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My ironic passages about the different subjects 1

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03 июля ’2022   00:12
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What is the fundamental difference between slippers and shoes?
Shoes themselves turn into slippers over time, and slippers are deprived of similar transformation.

How can a meter assist to a kilogram?
A kilogram can be bound by a meter and hung.

Why do all sorts of pathologies appear?
Nature is slightly wrong. But tell me: who is not mistaken?

What does trade need for?
To give, in order to fleecing.

The stool is good because you won't fall apart on it.

Pitch black darkness prefers to hide in the shadows for better concealment.

Why does a little bell have such pleasant ringing?
Because he did yet not have time to become a big bell.

The subject of that, happens and not that.

What is the main difference between a house and a coffin?
The coffin no longer let go of those who wandered there by chance.

The ass often rightly replaces the head.


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