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Structure of the person.

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Structure of the person.

1. Physical body is.
2. Prana is the vital principle.
3. Ethereal body is. (The lowest astral body is).
4. Kama – animal soul (or the highest astral body through which the desire in two aspects is shown): a) Kama – Rupa – a form (a subjective form of mental and physical desires and thoughts, or the thinker in operation). b) Kama – Manas, the lowest reason or intellect;
5. Manas are the Principal Reason.

6. Buddhi - is wisdom, spiritual soul through which Atma is shown.
7. Spirit or fiery beginning, energy, overflow is in all Space.
The seventh principle – the Absolute, we left Him and at the end of a cycle we will return to Him. Three highest principles (7, 6, and 5) are the highest I, the highest Ego: information, wisdom - creative energy and the principal reason. The highest I am stored in the circumsolar sphere of the visible Sun (the God's Kingdom). Exactly there stay Lord Karma (Gods) which embody people on planets. Consciousness of the innocent person the first time * randomly is embodied on Earth. At entry into the sphere of Earth the highest thin bodies (mental and astral) – the fourth principle joins consciousness. After the third principle - the lowest astral (radio) body and the second – a prana (energy in a cover).
During conception 4, 3, 2 principles are included into mother's bosom. For every instant of the birth the scenario of life, Zodiac sign and the planet which influences the person the radiations is written to each person, building up character and a physical body. Keeping the God's commandments, the person will avoid the bad consequences specified in the scenario and Zodiac sign.
Since seven years the child becomes responsible for the acts. All our life registers on the movie, in the book of Life only good deeds register; if after past life of the page of the book remain empty, the person is repeatedly embodied on Earth again until begins to make kind acts. Date of birth and date of death is specified in the scenario. God Will prolong life if there will be in it a need.
When time comes from a physical body, consciousness of the person is delayed by a space magnet; consciousness will pull along the highest thin bodies (the 4th principle). The lowest astral body (radio) will extend a cover with energy: without energy a physical body – a corpse. The 3 and 2 principles are unseparable: the radio body distributes energy on a physical body. The person consists of millions of atoms; atom consists of the kernel and electrons moving on a kernel orbit.
After burial of a corpse to the earth, a radio body costs at a grave before full decomposition of a physical body, after itself breaks up. At the same time the specific smell is allocated. When burning a body, radio breaks up at once and the person is cleaned. Burial to Earth is dangerous that that the radio body can wander about favorite places; consequences aren't favorable.
The 1 and 3 principles very hard leave. After the death of people in Thin bodies (the 4th principle) rises to the Thin Worlds.
The God's court is managed over each person. In Illusion theater Gods show to the movie of life to died person. At the Hall there are gapers who have (earlier died) – it is called: "All secret becomes obvious".
The thin World – the world of Beauty; there everything is created by power of thought: housing, clothes. For increase in consciousness obligatory visit of cells of knowledge, studying of a geological structure of Earth, viewing of movies and performances performed by favorite actors and listening of works of art performed by ingenious musicians. The thin world is full copy the physical world.
After replacement of terrestrial thoughts of people it is cleaned, passing seven sub plans and, at last, losing the Thin cleaned bodies, consciousness (the shining disk over the head) goes out of the Thin worlds of Earth and flies on a track directly to the circumsolar sphere to Lords of the Karma. Karma is Requital for deeds. For good is an award (talent, beautiful appearance) for crime – Punishment. Punishments are prescribed by the size of the troubles caused by thoughts, words and actions. A thought – the thinnest energy can also do the harm more than a word and action.
Murderers (those who interrupt human life), customers or performers will be sent to the center of Earth in the boiling magma. Stalin for the carried-out repressions (murder of innocent people) took a steam bath in magma of 65 years, and only in 2018 the devil has pulled out him in the army. A hump, paralysis, ugliness – costs of crimes. Treat people as you would like that treat you. It is necessary to live for people, but not for him!
Lords Karma from the space computer find the book of Life and determine by quantity of the good deeds expressed in light energy, the term of stay is in the God's Kingdom. Then from the computer of space find to the movie of life and put in the program for determination of the following embodiment. Will meet parents who is have lived identical with him antecedents, appearance, talent and the scenario with the deserts of antecedents of people. Also the person to Earth in the same way, as well as the first time will return: will receive 4, 3, and 2 principles and will enter a bosom of future mother during conception.

It will be embodied until then until begins to live on God's precepts. If for 777 embodiments of people doesn't improve, he will be destroyed, will turn into dust and will go for construction surfaces of the new planet.
In spiritual heart of the person there is a God's Spark – the Temple of God and where we wouldn't be, the temple always with us. He writes down thoughts, words and actions; everything sees and hears. The silent Recorder! From the embodiment in the embodiment He always is with us.
If to pull out the God's Spark from the person (when the patience of God runs low) the person will turn into dust. It is possible to reduce amount of the embodiments, being on service to Forces Light, to God. For ten embodiments it is possible to finish a terrestrial way if to have the Teacher from Shambhala. He Will direct the person on the way of increase and expansion of consciousness. Will teach to live on precepts is.
1. Love God Above all: God, after the Homeland and people.
2. Esteem your father and your mother.
3. Thou shalt not kill.
4. Don't steal.
5. Don't commit adultery.
6. Don't condemn.
7. Don't lie and don't slander.
8. Don't envy.
9. Love the neighbor as.
10. Don't harbor malice and don't induce to the evil.
In Orthodoxy some precepts of Judaism against which Christ Has gone have got accustomed. Jews have a Saturday (Saturday – day of Saturn) – day off. Saturn and a satan is synonyms. Saturn is the planet of a satan of Jehovah.
God of Slavs is Michael the Archangel (a position for the period of evolution of the person), the Head of our Solar system; it is the First Beam of the Father of the Universe and it is equated to the Father. The word Maitreya is Invincible (Sanskrit). Great Maitreya – God, the Father of the Universe, Divine Christ!
At many people of Michael the Archangel called God of the Sun of Ra, (the Giving God – Slavs - Dazhdgod). Rа is joy, work.


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