his victims. He himself applies the methods of oral and anal sex and youth draws him into his cesspool. Christians, give up the Old Testament and Jehovah-Isaiah inserts in the Doctrine of Christ. Jehovah is sick; he was Zombi-gattle by the demon of the Universe of Brama - a theoretical pervert.
In Kazan in orthodox educational institution the pedophiles prospers. Pupils posted in the Internet information and asked the Moscow Patriarchy to protect them; otherwise they wanted to finish with violence.

In Kazan there went the commission, data were confirmed, and the rector relieved of the post, but didn't punish, and defined to other position. "In the river the pike was drowned". Members of the commission began to be pursued.

Professor of the Moscow Spiritual Academy X stood up for them; purulent abscess should be opened. It gave information on the Metropolitan Nicodemus and carelessly expressed that the virus from Nicodemus (there is a hope) didn't extend. The spiritual ignorance of Orthodoxy played a positive role in this case.

It devil Jehovah decomposes Christianity; all branches are struck with obsession, will finish also Orthodoxy soon. All listed properties of decomposition of modern Orthodoxy are inherent in Catholics and all sects.
Nicodemus Rotov, bishops - homosexuals, church fathers, - unconsciously followed instructions of a planetary satan. To go against it, protection, a wall, shield which will protect you from darkness attacks is necessary. Can protect only Higher and Strong Essence against which nobody is strong is a Great Lord of the Shambhala, Maitreya, the Supreme, shown Father of the Universe. Maitreya and Christ is a uniform Ego. Give KNOWLEDGE to people; knowledge is given on consciousness and time. Burn the Bible and dispel ashes, clear the New Testament and unite it with "the Doctrine of Living Ethics" which Great Maitreya through the pupils Gave. Give KNOWLEDGE to mankind!!! After reading of the Doctrine, to you a lot of things from this that you took for Truth will seem cruel nonsense from Jehovah.

Ask for the help to the Great Maitreya; He will always prompt the right decision and will set on a right track of TRUTH.

Mentor the present patriarch Kirill .

"The mentor of the current patriarch Kirill metropolitan Nicodemus Rotov and his Catholic belief" On the Internet is extensive information on Nicodemus Rotov's activity (1929 - 1978). It served Orthodoxy, but was the Catholic. In what distinction are two religions? Catholics accepted Jehovah devil and all types of sexual perversions long ago. Nicodemus Rotov was the homosexual. All perverts and underworld automatically get to its army. The planetary satan tries to discover the victims of uncommon essence. Nicodemus - the victim of Jehovah devil, the cruel petty tyrant Metropolit.

Nicodemus repeatedly went on foreign affairs SSC (State Security Committee) and orthodox to Vatican; exactly there Jehovah finally approved his sexual bents.
Orthodoxy not should go to the Vatican so as the Catholics accepted the devil back in the 7th century and his properties. At that time, satan Jehovah spoke through the lips of the Pope, intensely criticizing the world order of the USSR - the Commune. That is why Nicodemus Rotov went there to protect Christianity and the Homeland. The world order of Jehovah the fraudster and killer is capital. Vatican City -Trap zombies cattle Jehovah's (you will come on business; you will leave as a pederast). Vatican - fall the boa, a trap of a zombie cattle Jehovah (go on business, come as zombie pederasto).

Nicodemus was planned by Jehovah-devil and inspired in it that it is his congenital requirement. Thus the planetary satan bit into Orthodoxy to decompose from within Russia. The Metropolitan Nicodemus had six heart attacks for a short period - remorse. The sixth heart attack was in Vatican; heart stopped. (He lived 49 years, according to the science of numerology 4 + 9 = 13. Jehovah killed him! He had to worship God, and not remorse).
The Pope, read the burial service over him at the same time and "forgave sins to it". Sins nobody can forgive, they should be fulfilled good deeds. The law of the Karma - exact space scales. Jehovah wanted to appoint the Metropolitan Nicodemus Patriarchal and through it to spread out Orthodoxy. But also without Nicodemus Rotov this process already went

The ROC canonizes the Metropolitan Nicodemus soon. A sample method of Jehovah is to humiliate, and then to do much good regalia. This history reminds Leo Taksil's books, "A sacred den".

From Jehovah's hypnosis nobody is insured. By such method he forms team for Saturn. Following to Saturn - the Patriarch Kirill: it zealously executes decrees of Jehovah devil. Not to get under influence of a planetary satan, protection against stronger Essence is necessary. Only God - Maitreya - the Board from intrigues is of a planetary demon. A board - WORSHIP!!!

It appears homosexuality in Orthodoxy is natural process. The bishops handed out to young priests bread places "through the bed. From blessing of bishops, young GAYS are self-confident, drive about by expensive cars, and a baptism of children hold sometimes in a state of intoxication. It was possible to soften this word and to replace with the word the gay or the homosexual. This terrible word is disgusting; there is hope for the same reaction to the originator of all types of sexual perversions - the zombie cattle Jehovah. I hope that in Orthodox churches choirs will not sing the Psalms of David to glorify the pervert and criminal of Jehovah.

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is office center; business prospers in the Lord's temple. The temple was leased to the person who was judged. In total, besides, that the church "preaches", church fathers call "HERESY". And how what they do is called? There is no other definition of their activity, except the word DEVILRY I examined with by the Christian sites of many countries it was also terrified to absence of KNOWLEDGE. More than 120 years to that it is published by E. P. Blavatsky, The secret Doctrine". In the twentieth century it is published completely E. I. Rerich, "Doctrine of Living Ethics". At the end of XX, at the beginning of the XXI centuries B. N. Abramov's books, Facets Agni Yoga , 22 volumes are published. But Orthodoxy is mould. Christians is the spiritual victims of a planetary satan. Jehovah-devil deprived of you Knowledge, struck with sexual perversions, covered temples icons (portraits of just people), belts, and caskets, - heresy, heresy, heresy Crosses with the crucifixion of Jesus (the corpse on the neck) work on the darkness, attract the energy of suffering and fill them Earth. In this case, the pervert Jehovah anyone, who worships him, should hang on the neck of the axe.

If Orthodoxy departs from church dogma, and delves into the essence of the texts of books E.P.Blavatsky, E. I. Rerich, B. N. Abramov, - information received from the High Source and will teach to students, - there will be a shift in consciousness of the younger generation. And the new religion will be called the BUDDHISM (Wisdom). To replace the false Bible the new Doctrine of Living Ethics is given.

Ecumenical council of Orthodoxy is.

In June, 2016 the Ecumenical Council of Orthodoxy had to take place. But countries: Georgia, Bulgaria and Russia making 80% of all Orthodoxy haven't taken part for some reasons. One of them is petition of parishioners against participation in a wolf cathedral. (Jehovah is a wolf, an animal, which number 666).

"The most blessed Ouray has spoken against a cathedral; he is the second person in ROC". "And all events world bring one to one already closely in the moshiah". Messiah is the Jewish word Messiah. E. Hodos the Messiah calls SCHNOOK Schneerson, the coauthor of a devil on "creation of the Jewish fascist organization", - CHABAD.

"Orthodox aged men warn that the Eighth Cathedral will be and that at it there will be Antichrist". Who at us Antichrist? The one, who has crucified Christ hands of Jews, applying hypnosis to the victims. The one, whom Orthodoxy is accepts Christ's father. The one, who has already subordinated all religions and has corrupted the population of the Planet, - The wolf is the pederast Jehovah!! He collects the Cathedral for himself to unite all religions in one and, applying hypnosis, to lead all to worship of. All who worship a devil Jehovah - will leave with him to Saturn during the Apocalypse in 2046. "And that true Christ will have very few priesthood the majority (under Jehovah's hypnosis) will accept Antichrist, including the Patriarch". Orthodoxy of Russia, Georgia and Bulgaria have taken the First correct Step is ignored a wolf Cathedral. The second Greatest Step is refusal of the Old Testament (A Torah Judaism). Against Jehovah-Savaof has gone Christ (Ioann, 8/44), against the Writing of Jews (the Message to Colossians, 2/14, 15). The third Step clarification of the Doctrine from inserts of Antichrist and recovery of laws of God: Karma and Transformation.

"On the Eighth anti-Christ's Cathedral all beliefs will connect in one, after it will be already impossible to go to temples". God's number - the 7, eighth wolf cathedral shouldn't be! There will be the First Orthodox Cathedral of Russia on which will approve the true Gospel as the beginning of the Doctrine of Living Ethics. The actions only
Specified will revive Orthodoxy!
Abaddon (Avaddon) ( the name of Avaddon is secret of the criminal authority planetary scale of Jehovah's, which he intensely hides). Bible, Book of Proverbs of Solomon, 15/11 Hell (Shell) and Avaddon [open] before the Lord, especially the hearts of the sons of men. (Shell is the patrimony of the devil, the habitat of the dead, who fell under the hypnosis of the devil during life on Earth). Abaddon is perdition, corruption; the destruction, cessation of being, hordes of locusts, in Jewish mythology the personification of an absorbing, hiding and completely destroying hole. Who is recruiting Abaddon-Jehovah into this pit? Atheists and spiritual ignoramuses! Locusts - hordes of demons (deceased perverts and the underworld) Abaddon - demon of death. In Kabbalah (the first book of the Secret mystical doctrine of Judaism, consisting of five books) it is said that Jehovah is satan, the angel of death. A demon cannot be an angel. Angels are Solar Gods. Abaddon the Hebrew name for demon of the abyss, also Shell, the place where dead sinners languish. Abaddon is a *demon of war and the destruction of human souls. In the Bible, the devil confirms that he is "the Lord of war, Jehovah is his name." Abaddon - Jehovah (abaddon - the atrocities of Jehovah and their place of action). In the literature of rabbis, the letter A is found in the meaning of the lowest branch of hell??? As usual, the devil Jehovah distorts everything and sticks him out. The letter A means the First and refers to God. God is the Highest and the First, the devil is the lowest and refers to the "place of corruption" - the dregs of man and death. There was a substitution of the word *demon for an Angel. Jehovah lowered the letter A to the Hell in order to humiliate God. All titles devils belong to a lower entity. All words, by the way, relating to Jehovah, are written with a small letter: satan, the devil (see the book of Iova). Pederast-Jehovah is all in feces, and borrowed the titles from the Absolute, the Supreme Deity. Christianity came from Judaism. Before singing the praises of the church choir to the pervert Abaddon, it was necessary to study the ancient scriptures in order to know who the impostor Jehovah really is, who declared himself the father of Christ. From the foregoing, it is clear that the words Angel and Lord are not attached to Jehovah Abaddon. He stole them from the Solar Gods. The words applicable to satan Jehovah are: demon and demon. His demons say: "We are the Rakshass, our Motherland is Saturn." Rakshas is a demon (Sanskrit), a dead demon is a demon. Jehovah is demon of our Planet. Its synonyms: Yahweh, Sabaoth, Abaddon, Antichrist, Grishka Rasputin, Adolf Hitler and others. He appropriated some of the names of the solar gods when he entered their physical body during sleep. Jehovah is not the Lord; he is a demon and refers to demonic powers. Jehovah cannot be the father of Christ; they represent two opposing forces. Jehovah's words: I have given birth to a son were the epigraph to the eighth wolf council. ROC - partially out of the darkness!!! The author of Chabad is Jehovah-Abaddon, Chabad is a Jewish national fascist organization used by the devil to replenish his estate - a cesspool with worms swarming in it: perverts, crooks and murderers. The devil's fiefdom:
1. Headquarters in New-York is the Illusion Theater, in which he conducts operatives with Astrals (perverts and the underworld after death). 2. The Vatican is a stash of Jehovah's zombies; here he recounts daily the replenishment of pedophiles and buggers - victims of his hypnosis. 3. The lower astral plane (1 km above the Earth.) is the location of the demons in anticipation of instructions for the next atrocities. 4. Underworld - boiling magma in the center of the Earth at a temperature of 6.5 - 7 thousand degrees - the place of purification of killers; moans and gnashing of teeth are heard from there. In modern terms, Jehovah is a prison guard, but the difference is that he himself provokes people to sin by applying hypnosis. He was the first to go through the circle of falls under the hypnosis of the Demon of the Universe of Brama; - this is the University of the Criminal Authority of the pederast-pedophile of Jehovah (billionaire Georges Morgan). He is the omnipotent almighty demons - of perverts and the underworld. The obsessed, without the support of God, will fall into a completely destroying pit. And devil worship is also the road to the pit. In a false Bible, Jehovah exalted himself to the Supreme, because Christ told the Jews about him that Jehovah "... a liar and father of lies. Full information is given in Internet resources.
* The patriarch Kirill to high position went not one embodiment. In antecedents he was Buddha of Mongolia. Lord Karma under the Decree of the Great Lord of Shambhala embodied it in Russia for revival of the Doctrine of Christ the Buddhism! If he addresses the Doctrine of Living Ethics, to it a lot of things will be an acquaintance.
Reference. Jehovah's goal was to replace Patriarch Alexiy II on Dvorkin. The usual way of the devil is to distribute posts to pederasts. Dvorkin - a pederast, a schizophrenic and a drug addict - the properties of Jehovah's devil! Jehovah introduced the idea of Patriarch Alexiy II that he would slip on the rug and die. Jehovah inspired fear of death. Never be afraid of anyone, reject such information in words, otherwise the Space will not protect you! Affirm: I destroy this information! Filma: Alexiy II entered a bathroom and shut the door to on thekey. Jehovah hammered together black energy c feet of Alexia II, he fell down and hurt head; sex was inundated byblood. He rose from the last forces, leaning againstbloodstained sex, on walls, to open a door, satan Jehovah repeatedly rode him energy down; Alexia II fell down, lost consciousness died. Jehovah, always after the murders committed, sweeps the traces of the crime, applies hypnosis to people, using them to spread false information. Patriarch Kirill was appointed to this post. The devil also wanted to remove him, using slanderers and gossips. Glory to Archangel Michael is the Divine Christ for the fact that, with His help, Russia emerged from the web of obsession with the pervert, fraudster, murderer and prostitute of Jehovah.

Chapter 26.
Professor" A. Dvorkins is obsessed Jehovah - devil.
If A.L. Dvorkin didnt serve Jehovah-devil, and served Orthodoxy, it comprehended that long ago fate of the Priest Men's. A. L. Dvorkin exposes sects, but doesn't tell that all sects from devil; fight against sects - cover. A task it - to propagandize Jehovah, as "I am".

Jehovah's patron, the Demon of the Universe Brama wants to be too "I Am". Brama shall was to warn a devil Jehovah that it didn't apply on "I am". Therefore Brama decomposes Jehovah sexual perversions that he didn't stick out himself. Why to it competitor? "Don't climb ahead of the father in a scorching heat".

Old Testament, Outcome: ch. 3/14, "God" (Jehovah) told Moisey: "I Am Real (Jehovah)". A. L. Dvorkins convinces that the name Jehovah means Yahweh, or "I am". Jehovah wants to lead the population planet to worship him. Dvorkins serves a devil. If Jehovah - is a planetary satan how activity of professor A. L. Dvorkins is called? SATANIZM! Great the Lord Shambhala is I Am!

Naturally, to be "I Am for Jehovah devil is more important sects. Sectarians are already drugged, it was necessary to tidy up Orthodoxy under the worship. And Orthodoxy warmed on the breast of the demon-rakshasa A. L. Dvorkins and did much good for it various regalia. See is site professor A.L.Dvorkins Antisekt.

In Soviet period A. L. Dvorkin was a hippie, extended antistatic literature. He went to the USA, and was defined on work in Orthodox Church under the guide of the priest of the Jew-rakshas'. Jehovah using obsessed the priest prepared the mental saboteur in Orthodoxy of Russia.
A. L. Dvorkin came back to Moscow in embrace of the Patriarch Alexiy II, who generously awarded alien with regalia, - on your head!
The former hippie became "professor", without having the diploma about the termination of the highest spiritual educational institutions and scientific works.

Under the guise of fight against sects, the demon-rakshas pushes Jehovah devil in "I Am", and the devil pushes the demon A. L. Dvorkin to teach the nonsense in higher educational institutions for this purpose, to subordinate under youth the influence. And weak young consciousnesses will be pecked on that? On the next trap which not the scientology, and sect "Congress" will be called.

But, didn't accept lime professor A. L. Dvorkin to teach in higher educational institution it turned out that documents lime. It didn't turn out at Jehovah-devil to push A. L. Dvorkin to teach students a lie from a satan.The devil found other hole. It didn't manage to a devil to determine A. S. Dvorkin in Moscow, it is sent to depth of Russia. Importunate A. L. Dvorkin caused response. It exposed; he is an addict and the schizophrenic. Method of a domestication of a devil: drugs and visions (spiritual ignoramuses don't maintain images of a devil). One hand through the obsessed A. L. Dvorkin "exposes" sects and another I want to approve myself ―I Am".

GOD gave to Orthodoxy KNOWLEDGE through the pupils, but also here Jehovah-devil blocked consciousness of priests. The intelligence of the person increases, and a duty of attendants of SPIRIT - is to correspond and even to advance consciousness of the person.

Krishna, Christ and Maitreya - is one, Great Lord of the Shambhala, full manifestation of the Father of the Universe. Therefore Jehovah-devil wised up A. L. Dvorkins and on Krishnaites to begin persecution. KRISHNA - is the most esteemed GOD in India?
Krishnaites are not sect, but a community, an ideal community which worships to Supreme.
All distortions of Doctrines of Teachers Light's happen from Jehovah-devil.
If Orthodoxy accepted Doctrine of Great Maitreya, transmitted is through his pupils that in their environment there would be no Dvorkins. It - is "the sent Cossack" from USA.
Krishna, Moria (Christ) and Maitreya is the Highest Ego. Above these embodiments of the Father of the Universe there is nobody! Great Lord Shambhala, Maitreya I Am! "Professor" A. L. Dvorkin - is the spiritual ignoramus; denies the one to whom worships, or his lips speaks demon Jehovah. Watch on VOY TUBE a commercial "Attention! Who such Dvorkin"?

Roller, 25. A.L. Dvorkin reports that he was called from Argentina and has reported that they have a new sect of the Russian sense under the name Shambhala. Idea of the foolish Jehovah is to compromise the word, sacred for Forces Light. Sect and a call from Argentina is lie. The pederast Jehovah throws subjects to the victim, obsessed with a devil is always ready to sound them. A.L. Dvorkin not one is "bakes pancakes" on VOY TUBE, with him the group of Jews-rakshasa works with the purpose to liquidate Orthodoxy. Why A.L. Dvorkin doesn't struggle with Protestants and Adventists? In these sects attract with Christ, and then declare the filthy pederast Jehovah father Christs. All sects are absorbed over time by JUDAISM against which Christ Has gone to Jew! Have deliberately gone to a crucifixion that has remembered His victim!!! Fight pushes a devil in "I Am" (Supreme). Instead of that, that A. L. Dvorkin to remove from Orthodoxy, The patriarch Kirill has warmed a snake on the breast. Journalists, law enforcement agencies expose "fighter" against sects, and the head Orthodox criminal is silent. Obsessed with a devil have to be isolated from society in psychiatric clinics and houses of the conclusion. A. L. Dvorkin the same Chikatilo, only from him is more than harm - his souls corrupt.

Jehovah devil A. L. Dvorkins' attached in Yekaterinburg in orthodox educational institution the teacher where A.L.D. brands sects and pushes PEDERAST JEHOVAH in "I Am". The demon of the Universe Brama expects to reap the fruits, pushing the Pederast Jehovah in "I Am" Orthodoxy consciousness of children poisons with lie is recognizes a devil as "father" of Christ whom the devil crucified hands of Jews that it opened for Jews Truth: "your father devil (Ioann, 8/44) Orthodoxy expires follow Catholics.

TV transfers of a devil of Jehovah on the 34th channel.

In Dnepr there is a TV channel of local value. In one of transfers have shown Wolf Messingas schoolgirl (he had no pupils). V. Messing very much suffered from the fact that he was under the influence of a devil.

The Gipsy hypnosis which they is apply to a robbery of citizens propagandize on TV. For it they were moved from India. And Jews were moved from India for the fact that they were under the influence of hypnosis of a devil. In the USSR physicians-psychiatrists gave a subscription to the hypnosis application ban in public, and were registered in Committee for State Security. The devil has destroyed the USSR that in all spheres of human activity to create a lawlessness.

On the twelfth of February, 2017 approximately at 16:00 there was a Power of Women broadcast. There was on the screen A. L. Dvorkin - the attendant of a devil of Jehovah in an environment of tribes people. I had had honor to give about Jehovah information in full. To A. L. Dvorkin have sent files my of books. The devil has removed from memory And. L. Dvorkin this information also has replaced with heresy.
In the list is of biographies of gray persons having mentioned a name great of E. P. Blavatsky. Have slandered her, spoke is about the false facts of her biography. E. P. Blavatsky is the great woman; forty years of the life she bore Light to people. In operating time in India with it once told itself Almtyighty, the Absolute! You represent what it is size? And what Size her Teacher, Great Maitreya! Rakshas A. L. Dvorkin has no honor to say a name of E. P. Blavatsky, and, especially, the word Shambhala in whom 100 entities stay. They work without holiday and a salary for evolution of the person and the Planet, and keep our House from explosion. All "dvorkins" in 2046 will leave to Saturn. Such as him it is possible to tell: "Who is here temporary? Ana, climb up from the Planet together with the Pederast Jehovah".

Since the ninth century E.P. Blavatsky was always embodied in a family of the Russian princes Dolgorukiy's. Her grandma was from Dolgorukiys' family too, has put radical Russian nobleman. The father was the German, the colonel of imperial army, the baron. Ancestors of the father have settled in Russia at Peter the Great and served truly and faithfully new Homeland. Three fifth Germans are a Russians from the region Volga region. She is the second after Christ has discredited the liar and the slanderer of a devil Jehovah. Main works of her life: 1 "Inviled Izida", 2."Secret Doctrine". For the last five years of life she has written five volumes of books. She published the articles in 35 of newspapers and magazines. If it happened that she didn't manage to send information, there were telegrams that readers without her articles don't buy newspapers and magazines. Her Jehovah has slandered in sects and in Orthodoxy, but doesn't speak about himself. E. P. Blavatsky was several millennia Schoolgirl Great Maitreya, Lords of Shambhala. I watch transmission and I am indignant, I hear threats of a devil: "And I will tell about you". If "and about you", then Jehovah recognizes that he has slandered E. P. Blavatsky A. L. Dvorkin's lips. Jehovah is every day in visions with threats, protesting against my books. Sees that threats don't work, I have begun to whisper: "Write that Dvorkin the pederast, he never had a family". Several days inspired these words. A. L. Dvorkin has devoted to the monster the life.

That from the fact that devil Jehovah has a family? It daily is engaged in an onanizm, the wife forces to him do masturbation and blowjob until his rag recovers. The son of the juvenile forces to do blowjob then is engaged with him in pederasty.

Eduard Hodos.
CHABAD is the Jewish fascist organization. The creator and the organizer is Jehovah. Schneerson's "catechism" and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are the basis Chabad. The purpose at them one is to bring to power Jews in the non Jewish states and to attract the population to worship of Jehovah that deception to drag off all to Saturn. But, to drag off all Jews in a crowd, at first they need to be collected to one place. For this purpose Jehovah has organized a revolution in Ukraine in hope to create "New Jerusalem". A revolution in Syria and resettlement of refugees to Europe too explainable process; Jehovah wants to take away true Jewish lemurs whom he has moved from Israel to five cities of Chaldea, Syria and Assyria. All revolutions are conceived to move Jews to Europe. For this purpose the devil has created a feeding trough - the EU. There will be a big influx of Jews to Europe for mass destruction before sending. God grant, that these deceived people haven't undergone riots which are always organized by a devil. A half of them have passed through two Apocalypses, the second half through concentration camps.

In the book Blow of the Russian Gods", the coauthor Istarkhov (Gudman), Jehovah openly calls Russians for riots of Jews. E. Hodos heads a community of Jews of Kharkiv. The only correct decision for Jews and are those, who recognize the Old Testament (Torah) to DEPART FROM the DEVIL AND to ACCEPT GOD. Having lost voices, the provoker of wars and revolutions will leave on Saturn "not salty to sup ". The main thing for preservation of the Planet and mankind is WORSHIP of GOD, but not a devil Jehovah. If Eduard Hodos
transforms the SYNAGOGUE of the SATAN TO the BUDDHIST TEMPLE and will worship God to Great Maitreya (Divine Christ), "the Doctrine of Living Ethics" will accept him, and will expose at the same time the Chabad created by a devil, then his activity will be equated to Christ's Crucifixion. E. Hodos speaks: "Yes, I am Jew". Any who will accept Judaism can become the Jew. E. Hodos it was christened; has accepted Orthodoxy, but is guided by Vatican (there's small choice in rotten apples). These in the seventh century have accepted Jehovah devil "father" Christ, and after and Orthodoxy have joined. Reading the text from the Bible, about Moisey and a thorny jackpot, E.Hodos "Lord" calls Jehovah. Read "Cabbala", in it is told that Jehovah is a satan, Lucifer, the Death angel. Strange! Such courageous exposure CHABAD - a child of a devil of Jehovah .20 years! Gle a dog is buried? I think that if E.Hodos acts weren't necessary to devil, from him there is no wet place left. Devil was discharged, as always: he, in due time, has dumped the lie on Moisey (Pentateuch), on Jesus Navin - "to a clearing to himself places"; on Hitler World War II; on Chabad will dump fascism. Only God, Great Maitreya (Divine Christ) can protect from a satan. Above him there is nobody in Space!! WORSHIP of GOD in it is rescue of the person. Everything, worshipping of the Great Maitreya, will be collected to safe places; the others will burn down alive, or will leave on an ocean floor.

Appeal to rusichis (Slavs).

Dear compatriots and all Slavs. The religion is has of great importance. Look as Jews glorify the demon Jehovah. As actively they distribute his false and slanderous books: Old Testament (Torah), Blow of the Russian gods, Bowl of Graal and Jesus's descendants. The Internet is hammered also with other books of the pederast Jehovah of the fascist direction: Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Schneerson's Catechism, false Wikipedia, Forums "Dawn of Svarog".

Till what time the sectarians offering brochures from a devil will wander about the yards and streets. When church fathers stop licking the Old Testament, recognizing the pederast Jehovah as father Christ's? Be careful, Jehovah wants behind a mask of Svarog - the pagan (the blood-thirsty murderer) to conquer the Slavic world. Jews already glorify him in Wikipedia and at Forums.

Why we don't glorify the God Michael the Archangel, our Patron, the Creator Planet of ours, a plant and animal life? Why we don't hold forums on the websites for distribution of information on the Great Lord of Shambhala Maitreya. Visit the site http://theosophy-mm.net 28 books, three videos on a spiritual subject. Really it isn't interesting to know: who has created us, who has given us Reason that such grain of spirit, Thin bodies and the Worlds, the principles of the person. Everything was created by Spirits of the Flame, Solar Gods. The new Doctrine of Living Ethics and his continuation of the Facets Agni Yoga are given. At everyone people must to be books by E.P. Blavatsky, E.I. Rerich, B.N. Abramov specified at the end of chapter1. Increase consciousness. In 2046 there will be an Apocalypse, division of people all over the world and shadows. Chapter 27. President of Russian is V.V. Putin. Vision.
Light is in the form of a white cloud. The white pigeon flies, in a big way covered also with dazzling white the head, sat down on a cloud, and behind it V. V. Putin (head) appeared. White pigeon is a message from God, the embodiment from Shambhala. And so why "The traffic controller is angry" from New-York Jehovah-devil decided to organize opposition in Russia, using "obsessed" as main oppositionists. It always pursues representatives Forces Light. Is afraid of economic blossoming of Russia and it means a superiority of our Patron is Michael the Archangel. 96 The victory Light is inevitable!!! On my request: "Who was Putin V. V. in the last embodiment, I am received the answer vision. The huge Russian three-colored flag, and nearby develops before numerous crowd on a tribune V. I. Lenin speaks. 14.02.12. "Rerich and Lenina made related what can be called planetary thinking. Therefore it is possible to get into Lenin's secret only planetary thinking, only relying on space Doctrine of Living Ethics. The word "Mahatma" came to us from India. (Rerich, Lenin, Karl Marx, Gandhi is from Shambhala). If thousands of the Sun light in heaven flares at once, is it will be only we will pad radiating dawn light of fase Mahatma". Concept cosmic it isn't applied to mere mortals. In their XX century was two: Gandhi and read on the Internet tactless statements to the President of Russia, sticking (lips they are told by a demon Jehovah), and there is a wish to tell: "Spiritual ignoramuses, you have no abuse to say a name of Putin, your consciousness and language falls short of word level Mahatma". The mahatma is the Great Soul which contained the phenomena of the New World. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the embodiment of divine essence from Shambhala. Russians you are proud of the president. Don't allow any evil spirits to concern it light entities. The Soviet Union was result of the embodiment of V. I. Lenin. Unconscious attendants of darkness always discredited our country and tried to strangle her arms race. You thank the Patron of Russia - the Great Lord of Shambhala for the fact that He Sends is in Russia such embodiment. Our God is Maitreya, God of Russia and all Slavs. Who is such Slavs? N. M. Karamzin, in the book "History of the State Russian", (twelve volumes) tells us that the people of all Europe came from the Volga region. Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Finns, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Serbians, Germans is one people. Slavs shall unite everything under guidance of one God and not be at enmity between the former socialist consolidation was consolidation of Slavs. V. V. Putin it is absolutely devoted to the work Vladimir Vladimirovich a gift of Russia from Great Maitrea. V. V. Putin's words: "Time when nothing is necessary (for itself), if only Russia comes it was stable", confirm its essence. There is in Russia a leader who all he devoted for the Homeland benefit. Very heavy burden is to hold on the shoulders Russia in time of such opposition from the USA. Such leader will always have an opposition from darkness. Darkness doesn't want blossoming of Russia. But it doesn't matter. The Animal will leave our Earth soon. Russia climbs a spiral, and the USA and the West of Europe dvi-gatsya on a deadlock circle therefore rush about in an agony, and machinate against Russia. Russia ascends economically and spiritually. Our God is Great Maitreya, Helps us! After leaving of darkness to Saturn, consolidation of the people will begin. The Buddha - Maitreya and single herd - the Planet population Will be single. Russia will be the country around which all people will begin to unite. The new Soviet Union, socialist camp outside the died Europe will be created; all population of the Planet will unite with Russia including the USA. Russia will lift on an ascension spiral (material and spiritual) all countries under guidance of Great Maitreya, Creator and Founder.

Great Maitreya Worries about the country, He Sent us one more embodiment is Peter the Great. "Peter the first was realized in Russia of 20.05.2012. V. V. Putin gains steam for ascension of Russia, and Peter Great will lift Russia".
Vanga's predictions.
Her predictions were only about one Vladimir President Russian V.V. Putin He sent by God, First Archangel is Divine Christ to Russia from earthly Reign Divine -Shambhala!!! All, who with V.V.Putin worked, were the stages of his ascent. Shambhala rejects lying Bible; all references to her are devices. Worship to the First Archangel and value V.V. Putin, protect Them (them) from slanders of Jude-rakshass (demons). Be proud of, admire and honor God and to worship Him. .
In 2015 about Ukraine: "The brother against the brother will go What united, will be scattered on pieces. It will be near Russia". Wrote down words of the prophet Vitka Petrovs, who is helped Vanga about the house the last 15 years. Vanga about Russia; in 2015 after annexation of the Crimea to Russia: "Everything will thaw as if ice, but only one will remain untouched - glory of Vladimir, glory to Russia. It is sacrificed too much. Nobody will be able to stop Russia. Everything will be swept away by it from the way; and not only will remain, but will become the LORD of the WORLD". Glory Great Maitreya is to the Patron of Russia. Will be done the Lord it is eternal in three Worlds!


Note attendants of darkness. So far Jehovah devil spun a web of capture of the Crimea and Ukraine for NATO (the significant place for military bases) to surround Russia in a ring and spread the power obsessed in Ukraine, Great Maitreya performed invisible management on department of the Crimea from Ukraine to salvage the Planet and mankind. At all messengers from Shambhala one fiery center through which they obtain information is usually slightly opened at least, - it is the SILENCE VOICE. The president of Russia carried out the Decree of the Great Lord of Shambhala. Don't blaspheme against Russia and its President, - the Karma will punish if even Jehovah devil pushes to it. Putin's admirers are Putin's SUPPORTERS, supporting to his politician. It is necessary to worship The one, Who Gave to Russia such embodiment from Shambhala - to Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala. Time will come, Ukraine will be grateful to Russia, its President V. V. Putin, Shambhala and Great Maitreya for preservation of peace on Earth. Those, who unleashed war in the east of Ukraine and implemented reforms genocides for needy pensioners will leave to Saturn - it is their Karma. By then Europe (including and the Crimea) will be at an ocean floor with perverts, "reformers" and warmongers led by Jehovah in 2046! Those, who destroy monuments to Lenin will be burned alive during the Apocalypse with the generated energies. Citizens, pacify you for the benefit of the Planet and mankind.
Look on : 1. 2 t h serial record film of Andrey Kondrashov is "Putin" - this video film will be reproach to the servants of darkness, distributing lying facts from biography President Russian.
2. "Putin", - documentary 4th serial film of Oliver Stoyn.
War in Syria provoked Jehovah on purpose to return thosejewries, who he evicted from Israel in five cities Chaldees (Iraq), to Syria and Assyria. As a result of war, part fromjewries it was come refugees in countries . Other jewriesJehovah wants to return in astral bodies, therefore applied NATO aggression in Syria. Jehovah confirmed that ISIS is his generation. Read and tell others .

Chapter 28. Great Lord of Shambhala

Divine Christ,
the Supreme, the Father of the Universe, the Founder is and the Creator.

Image of the Great Lords of Shambhala not a picture, or photograph, and is hologram. Maitreya - the Great Lord of Shambhala! Moria, Moriah is one of Buddhist dynasties Magadži, also the name of the tribe radzhputsky (Radzh-King), Solar-dynasty, Hierarchy of Light, M., M.: Mahatma, World-operation invisible, Rossul Moria. Moria is family, where repeatedly incarnated the Great Maitreya - the King the World Government. Avatar future, Allal Ming, is term equivalent to I (in first meaning) Words Moriya and Maitreya relate only to the Great Lord of Shambhala. Everyone else to this genus and the name no have nothing of the attitude. Freesia is favorite flowers of the great Maitreya, have a strong and pleasant smell. Flowers of aristocrats!

(Image of Great Lord M.: is belongs E.I.Rerich, sees the book of E.I. Rerich "Letters‖, vol. 1, published by IDC, Moscow, and 2011.).

E.P.Blavatsky spoke that only through some cycles the spirit it can reach that step, on which there is a Spirit of the Great Lord of M.: and through eons years the Spirit of the Lord will be even higher than It is inaccessible.

The Archangel Michael - Great Maitreya, Lord of Shambhala, is the alpha and the omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega updated; when Omega to unite with Alpha, circle with draw - the Great Maitreya to pass way Origin and Ascension. He Is A GOD!!! Leave and will rule forever!!! Then comes again as the second coming - great parish. The High Road - three thousand lifetimes; Path of Origin the Supreme spirit and the way of climbing! Half way completed. The higher is the Spirit, the more incarnations.

E.I.Rerich: "Remember that wrote about this Shape! Truly, only all the highest is connected with It with this Hierarch. Truly, the highest concepts are represented in this high Shape".‖ There is no Higher expression of Great Secret of Life, than in the Solar Hierarch, Lord Maitreya, the Lord the Christ, He is the great Holder and the Founder, He is All".

He.Blavatsky: "absolutely correct facial features, thick head of hair color raven wing is very beautiful, especially growth and shape. Mighty physique is. face is young, the type 30 years (physical body) ".

Ne. Rerich: "woke up suddenly from a very bright light and radiance saw a shining Human shape to illuminate with very beautiful face. After fear thought was being submerged with nothing unusual, an incomparable sensation-the presence of Superior Rower. "

N. Rerich wrote: "the silence was the vision. They were Light, and radiant Face a great guest. He batted and mouth and they reached the hands and hair every Light there. And bottomless His eyes shined closely".


1.The Lord of shining power, You bring I, Great, fruits aspirations of my, works, both fight, and efforts. In You my happen, in You my hopes. My heart burns with You. I give you everything, everything that I have that in the Tower You Could pour all this in a shining Stone, fires burning in a breast. Shining Stone, Treasures the Stone, You lit, but me wearable in a flaring Bowl in a breast. Aum.

2. "There is nothing mine, all Yours the Lord. Everything belongs to You: both thoughts, and words, both actions and all manors my, and true imperishable property, - spirit my and accumulation its all Yours, the Lord. To the Name Your go on life; to you devote all future my, all affairs my, all feelings, because yours everything. Teach me, my Father, adequately and wisely to dispose of your property to use and put it in the Benefit. You for my is All! To You are directed all of energy, and Your Beams fill the sphere of my microcosm. You live, You breathe from You have my reason. From Your Beam is my consciousness because truly, you are a Father mine, life conscious to me given. You recognize and You approve in the heart as a life Torch Uniform, Immutable and embracing as I all mine. I in You, You in me, we also are uniform from the beginning of centuries. From darkness You brought me to the arena of conscious life and made me by understanding essence the person. Therefore say you, my Lord that all mine Yours. From now on all my forces, my reason and my heart irrevocably, forever to You give. Because all - yours, my Lord, favorite, only for me and my, my Father, my Defender and my Guarantor before the Highest. To you render on my consciousness, and I bring You gifts of my heart. Creativity of my spirit I devote You because create in the Name You. With Your Name go on life is and Your Name win. My father, my Beloved, accept my property for its gift on Light altar. In Great Service I devote myself to You that to bear youre Light to people incessantly. And your Light before people yes will be shining and inextinguishable when hour will come wash the Name Youre before people to claim. My Father, my spirit I transmit in Your Hands. And let will be from now on and till a century Will Yours in my will to be approved spotless and no black out by restrictions of my egoism. Lord, the press of your Spirit on a forehead my dad will arrive. Give strength, the Great Lord, in Light Yours to stay always and to approve power of Communication Constant. Favorite Lord, my heart in your hands that You could issue it according Will Yours. The paternity Approve! Expression of free my will, the spirit to You transmit. Create it, Father, according to Will Yours. Accept, the Lord, gift of my heart from now on and forever. Nowadays and in the Worlds, anywhere and everywhere I am connected with You indissoluble bonds of love and Light because You are my Lord, the Defender, the Friend and the Father". Aum.

3. "I say my prayers and tell her as the face of the Sun. If my eyes are intolerable, the light of peace I'll shut up and filled with thousands of sparkles to shine, I still say: "Behold, I know my path, so had all my consciousness and, rejecting the enemies, and, buried things I'm going to tell you. My Word is my prayer. Tell her and day and night when eyes no longer distinguish the boundaries of Earth and sky; so many ideas, so many quests to tell: - I love you, Lord, idolize and esteem, admire your Greatness, am proud and admire You. The highest, the lightest, above nobody isn't present in Space: Lord Lords, the Teacher Teachers also my Lord and Favorite Teacher".Aum.

4. "Lord, the light of Thy Teach collect in my jugs. Consciousness Help expand. Leading hand your Teach feel constantly! Neither joy nor sorrow, do not make me forget about you. The invisible presence of your tangible do want Peace and Thy days my approval".

Light energy of words of prayers of all admirers of Great Maitreya will merge in a uniform stream, will shroud Him and will help Him to bear a heavy burden on the shoulders: Planet and mankind. For this purpose it is necessary to pray to all in beat, at the same time: at 7 o'clock in the morning and at 19 o'clock in the evening. Representatives of all religions and faiths are invited to take part. Honoring of God we will keep the Planet and mankind to enter New Era of the Golden Age! Aum. Amen. So will be.

Love to higher Appearance and Wins; heart, burning, lesions do not know. Reverence, solemnity and aspiration are climbing opportunities. But, first, you need to raise the idea of light, saturating it. "To chow the forecourt of each action, every thought and every word show adoption of Image and the idea that the presence of Teachers in the spirit, can be to realize continuously. To do this one, thought did not come off. I'm with you only when you are with me. You, free, met you to prompt as shorter and closer to me. Stable, reliable and durable, and only the Lord; He was and remains of the eternal Basis of life. Over the scale of life remains the same Lord. In the world of the Earth online maps the path and direction towards the top. There is no escape from it, because in the rays of His children. It focuses Light for the Earth and Hierarchy of Earth and our Solar system. The Sun is a symbol of his great heart. We are his children, favorite, native elected them into unhappiness and happiness. He is with us always, for he is the Deputy and friend, and Father. The Teachers are not too; the link must be contiguous. Only the great proximity of Lord M.: protects from attacks of darkness. Start the new day, firmly holding the Favorites Image in the third eye.

Unforgettable meetings.
1. One of the pupils of Blavatsky, who was lucky enough to meet her Teacher - Mahatma was Ramasvamir. Its an unforgettable meeting with the Teacher he described in a letter to a friend. Everything started with the fact that Ramasvamir hear the inner voice that belongs to his teacher and call to leave all the case and hastily follow Blavatsky ordinarily to the borders of Tibet, to meet with Teachers. Internal call Ramasvamir
immediately followed, but when he arrived in Bombay, had already left the town E.P.B., reaching Darjeeling, located on the border of Tibet, where it is possible already from her meeting with the teachers. In desperation, Ramasvamir decided to move the border of Tibet alone, alone, in spite of all the danger, which harbor a similar journey to find his teacher or perish. Dressed in Pilgrims clothing, he went on a journey alone, almost without resources and without knowing the language, moreover, does not have permission to move across the border. Boy to make one's way in the internal area of Sikkim through the jungle, swarming with wild animals, probably knowing that should anything happen to him that something and help him will simply have no one. But his mind was not so focused on your favorite image of Teachers that fear nor do concerns not own his soul. He narrowly escaped death on the road, and his great faith in Ultimate Force him and from the hands of thieves, and predatory animals. Finally, near the border of Tibet, he saw that the person sought. Ramasvamir describes it thus: "I think the time was between eight and nine hours of the morning. Was in one of the cities of Sikkim, where I told the opposite, could easily move the Tibet border in his Pilgrim's clothing. Suddenly saw a lone rider, to rush to send to me. On its stately shape and dexterity with which he drove horse, thought that this must be an officer of Sikkims Raja. Means Merciful! Now it will require my passport and will ask for a case has come to the territory of an independent Sikkim, and maybe even would arrest me and send back if not worse. Rider approached me and besieged horse. I looked at him and instantly recognized him. Over-awed gripped me as I stood in front of my Face by Mahatma, unusual Guru, whom I've seen earlier in His astral body. It was him, "Himalayan Brother! ... In the same moment I prostrate oneself his legs. Rising under his orders and silent looking at it, I'm totally has been forgotten in the contemplation of his face, which I knew so well, portrait Couldn't say; joy and awe denied me. The Majesty of His image, which seemed to me the epitome of power and thought, is me delight and over-awed. Was face to face with the Himalayas by Mahatma and it was not a myth, or a "creation of the imagination," medium as would the skeptics. This was not a night dream, because time was between eight and nine hours of the morning. The Sun shined, and silent witness. See it in the flesh and blood, and He said to me with kindness and gentleness. Can expect more? From an excess of happiness had lost the gift of speech, and it has been quite a while is before I could say a few words, encouraged by His nice words After the first moments of surprise and delight when I calmed down and accustom with the changes we've talked to Him of He said should wait patiently if I want to be the disciples; many have proposed themselves as candidates, but only very few are worthy. And now that I've seen Mahatma in flesh and blood, and heard his live voice, let no one would dare tell Me what Brothers do not exist. Now, whether that is no death, no revenge of enemies is not to intimidate me, because know what know! (Claude Bregdon "episodes from the recorded history", 1910, p. 36-38)

Another certificate of meeting with the Teachers belonged to the Domodar Mavalankar, also a former pupil and associate Blavatsky. Mavalankar hailed from the influential and wealthy family, not having his bromine to theosophy movement. Nevertheless, Mavalankar joined the Theosophical Society, against the will of its relatives, and in so doing abdicate owed him a rich inheritance. Devotion was absolute Domodar E.P. Blavatsky. For all time the Theosophical Society Domodar met on several occasions with the teachers. One day, he suddenly disappeared from the place where he lived, and soon returned back. He visited the Ashram of his Teacher, having gone there some preparation. He retired to lean, pale, similar to the apprentice boys, frail, timid and shy. When he returned, the bronze Sun Tan on his face was slightly darker olive color; He looked strong, resilient and skillful, brave and energetic. Changes that occurred in it, was so striking, that friends can barely hear it. He described what happened with him: "I was lucky enough to be to call and get permission to visit the Holy Ashram, where I spent a few days in the blessed company of Himalayan or Mahatmas and their disciples. There I met not only his beloved Gurudev (Divine Teacher), along with a Teacher, Colonel Ol′kott, but several other members of the Brotherhood, including one of the highest. Unfortunately, the highly personal nature of my visit to these three blessed places does not allow me to tell you more about it. Enough and what I say; the place that I was allowed to visit is located in the Himalayas, is not to what is a fantastic Country of eternal summer and what saw of his Teacher, being in your physical body, and It was quite the same as I saw it in the early days of my apprenticeship. I've seen his guru as a living person, and it looked like, indeed, young men in comparison with other Sadhu in this blessed society. The next day, after my arrival, was allowed to talk to my Teacher for more than an hour". (Claude Bregdon "Episodes is from the written-down history", 1910, p. 36-38).
Currently the Great Lord M.: lives in thin bodies on the highest point of the subtle sphere. "The Great Lord, invisible visible, would have ruled, to fill all the rays of the powerful but invisible laboratory. Soon, very soon, the Rays will be aimed at awakening the spirit of humankind ... The most ancient precepts, Lord of Shambhala fights with himself, but the battle this, above all, in the thin areas, here also the Lord of Shambhala operates through its earthly warriors, but the fasesight is rarely ... His appearance in Fire Form for many it would be disastrous, because His Aura energies of extraordinary force. Teachings given by the Great Lord M.: and there is a sign of His Parish. Mount to reject spirit and to vegetate in ignorance, infirmities and dirt moral. A new world is coming to understand human dignity, in harsh sense of duty and responsibility to humanity and the cosmos. Ark of the Sixth Race is already under construction, but let's hopes that it is will be broader dimensions of the Ark of Noah (E.I. Rerich, Letters.

Chapter 29.

to the book of billionaire George Morgan
(the devil incarnate Jehovah), co-author - Laurence Gardner,
"Bowl of Graal and Jesus descendants".

1."The Torah (Old Testament)". Chronicle of the Jews is the directory executions, curses, wars, murder and revenge. After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Jehovah forced the whole Christian world, connecting with the New Testament, and called it incompatible within the meaning of the texts, the Bible. Before he was "single" for Jews only, after the appearance of the Bible offered she "single" for Christians, after for the entire population of the Planet. The Jews left the Torah, rejecting the New Testament.

2."Dead sea scrolls" - the harvesting of the devil to defame of Christianity. One of
the authors are Judas Iscariot, the traitor in one embodiment.

3."The protocols of the elders of Zion". The idea is to bring to power the Planet of Jews and install an autocracy for the devil Jehovah. Co-Author of the Jehovah is Sigmund Freud. Two wise men pervert. Books Freud is the virus of obsession.

4."The catechism of Rabbi Schneerson". In 1970 the rabbi Schneerson created the Jewish national and fascist organization in Lyubavichi. The rehearsal before creation of a similar batch already was in Germany in 1921. Difference of these batches is in a nationality. Earlier Jehovah extolled Germans, after Jews; Germans and demons-Rakchas‗s during World War II burned in furnaces and etched in electee gas chambers the people under the decree "Lords" of Jews.

5."World history" - the manipulation of facts and the creation of the world Jehovah for
the Jews, a lie passes for truth.

6. Mein Kampf (My Struggle). Co-Author - of the Hitler is the embodiment of Jehovah with breaks in time. Jehovah is the author of the scenario of the world, the goal the struggle for power on the Planet.

7."Wikipedia" is a lie of the devil Informatics. There is no true information about the devil to Jehovah, the activists of "Wikipedia" the subject is not affected. Try to give information about Jehovah, it will not. But the incriminating facts on the servants of Light are given to the reader with great enthusiasm. Therefore, Wikipedia can surely include in this list.

8."Blow of Russian Gods". Co-Author is Vladimir Istarkhov.The Groal is to incite the Russians against the Jews, to organize pogroms "under the guise of" lead to the power of demons (rakshasas); repeat the Ukrainian Maiden.

9. "Bowl of Graal and Jesus descendants". Co-Author is Laurence Gardner.Dream of the devil to announce himself as the bearer of the Grail, to destroy Christianity and followed the cultists to join the Orthodoxy of Russia to Judaism.

10."Mission of Maitreya". Co-Author is Benjamin Creme. False information spreads Jehovah: the
Great Maitreya never, to anybody interview didn't give! Found Jehovah a sacrifice in South America, tied across his chest obliquely of fabric and inspired him that he is the Maitreya. Possessed by the devil, gives interviews on radio and television, and Benjamin Creme dirty page is a lie. Babbler Gorbachev and those who are eager of power, coupled with the devil Jehovah destroyed the USSR with the aim to embody the ideas of the devil (see the book "the Protocols of the elders of Zion").

11. HaBaD is Jewish fascist organization. The purpose of her single books: "Catechism" Schneerson "the Protocols of the elders of Zion, the HaBaD is three capital letters of the first name three books of the "Secret mystical teachings of Judaism." In these books says nothing about fascism. Jehovah did not alter the essence.

Explanation to the name book: the Grail the same as the Stone of distant Worlds. Information about the Cup of the Grail is given in the books of Helena Rerich, "Agni Yoga", and the book N.K.Rerich, "Shambhala".

Gift of Orion is and Bowl of the Buddha.

Alexei Leonov Sculpture "The Gift of Orion": in the hands of the Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shamballa jewelry box, inside the stone - Gift of Orion. The brotherhood of the Grail holds the Stone sent from Orion, and he admitted he was a Great Teacher Jason who put him in the Foundation of our brotherhood. This stone means the guarantee and special protection of the Grail. He sent some leaders of the people. Throughout the history of mankind is this belief in the stone, guarding the country in which it is located. The stone itself is kept in Shambhala, but the shard it again and again is sent into the world to accompany the great events and appears in the hands of the elite.

The legend of the Gift of Orion and the Parsifal came from the East and feed him all the medieval literature of the West. The Lord of the Stronghold of Light, Holder of the Wheel of the Law was transformed in Parsifal, and later took the name of Prester John. There is a book by Arthur white "the Gift of Orion its legends and symbolism". In this book there is mention of John the Presbyter with the title of King of Kings, Lord among Lords Lord of the Shambhala. Gift of Orion is the Stone contains a substance (see Moriah metal) vibration with distant worlds. Also a particle of the stone serves for connection with the Brotherhood. The place of origin was the Foundation of Shambhala. "Treasure of the world is a splinter of the main body stored in the Stronghold of Light. Sending this gift from time immemorial signifies the coming period of judgment and power enterprises of the country where it appears. All the Great Unifiers and Founders of States (Solomon and Akbar) owned it. According to legend, the treasure brings with him a special Covenant that needs to be done. The casket mentioned in the Cryptograms of the East, was made of leather and belonged to Solomon.

"Grail" - a piece of sky stone meteorite in the constellation of Orion. This meteorite was the evolutionary program of development of our planet; it can be called a sacred gift to one of the planets in the constellation Orion. The sacred Gift of Orion was always in the hands of the Rerichs, starting with a large expedition through the territory of Russia, China, Mongolia, on the way to the sacred Shambhala. Having done a long way of travel of the Rerichs, the celestial stone on their way set protective boundary that should stop the process in the Apocalypse. *Border stop destructive waves of the elements, it covers the territory of Russia, Mongolia, Northern China and India, which in the future will unite into one powerful state, and no one can stop the great enterprises in the future. Gift of Orion is in a safe place in the country, which will give impetus to the evolution of the planet and humanity.

"The Buddha's bowl exists, and it is sent before the beginning of a New Era where will be approved the Kalachakra Teachings. About this Cup too, there are many legends. One of them says that the Cup always brought unexpected and by air. So at the time it was brought to the Lord Buddha. The origin of this Chalice is Egyptian, and its antiquity is determined by about 12 thousand years before Christ. After the death of the Buddha Bowl was one time in the Temple in Carshare where she disappeared, and since then it was stored in Shambhala. According to the legend, before the New Age Maitreya the Bowl will reappear".

"On the third of January 1934 the Buddha's Bowl was miraculously sent the Rerichs in Kulu, from the area near the lake lop nor. Like getting a Stone, and the appearance of the Bowl of the Buddha was another major milestone in the spiritual movement of the twentieth century. Sacred object of the Brotherhood, the oldest and the teraphim was in the hands of the Rerichs, once again claiming the highest status of Trustees of the brotherhood of the Teachers of mankind. Simultaneous sending and Stone is and Bowl of Buddha.

"Grail is the Gifts of the Higher Forces. The symbol of the Chalice has always meant dedication. Carrying a Cup is a Feat Carrying. Every high act may be referred to by the symbol of the Chalice. The highest benefit of humanity needs secular stocks that gather around the seed of the spirit. As a great symbol of the need to accept the assertion of the Bowl every day is. And children and young should be taught to think about this sign. Gift of Orion and the Chalice of my Heart, dedicated to Great Service is a Cosmic Magnet.

The heart of the Cosmos is reflected in this great symbol. All the characters of the spirit can be depicted in the Chalice of the spirit of fire. You need to understand the diversity of images of the greatest symbol of the Chalice".

In the book of the devil have no true thoughts. Historians will not be able to draw from it the true information. Only in the works of E. I. Rerich, "Agni Yoga" - 14 books, the reader will find the true information without distortion and lies.

The author of the book Jehovah knows where the Grail is kept, the Gift of Orion, and in his helplessness States that Judas Iscariot is among the lords of the sacred inheritance, and this confirms that this man was under the influence of the devil, to betray Christ, and realizing his offense hanged himself. Because Judah repented, Jehovah humbles his words "thug and a murderer". Even if Judas had not committed treason, it is not the quantity which is sent to the Grail. Jehovah and his environment cannot be the lords of the Grail because they belong to the forces of darkness (demonic) they are material and unspiritual.

A healthy reason in a healthy body is the most important. This is in contrast to the Teachings of Light from demonic nonsense.

To live for people, aspiration to promotion consciousness; God, country, people is yourself first. In this is contrast Doctrine Light from demonic culture. For "demigods" (Brama, Jehovah and Indra) the main thing is worship, an indispensable condition. Obedience and respectable behavior is not important to them.

The reign is of Jehovah on Earth 432 thousand years. In the book the date of the creation of the world to the Jews is 4001 BC. And that was before? Pervert Jehovah dealt with potassium in the rectum of the dinosaurs, monkeys, cows and people without distinction of sex or age! The devil carried Noy and then from Lemuria to Chaldea. Abel is not mentioned because it is He to Put demon- Jehovah and "lunar pitri the brains was killed Cain by an axe (Cain is of embodiment the Jehovah). There is no information about the creation of the first man, by whom and when. And secured the lies Jehovah in the book "world history", which he dictated to co-author is.

The incarnation of the Archangel Michael: Avel, Noy, Avraham, Moses, Ramses II, Osiris (twice), Solomon. All will be restored and the merits of the Archangel Michael will be known to mankind.

The first man "Many" was the Great Lord of Shambhala; is the one-name book. Spirits of the Flame, the seven Archangels came to us from the Higher Worlds and Created a beautiful human forms. The eighth was Lucifer the future Jehovah devil; from the Lunar demon was happened the first people, the future of the Jews. The rest of the nationality was created by other Creators, each Created in his inheritance.

Jehovah was the Lord of the Moon, demon! He created the first people on the continent of Lemuria without a brain, the future of the Jews. Preached by Jehovah godlessness, demonic culture is permissiveness. On the continent Lemuria Jehovah was the beginning of bestiality and all kinds of sexual perversions, than caused volcanic eruptions and the continent left on an ocean floor. This was repeated on the continent of Atlantis. On the island of Lanka, Jehovah spends Orgy. But in the book "World History" not of this information! About the beginning of the World Jews Jehovah put in the Ruhr of the Chaldeans.

Jehovah never born and never dies, he finds himself the victim, is in the astral body (similar to Georges Morgan) in the physical human body, displacing his astral body. The devil Jehovah is married to demonic (rakshas), in other words those. Who from the times of Lemuria lived on the "demonic law" - the criminal world? All the gods know that the devil is the wide angle a pervert, a fraud and reject it as an inferior creature.

Pederast Jehovah ignores the truth about himself to retain power.

In the book there is an expression: "the Supreme demon of darkness". The word of the Supreme and the Almighty to be related only to the Absolute! Jehovah is venial (worthless), the representative of Lucifer on Earth. The patron devil of Jehovah is Brama, the Demon Universe.

The purpose of this book is to slander Jesus Christ, to the Christians attached to Judaism - the worship of the homosexual Jehovah. And be "one God".

The devil claims that King Solomon worshiped Jehovah. And who is he to Solomon? Solomon is God (incarnation of the Archangel Michael), Jehovah-satan. Solomon worshiped the One, the Father of the Universe, is Supreme. In the third book of the kingdoms, Ch. 6 / 11-13: "And the Lord was angry with Solomon, because his heart was his from the Lord God of Israel." Jehovah appeared to him twice that he did not go after other gods; but he did not that which the Lord God commanded him. The apparent discrepancy between the Old Testament (Torah) Jehovah has distorted the Teachings of Christ in order to then dig into it and expose. Resurrection in the physical body was not the purpose of Christ, and the phenomenon in the Subtle bodies, to prove that life never ends - it is eternal.

In the book the text is broken, not consistent. Repeatedly repeats Jehovah: "We can succeed in the quest for the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail in the hands of the pervert Jehovah and those, who are part of his army, will not fall. The Holy Grail of airborne those, who are in Great Service!

Jehovah says that the Jews are fanatically loyal to Jehovah God. The Jews sought from the homosexual Jehovah to depart, went repeatedly from him, climbed to the rooftops and turned to Devine Host - Sun Gods with request to deliver them from the devil Jehovah. His executions, hunger returned under his rule. It calls itself the correct God (homosexual), Judah the pious (perverts and underworld). The Jews of homosexual did not choose he himself imposed on them From Jehovah and his victims happened all the vices on Earth, and stretch the plume from Lemuria through Atlantis, Lanka, Israel and USA.

The devil's names Jehovah and Yahweh equates to "one God". In the book H. P.
Blavatsky was given Information of the one God - Vishnu, the SUPREME is.

Distortion in the Torah, Jehovah calls "cultural borrowing" in Chaldea in connection with a non-permanent place of residence of the Jews can be justified. There is no justification for the historical lie. Distortion only in the Hebrew Scriptures the devil covers up the traces of their sins and crimes. So he cut Lemuria, Atlantis and Lanki and began a new life that was no different in the spiritual and moral sense of life in the previous continents.

Jehovah "Prince of darkness" chose an obligation to ensure women's "virginity" when taken in the religious community and title it "satan the accuser. In other words, was the first man in the female half of the Jews; legalized violence and pedophilia? The ancient the Jews, children were betrothed at 12 and 13 years, and married a year after the betrothal. Before the betrothal pedophile Jehovah deprived of innocence of girls. Many devils were born in a tribe of Jews from father- pervert.

Doing Jehovah fertilization young victims until then, until brought its army of perverts and underworld)! It's called: "Be Fruitful and multiply". And the nationality is at Jews of the mother because the father is a demon (Rakshas). And transferred those powers to the Catholic Church, so Catholics have long accepted the devil, and pedophilia, the Vatican struck with leprosy violence. Because Jehovah created the Jesuit is. Sexual energy needs to come out, and what to do the monk? To be a homosexual or a pedophile! Family must be a normal man!!!

After fertilization girls pedophile Jehovah called himself the Angel of the Prosecutor. The rabbis are the Egyptian priests to pass this information down to their children and grandchildren, to future rabbis. The rabbis have gained Knowledge in Egypt from the God Sun RA (the Great Lord Shambhala) during the reign of the dynasty of the pharaohs. After the departure of the pharaohs of Egypt, the rabbis entered the service of the devil in Israel is a parasite, a tribe of Jews. TRAITORS! Jehovah for the rabbis came up with extortion "for the remission of sins."

Have confidence pederast Jehovah because he speaks of himself in the third person, and on behalf of co-author, allegedly a scholar of ancient Scriptures. This "movie" is only in Space. Sexual violence was introduced by the devil, he was obsessed with the genitals and the Catholics have corrupted. Homosexual Jehovah in the Bible repeatedly says, "Be Holy because I am Holy, the Lord your God," or "Be clean because I am pure, the Lord your God". Covered in feces, soaked in wine booze Orgy is the main "work" of homosexual Jehovah. Animals only copulate with their females. For the pervert Jehovah there is no distinction of gender, age people and animals.

Who brainwash Jehovah, who speaks through him and directs his actions, who created this exalted idiot? Who mercilessly humiliates him, forcing to copulate with animals to kill and dismember the servants of Light, to degrade men sexual perversions with the use of hypnosis, to arrange Orgy of raping children, using him as a male? The Demigod Brama, the Universal Demon! What is the cause? The demon Brama is eager for power, sick desire to be the Father of the Universe. And this entity sits in the Fiery World in the background, next to Vishnu. Everything that makes a homosexual Jehovah is the result of indoctrination by his Demon Brama. He long ago mapped out their path. To verify this, you need to look at the websites of the bramins. They have information that Brama in India created a people of four castes; the "higher" among them Brama is Demons. People have created seven Spirits of Flame and eighth Lucifer, the future Jehovah, Prelease of Highest Worlds, each in his inheritance. "...Bramins (demons-rakshas's). Brama has attracted in bramins the population of India sexual perversions. Bramins of India and the temple from Brama is one of recruitment options. Jehovah in India has introduced false Christianity that to offer itself "father Christs and to accustom to eating of corpses."

Mistakenly is informed that Krishna claimed Brahmanism. All the Great Teachers belonged to the Kshatriya caste, which was considered in ancient times the highest. There are many legends that bramins came to learn from the Kshatriya, and not Vice versa. Only with the collapse of high valiant spirit in the peoples that inhabited the ancient Aryavarta, the bramins took power into their own hands. Heavy was this the gripper priority for India." The coalition of darkness: Brama, Jehovah, Indra. Indra is represented as an Avatar of Vishnu. Avatar is Descent of the Highest Spirit, the Supreme. Who is Indra? Watch the video "Vishnu Puran"! The avatars of Vishnu: Rama, Krishna (God Vishnu), Gautama Buddha, Kapila, Moria (Christ - God Vishnu), Maitreya (God Vishnu), Kalki Avatar (the Avatar of the future). As you can see, none of them is a demon Indra. The only dignity of the demon Indra, he (yet) isn't fond of sexual perversions. Indra is "the most modest"; he killed and committed sexual violence.

To legitimize the triumph of government, Catholic bishops said that "the Day of Judgment has not yet come; and who shall strictly adhere to the revised rules of the Catholic faith, bishops (pedophiles and pederasts) promised admission to the Kingdom of heaven." Catholics in the VII century took the devil Jehovah and all kinds of sexual perversion, so their place alongside the Jews, if not change their minds until 2046, burn alive during the Apocalypse. Armageddon battle in outer space kicked out "Lucifer" beyond the Solar system. The war was fought energies. To delay the forces of Light, Jehovah, have kindled the Second World War concentration camps and gas chambers. The most brutal war on Earth is the struggle of the dark forces for power on the PLANET. Who will carry this information to the consciousness of brainwashed cultists? For them the advantage of darkness! The herd of the ignorant, "Jehovah's witnesses" roam the streets, offering nonsense in their brochures.

At the "Prince of darkness", satan other duties; he must follow the commandments of God. Word Diabolos ("instigator") from which comes the name of the enemy of mankind, the devil (Jehovah).

Jehovah Sodom and Gomorrah presented a "not the focus of debauchery and Vice, and the abodes of wisdom and learning." Why asked me: "don't write, you're a woman, don't go through mud". Can't stop writing, the book is called: "...the EXPOSURE of the pederast Jehovah.

For holding the Jews in subjection to Jehovah on the cross crucified, more than 3 million
people, imposed prohibitive taxes, torture was commonplace. The number of murders among the Jews increased alarmingly.

So much violence! So was Jesus sent to Israel to save the Jews and the revelations of Jehovah? After a space causes the substitution Thin bodies and of the Highest Reason, Jesus entered his Teacher Rossul Moria, who became the Christ! Christ Is the Higher Self, The Ego, and The Seed of the Spirit. Jehovah was afraid of losing his ignorant electorate and Christ was crucified by the hands of the rakchass.

During the preaching of Jesus Christ, Jehovah was on the astral plane in the astral body and wanted to incarnate on Earth in a YOUNG body. After Jesus Christ's crucifixion Jehovah has killed the Roman Emperor Tiberius, has put on throne Caligulas - the stepson son Tiberius.

Jehovah has put on Caligulas weight for 4 years. Through 13 years Jehovah has poisoned other Roman Emperor Claudius with hands of his wife and put on a throne of the native son of 16 years Neron (the son of Caligula-Jehovah and his sister Agrippina) also was installed in his body.
Revelation is Jehovah-Neron in the Roman period (recognition from the horse's mouth)."To Rome in the time of Neron also arrived and Peter ... the Very existence of the Christian community called the Emperor bouts of violent anger and in order to reduce the number of adherents of this faith, Neron (Jehovah) established a regime of fanatical persecution of Christians. His favorite punishment was the burning of them alive at the stake. Accidents tied to the posts, circle the walls of the Palace garden and then arranged them from sparkling in the night living torches. Such actions in 64 A. D. caused a wave of open air performances of Christians, during which the flames of a terrible fire swept Rome. The Emperor is reasonably suspected of involvement in the arson, but he blamed it on the Christians, betraying Peter and Paul's death. As you can see, Jehovah has taken the blame for arson of Rome, - has cleared away the place and has built the gold palace for himself; to the poisonous Ghoul pederast Jehovah is the place in the Augean stables.
Maria Magdalina with Peter and Paul preached in Rome the Christians, but Jehovah does not mention her name. She escaped to a monastery in Ephesus, near Rome, where the Abbot was John, where she was buried. If not for her, we have hardly reached the Doctrine of Christ. Jehovah has substituted Maria Magdalina for John (he was not a disciple of Christ). Further, the homosexual, Jehovah delves into the New Testament and writes a lie to compromise Christianity in order to offer themselves as a replacement for worship. Unlike the devil, Jesus was an ASCETIC; sex and food residues (meat) are not characteristic of it. Why Jehovah does not consider so carefully all the previous incarnations on the main lands, which he lowered to the bottom of the ocean with its godlessness, causing a volcanic eruption.

The author of "Revelation: Jehovah gives false information about the event, calling the final battle "Armageddon". This battle is in the past. In the future will be "Apocalypse". Jehovah has already passed with the two demons of the Apocalypse: in Lemuria and Atlantis. In Lemuria all burned alive, big sea distance from Lemuria to the continents of Asia and America. In Atlantis some managed to escape led by Jehovah on the island of Lanki sea distance was small.

Jehovah explaining the Apocalypse makes reference to the "War scroll" - also the devil's concoction: "the children of light" - the seed of Israel (?), "sons of darkness" - the Romans (?). This heresy was false even during times of prosperity the Roman Empire. Since the seed of Israel began to treat the world if they worship the darkness, the devil to Jehovah? The forces of Light and the army of Archangel Michael!!! Darkness is the devil Jehovah with his victims. Satan hides information about the Apocalypse.

The high priest of Israel was the representative of the family of Sadoks and represented the Archangel Michael. He became Great Michael-Sadoks (Melchisedek). "Jesus for the Jews went forerunner, becoming high priest forever after the order of Melchisedec" (Archangel Michael).

Pederast Jehovah rejects Christ in the absence of formal authority. Jesus Christ is a spiritual entity, the earth's position is not mandatory; Christ Gave Teachings, crucified to the cross Scripture of the Jews.

It is time for Jews to forget the word "elected" because they rejected someone Who Wanted to create high-spiritual people of God and those to worship the devil, became the most material, and unspiritual people on the planet. Now they are cosmopolitans (people without a country) in the scale of our Planet. If you do not depart from the devil are cosmic cosmopolitans

At the end of the fifth root race of the fourth round of the third Apocalypse will divide people on of light and shade. Devil worshipers of Jehovah will leave to Saturn. The worshipers of God - the Great of Maitreya after the Apocalypse will continue the evolution on Earth in the sixth and seventh root races. remaining Earth population
Jehovah will return to Earth with his army in the fifth round and begin repeat what has already been. Jehovah is material and spiritless!!!Jehovah composes lies about his origin and conception. The vertical hierarchy of darkness:

1.The demigod Brama, patron of the devil, came out from the navel of Vishnu, the father of the Universe. 2. "Lucifer" - the future the devil Jehovah, born of Brama, removed from the Solar system for abuse of authority. 3. Jehovahdevil is the representative of Lucifer on Earth. Jehovah never born and never dies, so no one is "conceived"! He is forced to sacrifice himself chooses, usually the Royal family. The kings were incarnate Gods. Jehovah on the continent of Lemuria, long before the land of Canaan, the period of time Atlantis was and about. Lanka was once enshrined. The first time devil and his lunar demons manifested in material bodies which they have created for me. When the body gets old, Jehovah comes out of it and moved to their ancestral lands and the lower astral plane and on the prowl in search of a victim from a rich family for the next incarnation. His occupation on the ground is Orgy, drunken Orgy, group accompanying sexual perversions.

Next are attacks on Christianity; the devil on the other judge for yourself. In the minds of High Spirits is no ambition, there is only sacrifice, because only in these incarnations is the "Body of Light" only conscience! All for people and nothing for myself! It is these entities through the air Higher Forces transmitted "Buddha's Bowl".

At age 30 Jesus came to Israel to preach. At this time was the replacement of the higher bodies and the Highest Reason. Jesus had left the body, Entered his Teacher Rossul Moria, the future Christ; He Saved Maria Magdalina from adversity. The physical body of Jesus, the Thin bodies and the Higher Reason is of Christ.

All Jesus, there is only shell. Christ was the Teacher of Maria Magdalina. Loved her more than the others because she was a highly educated student and came from a Royal family. (1280 BC Maria Magdalina was embodied in Egypt in one time with Jehovah. His offer "hands and hearts" refused. Since then, the devil takes revenge on her cruel and not deserved). The mark of a whore put on her bugger Jehovah by sending her 7 devils, black magicians in the astral bodies, but the link does for Catholics.

Lies, stretched into hundreds of pages, the descendants have no Foundation. Before SIGNIFICANT incarnation in the Kingdom of God to the human consciousness secrete fluids banning to have children. The book of the devil to profane is.
Christianity adopted the phrase "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" from Jehovah. The Mother of
the World is the Saint Spirit. On all planes, from the Supreme deity the absolute, the Father-Mother gives Birth to a Son, but not Father-Son Birth Mother. Jehovah did this intentionally, to revenge the Mother of the World; She Created the Hierarchy of Light, Jehovah is automatically thrown in the hierarchy of darkness.

He believes that the result of the mission of Jesus (the devil avoids the word Christ) was the adoption by Christianity of the devil (God of Israel). Bragging rights! Before the Apocalypse there's still time to tell you what a "God of the people of Israel" PEDERAST and KILLER!!).

In his book, Jehovah calls himself the man and puts exclamatory sign. Anything in him there is no men's! The main pederast of our planet, blood-thirsty murderer and fraud! His place is in a psychiatric hospital, after treatment is in the house of conclusion. Information of Jehovah is filled with husks; a heap of names, surnames, genealogies and other drivel, not connected in meaning with the idea the similarity of the Bible. Once you can identify the author; it is of specific text presentation. In subsequent chapters is the story of countless characters, vague description of the search of the Grail and the description of sexual orgies. Correct to say that Jehovah "...dirty, smelly cattle...

Chapter 30. Information.

Appeal is to the Almighty Boundlessness to the Absolute.

Whether there is in Boundlessness a planet on which the Owner of land is the murderer (the first fratricide), the pervert versatile person, the swindler, the liar and the father of a lie? Whether there is on other planets a Bible preaching wars, robberies, murders, executions, marauding, revenge and hunger. Whether there is in Boundlessness a Universe in which the Demon of the Universe (material and spiritless), the Patron of a devil applies for the father of the Universe? What the Sovereign power of the Father of the Universe is the atheist and the enemy of evolution of the person Imagines? Under the leadership of the Demon Brama Jehovah commits all crimes on Earth.

Jehovah is a scriptwriter of World War II with concentration camps and gas chambers in Europe 1941-1945. In Space there was an Armageddon to delay forces, Jehovah on Earth unleashed war which claimed 80 million human lives, without the dead in Central Asia from viral diseases; there were no drugs and medics (all was intended for protection of the Homeland). In concentration camps in furnaces tens of millions of people of all nationalities, including Jews more than 6 million were burned. In captivity more than 3 million Red Army men died. Jehovah is zombie Brama the murderer!

Now half of the population of the Planet of a brainwashed Jehovah's hypnosis: sexual perverts, alcoholic, drug, game addiction, pseudo-healers and pseudo-fortunetellers, the false Bible and the false websites, parades of gays, the telecasts propagandizing violence, fornication, alcohol. There is telecasts-instruction for robberies, murders, fraud. Wars and revolutions, the organization of oppositions against the government of various states to bring demons-rakshas's to power for the purpose of generation of destructive energies for explosion of the Planet and reduction of people to worship of a devil of Jehovah. Brama' task is and Jehovah's devil to take away all population to Saturn and before leaving to blow up Earth. All effects of darkness are directed against Russia and its Patron, Lord of Shambhala. Jehovah of the Jews-rakshas's from Russia who went to the USA trains in a lie that Yahweh means God the Almighty also starts these mental saboteurs in the Russian Orthodoxy. Attaches them is in higher educational spiritual institutions and consciousness of children poisons with a lie. Imposes is to attendants of Jehovah churches the sexual hobby. Priests of Orthodoxy already consider Jehovah Christ's father. Jehovah distributes books in which texts are poured by a lie and slander on incarnate from Shambhala. Demons-rakshas's is publishing these books in gratitude for positions.

In the USA the demonism rages. In each city there are clubs of Gays; several dozens of men, in a crowd, as spiders in bank, being in a hypnosis condition, make indecent gather. Jehovah himself passed through all types of sexual perversions (the dinosaur - produced monkeys, a monkey wife, a cow wife). For himself Jehovah invites women with boys minor. Takes the woman under hypnosis, forces to do it masturbation, then blowjob, later urinates in her pharynx. After the boy does blowjob. For this reason three times he was left by the wife, hasn't sustained violence over her and the son. Every day the devil changes invited. It is one of recruitment types to Saturn. At the suggestion of the gay Jehovah in some countries there take place parades of Gays, same-sex marriages of gays and lesbians consist; in Israel and the USA it is a disgrace are sounded through the press, television, the websites of gays. All Planets is struck by sects where Jehovah is provided by God and the Almighty, as in the Bible. The impression is such that to a devil to Jehovah as to the foolish in case of the tsar, it is allowed to tell everything that bad will knock on the head.

From Brama in India the temple preaching sexual perversions, including zoophile is built. Brama staked the Planet and mankind; it shifted the basis and allowed mighty forces of Chaos to the shown world of our minor planet. Brama broke balance of elements generated the mass of pernicious brown gas. Consequences of government of the Demon Brama and his improvised devil of Jehovah are that. Brama destroys the Planet and corrupts a devil perversions and crimes. Jehovah repeats all actions Brama in relation to 7, 3 billion population of the Globe. For salvation of the Planet and mankind it is necessary to reduce urgently a transition period and to remove dark from Earth of earlier planet-wide tragedy the Apocalypse.

Jehovah created HaBaD the Jewish fascist organization, through obsession of members of Chabad Jehovah after the coups brings demons-rakshass to power: swindlers, swindlers, murderers and gays. They destroy economy, unleash wars and generate energies of destruction for explosion of the Planet and violently decline the population to Judaism. On the Planet is preponderance of demons. In the USA Jehovah organized murder of two Presidents, Kennedy's brothers because they rose against a preponderance of demons-billionaires. Jehovah, being on the lower astral plan have hammered together fraud to myself the capital, have killed the grandfather with the son's hands, later have destroyed the son and the grandson, have put on weight of the great-grandson and there was a billionaire Georges Morgan. The murderer, the pervert versatile person governs on Earth.

All service Light a devil Jehovah killed all attendants with the axe and dismembered, crucified and exhausted in a humiliating form. Killed Abel, Orpheus, and Osiris in two embodiments with the axe and dismembered three, carried two on the mountains of Egypt. At me in the apartment two astrals, (black magicians, cynical got accustomed and angry) from Jehovah. They do cuts on a body, drill teeth. To me twice up to two teeth the astral drilled and inserted chips for listening, it was necessary to extract absolutely healthy four teeth. Other teeth energy honeycombed astrals and split. Send energy to a rectum, on a cinciput, bronchial tubes, a gullet, - it is very sick. Investigation: locks, dizziness as as if, the stake is hammered into a breast, it is impossible to swallow of food. In the house and on Jehovah Street pushes me with energy on columns, doors.

The astral brought a prick under nails a fungus. They smear the head for a hair loss, put out eyes. All joints, head, veins on hands and legs, hands and feet of legs of a pin is. Throw laxative in high doses, mercury and other poisons into food, climb hands in a mouth, an ear and other openings, and bring infections. To me the astral brought a pregnant caterpillar in an ear. Astrals beat ware cut footwear and destroy home appliances. Jehovah destroyed to me fields of vision astral light, sent to me dairy fast-growing cataracts, the left eye damaged, and the cataract grew. I see only the right eye in the diameter of an artificial crystalline lens. Texts on files erase, insert letters and break off words. On four websites of mine Jehovah made a virus - the link didn't work.

On the instructions of Jehovah's devil astrals offend the tallest gods. Attendants of darkness slander the embodiments from Shambhala, using television and the press, destroy families.

JEHOVAH constantly is in visions: in an image of an animal wolf, or with axes, guns, threatens to strangle, blow up in transport. Buries me and celebrates a commemoration. That didn't write, and didn't publish the book, offered money: 23, $6 million, after $14, 0 million and $1 billion the USA. After refusal told through the astrals that I on Saturn will serve all and called the nastiest type of perversions. And it is told by the one, who applies to create the Universe.

Brama five times was in visions, warned. Jehovah during board of 432 thousand years, under control of Brama turned our Earth in "Augean stables". The Supreme Deity the Absolute, on Brama and a devil Jehovah isn't present a justice? Nobody can pacify them?

Why the Founder Planet, a plant and animal life GOD, Great Maitreya, the Lord Shambhala shall stand him Owner the petty tyrant, the pervert, the murderer, the swindler, the liar and the slanderer Jehovah till 2046? I ask the Supreme Deity the Absolute to make the urgent decision: "To save us from presence on the Earth the Owner PEDERASTS.

Sad is incident.
I prepare the book for the edition. I have made the decision to sell two - the room apartment and to buy one-room; on surcharge to publish books. Five intermediaries came to survey of the apartment. Jehovah has removed four at once. Only there will be an option, the devil will organize a purchase of the one-room apartment other buyer. I have stopped on the fifth. We have gone to watch the apartment, and later have come to me. The intermediary has asked the plan of the apartment and the registration certificate. I have given package of my documents that she on the smart phone has made a copy of the plan. After her leaving I have closed a door, and have put keys in a handbag (I always carry them on a belt 24 hours a day). The astral has stolen keys from three locks of the apartment, mail and an entrance. It was necessary to change cores. Earlier they had a purpose to steal the computer to remove my social nets and the paid websites. But a computer is always with me. Now there is a hunting document that I haven't sold the apartment and hasn't published the book. The devil is afraid of dissemination of information on him and, as a result, loss of electorate; otherwise all his way of humiliations and crime was in vain.

In the book "Rituals" is various spells. One of them "Exile of a devil". "Make room, - the address to demon (Jehovah), - makes room for Jesus Christ you, the dirty, smelly cattle
that is to revolt? Listen and tremble, a satan, the enemy of belief, the enemy of mankind, the death conductor a root of any evil, the instigator of defect, spirit of envy, a greed source, the contention reason, the prince of manslaughter who is damned by God. Beget of incest is and sacrileges, inventor of all obscenities, professor the most disgusting acts and Great Master of heretics (!!!). (Doktor Noereticorum! E.P. Blavatsky, "Exposed Isida", v.2, ch. 2. Christian crimes is and pagan virtues).

"The dictionary of synonyms is", Academy of Sciences of the USSR is, Science publishing house, 1975, p. 633. "The DEVIL (on religious representations: the supernatural, representing evil beginning), the DEVIL, the SATAN, the DEMON - book. The DEMON, DEVILRY-colloquial, the ENEMY - is simple. The DAMNED - is simple. The ENEMY confused, CRAFTY

is simple. The DIRTY SPIRIT - is simple. EVIL SPIRIT - it is simple. These all words concern to Jehovah the citizen of New-York borrowing position - the Owner Earth devil and Satan.

Jewish masons.
Druids is the attendants of a cult, prophets, Aesculapius of Celts (Gauls, Britons) making at the end of 1 thousand BC priestly intertribal corporation with the lifelong head. Druids had considerable impact on public life: carried out judicial functions, were advisers of leaders, keepers of legends. The woman carrying a title of Mother of druids was at the head of druids. Jehovah stole idea from druids, having distorted its sense. It has no ideas; he "creates" due to plagiarism. The purpose of a devil is to unite mankind under a uniform devilish nonsense is Judaism and to become the uniform Owner on Earth. Sects from a satan are a loop of Jewish freemasons. The word the mason carried a brand the Jewish freemason.

Jews were always despised and hated because of worship Jehovah devil. Before revolution 1917 in Novocherkassk (the capital of the Don Cossacks) didn't allow Jews to stay overnight. Through the admirers Jehovah devil commits all crimes against humanity. Now Jehovah strenuously creates sects, makes revolutions and brings sectarians of Jewish freemasons to power. An example is Ukraine. A method of Jehovah is a partition of the state. People don't understand that our board and the defender are Russia, its President and Great Maitreya. Only Russia can stop powers of darkness.

Administration of the USA, CIA, and NATO is all Jewish freemasons. Not America applies for leadership, and Jehovah-devil applies for autocracy. It is necessary to explain to zombie sectarians that the JEHOVAH-planetary satan a devil.

In the 19th century in Ukraine Judeo-Masonic boxes were created. On concourses they put on in red clothes and made a bloody sacrifice to Jehovah. Colors red and black are colors of a devil. Vibrations of these flowers destroy the person. On the planet Jewish freemasons govern. Jewish Freemasons is demons (rakshass), those, whom Jehovah corrupted in Lemuria, Atlantis, in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, in Give of Benjamin, were forced to build gulags in Russia and to carry out repression, to serve as a clerk in concentration camps during the second world war and covered the our Planet SYNAGOGUES of SATAN.

Jewish freemasons are secret societies which arose on a Judaism kabalas to a basis... In Vatican there were even Judeo-Masonic boxes subsequently.... Criminal traces of their activity are traced both in XIX, and in the XX centuries (and even at the Soviet power).

Jehovah devil has embodied the rakshas in a family of prosperous Jews. Michel Notrdam (1503 - 1566) has got medical education, was fond of astrology and studied magic under the direct management of a satan. Michel Notrdam was a Jew. Catholicism is cover. All prophecies to him were dictated by Jehovah. Michel came into the room which walls and a ceiling have been covered with black fabric (color of a devil), on a table there were two magic mirrors, - through mirrors there was "prophecy" from a devil. Chernobyl is Black epos" - has been foretold by Jehovah. Expression "Kievsky Russian'" is the territory where the light and mighty Slavic state arose, drilled brains of a devil. He has made the Chernobyl accident; have sent the beam of astral light accompanied with devilish thought. The Old Testament (Torah) and Nostradamus's prophecies is from the Owner of land.


In Russia there was a white box of masons with the purpose to unite all great Patriots of Russia in the uniform brotherly union. There were people, who pasted a label of traitors of the Homeland on such great patriots as Suvorov, Kutuzov, the prince Smolensk, Novikov, Lopukhin, the prince Repnin, Karamzin, Pushkin, Griboyedov, Bakunin and other. And all because these people joined the high-educational movement is freemasonry. In the middle Ages, all Light bearing, were branded by the devilish press. Similar charges were given and given to all best minds and great toilers for the public good. Having examined freemasonry fundamental principles, we will be surprised its high-moral.

"Apocalypse" (from the Greek).
"John the Evangelist's Revelation", - one of books of the New Testament, the author - Jehovah devil, the apostle - is Jehovah's invention. The planetary satan speaks about himself on behalf of God. Also opens the essence: Old Testament (Torah) - the book of a BEAST, his number - 666, a name - Jehovah, a position (electoral) the Owner Earth (satan and devil)".

(See "Apocalypse", the New Testament). "In the Apocalypse are stated in the form of images future destinies of the world and mankind; the forthcoming fight between "troops heavenly" led by Arhistratiga Michael and Antichrist - Lucifer‖ Jehovah. It also is "doomsday", "Last Judgment". "Tension in space unknown is, and pumped energy storm in an elevated and underground subsoil, threatening with break. Truly, a planet is in convulsions. Very terrible time is, exactly, we face unprecedented world accident. As it is told: "Hostile forces of race are doing submit to fate. Leaving race ruins the chosen receivers and We have to save them. The fate can be facilitated and fight can be finished quicker". But the ark of the Sixth race already is under construction, we will hope that its sizes will be more extensive than an ark of Noy". (E.I. Rerich, "Letters" of 10.10.34.) . The track conducting to an ark, - to accept all heart information received from the High source, presented in the works specified in the first article. In B. N. Abramov's books of "the Facets Agni Yoga in several volumes information on this future tragedy of our Planet repeatedly repeats: there will be strong earthquakes, one of six continents will fall and the ocean wave will cover it, and the continent Atlantis will raise by a surface. Many will be lost. From mankind one from two is remains (the population of our Planet makes 7 billion). Saved will be collected in special places or go to the bottom of the ocean.


The future of Russia is connected with Peter I; 20.05.12. At 6 o'clock in the morning spirit his was embodied in Russia.

In our time is ongoing crime dark. Satanic idea to give names to their sects and magazines using Holy words for the forces of Light, such as White brotherhood", "rose of the world", "Tower Guard" and Christian sect. 1. "The white brotherhood" is the Himalayan Community of Arhats and Adepts inShambhala. 2. "Rose of the world" is the Ineffable Sun of the World, with whom we connect for the creation of Universes. 3. "Tower Guard" is the same as the Fraternity, a beacon of Light, Shambhala. Poisonous times will pass and all the saved will enter the new road in New World" M.:
Hierarchy Forges Light and darkness. Absolute - Divine Essence is Light, the Thought. Stays on the plan of the Absolute is and Boundlessness (small planet). He there One, Lonely also Is above the Central Invisible Sun around which millions of the Universes and billions of Galaxies rotate and is information for their creation the seventh principle. Absolute Seen is and Has the form the big white head, and inside three more heads, one eye of each head ruby, another emerald. From the head emanations, fluids of information in the form of this condensed World proceed. The position is selective, but nobody has surpassed him!!! When the Absolute Creates the Son (Universe), He Proves as the Father- Mother. Mother is Energy, or Mother World. Duada creates the Son, the Universe, Logos the First. (Egg serves as an analog in which the Universe germ ripens. When the germ gets a final form, egg bursts and the Universe takes the place in Boundlessness. The Universe has the form of a pyramid of three types consisting of 16, 20 and 24 triangles. If to divide an edge of a pyramid into seven equal parts, seven plans of life will be defined. Created the Son, the Absolute is Remains One).
Logos the First the younger Absolute, in our perception "The chief designer Korolyov" under whose supervision "design office" 72 gods "design group" which creates the project is. They are invisible and have no form. Represent the power centers, Divine Christ, Ishwara Founders and Creators. The son, Logos the First and Mother become the Father Mother in the Forefront of the Universe and Create the Son Logos of the Second, Vishnu, the Father of the Universe (design group 72 Gods Pass to the second plan). Vishnu is 72 gods from the Forefront. One, Who works on the Father's Beam (one of 72) on the material plan, That Is the Avatar or Lord World. Great Maitreya Lord, ISHVARA, Divine CHRIST, Left the Father. Vishnu a machismo. Lakshmi a feminine, Mother World is creative energy. Vishnu from himself allocates Brama and Shiva. The demigod Brama (the Demon of the Universe) is the creator of a material world and spiritless, the author of scenarios of destinies human. Shiva is God of destruction (the Satan of the Universe); when the Planet spends energy, put in her during creation, it is destroyed.
Having created Vishnu, Energy (Mother World the Goddess Lakshmi) with Vishnu proves as the Father- Mother and Create the Son - Logos the Third: seven Archangels and eighth "Lucifer". The following stage division of Spirit. Seven Archangels and eighth "Lucifer" Allocate from themselves seven Beams for s Solar systems. As a result, in each Solar system in heart of the Sun in fiery bodies seven Archangels and eighth "Lucifer" is future devil. In our Solar system Mother World stays in heart of the visible Sun; on our Planet on the highest point Everest, in a mental body. Mother World Discover the Face a cover (a picture N.K. Rerich of "Mother World") because she was humiliated. Jehovah a devil has distorted Christianity and has presented the Triad as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Mother World the Holy Spirit, has put on the third place, after the son. Mother is always Costed right after the Father, and then by the Son. Correctly: Father is a Mother and the Son. Father-Mother gives birth to the son, but not the Father and the Son give birth to Mother. (From copulation of the pederast Jehovah with the son is nothing will be born: neither animal nor frog, even not jegovushka). Mother World Discover Face when justice is restored. The Messenger of the Mother of the World on Earth is the Goddess Lakshmi, the Lady of Shambhala. Gods in themselves bear Information and Energy that is the Father and Mother. Two Beginnings is men's and women's. If the feminine as at Jehovah, Energy prevails. Therefore the devil has named himself "mother Jehovah"; it is good, "mother" the zoophile, the pederast, the pedophile, the blood-thirsty murderer. Energy is given him for creativity of matter in unification with Spirit, and he doesn't want friendship. Become impudent demon Jehovah devil applies this energy not to destination. One of options is hypnosis to enjoy humiliation of the person who represents opposite force. Jehovah's withdrawal from Ways Light has begun since Lemuria and was finally created for 4001 BC, the beginning of creation World of Jews. Mother World Created Hierarchy Light; darkness forces automatically have dropped out and were shown in the coalition of darkness: Brama, "Lucifer", Jehovah. In 1949 "Lucifer" was thrown out from our Solar system in Silence-silence. Now the coalition consists: Brama, Jehovah, Indra. The devil "has revenged" Mother World for office. Before nobody knew who Light is and who darkness. And now darkness decays for flowers of Light.

Who is God?
Space! Light poured in Space information for creation of everything that is in Boundlessness, beginning from Mendeleevs table. In Space there are all programs (as in the computer) for creation of planets in any ratio of sushi and water, a plant and animal life, the person of any nationality. There are 8 million floating, flying and growling of the running creatures. There are 400 thousand types of people. Divide 7 billion population of the Planet on 400 thousand; receive number of people of one type. In space Karma and Incarnate laws are pledged. In each Solar system there is a circumsolar sphere (Kingdom of Heaven) where work Lord Karma. They take from Space to the movie of human life before the embodiment; pledge it in the program, and the space issues result on merits of the previous embodiment: parents, physical body, talent and destiny. Destinies human are scripted by the demon Brama; all of them are in Space. To each birth there corresponds Zodiac sign. Before the significant embodiment (from Shambhala) Lord Light Can is to make some corrections of destiny (birth date, a family, childlessness).

Lipiki writers also stay in spiritual heart of the person; they are called Recorders is the God's Spark. The temple in heart of the person; where we wouldn't be, the Temple always with us. Recorders See everything, Hear, Remember and Transfer information to Space. The God Created Laws and Laid out in Space. Further people are Conducted by God-creator of the Planet, fauna and animal world, the One, to Whom we are obliged by the life, - Great Maitreya our recognition and veneration!!! Further read to E. P. Blavatsky, "Secret Doctrine".

Who is Jehovah?
In hierarchy of darkness it is the subordinate, executing decrees of the Demon of the Universe Brama. All who recognize the Torah (Old Testament) will be attracted by a devil for sending to Saturn. The Jews recognizing pederast Jehovah Supreme and the Christians of all faiths and sects recognizing a satan as Christ's father treat these segments of the population. Perverts, swindlers, murderers army of a devil, he has united them with a moth, a plant louse, a locust and plague. They execute one and grieve a role hire the population to Saturn. In vain callosities rubbed on genital bodies 432 thousand years Jehovah (The generalissimo in pederasty) and his army. The victory Light is inevitable. Darkness will leave to Saturn "not salty to sup".

The generalissimo of this army Jehovah of a callosity has rubbed on genital body, increasing army number sexual perversions in this embodiment. And it was embodied the infinite number of times, every time applying a new look.

On Saturn Jehovah will repeatedly create people in a physical body without brains, and not it anymore, and the listed segments of the population will be installed in the created bodies.

Consciousness transfers information to a brain, and there is no brain, and the person can't apprehend the message for consciousness development. The tribe of perverts, swindlers and murderers will be created. All these properties are inherent in a devil. Jehovah is antipode Ivan Susanin's. The difference is in that, for the sake of what the devil conducts the army to dark, to drown in the swamp (perversions and crimes)?

On Saturn as on any planet there will be transformations, and people will meet physical data and "talent" with the deserts of past life. On Saturn Jehovah will be the only governor on the planet. Will tell: "You will eat the children, or bread on human feces or on cow feces" and you will do that in the rage the devil will enjoin.
On Saturn not be:
Abel (Gave brains and God's commandments to the first people);
Noah (warned about the flood and built ships, took the lemurs to India);
Avraham (He brought the Lemurs from Chaldea to the Middle East to create a highly spiritual "chosen" people);
Moses (he was 40 years old with Jews in Sinai in the hope of returning Jews to their homes, Gave the laws of world order and spiritual development of consciousness);
Pharaohs: Ramses II, Osiris (Dali was the best land for cattle breeding, the Egyptians fed Jews for free with vegetables and fruits);
Solomon Built: Temple, the royal palace, 5 cities, warehouses, cavalry, ships, - Accumulated untold wealth and left everything to the Jews;
Christ (He saved Israel from defeat by demons, Gave a new Teaching, Gave revelation to the Jews: ... your father Jehovah is the devil, a murderer, a liar and the father of lies).
Saturn concentration camp is prepared with the Karma for a devil - PUNISHMENT for applications of an occultism for humiliation of human dignity. Jehovah is antipode Ivan Susanin's. The difference is in for the sake of what the devil conducts the army to dark to drown in the swamp (perversions and crimes)? Ivan Osipovich Susanin of enemies has brought to the swamp and itself has died for the sake of the Homeland and the Tsar.

In Ukraine Electronic libraries, TV of the program advertize the Bible and the DEMON JEHOVAH as "God", a question: Whether "There is God and where to look for him?" The devil Jehovah lives in New-York, and God, Great Maitreya - in the Highest Worlds.

Prevention: All women, who came into contact of sexual perversions with a devil billionaire Georges Morgan (Jehovah), have been enlisted by. His penis is not replaceable colleague of a devil of 432 thousand years. Also his helpers go in for similar craft.
1. Secret is life Semyon Schneider's Kiev actors. Was born in Vinnytsa, graduated from the Kiev theatrical institute of Karpenko-Brown is. With a profession at it did not develop, Jehovah used it according to the destination; it was sent to the world that genital body to hire children to Saturn. He traded in Vinnytsa and Kiev. Semyon Schneider was the pervert (oral and anal sex, the onanism) and the addict. For visit of children's sexual brothels (oral and anal sex) and acquisition of drugs, money is necessary. Semyon did paid sexual services to lonely women (burned down also prostitute on a cal, - the main financial income of Semyon) and at the same time hired to Saturn. Children's brothels were created by the pederast Jehovah during the stay of the USSR, and drug trafficking his "merit", - a satan Jehovah too the addict.
Semyon has died of drugs and AIDS in 1994. Demon Semyon Schneider the same dirty, smelly cattle, with the same experience 432 thousand years. In 2017 his mother has died. Jehovah has ordered to fly to a funeral that to drag mother in an astral body in a den of a garbage. The sonny "is good". In half a year again someone from relatives has died, Semyon and it.has dragged to a devil. Jehovah applies violence; after death family relations disappear, the dead are divided on consciousness level.
2. All clients of the pederast Vasiliy Marcovich Margolis, the teacher of the Kharkov institute of municipal construction, were included is in the list of the victims too. Even those, who before death have raped him and have killed, have put on him a dirty brand of devil-Jehovah. Rescue is Worship of Great Maitreya. Visit the site http://theosophy-mm.net obtain full information. Before sending to Saturn of Jehovah with his victims the Almighty Deity Absolute will consider to the movie by each person. If the victim didn't commit crimes, and there was only under the influence of sexual hypnosis of a devil, that is a hope to remain on Earth and to live in the Golden Age.

Parting words.
When you read all main books on theosophy, esoteric and you will accept them heart, you will execute all recommendations, and will seem to you that you were already defined, and you are already firm in the belief, you found the way, you already good luck!!! Isn't present and once again not... You only - only got out of a bog in which sat, and books, is a God's hand which to you was offered that to pull out you on the long - a long track, twisting with differences which conducts... to a treasured door. That before you opened this door it is necessary to pass tests which your Great Teacher gives. Tests temper will, your spirit and character. When it occurs, and there will be an irresistible aspiration to Light, to the Teacher, know that you on the just way!

In the Shambhala of the Teachers will create the copy of your astral body from astral material; everything that you will do, will repeat an astral body in the Shambhala. When time will come to go is in thin world that double will destroy. To me this information was given by Teachers and showed "me" in an astral body, in clothes (a blouse and a skirt); in the stone room (walls very smooth). There were three Teachers; "I" came and sat down on a chair .
Structure of the person.
1. Physical body is.
2. Prana is the vital principle.
3. Ethereal body is. (The lowest astral body is).
4. Kama animal soul (or the highest astral body through which the desire in two aspects is shown): a) Kama Rupa a form (a subjective form of mental and physical desires and thoughts, or the thinker in operation). b) Kama Manas, the lowest reason or intellect;
5. Manas are the Principal Reason.

6. Buddhi - is wisdom, spiritual soul through which Atma is shown.
7. Spirit or fiery beginning, energy, overflow is in all Space.
The seventh principle the Absolute, we left Him and at the end of a cycle we will return to Him. Three highest principles (7, 6, and 5) are the highest I, the highest Ego: information, wisdom - creative energy and the principal reason. The highest I am stored in the circumsolar sphere of the visible Sun (the God's Kingdom). Exactly there stay Lord Karma (Gods) which embody people on planets. Consciousness of the innocent person the first time * randomly is embodied on Earth. At entry into the sphere of Earth the highest thin bodies (mental and astral) the fourth principle joins consciousness. After the third principle - the lowest astral (radio) body and the second a prana (energy in a cover).
During conception 4, 3, 2 principles are included into mother's bosom. For every instant of the birth the scenario of life, Zodiac sign and the planet which influences the person the radiations is written to each person, building up character and a physical body. Keeping the God's commandments, the person will avoid the bad consequences specified in the scenario and Zodiac sign.
Since seven years the child becomes responsible for the acts. All our life registers on the movie, in the book of Life only good deeds register; if after past life of the page of the book remain empty, the person is repeatedly embodied on Earth again until begins to make kind acts. Date of birth and date of death is specified in the scenario. God Will prolong life if there will be in it a need.
When time comes from a physical body, consciousness of the person is delayed by a space magnet; consciousness will pull along the highest thin bodies (the 4th principle). The lowest astral body (radio) will extend a cover with energy: without energy a physical body a corpse. The 3 and 2 principles are unseparable: the radio body distributes energy on a physical body. The person consists of millions of atoms; atom consists of the kernel and electrons moving on a kernel orbit.
After burial of a corpse to the earth, a radio body costs at a grave before full decomposition of a physical body, after itself breaks up. At the same time the specific smell is allocated. When burning a body, radio breaks up at once and the person is cleaned. Burial to Earth is dangerous that that the radio body can wander about favorite places; consequences aren't favorable. The 1 and 3 principles very hard leave. After the death of people in Thin bodies (the 4th principle) rises to the Thin Worlds.
The God's court is managed over each person. In Illusion Theater Gods show to the movie of life died person. At the Hall there are gapers who have (earlier died) it is called: "All secret becomes obvious".
The thin World the world of Beauty; there everything is created by power of thought: housing, clothes. For increase in consciousness obligatory visit of cells of knowledge, studying of a geological structure of Earth, viewing of movies and performances performed by favorite actors and listening of works of art performed by ingenious musicians. The thin world is full copy the physical world.
After replacement of terrestrial thoughts of people it is cleaned, passing seven sub plans and, at last, losing the Thin cleaned bodies, consciousness (the shining disk over the head) goes out of the Thin worlds of Earth and flies on a track directly to the circumsolar sphere to Lords of the Karma. Karma is Requital for deeds. For good is an award (talent, beautiful appearance) for crime Punishment. Punishments are prescribed by the size of the troubles caused by thoughts, words and actions. A thought the thinnest energy can also do the harm more than a word and action.
Murderers (those who interrupt human life), customers or performers will be sent to the center of Earth in the boiling magma. Stalin for the carried-out repressions (murder of innocent people) took a steam bath in magma of 65 years, and only in 2018 the devil has pulled out him in the army. A hump, paralysis, ugliness costs of crimes. Treat people as you would like that treat you. It is necessary to live for people, but not for him!
Lords Karma from the space computer find the book of Life and determine by quantity of the good deeds expressed in light energy, the term of stay is in the God's Kingdom. Then from the computer of space find to the movie of life and put in the program for determination of the following embodiment. Will meet parents who is have lived identical with him antecedents, appearance, talent and the scenario with the deserts of antecedents of people. Also the person to Earth in the same way, as well as the first time will return: will receive 4, 3, and 2 principles and will enter a bosom of future mother during conception.

It will be embodied until then until begins to live on God's precepts. If for 777 embodiments of people doesn't improve, he will be destroyed, will turn into dust and will go for construction surfaces of the new planet.
In spiritual heart of the person there is a God's Spark the Temple of God and where we wouldn't be, the temple always with us. He writes down thoughts, words and actions; everything sees and hears. The silent Recorder! From the embodiment in the embodiment He always is with us.
If to pull out the God's Spark from the person (when the patience of God runs low) the person will turn into dust. It is possible to reduce amount of the embodiments, being on service to Forces Light, to God. For ten embodiments it is possible to finish a terrestrial way if to have the Teacher from Shambhala. He Will direct the person on the way of increase and expansion of consciousness. Will teach to live on precepts is.
1. Love God Above all: God, after the Homeland and people.
2. Esteem your father and your mother.
3. Thou shalt not kill.
4. Don't steal.
5. Don't commit adultery.
6. Don't condemn.
7. Don't lie and don't slander.
8. Don't envy.
9. Love the neighbor as.
10. Don't harbor malice and don't induce to the evil.
In Orthodox is got accustomed some precepts of Judaism against which Christ Has gone. Jews have a Saturday (Saturday day of Saturn) day off. Saturn and a satan is synonyms. Saturn is the planet of a satan of Jehovah.
God of Slavs is Michael the Archangel (a position for the period of evolution of the person), the Head of our Solar system; it is the First Beam of the Father of the Universe and it is equated to the Father. The word Maitreya is Invincible (Sanskrit). Great Maitreya God, the Father of the Universe, Divine Christ!
At many people of Michael the Archangel called God of the Sun of Ra, (the Giving God Slavs - Dazhdgod). R is joy, work. Aura
Aura - a thin invisible entity or fluid emanating from human and animal bodies, from things and other material objects - buildings, terrain, cities, people, Earth, Great Teachers. This is the mental evaporation of the mind and body. A book, a letter also carries an aura.
Thought and motives weave our aura - it is a magnetic field that attracts or repels all possibilities; it is emitted throughout the body, with a layer of up to five centimeters. The egg-shaped aura is characteristic of the astral body. Our karma is created, aggravated and facilitated mainly by thoughts; it is thought and motivation that weave our aura. All human achievements are captured in electromagnetic space.
The karmic consequences of a past life follow the person who in the next life will collectharvest- captured energies, vibrations in the astral plane. The aura of a newborn is white or colorless because consciousness has not colored it. But at the first glimpse of consciousness, the aura is painted in the corresponding color of the old baggage from a past life.

The black color of the aura is hatred, malice, revenge. A strong fit of anger will cause throughout the aura red flashes on a black background, obscuring other colors.
One can imagine how the aura of the house will be strengthened, where energy saving is observed; spiritual conversation protects from dirt and irritation. Where conversations about God are often held, a special aura is formed there.
I happened to see discs over my head twice; once with my neighbors (man and woman), and a second time on the beach of the Red Sea for women (mother and daughter); neighbors had white discs, and women from Russia had blue discs. In the mornings, in the summer, I often watch neighbors running for work; most have white bordering along the body, some have large white cylinders from the shoulder joints, others have a white cap-sized cloud over their heads, and two large bulges from the back. From clothes in black, the aura turns black, and from red to red.
The Himalayan White Brotherhood is working to save humanity and the Planet; purifies from gases and dark energies generated by base thoughts, words of foul language and bad actions. Everything in the Cosmos is vibration, energy.
Aura of the Lord; Our Aura, Leader Aura.
Aura of the Lord, which the artist (Arhat) N.K. Rerich transmitted, is in his painting Fiat Rex (Lord of the Three Worlds).
A blue egg-shaped aura surrounded by a barrage net with ruby sparks in a circle. Around the head is an emerald glow, surrounded by a glow of ruby color. Three Rays emanating from three energy centers: from two pulmonary and head, which speaks is of clairaudience, clairvoyance, levitation (walking on water and moving through the air). Demons and demons are vampires; their colors are black and red, their combination is tragic.
1. Prior to the incarnation of Jehovah in the family of billionaire George Morgan, he moved his headquarters to New -York; he is called the "Illusion Theater". Such a refuge can be any theater where concerts are held: music, vocals. Visitors, inspired by enthusiastic emotions, weave a bright aura and fill the hall. In this room at night, Jehovah gathers his army for RAM. Demons vampirism light energies, improving their aura. After the devil Jehovah uses them for atrocities against dead people in the Higher Subtle Worlds. Demons are invisible by ordinary sight, but Jehovah is now in the physical body - he is visible. Demons fly into windows, penetrate walls - there are no obstacles for them. How does Jehovah enter the theater at night when the theater is closed and guards at the door? Hypnosis! Protection will open, and the devil will remove what happened from their subconscious. This is not the only way of vampirism (the suction of solar energy from the aura of a building used by the devil).
2. Why does Jehovah not collect demons in a Catholic church; there are armchairs, like in a theater. Because the Vatican is a stash zombi gattle of Jehovah's, the stench spreads from all the Catholic churches from the evil rot that is stored in the library, visiting the temple when the rooster pecks; tears, requests for help are bad energies. Temple House of God, bring joy, thanks to God that you Know Him, and your needs are known to Him. God is - Spirit, and you can ask Him only to raise Consciousness - Conscience! God, the Great Maitreya, Created a body for us, Gave God's Commandments and consciousness (a disk overhead - conscience), the rest depends on us. We must live according to the commandments and keep the body in check! Beware, the devil Jehovah sits every time to drag him into a pit from which they do not return.

2. Jehovah makes the replacement of the aura of a bright man with the aura of a pervert, fraudster and murderer.
The devil at night, during the victims sleep, magnetically attracts his Higher Subtle bodies (astral and mental) to his demonic estate (lower astral plane, at an altitude of 1 km above the earth), where demons from his army (perverts, scammers and the killers). Jehovah The demon of death, he replaces the light aura of the victim with the aura of a criminal.
The victim returns to Earth in his physical body with the aura of a pervert or killer. Due to the combination of different vibrations of the victims body and the killers aura, the victim is sick; doesnt even recognize relatives. According to one of the victims (his mother was a bright and deeply religious man), she nursed him, gave away part of her bright energy and in a week he recovered. The retention lasts 50 years.

No mother, cats replaced her; Jehovah throws cats to victims in order to gain possession, so that after cleansing another demonic aura, she can be used for atrocities against the Forces of Light. The estate of the devil is presented to the victim, like another planet; there are also houses where demons rest after their atrocities. At home - an illusion! Site: http //: maiytreya-god.net/

With Whom you is or with whom?
Christ Gave elements of the Buddhism (wisdom) to the people who aren't able to read is and write 2000 years ago. It was the rise of the Doctrine of Living Ethics which the Great Lord of the Shambhala through the Pupils Gave now. Never so much Knowledge was given! Great Maitreya Came as Origen, Sergey of Radonezh to lay the foundation of the Doctrine of Christ and to point to mistakes of fathers of church.

Than Orthodoxy differs from sects? The same Bible is the book of the Beast of Jehovah, the same nonsense of the Old Testament (Torah), and the distorted New Testament. Orthodoxy sits in the same bog, as sects. All- planetary is buried under various sects. The doctrine of Maitreya is the God's Hand which He offers to the population planet to pull out all from the bog spiritual.

Currently in Israel, lesbians marry, the rabbi scraped foster children-boys, and journalists write about it the newspaper. Chabad distributes crime and sexual perversion
on the entire Planet. In Moscow, Chabad opened a hangout for 12 year old girls. Children are stealing in the streets and hidden in brothels for perverts. The cost services increases with each new visit. Supplies of customers widescreen pervert George Morgan (Jehovah). This is one of the options recruitment sinners with the subsequent resettlement to Saturn.

Opens a Chabad dance courses for children from 3 years ...?! Dear parents, take care of your child the Golden Fund of the state!!! Parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, accompany children in school and take away from school.

Contact prayers to God, the Great Maitreya; He is The Divine Christ.

An appeal to the Jews.

During the Second World War Jehovah poisoned two of the Apocalypse (in Lemuria and Atlantis), who eventually converted to Christianity and moved away from Judaism. The devil does not forgive, and revenge kills. As he does those who stayed with him and went through two of the Apocalypse, Sodom and Gomorrah, And Give of Benyamin? All subsequent incarnation from the rakshas linked to humiliation, disease and murder. The devil embodies demons in wealthy families, after forcing to different types of perversions and crimes. After organizing death disease or murder, will teach black magic, brainwash and send out to do evil to those who could not bend to his will, or rather who is under the protection God, the Creator and the Creator of our Planet. The rabbis are responsible for the lie, calling pervert and the murderer Jehovah," Almighty". In this book, is given full information about the nature of the devil. I appeal to all Jews of all countries of the world: "Take the Doctrine of Living Ethics continuation of the teachings of Christ and do not go to The SYNAGOGUE of SATAN" - this is your salvation. Worship the Great Maitreya, your worship will be a selective bulletin for the maintenance of the forces of Light! Aum!!!

Appeal to the readers.
Luck in tension. Dark spread false information on television, the Internet, publish books. For the consciousness of each person is a struggle. Jehovah has blocked my four sites and e-mail. Help spread the word of my books. Wealthy citizens, publish books and distribute them. Poor, make a purse of 10 100 pieces, this will be the service Light. If no business of your, what is the use of reading and knowledge gained from books. It is written: "On your Affairs will judge". See how the dark hard to publish books Istarkhov and Lawrence Gardner and spread their rot active. In Space Brama is the Patron devil of Jehovah, preparing a coup; the dark rush of power. Do not assume that the population of the Planet has turned into "Sodom and Gomorrah". Get involved in the Campaign. The Internet will be finished layout and cover. Be Apostles.

This book exposes Jehovah - a devil and represents it in a true appearance: murderer (weapon its axe), pervert (zoophile, pedophile, Pederast, homosexual, "blowjob"), thief and swindler. In operating time over the book Jehovah applied to me a method of a carrot and stick. He threatened, through the astrals demons applied executions. He offered tens of of $ billions the USA.
On the ninth of March, 2016 Jehovah was before me in vision in two images: old and young. On the tenth of March, 2016 the devil repeatedly was in vision and showed the English text of the book, - offered one billion US dollars for that the book didn't extend among the population of the Planet. Me astral demon words earlier: "Regret it". And those, whom it killed and dismembered the axe, whose wives stole, whom forced and killed, whom decomposed perversions (applying hypnosis), burned the melted sulfur, poisoned in gas chambers and burned in crematoriums, starved and forced to eat the children, put out eyes, to women cut off a breast, to men cut off genital body, accustomed to drugs and infected with AIDS, humiliated and crucified (poured oil and set fire), damned and forced to eat for bread on human Calais, brain washed sectarians a lie it them felt sorry?

June 21, 2016 Jehovah showed me a vision: appeared before me a young Jesus. Very beautiful oval face, blue eyes, a nose flat and thin, his hair dark brown parted in the middle, thick, curly and falling down on his shoulders. Looking sad; upper eyelids slowly dropped and his eyes closed. I thought: "What does it mean?" After a couple of hours, Jehovah said: "Christ crucified and crucified you". The crucifixion of Christ was allowed by the Forces of Light to perpetuate His achievement! Jehovah's recognition that crucified Christ he (!) thereby he on me cross in relation to Christianity!

Jehovah has asked on October 25, 2011: Why It charged you it, but not It...? It is my belief, mine. I loave the Lord! ... the characteristic question of darkness followed. No, I worship to the Lord, I idolize Him and I will read. The next day conversation repeated. - Why It charged you it, but not It..., or Blavatsky? (He is the Great Lord of Shambhala, Great Maitreya, Supreme; to It... Goddess Lakshmi, the mistress of Shambhala. She Said about him precisely and briefly: Jehovah - Lowbrow insignificance. E.P. Blavatsky already gave information about his work in the book Isis Unveiled. My turn came to evaluate the activity of Jehovah's pederast. The cat knows whose meat has eaten, - remble Abaddon-Jehovah, Demon of a rotting hole, - Came your Karma! I will fulfill with honor the commission Great Maitreya!
The used literature:
1. Information from the High Source.
2. Swami Vivekananda, "my Teacher".
3. Jehovah, Prophets, Evangelists, "Bible".
4. ., "Antichrist".
5. N.E.Kovalyova, Shambhala.
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26. A. M. Prokhorov (chairman), SERB, 1985.
27. Laurence Gardner, "Bowl of Graal and Jesus descendants".

Fixing of information is.
What forces work in space? 2. From on the Earth seven Spirits of the Flame and the eighth "the Lucifer have come? 3. Who were first people? 4. That has occurred from the first people?

Who main zoophile Planet? 6. Who copulated with dinosaurs, married a monkey, a cow? 7. To a lump Abel brains? 8. Who has killed Abel and what reason? 9. Who first murderer and fratricide? 10. Call weapon of a devil. 11. After monkeys, who became descendants of the first people? 12. Into what two branches they were divided? 13. Who Has created other people in different destinies of Earth? 14. Call the first Apocalypse, a cause of death of the continent and where he has occurred? 15. Ache where has taken away people? 16. Where, after death of the continent, demons (rakshas's) were embodied? 17. Call the second Apocalypse, a cause of death and the place of the tragedy? 18. Where those, who have escaped after the second Apocalypse were embodied? 19. Who has provoked in India war between indigenous people and refugees from Lemuria? 20. What purpose was, terms of war and a consequence? 21. Where have moved lemurs? 22. Why Avraham Have removed of people to the Middle East, for what purpose? 23. How called alien people of an arame's? 24.

Why Jews have gone to Egypt? 25. What Jews in Egypt why Moisey their Brought from Egypt and for what purpose were engaged in? 26. The name of an isthmus, through which Moisey has brought Jews from Egypt? 27. What was written by Moisey on tables for Jews on Mount Sinai? 28. What means "to clear away to itself the place"? 29. What Jews in the Middle East were engaged in? 30. Why they the second time have gone to Egypt? 31. Why the last knee of Jude has gone to Egypt too? 32. A cause of the murder Jehovah of Osiris (in two embodiments)? 33. Name a cause of the murder Jehovah of Orpheus? 34. Ways of the embodiment of Jehovah on Earth? 35. For what Jehovah has connected two branches (Jewish people and demons-Rakchass), and has marked them with trimming? Why Jehovah has corrupted with homosexuality of Jews in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and then has burned perverts; who scriptwriter and what purpose? 37. Who is the main gay Planet? 38. What crops were made by Savaof-Jehovah on Planet? 39. Where Savaof-Jehovah from five cities of Israel and who has installed instead of them has moved Jews? 40. How many knees of Jews remained in Israel? 41. Give number, the Jews crucified on crosses by Savaof-Jehovah and what purpose? 42. Sense of the word "Melkhisidek"? 43. Who has gone to Rome to preach Christianity? 44. Whom has Jehovah changed for Ioann and the substitution reason? 45. Who Caligula and Neron and what purpose of their embodiment in Rome? 47.Who has set fire Rome and what purpose? 48. How Jehovah - Neron lit gardens? 49. On whom Jehovah has shifted the blame for has set fire Rome and how has punished? 50. Where Maria Magdalina is buried? 51. What was added by the pederast Jehovah to Christ's Doctrine and what has removed? 52. Tell a real name of Jehovah in the modern embodiment and the place a residence. 53. What methods of humiliation were applied by Jehovah to the son, the wife to women and boys? 54. What body he decomposes and at the same time hires people to Saturn? 55. Why he pursues "Ekaterina II" of 3 thousand 280 years? 56. Why the blowjob Jehovah since Kievan Rus' interferes in space of Slavs? 57. Who organizes sects, the pseudo-websites, distributes pseudo-information publishes books fascist content? 58. For what Jehovah wants to create "New Jerusalem in Ukraine? Call the term of the third Apocalypse and what will occur? 59. Who will burn down alive, and who will be saved? 60. How Jehovah's duties before the population of the Planet and the purpose to his board on Earth are combined? 61. Which of him has created the zombie idiot and the liar? 62. Call the murders and executions organized by a devil? 63. Why he organizes oppositions in Russia and who takes part in them? 64. Who stores our Earth from explosion? 65. A planet-wide election campaign, who participates in it? 66. Call God's embodiments Great Maitreya and him Works for all population of the Planet. 67. Call the devil incarnate Jehovah and his crime for all population of the Planet. 68. With whom you want to remain, with Gods luck on Earth in the Golden Age, or with a devil to burn down alive and to go to Saturn (naked planet and three gaseous rings). 69. The ballot what is it? 70. In what of Worship is expressed?

Entre. History of Jews is and rakshas (demons).
1. Warning is to Jews and sectarians.
2.Heavenly is Jerusalem. Shambhala is.
3. Maitreya (El Moria), the Great Lord of Shambhala.
4. The answer to the pederasty Jehovah on slander in the book "Blow of the Russian Gods". Part 1. Analysis of the book. Part 2.Billionaire George Morgan is the embodiment of the pederast Jehovah, representative "Lucifer" on the Earth, the Owner Earth (property: devil and satan).
5. In search of justice are.
6. Goes recruiting on the Satyrn (exposure of Jehovah is).
7. From Pereyaslavsky Countil till revolution.
8. Devil Jehovah said through his victims.
9. False sects and site from Jehovah-devil.
10. Archangel Michael.
11.Intrigues of Jehovah-devil.
12. Poet Valmiki, Ramayana (Indian epos is)
13. Demon the Universe is patron devil Jehovah.
14. Avatar of Vishnu.
15. Summary video is.
16. All planet election campaign.
17.Lhasa. Tibet.
19.Great Teacher is.
20. Caligula and Neron is embodiment Jehovah, active PEDERAST.
21. Obsession.
22. Russian Emperor Alexander II.
23. Den is devil-Jehovah and Grishka Rasputin.
24. Brama-Jehovah is blood-greedy killer.
25. Vatican is stash zombie cattle of Jehovah's
(satan there to govern ball, there to govern ball ).
26. Professor" A. L. Dvorkins is obsessed Jehovah - devil.
27. President of Russian is V.V. Putin.
28. Great Lord of Shambhala
29. Review the book billionaire of George Morgan (the devil incarnate Jehovah), co-author - Laurence Gardner The Grail and the descendants of Jesus".
30. Information.

For notes is
In Russia, published three books in the amount of 10 thousand each:
1. Exposing billionaire Georges Morgan.
2. Apocalypse.
3. Reasons and purposes of World War II.
Jehovah found out about this, immediately used P.A. Poroshenko to commit the Kerch provocation, after organized the separation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Russian Orthodox Church and forced the Ecumenical Patriarch Barfolomeya to give the UOC Tomos to kefalia, that is, recognize it as the highest among equals and separate it so that Ukraine does not follow Russia: it did not refuse the Old Testament and did not clear The teachings of Christ from the false insertions of Jehovah. Dismemberment is the method of satan.

A group of Jews, who are used by Jehovah's bugger for slander, immediately posted on the Internet video passively to Patriarch Kirill, President of Russia V. Putin and Russian Prime-Minister D. Medvedev. Even one priest labored criticism of the Patriarch ... But what about the commandment: "Do not lie and do not judge"? All who follow the devils instructions are recruited to Saturn.

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